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Cavalier "FIght Time" letter, Mom fights ex-daughter in-law

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Cavalier "FIght Time" letter, Mom fights ex-daughter in-law
« on: December 14, 2009, 05:26:41 PM »
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Mom fights ex-daughter in-law

Dear Cavalier;
Hi my name is Catherine, I’m a 42 year old happily married woman. I had a run in with my ex-daughter in-law I’d like to tell you about. It all started when I came home from the grocery store and health spa. However, before I tell you about the fight, let me tell you a little bit about Tina, my son’s ex wife.
Tina is a well-built blonde with big tits, about the size of cantaloupes, she says they are real but I have my doubts. Tina’s ego is a little larger than her chest. I must admit she is one hot number. She turns every man’s head. Men cannot resist her and constantly hit on her. I don’t believe Tina knows what the word no means. My son found her in bed with other men numerous times before he got it through his thick head that she was not right for him. After the divorce, I thought I had gotten rid of her, well one day I came home and there she was.
Yeah, there she was in my bed with my idiot husband. Well, she wasn’t actually in bed; she was at the foot of the bed facing my husband, who had his hands and feet tied to the posts. Tina was facing him while palming her jugs and shaking her ass. His cock was swaying in the air like a corn stalk against the breeze. I watched her little show before I put a stop her teasing routine. With her ass facing me while she was slightly bent over letting my husband see the fullness of her tits, I walked up behind her and gave Tina a swift kick in the ass.
The blow sent the bimbo crashing onto the bed; she fell full force on my husbands hard on. He screamed through his gag as his dick suddenly went limp. The slut let out an obscenity and turned to face me. Tina’s jaw dropped when she recognized me.
“Not finished with the Jones men.” I remarked as she tried to get off the bed.
Before Tina could rise to her feet, I gave her a push back down on top of my husband by the tits. I jumped on top of her and began bitch slapping the bitch. Tina’s head rested on my husband’s dick as I slapped her head around. I really let Tina have it, all the fury I had built up over what she had done to my son and now me poured out in my assault. God, it felt good to beat her ass, I mean face.
When I had her crying, I grabbed Tina by the hair, drug her to her feet, and over to my dresser. I thought I had beaten all the resistance out of the tall slut; she’s 5’10. Tina wasn’t done yet, while I fished in one of the drawers for a hairbrush, she grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the floor. I landed on my hands and knees, and then Tina dropped down on top of my back. I could hear Tina laugh as she straddled me, facing my head and mounted me like a pony. I had to endure a spanking as she told me how worthless I was. My ass was on fire, by the time she was done spanking me. I cried as she got off me and brought me to a kneeling position.
“Your wife ever ate pussy?” Tina asked my husband.
Of course, he couldn’t answer with a gag in his mouth but he did make some pretty annoying noises. As Tina had some fun at my expense, I recovered from the spanking. While she stood in front of me and licked her lips seductively for my husband, I balled my fist and punched the tramp in the pussy. God, what a great feeling that was to sink my fist into her most prized possession, it was almost as good as watching her reaction to my punch. Tina’s eyes bulged out of her head and her jaw dropped as she doubled over from my blow. I popped her dangling tits as her hands dropped to her injured pussy. I smiled as I watched those fat jugs wobble back and forth; I liked it so much I punched them a few more times.
I knew I had the 20-year-old bitch right where I wanted her and knew I had to put her away quickly. I stood up, grabbed her kinky blonde hair, and walked her back over to the dresser. I banged the bitch’s head against the dresser about eight times before I felt her go limp. I let her drop like a pile of dirty laundry to the floor. Beating that cheap sluts ass really got me hot as I looked over her body. Then an idea came to me.
I took some of my husband’s ties and bound Tina’s wrists to the bed, her legs to the dresser and stuffed her mouth with her panties. After I had Tina secured, I took a seat on her stomach facing her head and teased her long pink nipples. It wasn’t long before she woke up and began making sounds like my husband. I laughed and gave her hard nipples a nasty pinch. I reached back and played with her golden muff. I then stuck a finger in her pussy and the bitch was wet and warm as a Louisiana swamp in august. I was pretty hot by now myself and decided that if she could please the men in my life, she may as well please me.
I got up, stripped off my clothes, and sat back down on the bimbo. This time I took a seat on her face, after removing her panties. I ordered her to eat me. Tina refused my command but with a few twists on her sensitive nipples, she began lapping my cxnt. It was obvious that the slut had eaten pussy before, because she had my cxnt purring like a kitten in no time. I had one of the best orgasms of my life; the tramp really knew what she was doing. I decided to let her have a little fun too.
After I came, I got up and retrieved a double-headed dildo I keep for those occasions when my husband is away on business trips. I stuck one end up Tina’s pussy and placed the other end in my snatch. Tina went off like a firecracker I had trouble riding that hot bitch. As she bucked her hips, she fucked me with the sex toy. I was in total ecstasy as I rode her until she had a screaming orgasm. It took a while for me to recover and was able to get off the beaten slut. I left the dildo in her as I went to put on a robe. When I got back, Tina was still out of it, as she lay there with her eyes barely open. I released her arms and legs from their bindings, took the dildo out of her pussy, then took her by the hair, and led her to the front door. She weakly staggered along pleading with me not to throw her out of the house naked.
“Please, my car is parked down the street. Don’t throw me out like this.” Tina begged.
I laughed and kicked her in the ass sending her tumbling off the front porch and into the lawn. I threw her purse at her and told her never to come back. I had a good laugh as she gathered her bag and ran off to her car. Some of my neighbors got a good laugh as they watched the bimbo’s ass and tits jiggling as she ran off. After she was gone I went back inside to take care of my dimwit husband, the new Caddy handles just fine, thank you very much.

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