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« on: September 04, 2008, 08:20:58 AM »
   Both women were a bit tentative starting the third fall, I'm sure neither wanted to be down 2 to 1. I was still all eyes eventhough these two beauties mainly just danced around for the next 5 minutes afraid to make a move. I absolutely loved watching each woman parade before me as I noticed how their bodies changed from the end of the previous fall. Gina's face became less red and Lynn's veins weren't as prominent in her neck and shoulders any more. Both women were breathing evenly now as their mouth-watering puckered nipples softened once again and grew to their maximum size.
   Finally they locked up again and this time there was some hair pulling action going on. Then Lynn reached down toward Gina's hip and maybe her intention was to grab her there, but Lynn wound up giving the brunette a mighty slap on her shapely hip, which caused Gina to yelp in pain. Gina immediately went for Lynn's legs and tackled her to the sand. Lynn took an elbow to the head which Gina did apologize for but the damage was done. My girl was dazed by that and Gina concentrated on securing Lynn's ankles. I suppose that she really likes the matchbook pin because the determined brunette was trying to fold my blonde in half just as she did in their first match.
 Lynn countered and stiffened her legs but Gina tucked both of my girl's ankles under her left arm and pressed them against her arm-pit, then Gina hoisted Lynn's legs as best she could and sent a karate chop into the under-side of Lynn's knees with her right hand. Lynn's legs folded from the chop and that was all Gina needed as she enveloped my fiancee this time in a wicked matchbook pin.  
    The last time, Gina merely stood over Lynn and held her ankles down on either side of Lynn's head, but this time, she climbed on my babe's legs in a straddle pin fashion and really put all of her weight on top of Lynn. Just holding someone's ankles in that position has to be painful, but to climb on top of your folded opponent has to be excruciating for the one getting pinned! I had a lump in my throat as Lynn was held in this manner with virtually no chance of escaping. Lynn grunted and moaned pitifully, "UNGA... UNGA... UNGA!" Gina leaned forward, really pouring it on and demanding Lynn to submit. My girl's face was beet red and wet from her own spit as she tried to raise up one last time. "UUNNGGHH!" Lynn desperately shouted as she valiantly fought to unseat her skillful rival.
    My sexy babe's ass and pussy were humiliatingly exposed in the air and I couldn't help but to focus on her juicy camel-toe that was presented to me through her thin thong bottom! It was obvious to me and now to Lynn that she wasn't going to budge Gina and she finally screamed her submission. Gina climbed off of Lynn and my babe wiped the tears and sweat from her face as Gina stood with her hands on her hips and announced the score, reminding Lynn that she was just one pin away from owning her ass!
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