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the new boss, pt 2

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the new boss, pt 2
« on: August 11, 2009, 09:35:41 AM »
several months had passed since my battle with andrea, my boss, & although the bruises have faded i've still got the mental scars. needless to say she constantly reminds me of it at work in her own secret way, & although neither of us have spoken about it since i've always had the feeling that it wasn't over between us. she arranged a summer garden party at her house recently, & although i didn't want to go it was expected that all staff should attend as it was her way of saying thank you for all our hard work. in all fairness to her she is otherwise a good boss, & she must've spent a fortune on all the food & drink. her house is out in the sticks, & as i had guessed is more like a small mansion. she held the party in her beautiful back garden & there were times when i couldn't help thinking that she was flaunting her wealth. but i was having a good time, to my surprise, & i had fun chatting with my friends from work about andrea behind her back. no one knows exactly how old she is, only that she's in her 50's, which gives her a good twenty years on me. we learned that she was a widow, & despite dating a few men here & there you get the feeling that they were only after her money. occasionally i spare her some sympathy, she's not very good looking & the only real reason she puts on these lavish events is for the improval of others. but she is lonely & bitter, hence her jealously of me. since my polls win over mature cat i've been wearing lower cut tops & leaving a few more buttons undone on my blouse at work, & the other day i caught a couple of the guys saying some very nice things about me...much to their embarrassment! andrea had no doubt noticed too, & this is where our story really begins. if you've read the new boss, you'll know that andrea challenged me to a leg wrestle because i was showing off my legs & she didn't like it. i should've known then, that if i'm going to flaunt my cleavage i'll get challenged to a titfight...& that is exactly what happened! i was at her party when i needed to use the restroom, no one was in the house as it was a lovely day outside & everyone was in the garden. as i washed my hands in her designer bathroom i heard someone open the door...i turned to find andrea staring at me in the doorway! i felt a slight prang of fear as she came towards me in her orange summer dress, her black heels clicking on the tiled floor until she stood right in front of me, gaving me a menacing stare down through her bespecticaled eyes "you don't learn, do you?" she shouted, but i didn't have a clue what she was talking about "i'm top bitch, do you understand?" she bellowed...i was dumbstruck, all i could do was shake my head as if to say 'what the fuck are you on about!' "i fucking showed you before & i'll show you again bitch" she yelled, before grabbing me by the hair & leading me out of the bathroom, my own heels clicking on the floor as she dragged me helplessly into the next room, a study. she'd caught me off guard, but i got my bearings when she let me go. she was facing me on the other side of the room, breathing heavily & clearly agitated "you're not the only one who heard those guys paying you all those fancy compliments at work" she said, her voice now calm...& suddenly i remembered how everyone at work had noticed how she always seemed to flirt with one of them, the youngest of our team who was young enough to be her grandson "i've already proved to you that my legs are better than yours, & now i'm going to show you who has the best tits" she continued, as she pulled her dress down to the waist...revealing to my surprise her pierced, naked tits, which were surpisingly firm for her age. but by this time i had regained my composure, & as i faced her i knew that i'd been wanting this all humilate her in the same way she had humiliated me. i was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt that i pulled over my head to reveal my bare 38d's, leaving me in just a short denim skirt & red heels. i'd say her tits were about the same size as mine, & as we looked each other over i was secrectly glad that her long summer dress covered those python legs of hers or otherwise i'd might have started to feel intimidated. but i stepped towards her & we instinctivly locked claws, her red painted nails a contrast to my own which i'd left natural. this was only the body contact we'd made so far & all you could hear was the laughter & chat coming through the open window from the unsuspecting crowd outside. i noticed that her blonde hair was the same style as mine, only it wasn't as golden & as our stare down intensified & our breathing got heavier i made the first move by smacking both my tits into hers. "ooh you bitch!" she gasped, & retaliated by smacking mine with her own "oh fuck!" i cried, as she backed me up to the wall. "now i'll fucking show you!" she seethed, as she pinned my wrists to the wall & started smacking the fuck out of my tits with hers. i knew i had to do something or i'll suffer another one-sided defeated like i did to that little black bitch coco, so with all my strength i dug my nails into her claws & slowly managed to get my back off of the wall. i tried to reverse the situation but she was too strong, her arms were as powerful as her legs & i just couldn't pin her so i thrusted my chest hard against hers. as luck would have it she was standing with her back to a desk & when my tits smashed into hers it forced her off balance & she sprawled out on the desk, knocking papers & pens everywhere. i saw my opportunity & grasped it by jumping on top of her, our fingers once again locking as my tits started to beat the fuck out of hers. her long sharp nails dug into mine, breaking the skin, but i wouldn't relent. i carried on my attack until her tits had been pounded to either side of her & were useless & floppy. "you fucking cxnt!" i was gasping, as months of humiliation were finally coming to an end. i finally felt her grip loosen on my hands..."enough!" she shouted, clearly angry that she'd been beaten. i stood up & as our fingers came apart her exhausted body slipped off the desk & onto the floor. i put my t-shirt back on & stood over her "this is isnt over mandy" she threatened, looking up at me "next time it will be a catfight, & i'll fucking destroy you!" i just smiled & walked out, but as i rejoined the others i knew that she was right...


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Re: the new boss, pt 2
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2009, 03:54:04 PM »
Nice job on winning love a good tit fight...
Killing me smalls.


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Re: the new boss, pt 2
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2014, 05:06:28 PM »
Please write the 3 part.