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EX' s"X" (Story)

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EX' s"X" (Story)
« on: September 22, 2008, 04:32:35 AM »
        A Story From A Friend....
        "My what happened to you?"
         I turned to see my Ex blush, and lower her voice almost to a whisper. Amidst the crowded room and the loud music I strained to hear.
         "Teeee. Heeee. Heeeee. Dumb-ass Bitch!" I almost choked on my drink as my drop dead gorgeous from way back when smiled, slipped beside me and tried to melt into the crowd. Her quick squeeze gave me more than a hint of an answer to the big question asked my one of my EX's friends. I could have sworn that Sylvia was sporting a black eye. I caught a glimpse of her long black hair and the back of her lovely evening gown as she made an exit across the room.
         "I'll have another." I looked over at my Ex who was having yet another drink. Her icy hazel eyes seemed to have a strange softness to them. She looked as gorgeous as always; and her full figure and almost perfect body was exquisitely displayed in her low cut evening gown. I'd describe her as a cross between Linda Evans and Marg Helgenberger with the snippiness of a Joan Collins. She has ashe blonde hair (at least for a few days) that hung just past her shoulders. And like always she'd was more than a bit soused.
       "Sir, you are requested to go to the garden balcony."
       "I balked at the intrusion, but the request was made to seem urgent."
       "Oh, Sooooooo glad you came to see me. I just wanted to clear something up." The somewhat husky but oh so sexy voice sounded almost sizzling sexy for some reason and I recognized it before I saw the beautiful source.
       "I really didn't want it to get so out of hand, but you know me-I kind a lost it," Sylvia said as she covered the twenty feet between us in a flash. The stunning brunette smiled as she got up close and personal; she leaned up against me, pushing her self and one gorgeous firm full breast against my arm.
        "What did you---
        "Heeee. Heeehhh. She did get one good punch in," Sylvia whispered as she leaned in further; her breath was sweet, her perfume delightful. She rubbed her one eye. Fantastic makeup job but yeah I was right; she was sporting a shiner.
         "You'd have loved it! One hell of a fight-she leaned in giving me a good view of her cleavage and whispered-you know a CATFIGHT!" She snickered, giggled like a schoolgirl.
          I swallowed hard, took a quick big gulp of my drink. I think I must have blushed but she winked when I broke in to a broad grin.
         "Yeah I know-remember me and Cynthia. I still have a trophy from that...."
          The cool breeze on the private garden patio seemed like a steam bath. Cynthia a gorgeous redhead who was on about her fourth marriage moved into our neighborhood several years back. She made eyes and rumored moves on Sylvias' man.
          24 Hour Flu can be pleasurable-yeah you heard me-if It keeps you home and you're looking out your upstairs window down into your sexy neighbors lawn and pool area. Both Brenda and Sylvia were hugely jealous of the ravashing redhead.
           Wakened out of feverish sleep I heard screams and cussing, ran to the window just in time to Sylvia (in a rather sexy nightgown) punch a bikini clad Cynthia hard in the face. Cynthia screamed and tried to run. Sylvia tackled her. In the ensuing fantastic fight involving hairpulling, punching, scratching, and you name it as well as a tangle of long legs, Sylvia's nightgown was shredded and stripped off. The furious brunette ripped the redheads top off, slapped and punched those huge milky white jugs furiously and after almost choking her with a leg scissors around her neck she jerked down her bikini bottoms and paddled her delicious white derriere until the redhead pleaded and bawled like a spoiled brat. To my delight, Sylvia then rolled that luscious redhead over, lowered herself down and tugged at her own very sexy cut bikini bottoms.
       Drat! I couldn't see much of Sylvia but I sure did know what kind of woman to woman justice she was dispensing.
       "Now-stop showing off that body of yours-got it?" Sylvia shouted as Cynthia ran crying into her house. The brunette turned around looked up at my window waived, and held up Cynthia's bikini top.
       "My trophy," she shouted. The bathroom was calling me in more ways that one.
        "How's it going-you two seem okay. I smiled. I'd moved on. I wasn't sure about Brenda.
        "Oh, by the way, I did get another trophy. Your old flame can really fight." Sylvia moved in close again, opened her purse and tugged at something, lifting it slightly out of the fashionable handbag.
        "Oh my," I said trying to catch my breath. It was one of the sexiest bras Brenda used to wear; a whole torn in one of the sexy cups; the bra torn in two.
         "Yeah and I mauled her good. She's full. firm and kinda fun-sensitive nips too; can't take much real dirty fightin'."
          I felt hot. Sweaty. I looked down at my drink. Sylvia had motioned one of the butlers to disappear. We were totally alone. Suddenly she slipped close and placed her hand on my leg.
          "Ya know, it sure would have been smart if I'd have taped our little tussle. Darn......." I looked up to see a very mischievious smile and a lovely face.
          "Hey, wha-whatcha doin' out here-Why the hell are you out here alone with my Man?"
          "I'm gonna kick your ass-......."
          "What the $#$%$#?"


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Re: EX' s"X" (Story)
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Hank always did.
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