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Mothers falling out for the weekend (Catfight story)
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A catfight story I forgot to put here, forgot what it's about really other than it's a fight between an indian mom and pakistian mom that milk one another in the end, hope ya all enjoy it.


It was good that the children had gone to their Grans, thought Narcisa. Her husband was still away, which also meant she had the house to herself. She was also glad that her children were also away, seeing as there would be no falling out with her neighbours. They were the only neighbours seeing as they were two houses out in the middle of almost nowhere.

How she hated her neighbours, nearly everyday there would be some conflict between their children and either her or the neighbour Mom, Kurami would go over and take over the fight for them. They normally just shouted and called each other a bunch of awful names, what Narcisa would do to dig her claws into that other woman, but didn’t want to have to set a bad example for the children and knew if they fought they’d just end up tear off each other’s dresses and fight more violent than cats, which she difently didn’t want the children to see.

No longer wanting to think about it though, Narcisa just started thinking of herself again. She was Pakistani, thirty-two years old, long black thick hair and was 5’3ft, slim and 38C breasts. Looking at it, Narcisa saw herself as a successful grown woman and took pride in her body. And relaxed herself wearing her reddish-orange dress, with white bra and panties underneath.


After she learnt that Narcisa had dropped her kids at one of her relatives, Kurami had dropped her kids at her Aunts. And went off to Narcisa’s house. Eversince they had been in the same neighbourhood, both of them at a problem of how their kids got along with one another, which made both her and Narcisa not get along with each other.

Just last night, one of Kurami’s boys left the music on, which made Narcisa’s children unable to sleep and had her come over. She admits she would have been in the wrong, if Narcisa wasn’t being so bitchy and sounded like she was asking for it. After arguing for entire hour of shouting personal words at each other, they had to calm down and go back to sleep before it got messy.

Today though was different, with both children gone there was no worry of who was watching and bad examples to the children or anything else. Stopping in front of Narcisa’s house, Kurami was now wishing she wasn’t wearing her blue dress today, preferring something more expendable, not that much caring though, she got out of her car and went into Narsica’s garden and went up the steps.

Standing at the door, she already imagined Narsica there ready to be torn apart, her body very identical to hers, except Kurami was Indian and Narsica was slightly skinnier, with almost smaller breasts far as Kurami could tell, bet Narsica thought differently though.

Taking off her high heels before she went in, Kurami threw them aside, already fed up of walking around in them. On bare feet now, Kurami twisted the door handle and walked in.

As she stepped inside the house quietly, she felt like she was going behind enemy lines, then again she was. While she did she looked for Narsica and then saw her in her couch relaxing. Slowly approaching her, Kurami stepped quietly hoping to get close to her before the fire works began. She couldn’t decide if to be fair and come up a argue why she was inside her house or be unfair and attack her while she could and beat the snot out of her.

Raising her hands out she was about to grab Narsica’s hair, but suddenly, her prey rolled out of it’s chair and went onto floor on her knees. Caught by surprise, Kurami was unprepared for Narsica lunging out her hands and pushing against Kurami, causing her to tumble over onto her back onto the floor.

Crawling forward on all fours to try and pin Kurami down, Kurami quickly stopped Narsica by bring her legs of Narsica’s shoulder’s and locking her head in a scissors , but Narsica hugged both of Kurami’s legs and continued pushing forward to fold Narsica over. As they did, Narsica growled. “What are you doing here?”

“To tear you apart as I promised!”

Rolling Kurami off her bum as Narsica attempted to push herself forward more. “Yes, but I promised if you tried, I’d rip you apart.”

Seeing that her legs couldn’t keep Narsica back, Kurami instead shifting her weight to her right and used her legs to throw Narsica’s head aside and the rest of her body off balance. “Let’s see who can keep their promise then?” Shouted Kurami getting up to her knees.

Getting up as well, the two grabbed each other’s shoulders and started trying to push each other over, but took a grip on each other’s dresses as they did so. Attempting to shake and pull each other back as they did so, Narsica ended up causing a huge gash on the shoulder of Kurami.

“Hey you ripped my dress!” Snarled Kurami now trying to tear at hers.

“You shouldn’t have brought it then, if you were heading to my house.” Responded Narsica tearing at Kurami’s back.

“I needed something fancy to make this house look nicer, other then just myself.” Snapped Kurami.

Pulling and ripping at each other’s dresses, they didn’t care how far their nails went and were trying to claw each other at the same time. Loud noises of strips and tears went across them, which they tore at each other like wild animals, that soon the front of the dress was completely torn. During the course though, one of the bra cups hiding Narsica’s boobs had been torn open revealing the flesh bag.

Fed up of just going at each other’s dresses, Kurami pushed herself at Narsica before she tore at bra. The two embraced each other and fell to the floor. Nudging side to side, the two flipped every now and again trying to be the one on top, but as they did so, they clawed at each other’s backs, ripping their dress from behind now, each time they paused for a bit.

“Get off me.” Groaned Kurami when Narsica got ontop.

“Stop crushing my arms and let me rip your dress then.” Replied Narsica trying to gain control.

Pushing their bodies together, their breast were aching as they smothered and grinded against other, mainly because both were nursing breasts with plenty of milk inside. Neither woman was taking it easy though, knowing other was still feeding their baby with breast milk.

As their bodies pressed together though, their legs squirmed and kicked, either trying to help them turn the fight over, or wrestling and hitting each other’s legs. They hooked and scissor each other every now and again or made a successful kick into the other’s leg.

Continuing to push though, the two had gotten to a position they could agree with that was on their sides. The two women had then locked thighs and fed up of been so close to one another that they had placed their hands on each other’s breasts and pushed, making both women upper bodies slid back, but their lower half still together.

Tightening the grip on each other’s breasts, Narsica had tore off Kurami’s bra and Kurami tore off her’s in return. Now both women were covered in shreds of their dress that was tangled all over them and the only thing that was intact was their panties, which would be left for later.

After removing and untangling themselves from the remains of the ruined dress and their bra, both women gripped onto each other by the hair and started trying to rattle each other’s heads and also slapped each other’s bodies every now and again. As they did so, their thighs squeezed tighter, trying to pop off the other leg.

“Your such a cow!” Yelled Kurami.

“Don’t slap me in the face you old crow!” Snapped Narsica.

“Excuse me, but your the one growing wrinkles bat!” Replied Kurami.

Only doing it for a few moments, both women dragged each other by the head and onto their knees, mainly so all the shreds of clothes could slide of them. But as it did so, Kurami had sneaked her hands and grabbed Narsica by the panties and started giving her wedge. Jolting in a pain reaction, Narsica grabbed her panties back.

Thrusting them both by the undies, the women tried to withstand their own underwear thawing through their pussy and bum. Eventually both women were managing to lift each other onto their feet and standing, unintentionally.

“Ouch let go of my underwear you!” Ordered Kurami.

“Let go of mine or I’ll pull them so far up your pussy you won’t find them for a decade.” Threatened Narcisa.

“Do that, then I’ll pull them so far up, you need to go to the hospital.” Countered Kurami.

But as the women continued to snap at each other, they were determined to see who could pull each other up by the panties furthest, that they were both losing balance, staggering all over the place and walking together across the room. They showed prune faces to each other, wishing that they could let go for just second to pull their panties out a bit, but that would be like submitting.

Heaving a groaning there was a sudden snap and Kurami begun dancing in pain as her panties had been torn up as far as they could go. Staggering in relief and holding the torn panties, Narcisa was twitching in pain trying not to act like Kurami. Overall though Kurami was now fully naked.

While it seemed that Kurami would stay like that, Narcisa was about to grab her, but then Kurami grabbed one hand on Narcisa’s underwear and gave a quick tug on it. They both stumbled from the desperate pull, but determined to get back at Narcisa, Kurami held her underwear with the other hand and attempted it again.

There was a firm gash as Narsica’s soft material underwear was beginning to rip, no letting her have it so easy, Narsica’ grabbed Kurami’s naked, but slightly hairy pussy with one hand tugged on it. With a fierce yank from the two of them, they simultaneously groaned. The two were desperate, to humiliate each other more.

“Let go you stupid cxnt.” Snarled Narsica.

“Not until you get naked!” Replied Kurami .

On the fourth yank though, Narsica’ pants had finally been ripped and now she was fully exposed. With the jolt of pain though running through them, the two wobbled almost unable to stand because of the tremendous pain that they actual helped each other by holding onto the shoulders. They still almost fell though every now and again on their knees or collapse to their side, but the two fiercely tried to stay on their feet.

After a whole minute of dancing and pain throbbing, both women were almost ready. But before letting Kurami fully recover, Narsica had pinched onto both of Kurami’s nipples and began tweezing them. Startling in pain for a moment, Kurami desperately grabbed Narsica’s nipples back and began twisting them.

Howling and shrieking, the two women twisted and pulled at each other’s nipples trying to rip them off. With their pussys still in pain though, the two stood awkwardly, with their knees out tapping against the other women’s leg for balance. While they did that, their chests were being dragged towards one another from all the nipple tugging.

For half a minute though of fiercely twisting on each other’s nipples, the two forced each other onto their knees after a while, finely off their feet.  They still kept going down though trying to get comfortable, that they sat their bums to the floor and they placed their legs coiled around the other woman’s backside as they continued to twist nipples.

Soon though their breasts were getting wet as they were soon going to be milking, sensing it both women had moved their fingers around each other’s breasts and began squeezing and digging into them. The two women were now milking one another carelessly, gritting teeth as their nails dug into one another.

“Trying to milk me now!” Sneered Kurami.

“Well you are a cow.” Answered Narsica.

“At least I ain’t a half-cow, half boar!” Snapped Kurami.

“Shut up!” Ordered Narsica, unable to make a come back with the pressure in her breasts.

It wasn’t long until both breasts were shooting out milk. The liquid on milk squirted out of both breasts and sprayed over both women. The milked covered the two as they continued on pressing breasts, but as the milk slid over them, it dribbled over both burning pussys that soothed the pain their, at the same time made they crackling with pain.

“Pth! Stop spraying cow milk over me!” Screeched Narsica digusted.

“Stop getting it all over my house!” Replied Kurami.

Fighting to dominate again, the women pulled each other’s breasts back trying to lever them back onto the floor. Struggling to keep firm though, both women held their position on their bums. Attempting to ram forward though, Kurami pushed her shoulders against Narsica’s trying to ram her over, but kept her hands on Narsica’s breasts as well as Narsica’s hands on Kurami’s breasts.

Grunting as they shoved against each other brutishly, the two women were soaking with both sweat and milk. Their hair hanged infront of their faces and their lips quivered exhausted and their muscles trembled as both fragile women had used up a lot of strength against each other. It was all matter now had still had the strength.

Giving another strong heave though, Kurami had been pushed backwards by Narsica and the two had hit onto the floor. Sitting over her with her upper body against Kurami’s, Narsica took a few deep breaths, letting their bodies swab up all the milk and sweat together.

Finally able to continue on, Narsica had pulled her head hovering down to Kurami’s right breast and sealed her lips over it and placed her right hand over Kurami’s left breast, and then all at once she squeezed the left breast and sucked out all the milk from the right breast.  As Narsica had began draining all over Kurami’s milk, Kurami panic, pushing against Narsica’s breasts to get her off.

“No, I need this milk for my baby!”

Continuing to suck and squeeze the rest of Kurami’s milk out, Narsica gave it her all when she heard Kurami plead. As they continued Kurami shook her head as she denied this was happening and pushed her weight against Narsica, attempting to her off. But as it was shown to be futile, Kurami showed her hands out.

“Look Narisca I give, now please, just let go of my breasts.” Quivered Kurami

Milk had been dripped and poured all around them, that they were soaked in it and shortly as Narsica refused to leave a drop in Kurami’s breasts, Kurami was soaked dry.

When it was acknowledged that Kurami’s breasts were empty, Narsica steadily got onto her feet making sure Kurami wouldn’t try anything. But when Narsica head got off Kurami’s breasts, Kurami immediately cuddled her breasts in disbelief she got suck like that.

Standing over her naked and sweaty milk dripping off her and onto the sucked dried opponent, Narsica watched how pathetically Kurami coiled up and cradled in defeat. However it was surprising to see all the milk that had be poured out of the two, that it had created a puddle around the two as they battled.
Finished observing her defeated opponent though and letting their milk drip over her, Narsica had grabbed the remains of a ripped dress and used it to clean herself and then dropped on Kurami. After watching how Kurami reacted, by ignoring the discared rags over her, Narsica walked out naked (Knowing no one would be watching) and went back to her house after a triumphed victory.

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Mothers falling out for the weekend (Catfight story)
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