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A special story for barbosa: Gina and Kim in an all out catfight.

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The fight comes to a brutl and humiliating conclusion with a definite winner
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     Kim is a superb fighter. She has pulled many a victory out of the jaws of defeat. She was expending every last bit of strength and effort she had in this last ditch effort to smother Gina. She knew it was a do or die situation. If Gina somehow managed to escape Kim wouldn’t be able to continue. She would have shot her wad so to speak and have noting left to continue fighting.
     Gina was also fighting with everything she had. But it was not with her last bit of strength and energy. She was in a lot better shape than Kim. She had been battered and hurt a little but nothing to the punishment she had administered to Kim. And even if the fight had been even so far she knew she had more stamina than the out of shape Kim. She had fallen to a dirty ruse by Kim. But she refused to admit she had been outsmarted by Kim. There was absolutely no way that, after having brutalized and dominated Kim for so long, she would fall victim to Kim once again.
    Kim pressed down hard and hung on. She put pressure on Gina’s head and arm while smothering her. Her natural breast was soft and flatten out completely covering Gina’s mouth and nose. All she had to do was not let go and sooner or later Gina would succumb.
    Gina was trying every way she knew how to escape. She threw her legs back in forth, trying to roll her and Kim over. She bridged trying to roll Kim up over her head. All this did was press Kim’s boob harder against her face and, worse yet, press Kim’s side against her throat. The fucking whore was too heavy to get off her. Struggling also increased the pain from her elbow bent backward over Kim’s thigh. The one good thing the struggling did was allow Gina to gasp precious breaths of air. Kim’s soft breasts would lift or leave a little air pocket for Gina to gulp some air down. Could she hang on long enough so that Kim would weaken and no longer keep her headlock/breastsmother? The answer was probably not. Gina was also weakened due to the lack of oxygen. “”The fucking cxnt just doesn’t know when to quit. How dare she come back after the thrashing I have given her? Well, I’ll die before I let her win!”
     Kim was exerting a lot of effort but the impending victory was lifting her spirits. If anything she was gaining strength if that was possible. Gina was tiring. Gina’s thrashing became less and less. She had not escaped when she was freshest and now chances of doing so were rapidly diminishing. Kim leaned in as hard as she could to smother Gina and not let her get air. Gina opened her mouth to gasp for air. Kim’s soft tit flesh was pressed into Gina’s mouth. Whether it was accidental or intentional Gina knew exactly what to do. Kim shrieked a blood curdling cry as Gina chomped down hard on her tit. Kim desperately tried to lift herself away but Gina’s teeth were firmly embedded in her breast.
      Kim rolled off over Gina’s head causing her tit to rip out of Gina’s mouth with a dreadful tearing sound. Some blood oozed out but it wasn’t clear if Gina had actually bitten a chunk out or not. Kim didn’t have time to check. Gina yelled at Kim “If you don’t want your fucking, ugly, smelly tit bitten than keep it out of my mouth.” Kim tried to keep rolling to get away from Gina but Gina was on her like the wild gypsy she was. She grabbed Kim while Kim was on her stomach and pulled herself up onto Kim’s back. She moved quickly into a full body press on Kim.
     Kim was devastated. Her last ditch effort had failed. She had spent all her energy and now her breast was throbbing with the worse pain, made even more painful as Gina’s weight pressed it into the rough carpet and Gina wiggled back and forth on top of her. The pain from her breast and the despair over her situation made all the pain return. Her left arm was almost useable again. Her back was in excruciating pain from all the punishment it had taken. Her pussy was sore from Gina’s attack. And her head…..the pain was almost unbearable and would have been except for the numbing caused by the concussion.
     Kim tried to fight back. Her spirit willed but the body did not respond. Gina easily overpowered her. Gina was now physically stronger than Kim. Her body had not suffered the ravages that Kim’s had and she certainly had a lot more energy and stamina. She began toying with Kim. More for the camera and the movie she was filming while still enjoying her total domination of Kim. Besides her powerful left hook, Kim’s best asset in her fights were her legs: big, powerful legs made stronger from all her horseback riding. The studio warned her about letting them get too muscular but Kim just told them to screw off. Gina wanted to show the world that her legs were just as strong as Kim’s (and certainly sexier she told herself). She sat up on Kim’s back and twisted Kim’s legs into a reverse figure-four leglock. Then leaned back and grabbed Kim’s chin to yank her head back. She dug her nails into Kim’s face as she did this.

     Having had her satisfaction with this Gina released her leg lock and chinlock. She got up and walked around to Kim’s feet. She crossed her ankles and rolled over onto her back. She laid down on Kim in a full body press. She grabbed each of Kim’s wrists and easily spread her arms out  She entwined her legs out and around Kim’s and hooked Kim’s ankles with her toes. She spread Kim’s legs out wide in a perfect spreadeagled grapevine pin. She made Kim stare into her eyes as she sneered at her, making Kim fully aware of her total domination of Kim.
     Then Gina got up and walked to the base of Kim’s feet. She sat down in front of them. She once again wrapped Kim’s legs up in a figure-four. This was something she always wanted to do but never could in a fight as your opponent had to be too incapacitied. She was especially thrilled to do it to Kim who was so proud of her strong legs.

Gina didn’t let up until Kim was screaming that she was breaking her legs. Indeed Gina was close to dislocating some joints. Gina made Kim beg and beg. “Say it, say it! Say ‘I’m a worthless pile of shit/’ ‘You are the better woman!’ “You have the sexier, stronger legs!’ Go ahead say it!!!” Kim’s spirit was defeated. She sobbed out Gina’s request. “No, loud enough, Kimmie, shout it out so everyone can hear!!!” Humiliated Kim complied as loud as she could which wasn’t all that loud given her condition. Forcing Kim to humiliate herself this way was satisfying but Gina still did not release her legs right away. The feeling of power she had from dominating Kim was sexually arousing. She was even more aroused as her legs crushed Kim’s powerful legs. She could feel her nipples growing and hardening. She unhooked her bra and dropped it to the side. She messaged her tits and ever growing nipples while squeezing and punishing Kim’s legs even more. Gina unwound her legs from Kim’s and let Kim’s legs collapsed to the side..
     Gina straightened Kim’s legs and pulled them out so Kim was lying stretched out on her back. She stepped out of her panties then walked up, one leg on either side of Kim. She bent down and rubbed her panties in Kim’s face. Then  sat down hard  straddling Kim’s stomach. Kim threw the panties off her face, reached up trying to grab Gina’s exposed breasts. But Gina grabbed her by the wrists and easily forced her arms to the floor. She pinned them above Kim’s head, slightly bent. Then leaned down and placed her elbows on Km’s arm to pin them securely. She bent over getting right in Kim’s face as Kim peered up with woeful pleading yet frightful eyes. “You are going to do as I say or you’ll regret it” she said starting directly into Kim’s eyes. It was the domination of Kim and her power over her that was fueling Gina’s sexual excitement. She bent Kim’s wrists closer to the top of her head so that her elbows were out to the side. The surged up and landed hard on Kim’s upper arms with her knees. The fleshy arms squished under Gina’s weight. Gina had Kim in a classic female display of dominance with this schoolgirl pin. She rocked her knees on Km’s biceps. Now Kim’s arms may have been covered with baby fat, even when she was slender, but she also had firm muscles. Gina’s rocking caused a painful grinding of her muscles. Had Kim been weak and flabby this would not have hurt nearly as much.
     Gina was getting more and more aroused with this display of power and with Km’s helplessness. She moved further back and sat on Kim’s chest which elicited a groan of pain as Gina sat on her battered boobs and bitten tit. She leaned down pinning Kim’s wrist harder to the floor and dangled her aroused nipples over Kim’s face. “You are going to feel and taste a real woman’s tits compared to those
AIS. globs you call tits.” Gina may have been sexually aroused but Kim was anything but aroused. Her despair, humiliation and pain prevented any sexual feelings she might have had from developing.  When Gina leaned down to rub her tits on Kim’s face Kim defiantly turned her head to the side. Gina grabbed Kim’s head and turned it to face her only to have Kim turn her head again when Gina let go. Gina slapped her face and again ordered her “Obey me if you know what is good for you.” But the stubborn Kim kept her cheek against the carpet.
     Gina was furious. She pulled Kim’s left arm up by the wrist to her mouth. She bit Kim’s fingers. Then she wrapped her fingers around the long, delicate much battered fingers. She crushed them and bent them backwards. “Do as I say or I will break your fucking wrist.” She gave a hard push to emphasis she meant business. Kim had no choice but to reluctantly obey. She turned her head face up. Gina lowered her tits and erect nipples onto Kim’s face and began to rub them on her face. “Let me feel some tongue action” Gina ordered. Kim did nothing. Gina lifted Kim’s left arm just a bit. The reminder was enough that Kim resigned herself to doing Gina’s bidding. She started to lick Gina’s tits. “Now suckle them. And don’t you dare bite my nipples or I will kill you here and now!” Kim knew Gina meant it and, worse yet, knew she could do it. She began to suck on Gina’s nipples, now fully erect and hard. Gina was getting more and more excited. She reached down with her right hand (Kim’s left was almost useless) and began messaging herself between her legs. She was getting moist as she masturbated herself and Kim sucked on her nipples. Soon her juices were flowing freely.
     Gina moved back into a schoolgirl pin on Kim only this time moving all the way up as far as she could. Kim’s head was between Gina’s thighs. Gina had a thick black bush which started to tickle Kim’s mouth and nose. Gina placed her hands behind Kim’s head and pulled her mouth hard against her crotch. “Come on, Kimmie, let me feel that tongue Sammy told me about.” Kim had no choice but to comply. She inserted her tongue through the bush into Gina’s pussy. Gina started grinding her crotch faster and faster as Kim messaged with her mouth and tongue. She grabbed ahold of Kim’s hair, pulling her head in hard and moving it about as she rubbed her pussy faster and hardcer. Finally Gina exploded in an orgasm, her cum flowing all over Kim’s face. She kept grinding until she came a second time. Then sat back satisfied. She had forced Kim to be her sex slave and pleasured her. She would never let Kim forgot it. The ultimate female domination and humiliation over another female. Now if Kim ever said to her “Fuck you” she was smile sweetly and yes  “Yes, you have and you will do it again! Not the best fuck I ever had but then you’re a bit of a cold fish anyway.” And even if they met and didn’t exchange words Gina would just smile sweetly at Kim, lick her lips, and thrust out her pelvis with a small gyrating motion. Kim knew exactly what she meant. It was something Gina could hold over Kim the rest of their lives.

    Having been sexually satisfied Gina now turned her attention to her real target of hatred. Kim’s real beauty an sexual appeal was in her face. Stunningly gorgeous and with a bit of intrigue and mystic. A beautiful yet sultry look that oozed sex and glamour. That face was being displayed on all the magazines and pushing Gina’s face off into oblivion. Even the Italian magazines were featuring Kim over Gina. And the few that didn’t show Kim put Sophia, or that other upstart Claudia, on their covers. She hated that face with a passion. Gina stayed back on Kim’s ribs just below her boobs so she could attack Kim’s face fully. Forget the face sitting and grinding her cxnt in Kim’s face. She could do that later. First things first.
     Gina raked her fingers down Kim’s cheek leaving four deep gashes on each cheek. Then she began slapping Kim’s face. Back and forth. First one hand and then the other. Forehanded and backhanded which did much more damage. She was in a rage and just kept swinging away. She battered Kim’s face, turning her head back and forth with each blow. She kept it up until Kim finally passed out and still continued punishing Kim’s face. Kim’s face became flushed, then crimson, then bruised. Her nose was bloodied and her lips slit open. Punches to the eyes turned them black and blue. At last Gina’s fury wound down. She was arm weary from all the slapping and punching. She got up and looked down at Kim, satisfied with her handiwork.
     One more thing left to do. Gina sat back don on Kim’s belly facing her pussy. She wrapped little curls of cxnt hair around a finger and ripped it out. She did this kept ripping almost a single hair at a time until Kim was completely denuded of pubic hair. One last bit of humiliation. Pulling out Kim’s pubs and starting at her bare vagina stirred the hot blooded Italian once again. She lay down on Kim in a 69 position. She licked and massaged Kim’s cxnt while she shook her pelvis all around, rubbing her own pussy on Km’s face. A good thing for Kim she was unconscious as her battered face wouldn’t withstand the grinding. Gina came once again all over Kim’s face. “Hope you like the taste when you wake up” Gina laughed cruelly.
      Then Gina got up and did several victory poses for the camera. She squashed Kim’s face with one foot while flexing her biceps. She really put her weight on Kim’s breasts in another pose. Worked her way down to Kim’s gut. “Look how flabby and soft it is” she laughed into the camera while moving her foot to make Kim’s belly and abs giggle. Finally she dug her toes into Kim’s vagina and did her bicep pose.
     Having totally dominated and humiliated Kim, Gina looked down at her and said “Time to toss you out with the trash.” She grabbed Km’s hair and started pulling her along the floor. It was no easy task but Gina dragged her across the room, across the foyer, and out the door. She placed Kim parallel to the steps. A hard kick o the sides sent Kim rolling down the six steps completely unconscious. Gina had another idea. She went back into the villa and got Kim’s purse. She rummaged around for Kim’s lipstick.  She wore in big red letters on Kim’s belly “GINA WAS HERE!” then drew arrows up to the bite mark on Kim’s breast and down to her denuded pussy.
     Gina searched through the purse and found Kim’s car keys. She shoved them as far up Kim’s vagina as she could. “You ought to feel where these are when you wake up. Hope you can reach them. Would love to see how you explain being nude and beat up when you get back to your hotel. Can’t wait to read the newspapers and trade publications in the morning.”  Gina went back in. The next day she would began processing the video she had taken. Making clips, a full movie, and pictures of film captures.
     Kim lay there until the early morning hours. Even Mother Nature was adding to her misfortunes. It began to rain hard. Kim’s hair had been a mess after Gina was through with it. Not it was a soggy, dirty mess. Kim looked a fright. There were scratches, bruises, and bite marks all over her body. Gina had given a few more bites here and there when Kim was lying unconscious. We know what Gina had done to her face. There was no way she could cover it up with makeup for quite some time.

Wrap up to follow. How does the nude, badly beaten Kim make it back to her hotel? What is the aftermath of this fight among the “secret entertainer fighting community”?…..


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     You may wonder how the nude and battered Kim managed to get back to the hotel without total embarrassment and humiliation. Also how she explained the damage to her face which she could not cover up with make up. Here is what happened. . Kim went from an unconscious state to having a nightmare. She was dreaming that Gina was chasing her with a kitchen knife. Try as she may she just couldn’t run fast enough. Gina kept catching up and slicing her with the knife. Finally Gina caught up and threw Kim down by the hair. Kim tried to fight back but Gina easily overpowered her and began battering her all over. Every move Kim made, Gina was a step faster. She even lost an armwrestling contest to Gina as her brain flitted back and forth  with different scenes. Gina was simply a faster, stronger, better fighter than she was. She made her look silly while toying with her.
     The rain finally subsided and the sun peeked through the crowds. The warm and bright sunshine woke Kim up, something she probably wished it hadn’t. Every square centimeter of her body was sore. Some more than others but all throbbing with pain. Her mind was still confused and suffering the effects of the concussion. Had that been just a nightmare after all? As she got more awake a new pain was felt within her vagina. It felt like some one had shoved a dildo or cock forcibly up there. Had she been rapped and battered before she even got to Gina’s? Then her memory began to return. The soreness and pain increased with each memory. She didn’t recall it but Gina must have put her left arm in a vice and tightened the screws. She must have clobbered her back with a stick or a hammer or other instrument.
     But here was still something stuffed up her cxnt. It had sharp edges that were digging in as she moved. What was it? She stuck her fingers in but could only touch something. She spread her legs as wide as she could and worked her hand in up to the wrist, grabbed what it was and extracted it. IT WAS HER CARKEYS! Well, that was a stroke of luck! Now she could get into her trunk. She also kept a change of clothing or two in her trunk to be prepared to dress for different situations. She was a sex goddess after all and always had to look her best. She took out the pants, cowboy boots and blouse she wore when riding. The blouse didn’t cover her arms completely but would have to do. She rubbed the back of her sore head, feeling a bump the size of a golf ball. Gina got dressed and then went to check on Kim. Maybe a few more kicks and arm twisting were in order. She stood there in disgust with her arms crossed as she saw Kim fully dressed.

THIS WOULD JUST NOT DO!!!!! She wanted Kim nude when she returned to her hotel. She charged at Kim ready to knock her down and rip her clothes of. The aching Kim saw Gina coming at her. She grabbed a large floppy hat that would help cover her face. Threw it in the car and jumped in as quickly as her battered body would allow. She wanted no part of Gina at this time. Gina got to the car just as Kim closed and locked the door. She banded on the window as Kim started the car and sped out as fast as she could with Gina yelling. “COME BACK HER YOU FUCKING CHICKENSHIT, YOU FILTHY cxnt COWARD! I’M NOT THROUGH WITH YOU, BONDIE!!!!” The rest was in Italian and better left untranslated.
     Kim parked her car herself. Put on her hat and took the service elevator up. She wanted to take the back stairs but her muscles said NO! NO! NO! The next day she told everyone she had been in an accident when she slid off the roar in the rain. This was believable because she had crashed her car in the driving rain in Malibu. Kim tended to drive a bit too fast and didn’t slow up much in the rain. This wouldn’t be her last accident either.
     Kim’s story lasted until Gina was able to get the films possessed and edited. She had multiple cameras so it took a few months. . There were some doubts cast at Kim’s story due to the four long, deep scratches down each cheek. When finished Gina mailed lots of photos out to just about everyone woman in the secret entertainer fighting society. She sent clips to many but much less than the pictures. She sent full length movies to a select few. Kim was one of those as a souvenir and reminder of the thrashing she had taken at Gina’s hands. The pictures and clips spread like wild fire throughout the industry much to Kim’s dismay and Gina’s delight. Can you imagine what would have happened to today with the internet and digital images and videos. These clips would have been all over Youtube, Google videos, etc. And I am sure Gina would have put some choice clips and videos on her own website. As it was news of the fight and clips/pictures remained among the insiders. Maybe some day poor photos and clips will leak out besides the ones provided by an unmanned source that appear in this story
     Gina’s catfighting stock soared and Kim’s plummeted. Kim would be involved in several fights afterwards. Women who had been intimidated by Kim and afraid of her were now willing to challenge her with some confidence. The great mystic of Kim was destroyed and she no longer appeared so invincible. Even her friend Zsa Zsa Gabor threw a few slaps at her when she had too much to drink at a party, daring Kim to fight her. Kim still won most of these fights but lost some as the many fights took their toll on her body and psych. If Kim won a fight against any woman her size or smaller little news was made of it. After all that was what was expected. But if she lost to such an opponent word was spread quickly. Opponents became more confident and bolder. They became very aggressive being no longer afraid to attack.
      Gina had gained respect. There was more than one woman who avoided her or found a way to dodge a fight with her. She started winning more fights as some women were intimated by the story. This lead to her stock soaring and higher and even more victories.. She was now anxious to go after Sophia and Claudia. Was that a mistake?
     Sophia Loren licked her lips when she was the images. Even though she hated Gina, she hated Kim more after her
last fight with Kim.
After watching the entire movie Sophia also summed up the catfight the best. “A strong and in shape Kim stands a chance against a wild but not-so-strong Gina although I would still put my money on Gina. A strong Kim and even in shape Kim has absolutely no chance against a strong and vicious Gina. This video proves that.“
     As for Kim, she vowed to herself to someday get her revenge on Gina. Stay tuned……



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Re: A special story for barbosa: Gina and Kim in an all out catfight.
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MAGNIFICENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glamour Fights thanks for the present. It’s amazing story for my dreaming catfight. Marvelous (as ever) photos, especially Kim’s one and the wrestling photos.  Top story, from the choice of the dress to the end. And I think is a gift for all the friends of forum, because as you can see, there are so many fans of 50s Divas. It was the best period of fem-fatal , with top catfights (few but so sexy) and the meaning of catfight(hair pulling, slapping, dresses ripped etc). And what’s a pity, we haven’t a fight of our lovely goddess Kim(except the parody with the female king-kong in Notorious Landlady). Unfortunately the directors and the screenwriters let us with the desire and the only thing we can hope, is the tomorrow technology with virtual representations(who knows maybe one day….).
  Keep walking my friend, your job is really AMAZING!!!! I wish I could help you, because (IMO) your tournaments is the best point of forum and I can understand how difficult is the work with  photos…