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Pro Domme Wrestling Match ~ Beatdown
« on: December 29, 2016, 08:01:22 PM »
So I met with this professional Domme who also does wrestling sessions, mostly with men who like being dominated by a big muscular woman, which she most definitely is big and very muscular.

It would be after hours in a real ring in a boxing gym that she has access to for her wrestling sessions.

She said she would only charge me $150 for a one hour session which is half what she charges for men.

I was a little nervous about it, but I decided to go for it.

It would be a "erotic wrestling session" with no fists, just wrestling and "erotic abuse" for the loser (me).

What follows is a trillian conversation that I had following the match that pretty much details what took place....

JennyDoll: What did you want to chat about?

Bob: Your match

JennyDoll: It was more of a mis-match... lol

Bob: I thought that was what you liked?

JennyDoll: it is what I like

Bob: You said you like to be dominated

JennyDoll: yes

Bob: What did you wear?

JennyDoll: i wore a one piece bathing suit

JennyDoll: her too

JennyDoll: barefoot

Bob: What color?

JennyDoll: blue

JennyDoll: hers was black

Bob: So  blonde in blue vs her on black

JennyDoll: yes

Bob: Straight up wrestling?

JennyDoll: I'm not sure what that means

JennyDoll: She started by putting me in a bear hug

Bob: Did you attempt to make it competitive?

JennyDoll: I had no chance against her

Bob: Did you try?

JennyDoll: I tried...

JennyDoll: She had me in a bear hug until I almost passed out, then she dropped me on her knee

JennyDoll: back breaker thingy

Bob: Ow

Bob: 😯

JennyDoll: then she rolled me off her knee and I was laying face down on the mat when she pulled my bathing suit off

JennyDoll: then she sat on me and put a camel clutch from hell on me

JennyDoll: that's when I forgaot my safe word

Bob: Did she hit your stomach while in back breaker?

JennyDoll: no.. she had one hand on my pussy and one on my head to stretch my back out

JennyDoll: there wasn't any punching allowed

Bob: She fondled your pussy?

JennyDoll: That was the only limit we agreed to

JennyDoll: yes

Bob: Did you like that?

JennyDoll: she raped me before it was over

Bob: How did she do that

JennyDoll: with her hand

Bob: Fingured you?

JennyDoll: yes

JennyDoll:  then fisted me

Bob: Oooouuu

JennyDoll: very,very painful

JennyDoll: she has man hands

Bob: So bear hug to a backbreaker to a camel clutch

Bob: Then stripped you

JennyDoll: the camel clutch went on for a long time.

JennyDoll: she stripped me before the camel clutch

Bob: Ok

JennyDoll: she kept rocking back and forth pulling my head back further and further

JennyDoll: Then she had my chin with one hand and started fingering me with the other

Bob: Tear off your suit or just pull it off

JennyDoll: she just pulled it off, right down my legs

JennyDoll: I was just laying there like a limp rag doll

Bob: Were you embarrassed

JennyDoll: totally humiliated

Bob: Did you try to cover up or she gave you no chance to

JennyDoll: I was just laying there helpless

JennyDoll: trying to remember my safe word

JennyDoll: I'm glad now that I forgot it

Bob: Why

JennyDoll: Because I had multiple orgasms

Bob: While in the camel clutch?

JennyDoll: No, it was after that

JennyDoll: But that's when she started raping me

JennyDoll: I was really scared and wanted to use my safe word

Bob: Was she talking trash to you while doing that

JennyDoll: She was talking trash the whole time with an evil smirk on her face

Bob: That's what you wanted right

JennyDoll: I think that's why she did it for half price - because she was really enjoying herself

JennyDoll: Yes, that's what I wanted

Bob: What happened after camel clutch hold when you were naked

JennyDoll: but I thought she was going to kill me

Bob: But that turned you on didn't it

JennyDoll: She put me in some leg scissors

JennyDoll: Yes, it turned me on

Bob: Body or head?

JennyDoll: both...first my waist, then around my neck

JennyDoll: very painful

Bob: While face down or on your back

JennyDoll: my neck was sore for a week

JennyDoll: both

Bob: Trying to picture it

JennyDoll: She also choked me with her knee on my throat

Bob: Did you kick the mat when she did that

JennyDoll: I don't know if you'd call it kicking

JennyDoll: I squirmed around a lot

Bob: Legs flailing

JennyDoll: Yes, flailing a little...

JennyDoll: Mostly just squirming though

JennyDoll: I was totally exhausted

Bob: She move you around the ring?

JennyDoll: Yes, dragged me by my hair wherever she wanted me

Bob: That's so hot

JennyDoll: Then she kept going back to more camel clutches

JennyDoll: I think that's her favorite

Bob: Did she say walk you to the corner to do anything there?

JennyDoll: I was too weak to walk

Bob: Pick you up at any time

JennyDoll: She kept alternating - rolling me onto my back to rape me then rolling back to my stomach for more camel clutches

JennyDoll: She picked me up when she bear hugged me

JennyDoll: And she put me over her shoulder a few times just so she could slam me down onto the mat

Bob: In the beginning.  Any other time?

JennyDoll: She also carried me out of the ring after the fight

Bob: Body slammed you?  Oh wow

Bob: Would have loved to see your tits bounce from the impact

JennyDoll: She was also torturing my boob and nipple throughout all of this

JennyDoll: boobs

Bob: During the scissors?

JennyDoll: I though she was going to pull my nipples off

JennyDoll: Yes, and anytime that she had me on my back

Bob: Were you screaming in pain

JennyDoll: Too weak to really scream

JennyDoll: I probably sounded like a little child

JennyDoll: I was out of breath the whole time

Bob: She straddled you and abused your tits

JennyDoll: She abused my tits anytime she could get her hands on them

Bob: I would have too lol

Bob: Well they're big targets

JennyDoll: They've always been targets

JennyDoll: She also surf boarded me a few times

Bob: Choke you on the ropes?

JennyDoll: very, very painful

JennyDoll: I didn't get choked on the ropes

JennyDoll: I got choked plenty though

Bob: Is that her sitting on your back pulling your arms back?

JennyDoll: Sitting or standing mostly pulling my arms backwards

JennyDoll: Twisting my shoulders and stretching my back

Bob: This is SO arousing

JennyDoll: I think she would agree with you

Bob: I would cum watching it

Bob: Especially the body slams

JennyDoll: Really?

Bob: Probably

JennyDoll: Well, she made me cum a few times with her fist

Bob: Little blonde hottie with nice tits being stripped  getting squashed

JennyDoll: When it was over, she dragged me out of the ring, put me over her shoulder and took me to the showers and rinsed me off

Bob: Your tits rubbing the mat as she rocks back

Bob: Did she get naked with you?

JennyDoll: Then she took me on her shoulder to the hot tub

JennyDoll: She didn't get naked

Bob: Wow hot

JennyDoll: She dunked me a few times in the hot tub and everyone thought that waws very amusing

Bob: Oh shit

Bob: Tell you to say anything to her while doing that?

JennyDoll: No, she was just objectifying me in front of her friends and I was completely helpless

Bob: You were her plaything

JennyDoll: Yes, I was her rag doll for the night

JennyDoll: ver humiliating

JennyDoll: very

Bob: The whole night?  Not just for the match?

Bob: Whole night?

JennyDoll: For a couple of hours after the fight

Bob: In the hot tub? Or where?

JennyDoll: In the hot tub mostly

Bob: Did she get in with you?

Bob: What did she make you do?

JennyDoll: Yes, we were all in the hot tub. There were several of her friends at the gym where we had the match

Bob: All women?

JennyDoll: She didn't really make me do anything, she would just grab my hair and shove me under water if I tried to say anything or object

JennyDoll: Men and women

Bob: If you objected to what

JennyDoll: Being bullied - having my hair pulled, etc

JennyDoll: She also forced me to drink a lot

Bob: So you're naked in a hot tub with her and her friends fondling you?

Bob: Were they naked too?

JennyDoll: They weren't fondling me, only her

JennyDoll: They weren't naked, but enjoying the "show"

Bob: So you had to watch

Bob: Enjoying you being squashed

JennyDoll: No, I think I was being watched

JennyDoll: I think they enjoyed seeing me dominated

JennyDoll: yes, squashed, twisted, slammed, etc....

Bob: I would

Bob: But in the hot tub?

JennyDoll: In the hot tub I was mostly just being toyed with, forced to drink way too much, and dunked if I objected to anything

Bob: Damn

Bob: You got me so hard right now

JennyDoll: Sorry

Bob: Why

JennyDoll: I got you hard

Bob: Not a bad thing

JennyDoll: Oh

JennyDoll: Do you mind if I post this conversation on FC? I can remove your name if you want

JennyDoll: It would be easier than writing about it

Bob: I love hearing about stuff like this

JennyDoll: Do you hear a lot of this stuff?

Bob: As long as you remove my name

JennyDoll: OK... thanks
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Pro Domme Wrestling Match ~ Beatdown
« on: December 29, 2016, 08:01:22 PM »

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Re: Pro Domme Wrestling Match ~ Beatdown
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2016, 04:04:08 AM »
 :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

picturing myself in that situation, but maybe with cameras filming too for a video.
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Re: Pro Domme Wrestling Match ~ Beatdown
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2017, 09:27:41 PM »
WOW! This sounds like it was just so intense and wild. I am jealous of you Jenny... just to note it officially! ;)~    terri