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Jealous Lesbian Catfighting and Mauling
« on: June 26, 2009, 07:57:39 PM »
Jealous Lesbian Catfight and Mauling

Here we have a jealous, lesbian catfight over a blonde, bitchy lezzy, that also involves a tough redhaired neighbor, who is also into other girls!!

Greta Carlson and Summer Cummins are two lezzy lovers who spend most of their time getting off over each others' big 52 JJJ breasts. They both wander around their house topless, their four humongous glands jiggling, their extended nipples drooling the copious milk that each tit continually generates for their frequent, simultaneous, several times a day, wild milking - and whenever each one awakens during the few hours they aren't fucking when they drop onto the mattress-lined floor of their combined  exercise-sleeping-catfighting-fucking--room.kept at 85 degrees that  never loses the overpowering smell of HOT PUSSY!!

 The mattresses covering the floor of this room have plastic fabric that is wiped clean by a cleaning girl who suspects where all the dried jism comes from and would like to see what these two big-(NO-HUGE) breasted women are doing to each other to deposit such masses of their hot jism - SO OFTEN !! "Gawd, what a mess they make - and, at least the dried stuff from the day before comes up with MR CLEAN!" was Jenny's comment to her girlfriend Tina about this three-day-a-week job she has with Greta and Summer! And Tina, even more curious as to the sources asked,  "Does it smell like pussy ?" and got an affirmative nod as she asked again, "Think you can get us an invite - I'll bet it's FUN !!"

Several weeks before, Summer, out shopping had run into Suzanne Somers, a roommate from college and they both went to Suzanne's apartment where Summer was wildly excited over the tiny blonde bitch's collection of tanned hymens she had won from other women and girls. Each of the thin leathery pieces of some female's virginity badge was accompanied with a video of the catfight Suzanne had won with a dirty hold and took her prize from the moaning (or unconscious) girl, and scheduling a second catfight later to make the victim sign her lost treasure,  IF SHE WON the second fight the victim was to get a starring role in the film studio Suzanne controlled.  But every hymen had its original owner's signature and the video was for both catfights, Suzanne waving her trophy each time in front of the camera..

When Summer and Suzanne arrived, they found Greta already primed for a wild sexfight with Summer, the big breasted blonde having watched several videos of a new form of female mayhem called "Dirty-Breast-Sucking-Catfights" that she was all set to show Summer how  to really spice up their evening catfighting to violent dual orgasms that would continue unabated for hours - or until they were both exhausted. or their huge breasts had run dry of the milk that they enhanced their violent pussy explorations had blown up!  Greta's videos had shown big-breasted women at each others' breasts, sucking hard as large. vibrating dildoes thrust deep into their pussies were bringing on continual,  blasting vaginal orgasms while they went at each others' nipples "Ttrying to suck the dirty bitch dry before she sucked me dry! "


Realizing that Summer was working up to fucking Suzanne, the jealous Greta began insulting the smaller blonde, eventually pushing her away from rubbing the blonde's  crotch agaiinst Summer's thigh and then ripping at Suzanne's cute little ponytails tied behind her ears as the tiny blonde bitch tried to get to Greta's big-titted sex partner and have those monsters in HER DIRTY LITTLE BLONDE MOUTH - SUCKING OUT THE MILK THAT BELONGED TO GRETA!!

"C'MON YOU STINKING LITTLE PIECE OF BLONDE  SHIT, DO SOMETHING TO ME SO I CAN REALLY GET YOU GOOD!" Greta snarled as the open mouthed Summer gasped hopefully, "ARE YOU TWO GOING TO FIGHT OVER ME?" as Suzanne took the BAIT for this dirty catfight to be able to suck all of Summer's milk out of her big breasts after she had convinced Greta of the fact that Suzanne was THE BETTER BLONDE, standing over HER WEEPING VICTIM as weeping over her huge glands being so vigorously chewed by Suzanne's sharp teeth !

The dirty little blonde bitch was set to finiish off the bigger blonde quickly and swiftly pushed Greta back and drove her foot up into her opponent's bare crotch in a vicious, hard cxnt-kick that had the bigger blonde sinking to her knees holding her pussy tightly with both hands, her face, open-mouthed and gasping with surprise at this dirty fighting little bitch's cxnt-attack!

Later, Greta commented, "That dirty little fuck thought she had me, but I got over her attack fast and was ready to rip off her pretty little tits and then ream out her smelly little pussy by dragging my nails down it after I fist-fucked her up to my elbow!"

"HAH, YOU BIG TITTED WIMP, YOU'RE NOT SUCH AS HOT A DIRTY CATFIGHTER AS SUMMER TOLD ME!" the smaller Suzanne laughed as she pulled Greta's face, by the hair, into her own bare crotch, screaming "C'MON YOU  TIT BAG, START EATING ME AND IF YOU GET ME OFF I WON'T BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU IN FRONT OF SUMMER!" thinking that this would get her into a really dominant position over these two extremely desireable lesbians as their dominant sexual mistress!  Suzanne was always on the prowl for lesbian types that she could maul at her leisure and also when there were several under her control, make them dirty-fight each other while she got herself off again and again over their screams and shrieks of pain!! Then she'd catfight the winner and after the girl fainted,
make the loser bite her tits and pussy so as to start up another fight between them later!
But Suzanne never knew about their red-haired neighbor, Joi Reno who had seen Suzanne's arrival with Summer and was already in the house through her own private entry and standing just outside the doorway to the pussy-odored fight-room and preparing to help Greta defeat this snotty little blonde bitch and then really have a three-on-one torture session with her small, sexy body and those jutting breasts that Suzanne had exposed moments earlier by pulling off her bra as she challenged Greta !

And at the same time, Greta had realized that Joi was getting into this fight very soon and not having been as badly hurt by Suzanne's dirty cxnt-kick as the smaller blonde had imagined, was maneuvering her mouth into a sucking-biting attack to Suzanne's excited pussy, already having sucked in one pussy labia and maneuering her face to get the other of Suzanne's vulva into her teeth and show this dirty little blonde bitch how a really dirty catfight should be fought and WON !!

At the same time, the bemused brunette Summer was on her knees, completely mesmerized by the fact that these two beautiful women were about to have a dirty catfight OVER HER ASSETS ! Her fingers, already buried in her crotch-clamped vagina had already brought on the first of many delicious orgasms and she was working up an even more violent one over what she thought Greta was ging to do to Suzanne's pussy with her mouth and TEETH !  Then when Joi leaped into the catfight to help subdue and BITE SUZANNE'S PUSSY, the wild-eyed brunette burst into a huge orgasm and nearly fainted  as Greta and Joi went for Suzanne's bare crotch, their faces crushing into the shrieking blonde's squirming for a good grip on her cxnt!

Both Joi and Greta's pussy-chewing came at the same time and Suzanne's shrieks proved how effective they were! On her knees and to one side, the big-breasted Summer screamed with excitement - this was better than she had ever expected, realizing that Suzanne was no match for GRETA AND JOI in a dirty catfight. The bitchy brunette knew that Greta was jealous of any woman that Summer was attracted to - having done the same when she brought Joi home for a jealous catfight with her over who would have her massive breasts for wild, erotic sucking.
Suzanne only stayed conscious for two inutes, then fainted as Joi and Greta glared at each other for spoiling the orgasms they were both begining just before Suzanne went limp. "FUCKING BITCH - YOU SPOILED MY FUN - NOW i'M GETTING YOUR PUSSY SO I CAN GET ONE OFF REAL HARD !" both neighbors working up new orgasms with their hands locked into blonde and red hair and rolling around the mats while Summer went through a huge orgasm watching them!

This had been a rough catfight as  expected, but Joi and Greta saw how crazed Summer was getting over their screaming catfight  that they stopped fighting to watch her going through several, continual orgasms over what she could see them doing to each other,  suggesting some play-acting to make her come even harder at their fighting tactics!!.

Greta, who was more familiar with Summer's sexual habits, whispered to Joi, "This horny bitch really goes wild when she sees two good-looking women at each others' tits!" smiling at Joi as she suggested, "Go ahead, bite mine for a few minutes and then I'll go after yours and then we can watch her spurt jism all over the mats !! She really goes crazy when she sees tit-biting!!"

"KEERIST!" Joi had exclaimed as Summer's contorted, reddened face turned toward the two catfighters as she thrashed through her violent series of orgiastic spasms on the floor next to them! "KEERIST.SHE'S HAVING A HEART ATTACK OR SOMETHING! WE'VE GOT TO HELP HER!!"  But Greta had seen this before and only laughed as Summer's gasps and gurgles continued and Joi watched as the big titted brunette's pussy orgasmed  her jism up into the air, "SHEeeeIT, SHE DOES THIS ALL THE TIME WHEN WE CATFIGHT - IT'LL BE OVER IN A FEW MINUTES!"  and then in a magnanimous gesture to this new bitch Joi, suggested that maybe Summer would give her a good fucking if the pretty redhead wanted!
 "SHE CAN FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT OF YOUR SKULL IF YOU LET HER!" Greta laughed! As Joi wiped off the milk she had 'chewed' out of Greta's breasts, nodding her agreement and looked down to see if her clitoris was out enough to get it's two inches  into Summer's vagina ! Joi accepted and Greta watched her lesbian lover Summer really going after Joi's lovely breasts with her mouth and fingers as she squirmed her own excited crotch tight against Joi's, her extended clitoris digging into Joi's wildly excited pussy to bring on nearly ten very violent orgiastic spasms until the redhead gasped that she'd had enough and could Greta help her peel Summer off her exhasuted, over-orgasmed  body, having noticed
blood-clots mixed with her jism that was drooling from her limp pussy and onto the slimy wrestling mats!! Greta glanced down at the gasping Summer's crotch to marvel at how far out the brunette's elongated clitoris had gotten from her action with Joi!!

Summer's pussy was still palpitating from the last huge orgasm she had gone through. It had lasted far longer than the earlier ones and Summer was trying for the record established by a lesbian sex club by a woman who had continually orgasmed for an hour - her pussy splattering her jism right up until the last violent spasm, the club president timing her violent, thrusting orgasms for the entire hour with the club secretary marking the time for each screaming ejaculation of the accumulated jism from her overworked vagina and her contimually contracting uterus!

This was the relationship that the Greta-Summer-Joi team had and would have an effect on how Suzanne was to fare with these sex-crazed girls when they elected the little blonde bitch with those cute little ponytails behind her ears as their victim for violent lesbian sex-mauling!!

Now we have the three panting vixens, Greta C, Summer C, and Joi R. on their knees and surrounding the wildly spasming Suzanne Somers who had the audacity of fucking Summer while Greta and Joi were watching Suzanne had come to while Greta and Joi were at each other in THEIR dirty catfight and the odors, screaming and splattering jism ha got the blonde's fingers inside her own vagina for violent masturbation at all of this mayhem!.

 Now the little blonde bitch was to get her punishment for trying to get into this dirty cxnt-fisting - tit-sucking trio of dirty-fighting, lesbian bitches!! Suzanne's labia were already swollen from the sex she'd had  from the tit-mauling she had given Greta while they were  catfighting over Summer! These 'sex-attractions' were picked up by Greta who chose them as her punishment-vehicle with Suzanne,  her own  breasts still somewhat sensitive from the little blonde bitch's attentions earlier and not up to a hard tit-fight with her!

"Lemme have her pussy!" Greta screamed, forcing the screaming Suzanne's thighs apart and diving into her nearly-hairless crotch to establishe her 'territory' for  the frightened blonde's mauling and her own wild orgasming. This left Joi and Summer to share Suzanne's smaller tits and her hair, although both of them went down on the nearest tit on the squirming blonde's chest to seize their share of her luscious body for their own pleasures at her shrieking complaints to their breast-mauling !

Joi had really wanted to rip out Suzanne's sexy little ponytails, but now with that monster-titted Summer sharing Suzanne's glands with her, she settled for Suzanne's 34 BB left breast while the wild-eyed Summer dove onto the other of the screaming blonde's mammary glands to chew and suck as she went wild from Suzannes's shrieks!  Joi had seen Summer in action with a sex-fight loser before and deferred from interfering when she could get more screams with Suzanne's right breast mauling! Joi dreaming up a little contest with Summer to see who could get the loudest shrieks from this little blonde bitch!

The dirty little blonde bitch fainted about eight times during her "initiation" and Greta pulled the other two crazed women away from their blonde victim's sexual assets. Joi had gotten her turn at Suzanne's ponytails when Summer pushed the redhead away from Suzanne's lovely little gland sucked in her mouth and took her pleasure with the new tit on the screaming blonde's thrashing body!

Eventually, Summer passed out from the violence of her nearly-continuous orgasms over Suzanne's breasts and Joi leaped at Greta for THEIR second dirty catfight to make up for Summer's intrusion with Suzanne's breast workthat  she was enjoying. "You fucking blonde whore,  I was getting off good when your dirty brunette bitch messed up my orgasms, so I'll make you pay for it - then I'll bite her tits too!!"

This fight was over when Greta got a lubricated fist way up into Joi's throbbing cxnt and the redhead passed out as Greta wiped her slimy hand with the mass of Joi's beautiful red hair - "You'll smell like your own cxnt now, you dirty bitch!" inspecting one of the bruised set of Joi's teeth marks in one tit!

GretacC ran this show and invited the gasping little blonde to stay with them and share in their sexual excesses. "You were a good fuck and these other twats had a good time with your body!" adding, "Look at them, sprawled out with puddles of their jism from having all your beautiful body parts in their teeth and lips for wild orgasms!" waving her hand at the other two, Joi and Summer laying back with their hands clamped in their spasming crotches and gasping for breath, their pelvises jerking from the violent spasms!!

Suzanne accepted the invitation, but that's another story - IF  READERS APPROVE !!

End Jealous Lesbian ....

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Jealous Lesbian Catfighting and Mauling
« on: June 26, 2009, 07:57:39 PM »