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Jill ends Marla's wrestling future

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Jill ends Marla's wrestling future
« on: February 24, 2009, 07:08:58 PM »
Jill's ends Marla

Hi, my name is Marla, I was a rookie at an exclusive Catfight training center in Japan, although I'm not Japanese few of the fighters here are.  That where we are located, the center houses some of the toughest wrestlers and catfighters in the world.  The private matches that the fighters from here are trained for are brutal and sometimes even end in death for the loser.   I fought and trained here, until I had the unfortunate luck to cross with Jill.

The following is a very graphic story with very explicit and permanent physical damage done to an unwilling victim myself.  So if you are offended you have been warned.  Its not really wrestling as much as torturing a defeated wrestler.   Jill is a heart less bitch,, and although I am no longer at the training center I hope to one day have my revenge on her for what she did to me that day.

I could feel my legs being spread apart, as she locked in the hold, the dreaded, "split bitch" hold.  We had been fighting for a long time, before I found myself in this position.  Jill my opponent, a Bitch here at the club, a seasoned vet. who leave her opponents unable to ever wrestle again, had picked a fight with me in the locker room.  From the start of our fight,,, Jill was able to slip past my defenses at every turn... she systematically took away any means I had to prevent the inevitable.

Now she had me, after countless attacks to my abs and lower back punches and stomps to soften me up.  My lower back and abs were softened to the point I couldn't move them with enough strength to prevent the setup to the Boston Crab.  She had my ankles, and stepped between my legs,,, stomped down on my belly, then 3 or 4 hard stomps to my cxnt.... While I was nursing my tender pussy, she kicked her leg over my side, and rolled me on to my tits, with her facing my feet.  As she began to lower into the hold,, the "Boston Crag" normally I could have kicked out of bridged, but at the moment, my pussy was on fire,, and I could only think of that till,,, my back started its backward bend, as my tits took more and more of my weight.... My back soon became my major interest as it began to strain and crack under the bending.  My back is on fire,,, as my opponent announces "Spread your legs Bitch",, I know whats coming next,,, the dreaded "Split Bitch",,, My back my backkk,,, oh, it hurts, but my mind, is telling me, that its going to get worse..  I am now feeling a new sensation as my legs are levered back across her thighs,, she is leaning more into the hold,, and spreading my thighs even further..  I feel her shift her grip to my knees now, to get more leverage on splitting my legs apart,,, then its killing me,, my back my pussy I'm being torn apart...  Pleeeaaaseee your killing me,, my pussy you bitch.. I hear her tell me,, wait just wait... she yanking and pulling,,  She is now bouncing with the hold I feel my inner thighs on fire with each pull,, the tendons are being pulled free,, I struggle to stay conscious,,, I know I am done for,,, My pussy and crotch has never opened this far, my back is at the point of breaking,,, ,,,,  She locks it in,,, with one more giant pull, I feel the sinews of my thighs rip my legs are useless, now,, the tendons are torn free,, I felt them go..    My mind goes numb,,,,  the pain is a constant radiation a heat in my lower groin.   I hear her say,,, your pussy is split Bitch,,, "I have your legs torn open,, and your cxnt it wide open for me"....    She lets go of the right leg,,, the connections inside my thighs to move the leg are torn,, it remains hooked over her thigh,,, My My,,, Bitch,, I've destroyed your legs... hahah..... She says " here comes the Pussy cleaver slut",,, she raises her hand over her head and yells as she sends her hand down into my splayed pussy,,,, knife edge into may hapless pussy,,, I feel the jolt of it,,, and then a  massive wave of pain, and convulsion,, my mouth foams,,, and my eyes cloud over.,,, I'm beginning to pass out.... Yea!!!,,, she say's,,, I'm going to  pulp your pussy slut... she balls up her fist and sends into my pussy once, it sinks in,,, pulls it back again,, harder this time,, deeper splitting...splitting.. Third time, In addition to the thud,,, as her hand finally penetrates me all at one,, it splits my pussy lips, apart, the skin rips, as her whole fist sinks home,, she has cxnted  me,, Ahhheee I've been cxnt-ed.....impaled with her fist and arm.. now I feel her arm in me, deep, deep in my guts, she is working it still deeper  I feel her to twisting pushing, with all her weight behind it... I feel her fist against my navel on the inside of me......,,, She say's "Ok, bitch, your been torn open, your pussy is ripped apart,,, now I'm going to destroy your ovaries...  She suddenly opens her hand,,, the pain pain pain,I can take no more, her claws are tearing at my insides,,, she is thrusting her hips and arm up and down,, I think she is cumming on me as she rips at my insides... I finally can take no more,,, I pass out...

When I woke, she was gone, I try and get up,, my legs won't listen to me as I try and move them, there is only pain.  I reach down to my once tight pussy, my hand all four fingers find the hole, its gaping open,, between my still spread legs..  My pussy is ruined I can't move, I call out into the empty space, I hoped someone heard me,  the cleaning staff found me, later that night,, an older man I never had seen him before,, I now live with him, he tells me I will be able to fight again...

<to be continued?>

this might be to graphic or violent for here... if so I won't post anymore like this one.