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Karlie Kloss versus Nadia Bjorlin (Boxing) (FCBA Story)

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Karlie Kloss versus Nadia Bjorlin (Boxing) (FCBA Story)
« on: November 26, 2016, 06:05:09 PM »
I haven't been putting up matches from the PPVs lately, but we just had our latest and greatest FCBA PPV on our new board and you can check out the PPV - which is called "Awesome Autumn" right here - and check out the league at large at     If you have any interest in joining or any questions about the league, feel free to contact us - but we're also happy with fans if they want to read, comment or just enjoy the matches that we put up each and every month!    Thanks a ton for your support! 

This is a welterweight bout written by one of our many talented writers.   The welterweight division has not always been one of our strongest, but a lot of fighters have come in to join and a lot of work has been put into making it one of the best divisions in the league right now.     We have a new champion in Kate Upton and with matches like these, plenty of new challengers coming her way!!    Hope you enjoy...

NADIA BJORLIN (36 y/o, 5 ft 8, W: 27, L: 25) VS KARLIE KLOSS (24 y/o, 6 ft 1, W: 4, L: 0)
(Words: Bonzo / Results: Lookout!)

Before: Bjorlin feels a clock ticking – 36-year-old brunette’s not been in action since 2015, had her last title fight in 2009 and won the last of her three titles in 2008, so she’s also fighting ugly retirement rumours tonight. Kloss part of the “new blood” movement at the weight, and perhaps that movement’s biggest promise: supermodel-pretty and a physical phenom, she’s still undefeated, won the recent rookie tournament and has already beaten top competitor and former champ, Sarah Lancaster. “I always love to pop bubbles, you know,” Nadia says, “She’s circus-freak tall, but she’s absolutely still in range to get folded up by my right hand, and then it’s lights-out, and a not-so-pretty-any-more blonde will be helpless, on her butt.” Kloss pretends respect for Bjorlin’s credentials, then twists her response: “Nadia’s explosive, sure, but she’s not patient, structured, intelligent enough – she fights just like the low-tier daily soap actress she actually is.”


R1, 2: Off the bell, Bjorlin introduces leggy Karlie to some heavy whirlwind action – experienced, hungry, brazen Nadia detonates whipping-wide jabs in Kloss’ ribcage/hips/arms, backing the much taller vixen up at ropeside positions in dominating fashion via ever-sloshing right hands to guard/skull, guard/skull. Kloss not managing the onslaught well – she’s busy, distressed, defensive, answering with sloppy, clumsy punches. Karlie so tall, yet awkwardly stiff, her body super-strong in the clinch, but her memorized rights much too rigid/obvious against Nad’s pushy, flashing defensive aggression/precision. Kloss looking safe in her tower, but she’s getting rocked/bashed/battered at Nadia’s free will, spending minutes in that backed-up position, only swirling imprecise right-hands past Bjorlin’s alert, nimble headwork. Nadia not letting go in the second: she’s a-marchin’, drivin’ forward her right like an axe into Karlie’s rickety midsection, loosenin’ her girl all wobbly-butt…in the end, Karlie’s eyes are closed in pain, as she’s embarrassed by too-strong, too-experienced, too-shrewd brunette work after two.
R3: Bjorlin’s not suddenly turning reckless, but she’s probably mistakin’ Kloss’s laid-back drawback movements for signs of imminent surrender – space between fighters opens up, as Karlie circles out, widening her stance, attempting her first regular, forward-jabs tonight. Bjorlin looks unconcerned, managing those blonde dashes with cautions head turns, twistin’ her way back closer patiently, bobbin’, then shooting ahead violently, rammin’ her axing fists into Karlie’s ribs/tits in workwoman fashion. Late in the second minute, bouncy Bjorlin’s not bouncy enough for the first time tonight – defending against a thick, straight blonde jab through the middle, she’s pitching her head to the left…right where Kloss’s uppercut right wanted her to turn. Boom! Despite all those leggy, confident minutes of dominance, that one punch renders strong-Nadia herself a dazed, dizzy beauty, brutally numbed by Karlie’s shock power. Kloss perhaps still not capitalizing enough on that one-punch effect – although she’s taking over, she remains conservative, working a long, sly, textbook left-jab that keeps Bjorlin out of range but allows Nadia to regroup, get those legs back slowly.
R4: Bjorlin ups the tempo in impressive fashion, careful not to cede momentum to blonde: Karlie circles forward like she’s learned to do it, walks into Nadia’s plump, splashing, hot-mess power punches, and she’s getting pummeled the hard, ham-fisted way. Long Karlie’s usually leaning back over ropes, her torso bended uncomfortably, wilting, topplin’ over slightly as Bjorlin’s chuck-chuck-chucking her rights smashing into solarplexus. Nadia disintegrates a proud blonde via her fists, as Karlie cannot find the right answer to Bjorlin’s tornado jabs, those power hammers to her tits/ribs/guard. At bell, Kloss’s a confused beauty, takin’ baby-steps to her corner rickety, those pretty eyes staring on wide, moistening.
R5: Bjorlin bounces her way close on those effervescent legs, ram, ram, ramming those left-right combinations in hound-dog style towards aloof, timid blonde, as Karlie bends backwards, stepping out of distance clumsily. Nadia hops into range with a long, hard left to prepare driving a right uppercut home…Kloss leans into the motion by instinct…and bam, her right fist’s poppin’ on Nadia’s chin from below like a sledgehammer…poor Nadia’s jaw’s distorted…punch has the brunette closing her eyes in anguished pain…Nadia topples over with a groan, survivin’ the whacking impact only by tumbling onto tall blonde’s hard torso, turned all shaky/dizzy in a tight clinch, her arms grasping for support around Karlie’s lanky, wide shoulders, as Bjorlin’s stumbling forward but getting blocked by the blonde’s strong frame. Kloss extends a more solid jab this time, freeing herself from Nadia’s pushy, tight grasp, really HOUNDING her brunette with more exact work to Nadia’s tits/mouth/shoulders. No longer leggy/flexible, Bjorlin’s body’s getting decimated ruthlessly by the monstrous whack applied from strong, giant blonde – her legs slow down, bouncing pitifully to ride out the hard punishment into her flanks/arms, getting repressed, repressed, USED UP…by the bell, Bjorlin’s a stumbling wreck, no longer protecting her head enough against Kloss’s wicked right hands picking that pretty face apart.
R6: Kloss mops up on empty-battery brunette…Nadia’s getting thrashed on her zombie legs, as blonde’s height advantage manifests in alarming, beat-down fashion, those long, strong rights lashin’, whippin’ down on Bjorlin’s skull/shoulders/arms. Brunette so stubborn, gritty, not known for being chinny at all: she’s trudging forward, trying to counter with wide, aggressive punches into blonde’s frame, but increasingly coming up short, getting caught from all incoming angles. Kloss’s turning more systematic and brutal, focusing her intense work on Nadia’s tits, ribs and skull…early in the second minute, Karlie’s got Bjorlin trapped like a mouse, finally cutting off the ring for a tall, staggering position at the turnbuckle. Bjorlin tucks in for tight earmuff, leaning back, her torso dangling on shaky, no longer robust legs…Karlie prepares, first tossing two straight, hard lefts wobblin’ Nadia’s guard, then immediately opens up into a jerky, perfect right hand uppercut…the punch picks up Nads on her left jaw/cheek, instantly cutting the brunette down like a piece o’ timber…Karlie already steps back on impact, as Bjorlin’s eyes shut dim…Nadia’s robust torso’s all limp now, as she’s sloshin’ forward, capsizing…brunette finally thuds down HARD, layin’ there motionlessly, her eyes closed, mouth slightly opened…damn, that’s a brutal KO6 Karlie Kloss!
After: Kloss proves her welter power punch credentials…despite significant weaknesses against a more experienced, creative, tough brunette, three one-off punches during the course of the fight turn giddy, happy, tough Nadia into a ruined mess…poor Nadia still staggering around the ring after she got woken up with smelling salts, as if she were still completely clueless as to what just hit her. “That’s what six-foot power does to little girls,” Karlie smirks post-fight.