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titfight but not written by me plz give comments

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titfight but not written by me plz give comments
« on: September 18, 2009, 10:01:59 AM »
Ich habe vor kurzem im Internet eine neue Story mit dem Titel "After School Lessons" entdeckt.

Dabei handelt es sich nicht um eine Catfight, sondern um eine Sexfight Story. Die Story ist sehr, sehr lang und für meinen Geschmack viel zu sehr an den Haaren herbeigezogen. Eben pure Phantasie, die aber nicht mal mehr in Kategorie "könnte rein theoretisch passieren" reinpasst.

Aber in dieser Story wird auch ein Titfight beschrieben. Und für mich ist dies die beste Beschreibung, die ich jemals gelesen habe...

Ich wünschte mir sowas könnte man in einem Video mal realisieren... ...

Wer die gesamte Story lesen will, der kuckt hier:

Hier ist der Teil der mir so gut gefällt:

The women closed the distance and jammed their tits together, their thick, cylindrical nipples touched and almost sizzled with sexual power as they met and fused.

“Jesus, FUCK!!,” Teresa screamed, her head tossing back, her eyes opening wide as the raw power of Martha’s tits met her own.

“Fucking CHRIST!!,” Martha shrieked, her tits throbbing with the raw sexual energy pouring out of Teresa’s bountiful breasts.

Pleasure rolled in electrical waves through both combatants and, for a delirious moment, Teresa could swear that she felt the milk holes of her nipples opening, sucking and seizing to the matching holes on Martha’s nipples, trying to suck vital life out of the other woman. She concentrated her will into her tits as she had been taught, struggling to mobilize her womanly energy and use it to subjugate Martha’s body to her own. But Martha was doing the same thing, drawing on all her strength and will to control her pleasure and the sexual electricity burning in her body and turn it against Teresa.

Panting hard, shuddering with erotic power and lust, the women locked eyes, hate flowing between them like water, locked nipples, and began to push. Their nipples mated and speared each other, slowly pushing the opposing pair back into the other’s dense titflesh. Their nipples pushed into their areola, which now bulged forward and came together, sensitive ridged flesh grating, sexual electricity and pleasure rippling through the women’s battling tits.

Martha and Teresa gripped each other and pushed their tits together with all the power of their voluptuous bodies. Locked between their arms, their massive mammaries squashed tight, each beautiful woman trying to crush the other down. Their tits compressed but, as their nipples and areola disappeared into the ripe, struggling flesh, the matching jugs came to a quivering stalemate, dense flesh refusing to yield any further, neither woman able to crush the other back any more.

Raw pleasure was rippling in both women’s struggling, quivering tits and Teresa felt herself soaking her thong with vaginal secretions. She braced her bare feet to the hardwood floor and powered even harder into Martha’s tits, but Martha resisted, pushing back, then pushing out with the strength of her pectoral muscles. Teresa reciprocated. The teacher and the student glared furiously into each other’s eyes, both determined to see the other one fail, both enraged that their tits seemed so equal in strength and resilience as well as size.Their hot breath came in panting snarls of hate and rage. They gritted their teeth, their beautiful faces mirrors of fury, and struggled to conquer the other. For both women, their magnificent tits were the symbols of their feminine power and beauty, and neither could stand the idea of being matched by the other bitch.

Martha began pumping her pecs, thrusting her tits at her enemy’s matching mammaries, determined to break down the meaty resistance of Teresa’s fantastic tits. Teresa fought back with answering thrusts. Flashes of pure pleasure burned in Martha’s engorged boobs, and she relished the feeling of Teresa’s sexual energy struggling with her own, of their thick nipples twisted together and grinding hard, of their taut titflesh melting into one. Yes, she thought, this is what titfighting is all about – two women, meeting and destroying each other with the very essence of their sexuality! The heat between her legs was rolling through her entire body in waves, her underwear was soaked through, and the power in her raging breasts continued to build.

For long minutes, Martha and Teresa held each other in check, their magnificent tits shuddering in stalemate, their nipples fused and pulsing as one, waves of erotic pleasure flowing through their bodies. The women grunted and moaned, they gasped and cursed, but neither could crush the other back. They pressed close, forehead to forehead, hot, sweet breath mixing, and glared daggers into each other’s eyes.

“You’re tough, Martha, but I can feel your little titties turning to mush,” Teresa groaned at her foe.

“Not likely, you filthy little fuck,” Martha gasped in reply. “I can feel those little nubs of yours pushing inside out – it won’t be long before I squash your soft bags into your ribs.”

As if by mutual consent, the two women suddenly released each other’s biceps and, with a cry, wrapped their powerful arms around the other’s back. They squeezed tight, locking in a mutual bearhug. At the same time, they moved hard against each other, Teresa rubbing her tits up and down into Martha’s orbs, Martha rubbing side to side against Teresa’s boobs, each woman struggling to grind and rub the other into submission, trying to counter the force of the other woman’s attack. Arms around each other, squeezing tighter and tighter, forehead to forehead and nose to nose, gasping and panting and whispering obscenities at each other, the student and the teacher began to use all the power of their torsos to grind their breasts into each other, nipples locked and piercing each other, forming the central point around which they rotated their tits. Around and around they rolled their breasts, their meaty flesh merging and quivering with the strain, their massive tits starting to slide in the slick sweat of their furious combat, their rock-hard bellies slapping hard, then rolling and writhing and rubbing as the women’s sexual struggle carried on. Deep, narrow navels sucked and released as their abdomens slapped and slipped.

“Fuck, fuck you, break you bitch, break…” Teresa moaned in Martha’s ear.

“Dirty little tramp, filthy fuckbitch, I’ll smash your tits, I’ll …Unngh, Oh God!” Martha gasped, as another shock of pure erotic pleasure exploded deep in her tits.

The titfight raged on, the buxom beauties struggling and pulsing into each other, their massive, dense tits surging and vibrating with the power of their attacks. Their groans and cries of pain and pleasure grew ever more intense. Yet, slowly and inexorably, Martha forced Teresa back across the room, pushing just a bit harder, using the power of her bare legs to slowly force the brunette back. Their struggling bodies slowly approached the bedroom wall and it was obvious that Martha intended to back her enemy into the wall and pin her there. Locked in a mutual bearhug, squashing each other’s tits as tight as they could, rubbing and rolling and grinding at each other, the two battling beauties whispered curses and threats in the other’s ear, their faces pressed cheek to cheek, as they fought to master each other.

They moved slowly towards the wall, Martha certain, through the haze of intense pain and ecstatic pleasure, that she would soon have Teresa at her mercy. At the last moment, Teresa suddenly released her resisting pressure and allowed herself to be pushed back. The move caught Martha by surprise and she jerked forward. Teresa used the other woman’s sudden imbalance to shift her weight and spin their bodies. In an instant, Martha found her back slamming flat against the bedroom wall. Teresa rammed herself hard into Martha’s body, momentarily stunning the beautiful teacher. Teresa used that moment to free her hands from around Martha’s back, grab Martha’s arms and pull them from around Teresa’s body, then interlace their fingers. Locked hand to hand, she slammed Martha’s hands and arms up against the wall. Suddenly, the mighty teenager was in the superior position. Martha was completely unable to get any leverage as her back was forced, ramrod straight, up against the wall. Teresa pulled back, aiming her nipples at Martha’s swollen nubs, and drove her massive tits into Martha’s equally powerful boobs with all of her strength. The women screamed together, but it was immediately apparent that Teresa was now the aggressor and Martha was the victim of the vicious attack.

“No, no, you filthy little fuck…!!,” Martha groaned.

“Yeah, baby, yeah, you cxntsucking whore, I’ve got you now…,” Teresa snarled, her body on fire with lust and rage, her throbbing tits so engorged with power and arousal that they felt like cannonballs riding on her chest. They smashed remorselessly into the equally engorged, fleshy cannonballs on Martha’s chest. Martha screamed with rage and frustration, and pain. She thrust back with all the strength of her powerful pectoral muscles, and she felt her tits quivering with effort as they strained and pulsed against Teresa’s meaty rack. But the teen drew back, then powered forward again, leading with her tits and their spear-like nipples, using all the strength of her powerful legs and abdomen to drive her body against the teacher’s tits. Her bare feet strained onto the tips of her toes as she threw all of her energy into the attack.

Teresa and Martha shrieked in unison as their tits smashed tight, nipples mutually penetrating their dense titflesh and fusing into one, pulsing in an agony of pleasure and sexual power. Their sensitive areola exploded in delicious sensation with the friction as they worked their tits together. Their boobs trembled in an erotic stalemate as both women thrust at each other with all the power of their pecs. Teresa pulled back and then did it again, driving herself into Martha, ramming tits with the beautiful bitch who had dared to cross her, intent on slowly, inexorably grinding the blonde beauty down.

On and on the struggle raged, Martha and Teresa screaming and groaning with raw, wild pleasure as their tits squashed. They rubbed their massive mammaries around and around, wearing each other down, before Teresa pulled back to smash tits again. The battling women’s orbs were equally powerful, taut and dense, but Teresa’s superior position quickly began to gain her the advantage. Her shrieks remained cries of pleasure and lust as her nipples, driven by the power of her voluptuous young body, lunged and stabbed at Martha’s matching pair. But Martha’s moans rapidly became gasps of pain and anguish. She fought back as hard as she could, she rubbed racks with Teresa with wild abandon, the hot sweat of their raging bodies providing sensual lubrication to their battling, sliding tits. The massive mounds of flesh on the raging women’s chests thrust and slid and interlocked as they fought, grating and melting with a delicious wet friction. But Martha could feel her tits weakening, the dense flesh being slowly battered, her hard, powerful nipples gradually losing ground. Their breasts continued to slap, to beat together in a hard rhythm, the women’s cries of hate, pain and lust mingling into one erotic symphony, their breath coming in panting gasps as the titfight raged on.

It took some time but, suddenly, Martha shrieked with despair and Teresa cried out in triumph. With a final, powerful thrust, the brunette girl drove Martha’s aching nipples back into her swollen areola.

“Fuck, no, no….,” Martha moaned, tears of pain and humiliation flowing down her beautiful face. She could not believe that this was happening to her, she could not believe that her magnificent, powerful tits could be so completely subjugated by those of another woman. But it was especially painful that this remarkable feat had been accomplished by this shallow bitch-child, this fucking slut-tramp who Martha hated more viciously every moment.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…,” Teresa chanted, as she ground her tits deeper and harder into Martha’s overtaxed jugs. The brunette beauty smiled in ecstasy, in the knowledge of her victory, enjoying the luscious feeling of Martha’s dense tits giving way before her own. Martha’s breasts were still resisting. At the back of her mind, Teresa knew that Martha’s boobs still had a lot of strength left in them. But the first, decisive battle had been lost by her opponent, and it was only a matter of time before Teresa ground Martha’s beautiful tits into weak, depleted sacks. She intended to milk the teacher’s tits with her own.

“Stop,” Martha moaned, “Stop, you win…” The taste of defeat in her mouth was unbearably bitter.

“Say that I’ve got the better tits, Martha,” Teresa snarled viciously in the teacher’s ear. She smiled, her face a mask of smug vindictiveness. “Say that you’re just a little girl, with little girl tits.”

Martha said nothing for a moment, her pride rendering her momentarily mute. Teresa drove the tough spikes of her engorged nipples hard and deep into Martha’s defenseless tits. The blonde beauty screamed, sobbing with rage and pain, then finally gave in.

“You’ve got the better tits, Teresa,” she sobbed in humiliation. “I’ve got little girl tits, I’m just a little girl.”


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Re: titfight but not written by me plz give comments
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2012, 10:46:10 PM »
Awesome story
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Re: titfight but not written by me plz give comments
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2012, 11:43:35 PM »
Usually I prefer a fistfight with a few kicks and wrestling added, but I can see that this is somethiing hot, especially because I have to try putting myself into the sensations of a woman's anatomy as far as possible.   
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