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« on: March 02, 2015, 07:31:16 AM »
Gina's sobs like a baby as lisa presses her strong ripped right leg onto gina's right tit, she feels her erect nipple crushed under lisa's superior feet. gina's peep over to see her right tit flatenned by lisa's brute force,
gina pleads:"please, i give up, no more, please no more"
sarah:"wats up with u gina, should i stop?"

gina upon feeling a poke , wakes up and see herself lying naked in the massage table with sarah holding both her hands over her head as if she was infront of a whole military batallion. gina regains her brain to the situation, so it was sarah giving gina her normal body massage routine and at some point gina had slept away and the whole thing was a bad day dream.

gina:"ooohh...sarah, im sorry, did i frighten u?"
sarah:"yea honey, wat happened?"
gina:"oh, i was having a bad dream"
sarah:"again "
gina:"yea, the same thing, i am under lisa's legs and she is crushing me while iam sobbing and pleading to her"
sarah:"oh forget it darling, its been over a month and u have got not only got back to ur shape but have grown stronger , both mentally and physically."

gina looks at sarah ,she loves such talks when someone flatters her and boosts her , her confidence levels touches sky high and those moments are the ones which she loses her reasoning skills, infact she wud makes her heart to do her brains job. and sarah knows this, but as she had no intention to get anything from gina, her intent was to just make this poor humiliated girl , to go back to normal and from the sparkling in gina's syes sarah can see than it is working.
sarah:"i am sure, u tried hard against lisa, and u know wat, she too was in hospital for a couple of days, ur intial punches did make her body weak, only if u had continued a bit more, the result wud have been different"
gina:"really!!!! was she hospitalised?"
sarah:"yea, u were good in fight, and did bruise her, but its ok even if u have lost. it just gives u more experiance, the feel of defeat is a hard thing, i know"
gina had her eyes full and sarah places her hand on gina's oiled pussy and massages it slowly.
sarah:"but u shud realise dear, none has ever been undefeated, at some point everyone's gonna lose. but its no easy the other way round, at some point not everyone's gonna win, except strong and bitchy girls like u" as she was saying this sarah feels gina's pussy get wet and as sarah's just pats gina's pussy and tells:" its been a long time since u been laid, u cud try someone at the bar ur working"

gina after been completely looted of her money by the brutal cop lisa, was left only with her car and bike. sarah had to sell the house to find the whole one million to the cop and for the hospital bills and they were left with just below 1000$ in the bank. gina had to find a way to find money as she started working as a bartender at a nearby bar since last week.

gina upon hearing sarah's comments:"yea, ought to find a man today"
and then they hear a knock at the door.
gina:"sarah, please get the door"
sarah hurries of to see whos there and gina just pulls an apron over her pussy to hide it. as sarah opens she finds a man looked to be in his early forties , well built , dressed in tuxedos and had a golden rolex watch on one hand and a gold chain on the other. the man introduces himself as thomas.
thomas:"i have met gina at the bar, just came to see hows she's doing?"
sarah:"oh, gina was having a massage"
thomas:"oh, yea i know all about the stuff she had with lisa, and it has a deep scar in her heart"
sarah:"poor girl, she's been having bad dreams of the fight"
thomas:"very poor indeed, i found myself having a responsiblilty to help gina and i did wat i can"
sarah:"wat do u mean, sir?"
thomas:" i used my influences in politics and transferred lisa from here, i dont want gina to meet her again , she might not feel good facing her"
sarah:"oh, thanks a lot sir, i dont know how to thank u for this, but i am so happy sir for doing that"
thomas:"i shud atleast do this for my sweet girl, gina" and chuckles
thomas:"where is she?"
sarah:" she's here sir, come in"

thomas enters the room seeing gina topless with an apron covering her pussy. he takes a thirsty look at those big mamaries and unawarely bites his own lips.
thomas:"dont u remember me, i am thomas, we met at the bar"
gina:"yea, i remeber u thomas, how are u? , sarah, cud please get thomas something hot "
thomas:"i am into coffee"
sarah:"coffee it is " and sarah speds into the kitchen

as sarah walks out , thomas hold gina's right wrist in his right hand and pass a kiss. gina smiles and moves a bit sideways to get him seated on the bed. as thomas sits , he intentionally and skillfully takes of that apron from gina's pussy but it felt that the apron  fall off on its own. gina felt shy getting herself revealed completely before thomas, but thomas pass an admiring look and tells:"oh, u look like u were specially crafted by god, i have seen many beauties all this life,latinas, blondes, brunettes, asian, but none, yea really none i feel have a real chance against u, wow , ur a perfection"
gina smiles proudly. thomas:"out of curiosity, are these natural or did u have any breast implants?"
gina:"oh, they are natural,hehe" and smiles broadly
thomas:"i dont think so, they look so firm and well shaped, i cant tell whether they are real without touching them"
gina feels this a chance to show this man wat real fleshy beast she is nods and breathes in to make her tits more massive and spread out.
thomas upon getting gina's permission , viciously grabs both of her breasts and squeezez them real hard. gina moans slowly on receiving such a wid reception, but stayed calm and watches thomas's reaction. his face was no longer looking that of a gentleman, maybe more like a sex hungry maniac. he holding them locked in his hands shakes it softly and looks appreciatingly at gina. then kisses her nipple, and takes off his hands.

thomas:"i came here with a proposition for u, i know u are in need of money and i can help u in that"
gina:"how thomas?"
thomas:"anyway u are a fight queen, why do u fight without benefit, work for me, i will pay u"
gina:"work for u, wat work?"
thomas:"i do all kind of stuffs, underground catfights, drug deals, assasinations, everything. i can surely say from ur looks, that u are born to a fatale female.join me"
gina:"sorry thomas, i dont think i shud get into such risk and i am not at my confidence peak"
thomas:"yea, i know, i got her transferred from here"
gina:"who? lisa?"
thomas nods and he saw a relief in gina's eyes but gina changed that very fast and looked more rough and replied:"better for her, i wud have gone after her once i got back in shape"

just then sarah approaches with the coffee and passes to thomas. thomas drinks it and tells gina:"i am sre u wud do that, thats why i transferred her". thomas was a cunning brat, he knew wen to play the dice. gina looks reassuring at him.
thomas:"so gina, bye and take a nice thought about wat i told"

sarah closes the door and comes to gina's room and see gina immersed in thought. sarah:" wats it honey"
gina explains everything and sarah replies:" i wont stop u, bcoz i too believe u are far more than a showgirl , mma lady and actress , i too believe ur potential in streetfighting and doing spywork "
gina:"yea, i too know that, i enjoy those thrills, but gotta get back my confidence back"
sarah:"i am sure, u'll find it soon"

gina after 6 leaves the house wairing her cowgirl looking bartender uniform inside which she wears black bikini. she enters the bar and goes onto the tables and start cleaning them . this works been tough for gina as she was never used to it and she sweat ever now and then due to this. but there was no other way , she never wanted to send sarah to work , gina knew sarah was her only friend and did not want to lose her , and also loved her as she her own mother. thats how she decided to take this bartender job and its good as she earned on a daily basis, she cud make a living without much fuss.

today was no different with men folks filling up the bar and boozing off, gina was thinking wat sarah told, about a nightstand with a guy today and she was moving her eyes over every men over there and then she received an order for a beer. she made it to the man who ordered it who was a guy around 35, muscular built, looked like a mechanic with grease over his shirt. he was in anger and was cursing everyone out there, guess he had a bad day at work and as gina brought the glass over to him, he started ordering her to stand bend at right angle. she stood so, with her legs straight and her ass pointy,and bend at right angle with her breasts filling the already tight cowboy jacket. the man raised his fingers and instead of receiving the glass, he moved them into gina's cleavage and started feeling the tight buns forming the cleavage. gina was embarrased but her duty was not to engage , and her mind was lusty today, so she kept calm. the man drew a straight line path with his fingers thru the cleavage with some difficulty due to the firm fleshy boobs and held onto the knot made at the cowgirl jacket and pulled down , making gina move down and let a small slap to her ass. gina passes a giggle and let a look, allowing him. he started to hit again and every next hit was more stronger than the before one and gina started to feel pain and around the 10th slap, it was more of like a punch and gina moaned and caught hold of the man's hands.
gina:"stop  it mister"
man:"fuck u " and he shoves gina onto the ground. gina feels blood in her mouth and she was about to get up, but she feels her hair being pulled and  the man was pulling her up holding gina's hair. gina held both hands onto her hair and try to release his hands off her hair , then he has his eyes on gina's unprotected ,  exposed buns in that tight cowgirl jacket. he let in a full thrust punch into gina's cleavage , so hard that his hands made his way easily between gina's firm boobs and gina vinced in pain. the man was ecstatic as if he had hit the bulls eye, he did not stop there. took gina by her hair and threw her onto the wall. gina's upper torso and ass made a rough contact with the brick wall and her body shook violently upon doing so, . her boobs throbbed violently in her jacket and then men inside the bar all now hungrily watching those fleshy mamries bounce violently and all were pumped up.

gina falls to her knees and the man comes near her and drops onto his left knee and his right leg bend at right angle at the knee watching gina's head revolve around. he holds onto the jacket's left collar and gina had a moaning look on her face. he enjoys that and punches straight into gina's left tit retracting it into her ribs and keeps his hand on it as it enlarges back. gina :"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh"
the man:"stop crying bitch, lets see much fight is in u"
just then gina lands a punch on the man's face, he was about to lose control but grabs gina biceps and pull her on to his right kee , she was on her knees bend ove with her belly now on the man's thighs . he was annoyed by gina's punch, and in anger he hit her back with his elbow.
her belly squeezed between his knee and his elbow. the man pulls gina's left arm up exposing the side of her left tit, which in a second was subjected to a brutal punch and lands one more on her exposed side boob. gina was crying out loud, no one ready to help her, instead enjoying her perils.

the man leaves her hand and she hold her breast trying to massage it from the pain. he had gina bend over his knees and without wasting time, he breaks a dozen of punches into her shoulder, back and ass.he pulls up gina's head, reflecting a submitted figure, he felt his victory. then to the cheers he is receiving from the crowd he raised his arm in victory style and rest his hand on gina's spread torso.he pulls the cowgirl's jaclet collar up and saw the bikini string of gina near her neck. he unties it and throwss it to the crowd around him. and then he flips gina over and make her back rest on his knees with her voluptuous breasts facing upwards and her eyes closed. he moves his hand gently over her belly and pokes her navel then up onto her jacket, he slides his hands in and the crowds whistling and applauding him. his hands clearly stretches her fabric and he squeezes thru her left tit till he holds oto her nipple . he gently removes the left side jacket fabic and allow her left tit to hang out. the crowd sees her tit which was bruised a bit by his vicious hits , but glissening in the shady light inside the bar.

gina all this time had her eyes closed with she realising her assault again complate with her submission but she was not ready to give up. she don't have to worry anything now, stripped before the public and nothing was there to hide for her and she dont have be anymore kind to her opponents in a fight. she always been into such a thing in fight, she was against humiliationa and sexfighting and hurting others privates but now she is receiving all that and finally decided there is nothing like rules. its just about winning!!!!!!!!

gina opens up her eyes, to confront a crowd looking rather thirsty at her breast and she felt her left tit get wet and saw the man who beat her up was pouring his beer onto her tit . she saw he was unaware that she had woken , and realising that she jabs an uppercut to his face . the man falls on his back with the beer spilling over him. gina still had his left tit outside her jacket, but she did not put it inside , instead she just rubbed her tit and her hand was soaked with beer. gina wasted no time to jump on to the man and put his head between her strong thighs and started squeezing them. his hands were under her legs and was unable to break free. she landed a few face shots on him, he looked completely helpless. gina rose up and grabbed him and made him stand on his feet and with a powerful kick to his stomach , launches him a good 6 feet back into the tables breaking some glasses as he falls down. she just  had found her rhythm and now was in full flow and the crowd now cheering for gina and she was in complete domination beating the man on his face, his stomach, and kicking his legs and a strong uppercut to his nose which breaks it instantly and blood drips down his face.

gina loved the sight of having the man who completely dominated her, now showered in blood kneeling before her . gina pulls him up and rams his ribcage and the sound of ribs breaking and his cries fill the bar, she held his head in her shoulder and did a RKO which left completely out down on the mat with his face down.gina just pulled his head and whisperd:"u fought the wrong woman, cxnt" and leaves his head which rams on the floor. gina rises up and raises her both hands in the air and the crowd appplauding her and whistling and she places her leg on his ass and moves onto the bar's corner.

gina had forgot about her left breast lying outside and as she passed the crowd , they were looking admiring her exposed bruised but firm and strong tit . she got it to the corner then a cowgirl comes beside her and in appreciation shakes gina's hand and and kisses gina's lips and gina out of excitement let her do so and the girl bathed gina's thirsty mouth with her tougue and gently rubbed gina's exposed tit . then she slowly took her lips off gina's and held gina's left tit by her left hand and licked it from bottom to top thru the  nipple and gina let out a sex moan and the girl slowly places gina's tit into her jacket and pats it. gina smiles braodly and she takes gina to a man dressed in tuxedos, it was thomas , cheering happily at gina and shakes her hand .

gina:"hi thomas, sorry i did not see u, was kept busy" chuckles
thomas chuckles and replies:"I know gina,i was actually enjoying the fight.u did great dear. this is kendy, she is my friend and co-worker"
gina:"nice to meet u kendy"
kendy:"nice to meet u too gina"
thomas:" wat do u say now. wat i witnessed today was a carnage, a woman beating the hell out of a man, that too taller and heavier than u, wow gina i shud say in my life i have never seen anything like this, this is why i am still asking u, join me"
gina:"yea, i too had been thinking about it lately and i am ready thomas, all i needed was a win , now i have it, i am ready to work with u"
thomas:"wow!!! thats wonderful, lets celebrate for today and i have told sarah myself that gina wud be coming late today, maybe by tomorrow" and passed a wink.
gina let out a wink as well  and she observed kendy and thomas. as for kendy she was of age 25, a brunette, 36C-26-36 with 5 5" and 120lbs . and thomas was 43, 6 2" height and close to 190lbs. gina herself had gained a bit weight after her one month break and was now 160lbs and 5 8". they drink their beers and gina started her doubts about her work .

gina:"wat kind of works shud i do?"
thomas:"u wud be made to work as a drug carrier, maybe we cud arrage fights for like u will be my gladiator, hehe and also kendy here, she is also a good fighter"
kendy smiles proudly at gina. gina nods and smiles.
thomas:"and probably some important matters include fighting our opposite gangs, and maybe finishing them as well, do u understand its seriousness?"
gina:"yea, i am ready, i always fantasised about me being a mafia girl and now guess wat, i have started my career ,haha"
thomas:"yea baby" and they pass cheers and drinks their beer. thomas looks at gina's tight cowgirl dress and he cud see bruise on her left tit.
thomas:"oh, u are bruised , dear"
gina:"yea, that motherfucker had his time beating my tit to pulp, i guess its ok"
kendy just presses gina's boob and gina swirls in pain. kendy:"guess u are not ok, thomas , lets take her to our place"

kendy and thomas takes gina and droves her into thomas's guesthouse and they had all the arrangements made, more like expecting gina. the massage table was set with oil and towels. kendy helped gina and laid her onto the bed while thomas went to take a shower, kendy slowly took of her shorts and removed her panty and then she removed her jacket.
kendy:"u dont wear a bra?"
gina:"i had one, that fucker tore it away"
kendy laughes and gina too laughed and she lie naked on the table.
kendy:"have u ever had been massaged by boobs?"
gina:"no, i never had, sarah massages me, but with her hands"
kendy:"then i will show u how"
gina bites her lips and closes her eyes. kendy takes off her cowgirl attire and pours oil on her body and rubs it and she gets on top of the bed and keep her hands on the sides of the bed and presses her body against gina's. gina gasps feeling the weight of kendy over her and kendy slides her boobs smaller compared to the massive boobs of gina and there nipples touches each other. kendy pushes her body up and removes her contact with gina's body , then she drops herself onto gina from that height. gina :"aaaaaawwwwwww" as kendy lands strong on gina's boobs flatenning them in theprocess and her tits already bruised feels the elongation a bit more painful. gina gasps heavily .
kendy:"oh sorry, i thought u were strong enough to take that.
gina upon getting her strength commented by kendy, felt she has to show this girl she is sstrong. gins:"dont worry dear, do it , i can take it"
kendy jumps on gina several times in this process squeezing her boobs into her ribs and releasing them backward but now gina felt her pain had vanished. kendy's massage treatment was making her stronger and better and kendy pressed gina's clits and gina shakes her in shock and excitement. but kendy does not leave her positon , she slices gina's clits and rubs her pussy and she feels gina getting wet and swirling in the bed.

kendy:"thomas, she's ready"
thomas:"yea baby" and he appears nude and gina looks in disbelief. thomas was having a 7 inch dick and he was approaching her like a bull . gina stands up and thomas take gina in his hands and violently supports her against the wall and inserts his cock into her.gina :"ooooooooooooooooo"
moans in ecstacy and her sexual desires getting satisfied after, like a year. thomas pounds gina for 5 minutes in that position, all this time gina's back was rubbing against the wall , up and down. her boobs were bouncing and , kendy came and started sucking her left tit, and licking her bruises.
thomas shouts and thrust deeper and was stunned to see his cock completely inside gina and cums inside her, and gina was moaning all the time like a bitch and she  was thrown into the bed by thomas and there she falls on her boobs squeezing them in the process of falling and exposes her ass to thomas. thomas was tired and kendy walks in with a dildo.

kendy was a strong girl, she pulls both strong hands of gina backwards and holds them in her right hand and she inserts the dildo into gina's asshole. she thrusts harder into gina . gina:"aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww" moaning louder and kendy enjoying it , she makes it harder again and faster this time and does so about 5 minutes and beating gina's ass cheeks to red ,finally leading gina to cum and she lay completely exhausted and sweating all over. kendy releases gina's hand and gina falls on to he bed and kendy fall on her back and her pussy touching gina's red hot ass cheeks from ass pounding and kendy whispers:"gina baby, enjoyed?"
gina:"yea kendy, its my first time , but it was great"
kendy licks gina's neck and gently bites her ears.
 gina moans slowly and kendy lay over gina both nude all the night with thomas too having his desire satisfied by fucking the queen of catfight, GINA!!!!!

to see gina carano in the cow girl attire check the attachment below...........
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attachment with gina in cowgirl attire


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lisa would soon be back again to kick gina's ass......
tiffany, the opposite gang leader has made arrangements to bring back the bitchy lisa again to their town


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