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Herman's Choice (Story)

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Herman's Choice (Story)
« on: July 25, 2008, 09:32:38 PM »
     "Take a message-POW!" Pearly white teeth wrattled as the hard fist delivered the message. Well it was kind of a diffenet message than what the blonde expected as she staggered backwards and fell over a coffeetable.
     "I do think you have the office skills I'm looking for," old man Herbert said as he watched the well built redhead wink at him, then run, jump over the overturned coffeetable, grab the blonde by her hair. Roberta (the redhead) grabbed Belinda (the blonde) and slapped her as hard as she could. As Belinda started to fall, Roberta grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it all the way open.
     "Yes, I think I just might choose you," Herman said as he sipped his fine whiskey. He needed a secretary or whatever. Business was bad one day and good the next. And he had the money. Seeing two ladies at a restaurant go from a shouting match to an all out brawl one day gave him the idea on how to really decide what kind of gal might be a good secretary. Herman was one of those guys without lots of mental property by good on his luck.
    "Awcccccck. My blouse, you ripped my blouse-I'm gonna kill Yo----OOOOPPHHHH."
     big beautiful blue eyes rolled as the redheads fist sunk deep into the blondes stomach.
    "Now that's a rather clever idea," Herman thought as he watched Roberta rip half of Blinda's bra off and slap her exposed breast hard.
    "Argggggggh." the redhead swatted the big breast again, then pinched the pink nipple. She drove her knee into the blondes crotch, grabbed her hair and pulled her across the office towards Herman's big desk. Herman laughed nervously, then sighed as the screaming blonde's body, flailing arms and kicking legs cleared papers and the phone off his desk.
    "That'll cost me big-but it'll be worth it," Herman thought as he watched the redhead wrestle herself ontop of the blonde; she straddled blondie. Herman leaned forward just enough to get a good look at Roberta's ample assets. She was almost as enowed as the blonde; her dress was ripped clean open and her black lacey almost see through bra displayed her milky white treasures quite nice. Another characteristic of a good secretary Herman thought.
   "Enjoying the show? When ya hire me, I want a bonus," the redhead said as she eyed the impressive bulge in Herman's trousers.
    "Errr, uhhhh-Crash.
    A book whizzed by Hermans head almost taking off his ear. Stupid ledger. Maybe this hot new redhead knew computers-too much paperwork could be dangerous.
    Whhhhhhaccck. Whhhhhhaaack. Whaaaaccck.
    Big boobs bounced with each stinging whaccck.
    Two stilletto heels flew across the room. The sound of pantyhose being shredded seemed like music to Herman's ears.
    "Yeowwwwwch. Let go-you're killing them....."
     One redhead,on top for the moment, screamed in agony as her blonde rival reached up, grabbed her big juggs and squeezed. Blondies' nails sank in deep; her long fingers twisted and pushed. Tears appeared in fiery frantic beautiful green eyes as the redhead shrieked in agony. Bra cups loosened, slowly gave way. Beautiful firm milky white breasts slowly appeared; fingers, twisted hard, milking the captured luscious orbs.
     "Well, maybe blondes make better secretaries-"
      "Nice move-
      Decisions, decisions, who should be my next sec-?"Whizzzzzzz. Thunk.


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Re: Herman's Choice (Story)
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2011, 12:21:42 AM »
This isw a fun story! More, more!