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Which aunt is your favourite nephew? (catfight story)

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Which aunt is your favourite nephew? (catfight story)
« on: April 24, 2009, 09:52:40 PM »
Done another catfight requester of his two indian aunts. What can I say fun request, hope I get comments for this one.


In india both Mansi 39yrs and Vaishali 35yrs were two sexy aunts for their age, who had gone off to see their nephew’s family. Neither liked each other much, especially hating the fact that they stepped out of their cars together and marched inside almost side by side.

They were mainly upset at how they last family’s picnic they were both needing space next to each other and were bashing their backsides against one another to try and make room, but as neither conceded space thinking they naturally should to the more beautiful woman, the two turned around to lock hated gazes at one another.

Neither were now looking at each other as the walked through the gate and stepped through the door. With an open and cheery smile as they came into the sitterroom waving “Hey.” The two saw only there to great them was their nephew sitting on the couch mopping at what a boring day it was.

“Hey, the rest of my families out, they’ll be back way later today.” Said their nephew.

“That’s alright, I can wait howabout I stay and tell me how your days been.” Offered Mansi politely and hovering over to sit beside her nephew.

Agitated that Mansi had bet her to offering that, Vaishali. “Don’t worry about your parents not being here, once Mansi leaves, we can just spend the day with the two of us being here.”

Angry that did top her, Mansi quickly said. “Don’t worry I’m staying here all day as well, so I can comfort you just as much.”

The nephew wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying really, but had became entrance at the womens behaviour acting so funny.

“Oh is that so.” Snapped Vaishali.

Getting off the couch to step up to Vaishali with eyes locked. “Yes, don’t have a problem with that I hope.”

“No.” Said Vaishali with almost a twisted smile. “I think I know a way we could cheer our nephew up with the two of us.”

“Hm.” Said Mansi curious.

“Me and his mother were looking through his stuff while cleaning one day, and found women fight magazines so it happens that our dear nephew is into catfights.” Said Vaishali. “So what I say we should have one ourselves, would you like that nephew.”

“Yeah.” He said without hesitating.

“How about you Mansi, want to go one on one.” Challenged Vaishali in a tigress manner.

“Sure.” Imitated Mansi clenching her teeth and holding her waists, still eye locked with Vaishali. “Any preferred fights you’d like nephew?” Asked Mansi before Vaishali did.

“Sure, nude and sexy.” Said the nephew too dazed and excited to think.

“Think you could to do that.” Said Mansi as though her nephew was saying that for her.

“I think so, it’ll be easier to smash your tits if their vulnerable naked.” Replied Vaishali changing the battle.

“Good, cause I want to force my hand up your open pussy.”

“Shall we get down and naked then?”

As both women swaggered their hips a couple more times to stall for a sec, they became grasping their hands over themselves and stripping off clothes, throwing them aside each time they took a batch off. Their nephew was getting really enthralled as they saw two fierce women stripping down for combat, he saw their hatred of one another, wishing they could just start now but were wanting to destroy each other’s bodies naked just as much.

When both had just stripped down to their bras and panties, Mansi had suddenly started walking backwards until she was standing infront of the couch beside her nephew and held her hands on her hips waiting for Vaishali. Unsure what was going on, their nephew was still turned on at the spiteful look on Vaishali’s face as she stepped forward so that the two were standing face to face with their nephew sitting between them and close.

Soon as the two were ready to resume, the removed their bras and panties, revealing themselves fully nude and their nephew could not believe how turned on he was by two spectacular bodies.

Not finished though with trying to top each other about the fight, Vaishali offered. “Nephew how about you be ref and make all the rules.”

“Alright.” Said nephew. “Basically no strangling, eye poking or punching.”

“Enough stalling.” Declared Mansi and then stepping closer to Vaishali. “How about we just get this started?”

“Sounds fine by me.” Said Vaishali snarling in Mansi’s face.

The two were almost touching nipple to nipple, steadily beginning though the began lifted hands up unsure where each one of them would grab, but soon as they started reaching higher up there chests. As soon as Mansi got tired of this though, she grabbed the side of Vaishali’s hair and pulled on it, reacting instantly Vaishali grabbed Mansi’s as well.

The two women pulled down on each other’s hair with arms huddled against each other as they struggled to pull each other’s hair out. As they also fought to keep their legs up straight, both leaned against one another, smooshing their breasts together. The two kept eyes viciously staring at one another, to intimidate  and show how well they were both getting mad at this.

Their nephew had became so enthralled by this, seeing two women clash boobs and with pussys close to one another as they were battling to destroy one another. He had become a little uneasy as his cock was starting to excitedly erect and become out of control that he held down on it, trying to concentrate on the battle, watching both of his aunts trying to yank each other’s hair out and tighten chests together.

As they continued, the combatants were now pressing their knees into one another, making the women grit their teeth even tighter then they already were. They also started compressing their tits harder against one another, feeling both were losing when they thought the other was pushing her breast further into hers.

After a while, they could feel the roots of their hair coming out as the two’s grips were becoming tighter. With their breasts still compressed against one another as well and body heat and pleasure was building the groaned at how both women disliked how good it felt. They staggered a little; lift their feet up and down trying to keep control of themselves.

They continued to get infuriated at how they wriggled their chests against one another, making their breasts feel uncomfortable and nudging. Their heads were also becoming really sore, not expecting it to be this painful or hard. For a while they tried to hold on a little longer feeling the just about had the other girl’s hair out, but after Mansi gave another shove with her chest, Vaishali broke off frustrated and annoyed and Mansi did the same thinking she surrendered.

When the two were a quarter arms distances from one another, Vaishali had then clamp her hands over both of Mansi’s tits and squeezed on them. Crying out, Mansi tried wrenching Vaishali’s hands off her boobs, but when she saw her nephew’s gazing happy face enjoying the site of Vaishali wrecking her boobs, Mansi growled viciously, suspecting Vaishali was still trying to get their nephew to like her more. Not a moment later, Mansi had gripped her hands Vaishali and caught up with the deliverance of pain by giving a twisting pull onto the end of Vaishali, making her gawk her mouth open and eyes pop out never feeling something so painful like that happen to her breasts.

This had gotten to a whole new level; their nephew was shivering with excitement and out of control pleasure as he saw her aunts’ hands meshing and dig into one another’s tits like trying to remodel playdou. At first their nephew questioned how sore it was, but when he saw how red their breasts were turning, he realised how sore it was.

The two women shrieked and howled in pain as they carelessly tore apart each other’s two hanging bags of flesh, hoping they would start reluctantly coming apart eventually. Thinking for a moment though in their own heads, they hoped that would only happen to their opponent, at this rate though if it did happen it would happen to the both of them.

Still though, at the way they had their nephew and each other, they were willing to keep on going. Holding hand fulls of each other’s breasts, they clawed, twisted and yanked each other’s breasts, trying to find the right breast grab that would finish this and save much of their own breast as possible.

Eventually though the two women were starting to run out of morale and enthusiasm for this battle. Unable to take it anymore, Mansi gave another quick tug against Vaishali and shoved her with her hands. Successfully, Vasihali fumbled back, but not without scrapping her nails against Mansi’s tits.

When Vasihali had regained balance, she knew she could have gone of a while longer herself, but was able to accept that Mansi ended it. While the two women stroked and cradled breasts, angrily eying one another as they staggered about clumsily, their nephew though was disappointed believing that was as sexy as the fight would get.

Approaching one another with breasts tucked under their arms and breathing heavily after all the screaming, they adjusted until their nephew was equally between them. Coming up with an idea again, Mansi unguarded herself, bring out her hands and grabbing Vaishali, the two’s arms and hands mingled for a while with both confused, especially Vaishali unsure what was going on. When Mansai finally hooked her arm with Vaishali she turned her back and Vaishali eventually did the same having an idea what was going on.

Once Mansi and Vaishali hooked arms, they then attempted to bend forward, pushing spines out against one another. Their slaps of back muscle pressed against one another and their spines erected and butts slammed together forcefully trying to rebound one another back. The two women continued to motor, bending their legs as they tried forcing their opponent to bend her back forward until it snapped, but neither back budged.

This combat was entirely new to their nephew; he gawked as both women were using the back of their bodies to fight one another. One thing their nephew loved was their butt cheeks jelloing and rubbing together like two smooth tires. The action of it all started transmitting down him again and his penis wanted to suddenly see again and started coving his hands to contain it as it fought against him.

The two women staggered legs, knees already sore from hitting against one another and as they tried to break their back together. Continuing to force themselves against one another from behind they stretched their heads out to encourage their spines to bend and hauled their arms so that their back muscle stretched forward. But as it still continued neither were getting anywhere, but compressed their but cheeks really nice and thick against one another.

Their strength began to exhaust as well and both aunts only had most their strength in their lower bodies where they decided to continue their battle from their. Forgetting about backs, they pushed their bums against one another, really flattening them now. As the women gritted and puffed as they crushed butts together, they could feel their butt holes nearly come together at the rate they were flattening them.

Seeing that there was no rules though, Mansi swung her butt away from Vaishali suddenly and thumped back onto hers again, making as clap of sound when the two sweat asses met one another again in a collision. Getting her back for that, Vaishali pulled her butt out and hit it back onto Mansi’s, causing her opponent to stumble forward with the force she hit back with. Still elbow locked though, Mansi was able to quickly recover and hit back onto hers.

Swing back and forth a couple more times, it was like the two were trying to force their butts to merge, pausing their smacking for a minute to simply shove their buttoms to see if either women would move yet. They were getting nowhere though and only exhausting them selves, that relunctantly when the two finally made a simatianously butt shove into one another, the two finally collapsed off their feet and onto the floor.

Taking a moment to recover Vaishali and Mansi begged for breath while their nephew was even more liking it that the two sworn enemies were ignoring the fact that they laid back to back on their knees, despising one another. It was making their nephew’s cock really try to rip out from his pants want to get a look at this.

Recovering enough, Mansai was about to get up, but then Vaishali gripped Mansai’s arm hauling her back onto her knees. Thinking that she wanted to have a ground fight, Mansi rotated with her dukes up, but then saw Vaishali get onto her back and then present her feet up. Seeing they were still competing bodies, Mansi frowned displeased how their nephew had his tongue out at Vaishali’s stance and so did the same to please him, getting onto her back opposite to Vaishali and then presenting feet.

As soon as both were ready they stamped feet together. The two were new pressing feet together, locking toes with one another and pressing heels as they were now struggling to force the other’s knee onto her chest.  Their knees shivered and shock as they could feel their legs bones stressing the pressure the aunts were throwing against each other.

It was real hard now to keep his cock under control, as both women laid on the floor clasping feet together, he could see the mouth of their cxnts opening as both women spread their legs open when tactically forced. He could see the sweat pools the two aunts were leaving as they were seriously doing this and how tight their faces were as they were forcing every muscle into their legs.

Feeling Mansi pulling her legs apart, Vaishali lifted her head up to see that Mansi was spread her legs open so that she could attract most her nephew’s attention, agitated at the strategy Vaishali began doing the same, purposely pulling her legs open, but as they stretched their legs apart it they needed to slide their backs forward to keep their feet locked.

Quickly moving aside to let the women’s legs past, their nephew had her aunt’s legs now pressed against one another as they were trying to force the other into a split enough until their thighs broke. It was a real turn on at how both of the women’s pussys were so wide open and so close to one another that it look like two things reaching out to eat one another.

With his whole body aching to be let out to see and unable to battle against all of it, their nephew didn’t think his aunt would mind taking his shirt off and being torso naked and as the aunts were too battle distracted, he unzipped his pants and finally let out his cock and covered it up with his hand so hopefully the aunts wouldn’t notice. Even though his dick couldn’t see, it was singing as it heard the desperate grunts and sound of sweat clapping wanting to hear more.

Wanting to cry as their legs ached and bones cracked the aunts were hitting their hands against the floor or clenching their fists, become agonized by all this pain. They were also struggling how their pussys were being stretched wide open and were tormenting with needs of pleasure as they were becoming hot and needy.

Their prayers were answered when the sweat on the ladies legs built up and when they made another push against one another, their legs slipped pass one another, making nothing stop the women ram their cxnts slap against one another. Like dogs the pussys engulfed around one another suck and clamping down. Thinking that was done on purpose the ladies began battling like this now.

It became a battle of pleasure as the women reversed themselves back a bit and slapped their pussy against one another letting their pussys do the fighting now. The two vaginas smacked together and closed on each other, trying to seduce and eat the other one, believing it had the bigger pussy lips. They grunted and breathed heavily and Valshali and Mansi were overcame by this, feeling their two groins moist and mixed together as well as battering and slamming against one another to see who could take it most.

So unable to take this, their nephew felt his groin about to burst and was trying not to touch it incase it came while on the couch. He just couldn’t take two groins smashing together like that, they looked like they were trying to bizarrely feast upon one another like animals. He could also see the agony his aunts were inflicting on one another and how they were both losing it, with legs twitching and arms wobbling.

Fed up of their pussys slobbering and mouthing over one another though, Vaishali slid hers and got up and dug her fingers inside to dig her nails in Mansi’s clit. Flabbergasting in pleasure as she felt fingers in her cxnt as well as claws dig inside her, Mansi gripped Vaishali’s hair to help haul herself onto her bum and then burrowed her fingers inside Vaishali’s cxnt as well now clawing on her clit.

The two were now snivelling and squealing as they were being torn from the inside naked. They had their legs on top of each other as they sat on their bums and were keeping themselves up by holding one another’s hair for balance. Their pussys were wet making slime noises when their fingers were adjusting or wriggling.

It was excruciating and this was it for the two of them, they were both now gasping for breath and give whines as they had felt so much pain in this short fight that felt like it had actually be a long fight that had went on for centuries. The remains of the strength were being sapped each time their nails squeezed or tugged on their clits.

Looking as neither would give in with determined faces, Mansi was finally beginning to crack as her eye twitched from all the pain and stress. Noticing this Vaishali gave another tweak on Mansi’s pussy which made her rival howl out loud in pain and scant away from Vaishali puffing and crying as she covered herself with her arms.

With her opponent cowering in the corner like a beaten animal, Vaishali craned herself back onto her feet smirking; now finally showing who the better woman was. As she was standing on her feet with fist on her hips, she turned her head to see nephew laying in what looked like a coma as he had his head tilted against the couch drooling with eyes completely blank and his cock releasing oozes of slime. Just winning custody of him, Vaishali though she might as well clean him before she got dressed again.


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Re: Which aunt is your favourite nephew? (catfight story)
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2009, 08:13:08 PM »
Another great story from you, Catfight Obsessed, thanks a lot!


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Re: Which aunt is your favourite nephew? (catfight story)
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2022, 07:19:34 AM »
Need some more aunt vs aunt fights.and lot of hairpulling.


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Re: Which aunt is your favourite nephew? (catfight story)
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I remember this unique story from you called Rock, Paper, Scissors. I couldn't find it any more in this forum. Do you still have it?


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Re: Which aunt is your favourite nephew? (catfight story)
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Brilliant storyline, it just keeps getting better and better. this doggedness
I love catfight, sexfight and domination stories. F/f, m/m or cl / cl. Harder, too.
Loser get fuckt..