Author Topic: Maureen vs Dee: an author's introduction  (Read 2011 times)

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Maureen vs Dee: an author's introduction
« on: January 07, 2017, 04:33:57 PM »
Starting off, my name is Wild Bill and I am new to the relatively new to FCF and want to thank everyone who has given me some memorable cyber matches and some pleasant conversation.  I am recently involved in a poll cockfight vs carlbigcock in the poll and written a parking lot cockfight story (both in men vs men) and have a wife catfight coming up this weekend also in members catfight section.  

I have been a lover of catfights since high school and not sure if it was the WWF women's matches, the one catfight I witness in 9th grade or the apartment wrestling pictorials in Sports Review Wrestling which did it, but I became addicted to the idea of women fighting.  I got into Cavalier in college and loved the stories esp those involving Mareen The Mauler and Dee.  I admit to many hours, days, weeks mastrubating to those stories and was delightfully surprised to meet both women and Lucky here.  After talking with them and some other things, I got involved in asking there permission to write a catfight between the 2 hellcats and they said yes to my delight.

I will write this in three parts, the first will debut tonight attached to this thread.  I hope you all enjoy my story and to state in advance the first part revolves on me as kind of a cathartic writing for me as I am dealing with a recent move away from an area I grew to love in Detroit to moving back home to be a caregiver for my parents.  The first chapter will be the set up for me getting involved with Dee, Maureen and Lucky with Chapter 2 being a beat down fight and Chapter 3 the revenge match.  

Please feel free to ive feedback and hope everyone enjoys.  I will post part one around 9-10PM EST.

Thanks to everyone involved and as shameless plug, vote for me vs carlbigcock in the cockfight poll in men vs men so I can get Maureen there also:)

Wild Bill
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Maureen vs Dee: an author's introduction
« on: January 07, 2017, 04:33:57 PM »

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Re: Maureen vs Dee: an author's introduction
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2017, 08:54:19 PM »
Looking forward to seeing what you do with this!

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Re: Maureen vs Dee: an author's introduction
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2017, 02:31:40 AM »
Maureen vs Dee:  Introduction & First Meeting

There are some truths in this fiction

The black strap-on that is violating my ass finally slows down and pulls out leaving me just a little bit sore back there as well as exhausted as I slump forward on the carpet.  A hard slap to my ass gets my attention as I roll over facing Chocolate, who looks a bit menacing with that huge dick between her legs,  We have met on and off for some over the past year for a mixture of wrestling and domination.  Chocolate loves fucking guys in the ass while I love wrestling women so after being introduced by a mutual friend we started meeting up.  The first half of the night she would wrestle me and though being outweighed by 65lbs, she put out on an competitive match and actually beat me a few times which I enjoyed.  My half of the night would end by having her reverse facesit me while jerking me off with her long, experienced fingers.  The second half of the night would consist of allowing her to bind me up in various ways, submitting to spankings and other tortures and always ending with a strap on in my ass.  Wasn’t always a fan of some of the bondage items but we had a good trust and it was the least I could do to thank her for the wrestling action, besides guys usually pay her for this.

She removes that strap on and falls to her knees beside me grabbing my ass cheek as he index fingers sneaks down and penetrates my rosebud, “Gonna miss your sexy ass around this place, are you sure you have to go?”

“Yeah, unfortunately my company needs me to move to ____ and help our office out there.  It will be a good promotion for me … though I will definitely miss this town.”

“I know you’ll miss me most though as she probe me deep one last time before she gets up and walks away”

After dressing and cleaning up I step outside her little one story home into the light.  It is just around 4PM and I look down the neighborhood located just off 6 Mile Rd. I get to my car and look back at the nondescript house.  The peeling paint and children’s toys in the front yard would never give the impression of the things that went on it that house and that is for the best as I get in my truck and head for home knowing I will be leaving in the morning for a new job, new city.

The next morning I get ready to head out to ________.  I had got all my affairs in order and the past month was filled with saying goodbye and closing the door on this part of my life.  I did my last radio show at the local college station with local artists Emily Rose and Citizen Smile stopping by to say goodbye and perform on my show, I wrote my last blog at saying goodbye to a city that I at first was scared by but eventually grew to love.  My first impression of Detroit likened it to war torn Beirut but eventually I got into the vibe of the city appreciating the various aspects of a city with which one could enjoy strolling through the Henry Ford Museum, enjoying performances at the Detroit Opera House, going to the framers market on Sunday mornings and burlesque shows at the refurbished factory at night.  I had seen over 700 shows at the various festivals and venues such as Pine Knob, the Crofoot and the Magic Stick (everyone from Kraftwerk to Leonard Cohen from the Sex Pistols to Cyndi Lauper).  I will miss days in Ann Arbor walking through the Vault Of Midnight and the dozens of high end used book stores and many other things.

I will also miss wrestling Chocolate and cockfighting Mark, who while a bit shorter was big into submission wrestling.  He would even bring actual wrestling mats to my place and we would do 2-3 hours of submission/ and pin wrestling before ending the night in a full blown first to cum wrestling match with penalties.  I hope my new town will offer some of those same opportunities.
I drive out of town passing the memories, driving by the Palace of Auburn Hills where I celebrated a Detroit Shock championship in the locker room with the team with the girls as well as interviewed Tonya Harding (always wanted to see a catfight tape of her dominating Kerrigan).  I drive past the Ringwald Theatre thinking of that production of “Debbie Does Dallas the Musical”.  I pass the club in Hamtramck where I interviewed Juliette Lewis after a wild show and as I left looked into the back window to see her topless as she was changing (she has great tits and think she would be a great catfighter).  I passed the Masonic Temple where I went to numerous Roller Derby matches, hanging out with my girls Miss Canada and Crash Baby.  I pass the Greektown Casino and Pizza Papalis (which makes an amazing deep dish seafood pizza), the street was where I was in my first film (my 11 seconds of stardom in “American Virgin” starring Rob Schneider, yep that is me in the crowd gawking at the girl who pulls her shirt up to expose her breasts to Rob, still got that autographed Marilyn Monroe beer bottle).  Lastly I drive past old Tigers Stadium where I saw my first pro baseball game as well as KISS in concert.  More memories flood in as I leave town and head to my new job, a new city and new experiences….

After a few months of randomly exploring the city, I find myself at a local adult bookstore.  I can’t remember the last time I found anything worthy of buying in regards to my catfight fetish at an adult bookstore but here I am browsing the shelves anyway.  I see they have some Ultimate Surrender DVD’s but you can watch most of them for free online so I pass.  Why is it I can find 100 DVD’s concerning sex with midgets, people over 80 and amputee sex but I can usually only find crap related to catfights and the like?  They have some catfight mags sealed in bundles of three with other types of bondage magazines that hold no interest for me.  I like browsing some of titles of super-hero and TV parodies (like the Munsters and Simpsons) which gives me a brief chuckle, though the girl in this JLA video playing Zantana looks very hot but why is she on the villains team? 

Getting bored, I start to leave when I stop to look at the local bulletin board and see a flyer advertising a local fetish club which mentions catfighting and cockfighting.  I pocket the card and walk out of the store, my steps a bit livelier than before.

A week later I find myself out the club carrying a bag with a change of clothes.  Their club’s website states they have a locker room to change into and sexy attire is encouraged so I brought a couple of outfits that I could use based on what I saw the other patrons wearing.  I am greeted at the door by bouncer who after asking some questions directs me to an office where I am greeted by an attractive young girl that goes over the rules of the club and gives me a limited membership for the month with an option to become a full member if I desire.
Thanking her, I go to towards the locker room passing a variety of patrons.  I see a lot of BDSM and fantasy outfits as I walk back taking it in.  A lot of the women are either topless or wearing a sexy bra or bikini top while most of the guys are also shirtless with a few vests or tank tops thrown in.  I pass the fight room on my way to the lockers and see two young girls engaged in a catfight.  The young buxom blonde girl finds herself stuck under the naked ass on a hot brunette in a reverse facesit who is pulling and twisting the poor girl’s breasts and asking her if she submits.  The blonde holds out a few more minutes before she relents and yells her submission.  The brunette flexes her arms in a pose while rotating her ass over the defeated blonde girls face, rubbing in her victory before she gets off.  The crowd applauds the winner who flashes her ass at the crown, gives it a hard slap “bet she won’t mess with this ass again” and she walks off the matts and sits down naked at a table of guys who start to order her drinks.  Someone helps the blonde get up and escort to the locker room, tears in her eyes and breathing hard, right arm holding her belly and she leans on this person for support.  I watch her sexy ass leave the room before I head back to the locker room to change.

I hit the locker room and decided to wear a forest green speedo with a tank top and go out into the room to see what is going on.  After watching that finish, my cock is very erect as I walk into the fight room.  I grab a seat at a table in the back taking everything in when a sexy lady sits next to and feels my package.  “You must be new here, I don’t remember seeing you around before”.
“That’s because this is my first time here, I just moved from Detroit and found this flyer and thought I check it out.”

“How do you like it so far” she purrs as her hand continues to stroke my cock, which starts to become very prominent under my speedo.  Her eyes have a very naughty look to them.

Feeling my member quiver at her touch, “Enjoying what I’ve felt…I mean seem so far”

“Glad to hear that from such a prominent new member at the club” as her finger entwined around my cockhead thru my thong.
We talked a few minutes about the club and our love of catfighting with her continuing to tease my cock and eventually I felt bold enough to start exploring her shapely ass through her white cut off jean shorts.  She mentioned she had match tonight with the club bitch and that I should hang around.
From behind me a loud voice beckons, “Dee, when did you start hanging around with the runts of the litter” and a large hand grabs at my thong and pulls it up into my balls.
“What the fuck” and I stand up to confront the big guy who did it, my hand cocked when Dee grabs my hand “what’s up Lucky, I’d like you to meet the newest member of the club, Bill I’d like you to meet Lucky” and she moves between us with a hand on both our cocks now.  “Lucky gets a little possessive of me after I beat his girl and stole him for my own”.

“That’s right, she destroyed her pussy and know my cock is hers”, he grabs her ass and plants a big sloppy kiss on her lips and she moans with pleasure for him.
“I got a contest with that whore tonight if you’d like to watch” and she explains that it will be a cxnt bust battle.  The idea is that the girls will be trading kicks to the pussy, The winner is the girl who can get in 10 straight kicks without being hit back.  They are both going to be in jean cut offs and topless.  This idea of seeing two hot women in a battle of this type really excited me as I was beginning to feel grateful for my move to this new city and this excellent club.

“Well, a pleasure to meet you Bill but I have to get ready for the match.  She gives me one last feel up and she and Lucky walk back to the dressing room as I work on grabbing a seat up front waiting for the big match of the night.

A brunette waitress in a tiny red thong comes to take my order of a rum and coke and I sit back smiling as I wait for the nights festivities to start…..

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Re: Maureen vs Dee: an author's introduction
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2017, 08:43:06 AM »
Can't wait to see where this is going, Bill. Interesting thus far.

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Re: Maureen vs Dee: an author's introduction
« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2017, 01:45:33 PM »
Nice start.

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Re: Maureen vs Dee: an author's introduction
« Reply #5 on: January 11, 2017, 05:41:14 PM »
Another win for Dee and Lucky?

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Re: Maureen vs Dee: an author's introduction
« Reply #6 on: January 11, 2017, 09:06:47 PM »
I never cared for the old Dee and Maureen stories in Cavalier. It always seemed like the same story with just tiny variations. JMO.

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Re: Maureen vs Dee: an author's introduction
« Reply #7 on: January 14, 2017, 05:37:09 AM »
Liked the build up to the fight.  Must say though being a "midwesterner" myself, I smiled at about 90% of the references you made regarding leaving Detroit.   Not from there myself, but LOTS of city time to become familiar with those places.   Don't know how you left out 8 mile, but then again you're not M&M.  LOL
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