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« on: September 01, 2008, 07:09:23 AM »
   Gina snapped her British flag bikini bottoms against her shapely hips and asked Lynn if she was ready. My beauty adjusted her cheetah print bikini bottom and nodded that she was ready. The two tanned babes began circling each other just as they did at the apartment, only this time, Gina made the first move. Lynn was ready for the charging brunette and caught her coming in as my blonde powerfully drove her opponent back and tried to muscle her down. Lynn accomplished her feat as Gina back peddled and tumbled to the sand with Lynn on top of her. I saw it coming but Lynn didn't as Gina deftly propelled my busty blonde right over and on to her back. Gina rolled over and got to her feet as Lynn also rolled over and got to her knees. Both women were now facing each other. Gina charged again and tackled Lynn to the sand. The two rolled around like cave women, grunting and moaning like animals as each tried to take control. I was actually drooling at the sight of this magnificent spectacle! I looked around to make sure nobody else was around, then my attention was solely on these two beauties.
   The next thing I knew, I was saying; "Oh shit!" as Gina got Lynn on her back and straddled her for what looked like a convincing pin. Lynn fought for all she was worth as Gina's tits dangled menacingly just above her face. My girl's legs swam desperately in the sand as she tried mightily to unseat her rival. I stood and cheered over and over for Lynn to break free, but Gina would not budge. Finally, Lynn's efforts subsided and Gina asked my girl if she would submit. Lynn was spent for now and conceded the first fall to Gina.
     Gina let go of Lynn's wrists and rolled off of my beautiful woman. My fiancee looked like an abused little girl, so sad and dejected as she walked over to me. I hugged her and told her that this was only one. I reminded Lynn of the arm-wrestling and told her that she was stronger than Gina. This seemed to give my girl confidence and soon they were ready for round 2.
    The next fall started and for once, everything went Lynn's way. I taught Lynn a few things and she used them to her advantage. Several times, Gina had Lynn pinned, but my girl was determined to win and bucked the tough brunette off each time. Eventually, Lynn got the edge on Gina and put her on her back. Lynn captured Gina in a grapevine pin as she completely straddled her rival from head to toe. Lynn crushed her tits into Gina's face with a splat-- I mean SPLAT! The brunette was totally immobilized and once Lynn lifted up just enough for Gina to speak, she immediately uttered her surrender.
    Lynn was ecstatic with her victory and so was I! I gave Lynn a big kiss and hug as she jumped into my arms. Tits everywhere, I was loving this shit! Lynn danced around and pumped her fists in celebration as Gina gave her an evil look from her side of the "ring". I told Lynn to stay focused as the next fall was about to begin.



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« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2008, 07:39:55 AM »
Jeff ,  Again a great story and I am glad that Lynn also won.