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Breast Battles ch. 2
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Riley turned fitfully in her bed and checked the glowing red alarm clock so many times she couldn’t say for sure if she fell asleep or not by the time the block digits read 7:00 and the dull, relentless BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP dragged her from the warmth of her sheets.  With just an hour before the girls were due for filming, Riley again wasted time vacillating between outfits, trying to craft her first on screen impression carefully.  Her hair was nearly dry from the shower by the time she settled on a short sleeve button up that was the same rich blue of the open ocean and was just a bit too tight when she buttoned it up properly.  As she slipped into the knee high ruffled black skirt, she glanced at the clock again and nearly had a heart attack.  She only had 20 minutes left!  Rushing through her make up and brushing her naturally straight shoulder length brown hair savagely, she gave herself one last check in the mirror.  It was far from ideal, but she didn’t dare be late for the very first meeting.  The clock read 7:54 as she groggily reached for the door; Riley prayed it wouldn’t be a long walk to… she furrowed her brow as suddenly she realized Lilith never told them where to meet, only to ‘be ready at 8:00 sharp’.  Opening the door with her heart suddenly racing, she was even more surprised to see a black dress clad attendant waiting ten feet outside her room and facing her with a smile.  

“Ready early, Ms. Nelson?”  The rooms they stayed in were all on the second floor of an expansive house, arranged with two pairs of doors facing each other on each side of a large staircase to the ground floor.  Riley saw an attendant outside each door, telling her both that they would be individually escorted to their destination, and that she had ‘rushed’ only to be the first one ready.  “Mm.. Shall we get you to hair and make up?”  Riley realized that this was probably where the contestants were going anyway since filming introductions was first on the agenda, but she didn’t care for the way the attendant blinked twice rather pointedly while making the suggestion.   She gave her a bit of a cold glare in response to the way she was taking gratuitously slow steps and staring back at Riley as if to will her into following.  In truth, she was relieved to remain separate from the group a while longer.  She still hadn’t introduced herself to anyone, and there was clear animosity toward her already from at least a couple girls.  As she descended the first half of the two-part right angle staircase to the first floor, she quickened her pace as she heard a door opening behind her, then another as she and her escort exited the stairs to the grand hall.

Even in her sleep deprived state, Riley’s eyes widened and jaw dropped as the walk to the stylist took them through the house, the artwork she had missed last night now commanding her attention.  Portrait after portrait, vary degrees of enormous, lined each mauve painted wall they passed, and without exception each depicted some type of breast competition.  There didn’t seem to be any organization to them; a painting of two busty brunettes in a classical titfight was followed by an immaculately detailed work of two Victorian era women busting out of their corsets as they struggled with some odd set up using a rope with a small wooden ball tied to each end and plunged into each chest.  With portraits whizzing by on both sides, she would have liked to slow down and take them in properly, but the attendant wouldn’t be budged off her brisk pace, still clearly concerned that the stylist wouldn’t have time for the task ahead of her.

As the rounded a corner they came to a dead end hallway with four doors on each side.  Her escort approached the third door on the left and opened it for Riley, beckoning her forward just as another black dress clad attendant rounded the corner ahead of her charge.  Riley entered the cramped room and squinted.  Painfully bright light filled her vision, and as her eyes adjusted she saw it came from over a dozen small but powerful lights attached to a mirror that stretched nearly to the ten foot ceiling. On the counter with the mirror was the most cluttered collection of lipstick, hair brushes, eye shadow, scissors, concealer, nail trimmers, and everything else a beautician could want in a pile that made Riley’s soul hurt to look at.  In front of the disorganized heap was a padded green chair with a few tears where the foam poked through showing its age, and to the right of all of it, barely fitting in the room, was a short, thin middle aged blonde loudly chewing gum.

“Riley, this is Sharona.  She will be your stylist for the rest of your time in the competition.”  “Yeah so don’t lose, or I’m outta a job!” Sharona cracked, a thick Brooklyn accent and a hint of smoker’s cough in her voice.  The attendant smiled at both of them and closed the door, filling Riley with anxiety as she was now in the prison cell-sized room with this complete stranger who seemed completely out of place with the elegance of the rest of the house.  She watched Sharona in the mirror as she took up position behind her, looking at the hasty look Riley had assembled and giving her a big warm smile.  “Nervous, huh.  You can always tell nerves by the eyelinah.” Riley bristled, but in the overly lit mirror she could see that she really had done a sloppy job.  Sharona moved between Riley and the mirror, leaning over so that her modest C cups hung in front of Riley’s face as she padded her with a warm damp cloth to remove Riley’s rushed efforts.  

“Saaay, Rooiieley,”  A Florida girl, Riley was unaccustomed to such a strong New York accent, and she found it hard not to snicker as the petite stylist spoke to her.  “Wasn’t you the girl who won the first game?”  Riley was too nervous to answer as the eccentric woman in front of her was now reaching behind her blindly into the pile and pulling out various products, then applying them with such speed Riley was sure the result would be even sloppier than before.  Riley’s silence didn’t seem to bother her as Sharona kept making conversation, oblivious to the terrified look on her client’s face.  “That’s greeeeat, you’re gonna do really well I bet!  This is a tough group, you should be proud of how fah you go.  I bet you might even take home the silvah medal!”  

At this Riley’s eyes cocked quizzically, and the tilt of her head caused Sharona to finally notice her expression.  “Oh don’t get upset, sweetie, nobody’s making fun of you!  Before each of these, the staff gets profiles of the girls so we can make bets on the winnah.  Only this year there’s not much point.”  Riley’s head was swimming from this information.  Two urgent questions jostled for position in her throat, and speaking for the first time she asked what she felt was the more pressing one.  “W..Who’s gonna win?”  Sharona looked guilty as she met eyes with Riley, who’s own eyes went even wider as Sharona reached behind her and pulled out a pair of scissors, snipping bits of Riley’s straight brown locks without even asking.  Mistaking Riley’s astonishment for fear, she clucked consolingly, an odd sound with the effect of the gum.  “You are, supahstah!  Don’t let anybody tell you othahwise!”  Riley couldn’t believe her beautiful hair was falling all around her, but she managed to squeak out her second question.  “I..I thought this was the first season of Breast Battles.  Didn’t you s-”

A crisp double knock rapped at the door, and before it even opened the smell of lavender told Riley who was behind it.  Riley couldn’t see her from her position in the chair and with Sharona blocking the mirror, but she knew Lilith stood behind her, and sure enough her musical voice filled the small room.  “Ready to go?”  Sharona leaned back, admiring her efforts.  “You tell me,” she replied, spinning Riley in the chair so she faced Lilith.  Smiling that slightly-too-wide smile, Lilith nodded in approval and turn to face the next stylist’s room.  “Down the hall, round the corner, then first door on your left, Riley.  Take any seat and wait for the others.”  When Sharona finally spun Riley back so she could see the mirror, she giggled at Riley’s reaction.  Her shoulder length hair had been trimmed to various levels that blended to create a casual modern look, and her face positively glowed from Sharona’s treatment.  Amazed by her appearance, she blew the mirror a kiss, prompting Sharona to reach from behind and grab (or attempt to grab) her G cups and shake them around with her hands.  “That’s right, Miss Killer Titties right here!  Go get ‘em, Killer!”  As Riley left the room, she heard Sharona light a cigarette behind her.  Wondering how someone could smoke and chew hum at the same time, she followed Lilith’s instructions to the door and entered a medium sized room filled mostly with a bright, well lit stage.

In front of the stage eight chairs from the day before were in a line, three of them occupied by fellow contestants.  Riley had a moment of panic as she couldn’t help overthinking where to sit; she didn’t want to sit distant to the three girls and seem standoffish, nor did she want to appear aggressive by sitting right next to one of them.  Fortunately a thin, baby faced girl with her blonde hair in two adorable pigtails tapped the seat next to her, her smile so bright and genuine Riley felt her whole body relax.  Taking a seat, she couldn’t stop herself from double taking at the sight of this girl’s cleavage.  The pastel yellow solid color tee shirt she wore was modestly cut, but the monsters within were so massive that it didn’t matter, titty spilling over the top and pulling the mid-shoulder cut sleeves even higher up her arm.  As she sat down with stiff, subconscious movements, she tried to recover her composure and return the girl’s smile and eye contact.  To her surprise, the cute blonde didn’t seem to notice the shell shock her watermelons had briefly inflicted on Riley.

“Hi, I’m Nora!!”  Her voice sounded like she had a helium tank where one of her lungs should be, and she was so enthusiastic Riley would have thought this was the most exciting thing the girl could share with her.  Unlike Sharona, she clearly required a two way conversation, and she gazed at Riley expectantly with such soft blue eyes that Riley had a hard time reconciling this innocent face with the twin terrors lurking below.  “R..Riley,” she replied, shifting to offer her right hand, but to her horror Nora leaned over her chair and grasped Riley’s shoulders, hugging her as close as the two chairs would allow.  Riley’s brain was short circuiting; Nora’s intentions seemed friendly, almost painfully so, but still she felt a breast hug, even a sideways seated one, was dangerous from a girl as stacked as this.  By the time Nora let her go, Riley was slightly blushing, though she hoped beneath Sharona’s make up that it might go undetected.  “Yaaay, my first friend!” If it weren’t for the sincerity that overflowed Nora’s face the way her knockers overflowed her shirt, Riley would think she was being toyed with.  She was immensely grateful for the complete lack of hostility, but she wondered how Nora could possibly survive such a cutthroat atmosphere even with her armaments, which she was now convinced had to be H cups.

“You did really good last game!” Nora leaned in and lowered her volume, her voice adapting a comical tone as she put a hand to the side of her mouth and half whispered.  “You didn’t have to be so mean though.”  Riley sat upright with indignation, determined not to let the misperception continue.  “I di-”  “That’s ok!”  Nora cut her off, sitting up the way Riley did and causing her top to nearly burst from the tittyquake.  “Sometimes I like to be mean too!  I bet we’re both gonna be really great at this show!!”  Riley accepted that convincing Nora that Dara wasn’t her fault might be hopeless.  Nora leaned in yet again, using the same hushed, altered tones as before.  “But between you and me, I think I have bigger boobies than you.”

Nora giggled playfully as she looked pointedly at Riley’s blue button up, then her own pale yellow tee and cackled harder.  From most girls, that sentence would be a direct challenge, but Nora’s overall demeanor was so childlike that she seemed less aggressive about the comparison and more genuinely excited that her breasts were so big, even compared to her new friend.  In fact, Riley pondered, this was the first time Nora had acknowledged having boobs; if there were any other H cup girls here, she doubted they would be as polite or kind spirited, so she forced herself to return the smile and even squeaked out a fake giggle to keep Nora happy.  Looking around, she saw that many chairs had been filled, including the one to her right side.  A stunning French girl with gorgeous brown curls sneered dismissively at her.

“Hi, I’m Nora!!”  The girl sniffed contemptuously, turning away and muttering low but not inaudibly.  “Imbeciles"  The last girl entered the room, as Riley gave the disappointed Nora a comfort pat on the thigh, followed shortly by Lilith who took to the stage at a brisk pace.  Clad in form fitting dress that was dark purple at the bottom but adorned with diamonds, loosely at first then thicker as you went up until the cups had no trace of purple, reflecting the two powerful spotlights with dazzling intensity.  “Sound?  Cameras?  Lights?”  Putting together what she was hearing, Riley realized she was about to be on camera for the first time and felt her breathing go shallow, feeling wholly unprepared for what was about to happen.  No one had told them what to do!  Praying she wasn’t called first, her heart rate doubled as all lights but the spotlights went off, both trained on Lilith as her unmistakable voice filled the room.

“Welcome everyone to the very first season of Breast Battles!”  Riley looked around to see if anyone seemed even half as nervous as she felt, but in the darkness she couldn’t make out anyone’s expression without being obvious about it.  “Today, we’re going to introduce you to the eight fabulous young women who survived last night’s game of Blindfold Bearhugs!  Our first booby battler comes to us all the way from Novosibirsk, Russia,”  Lilith had no accent really, now that Riley though about it, but she didn’t stumble at all over the name of the town.  She must be a good announcer, she mused.  “Please welcome….. Mesha!!!”  DUM de dum, DEE dum DAHHH went the cheesy game show music played in through speakers Riley couldn’t see, and one of the spotlight beams shifted over to highlight a thin brunette rising from her chair.  Riley and the others clapped politely as Mesha walked to the stage with a surprisingly flat, even bored expression.  She stopped in front of Lilith and stared almost challengingly at the nearest camera, her piercing blue eyes the only part of her showing any emotion.

“So, Mesha, tell us why you’re going to win.”  Lilith’s prompt brought Mesha’s gaze back down, meeting Lilith’s and smiling for the first time.  “In Russia, I am porn star.  The men who handle my breasts, they are… not so gentle.  These girls would not last such treatment I think,” she concluded as she nodded at the rest of the group.  Her breasts were actually fully covered by maroon turtleneck she wore, but it was so ridiculously tight it looked like it was sized for a twelve year old boy, her belly button clearly visible thanks to the tug of her juggs.  It was hard to say, but Riley thought she might have been the first girl she faced in the previous game.  She looked too big to be the second girl, who Riley really hoped never found out who she was.  

“Mesha, you’re the oldest girl in the field this year.  Any concerns about that?”  Riley was beginning to think every movement this girl made was derisive by nature, as she scoffed at the question haughtily.  “Concerns?  I am 24.  I am in prime of my career.  Concerns are for little girls who have to face me.”  Lilith spread her hands with a flourish.  “Well that’s Mesha everybody, give her a hand.  Next is a Chicago cutie to warm your hearts.  Give it up for….. Phoebe!”  DUM de dum, DEE dum DAHHH  Mesha left stage right to avoid the girl now approaching with the spotlight on her, retaking her seat as Phoebe blinked in the strong lights.  This girl was busty, as the strain on her cyan halter top clearly showed, but it was possible this was the rock titted girl who had Riley so near submission.  

“Ok Phoebe, tell us why you’re going to win.”  Phoebe had her silky brown hair in a high ponytail, and her brown eyes blazed with confidence as she spoke.  “I’m going to win because I grew up in the toughest breastfighting house there is!”  Lilith’s smile impossibly widened even further.  “Ah, you mean your sister Tessa!  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Phoebe is the younger sister of THE Tessa Reynolds.”  This meant nothing to Riley, but she heard a few gasps from the girls beside her, including Nora.  Leaning over and whispering as low as she could, she asked Nora who Tessa is while Lilith asked Phoebe if she felt pressure due to her sister’s accomplishments.  “Have you never heard of Tittyball?!  Tessa the TittyTrain Reynolds is a legend.”  Riley was dying to ask more, but Nora was bad at whispering, and they were already earning glares from the sound crew.

“... so it’s not really about comparing us.” Phoebe concluded, Lilith stepping forward to introduce someone else.  “There she is folks, the newest Reynolds trying to forge a legacy.  Up next, we have a Virginia Beach native with a billion watt smile, let’s meet….. Nora!!”  “That’s me!” shrieked an excited Nora as she sprang to her feet before the spotlight even found her. DUM de dum, DEE dum DAHHH   Dashing to the stage, she stood beside Lilith beaming.  The backdrop to the stage was solid lavender with two silhouettes of busty women slightly mushroomed together with their arms back; with Nora onstage, Riley couldn’t see the black shadow breasts behind her for the first time, marveling again at the bubbly blonde’s pure size.  Nora bounced in place on the balls of her feet, overflowing with energy as she awaited the first question.

“Alright Nora, tell us why you’re g-”  “I’m going to win because I alllllways try my best!!” Nora interjected, anticipating the question by now.  A few irreverent snickers were heard, but Nora’s enthusiasm was undiminished.  “And, I have tits!”  With this she grabbed the bottom of her tee with both hands and pulled it above her head without warming, exposing the most boobage-filled blue lace bra Riley had ever seen.  She was glad it was dark; even through the make up, she was sure she was blushing.  “Whoo!”  Putting her top back down, she turned to face Lilith expectantly.  Unflappable, she returned Nora’s smile, carrying on without skipping a beat.  “Some of the girls here are much more experienced that you, Nora.  Does that worry you at all?”  “Nope!  I’m so good at Tittyball I’m going to Duke on full scholarship, I’ve got all the experience I need!”

This answer bothered Riley for several reasons.  First, she realized Nora was headed to college this year too making them the same age, and if Nora was inexperienced relative to the field Riley must be practically a rookie.  Second, Riley was currently set to spend her first year at Miami Dade Community College because she didn’t quite have the grades for Miami University.  If a girl this… distractible was getting a full ride to Duke, Riley must have seriously missed out on this novel sport!  Lilith began introducing the next contestant, but Nora didn’t want to get off the stage, lingering until the spotlight finally cut off and she slumped off in the darkness disappointed.  “…the pride of Austin, Texas, I give you..... Madison!!”  DUM de dum, DEE dum DAHHH  Madison rose, walking to the stairs with her hefty hips swaying rhymically.  A black girl about the complexion of Gabrielle Union, her thick black hair was curled tightly into dozens of cute little springs, and she too had a distinct confidence to the way she held herself.

“So Madison, tell us why you’re going to win.”  Madison spoke with just a hint of Texas twang, punctuating her thoughts with a roll of the head and a wave of her hands, which caused her pink tank top to sway dangerously.  “Well, for starters, don’t none of these girls have technique like me.  And what’s more, they don’t got the firmness neither!”  With this, she pulled down the front of her tank to reveal she was wearing no bra!  Two thick, wide nipples with big areolas were on display briefly before Madison shelved them, pleased she had made her point as even without support her breasts sat high and proud.  They were big, of course, but didn’t look as big as Riley’s own… Riley had to fight a gasp as she felt a sudden certainty that this was the girl who nearly kept her from the house!  “Texas has no formal Tittyball Leagues other than the team for University of Texas, how do you have so much confidence in your technical skills?”  Madison scoffed, her slightly heavy frame now angled so her hips jutted to one side indignantly.  “Tittyball ain’t the only way to learn, missy.  We had battles every day at my high school.”  “Well we can’t wait to see what you can do!  That’s Madison, let’s meet our next girl!”

Riley was getting anxious.  They were halfway done and her nerves about her first camera appearance had done nothing but build.  She wished she would be called so she could just get it over with and go back to being impatient for the next game.  “Representing France, the Lioness of Lyon, please welcome….. Charlotte!” DUM de dum, DEE dum DAHHH   The French girl to Riley’s right rose slowly, walking to the stage as if everyone’s time were disposable at her convenience.  She finally reached Lilith, taking position on the stage and waiting for the usual first question.  She wore a knee high jet black cocktail dress that showed a pair of breasts that Riley thought would probably match her own G’s for size.

“Your turn Charlotte, tell us why you’re going to win.”  Charlotte’s cold blue eyes blazed with irritation.  “Ces enfants?  In my country, we are trained to fight with breasts from age of twelve.  I think perhaps with the humiliation of these amateurs this country will do so as well.”  Riley suspected she would get little sympathy from either Charlotte or Mesha, both of whom seemed to dislike Americans and would have been happy to see Dara beat Riley and add another European to the house.  “Charlotte, it’s been since the mid nineties since France last won a Tittyball World Cup.  Any concerns your intense training methods might be outdated?”  Charlotte didn’t say a word, refusing to answer the question and storming offstage after giving Lilith a death glare without even waiting for the next introduction to start.  

“We wish Charlotte the best of luck!” Composed as ever, Lilith continued the proceedings.  “Our next girl also comes from across the pond.  Birmingham, England’s finest, let’s hear it for….. Sophie!!” DUM de dum, DEE dum DAHHH  Riley was sick of the music by now, and she almost groaned from frustrated impatience as the short redhead stood up, taking the stage with brisk, angry strides.  There was a fury in her brown eyes as she stared right at Riley, causing her to shift uncomfortably in her seat, invisible to the cameras.  Sophie’s breasts didn’t look bigger than Riley’s, but the cleavage boosting white and red checkered button up she was wearing made it hard to be sure.

“Ok Sophie, tell us w-” Again Lilith was cut off, this time by a British accent even stronger than Dara’s as she interrupted.  “Yeah yeah, big puppies, I got ‘em.”  She was still staring at Riley, and opened her mouth to continue, but this time it was Lilith who cut in, prompting Sophie with the question best suited to get her talking.  “In the preliminary game, your fellow countryman was defeated and shamed by another competitor.”  Riley thought she would scream if one more person insinuated that she had inflicted such punishment on Dara of her own choice.  “Is there anything you’d like to say to Riley?”  “Oh, there is,” began Sophie, as Riley swallowed her irritation with Lilith for teeing her up so well.  “I want that yank bully to know evil behavior gets rewarded in this world.  There’s always a meaner, bustier bitch that you out there somewhere, and I’m gonna make sure you pay for what you did!”

“Well!” began Lilith as Sophie stormed offstage after her tirade, all eyes in the room now on Riley.  “I think we know who our first rivals are!  Our next girl comes from Sacramento where she has the whole west coast buzzing about her potential.  Please welcome….. Taylor!!”  DUM de dum, DEE dum DAHHH   A figure rose in the dark as there was a slight delay getting the light on her, and when the beam finally illuminated her Riley felt an uncomfortable lump in her throat.  The girl approaching the stage was definitely on the short side, but her thin frame had signs of lean muscle and she moved with an intangible precision.  Her platinum blonde hair had bright blue highlights in two distinct strands that fell to either side of her emerald green eyes and came to rest on a pair of bombs that had to be at the very highest end of the H cup range.  The cream summer dress with a splash of pink under her mountains combined with the blue in her hair to all draw the eye right to her unbelievable breasts, which jutted further in front of her than any pair Riley had ever seen.  She felt the lump in her throat grow bigger as she realized her introduction was next, last of all the girls.  

“Hello Taylor, tell us why you’re going to win.”  Taylor smiled, speaking slowly in a cocky, elitist voice.  “Well, Lilith, I’m glad you asked.  Thanks to my family’s connections, I’ve seen growth and firmness gurus all over the world.”  She stared at each competitor in turn as she spoke.  “You could say I’ve been preparing my whole life to win this show!”  Riley had a strong suspicion this was Sharona’s pick, and she couldn’t blame her.  Taylor was the most intimidating opponent Riley had seen in a very top heavy field.  “Very impressive!  All that investment has to come with extra pressure though, right?” prompted Lilith, though Taylor looked as unpressured as anyone Riley had even seen.  “I think I’ll manage.” she said wryly, exiting as the spotlight left her.  Riley’s belly felt like a barrel going over a waterfall as she braces herself for her first ever exposure to being on screen.

“And finally we have a competitor coming to us from Miami, Florida.  Many girls survive Blindfold Bearhugs, but only one really wins it… and you’re about to meet her!  Give it up for the girl who sent Dara home in tears….. Riley!!”  DUM de dum, DEE dum DAHHH  Riley rose to her feet, then promptly stumbled over Sophie’s outstretched leg as she approached the stage.  She tried to quench her rage as she heard Sophie’s snickering, climbing the three steps to the stage and moving next to Lilith.  Riley squinted awkwardly as the bright spotlight shone right on her.  “Well, Riley, let’s hear it.  Tell us why you are going to win.”

Riley opened her lips, but her brain supplied no words.  She hadn’t thought of an answer!  Even Nora had realized that each girl got the same first question.  With her extreme nervousness holding her hostage, she certainly couldn’t put together a coherent response now.  “I..I’m gonna win because… because I’m…smart”  It was the best she could do, and she tried not to hear the multiple derisive snorts from the darkness in front of her.  Even the imperturbable Lilith gave a bit of a pause before pushing onward.  “Mm.. Okay!  Riley, most of these girls have experience in Tittyball or titfighting leagues, if not both.  How does it feel being the newcomer in the group?”  Riley managed the meagerest smile, her voice barely above a whisper.  “Feels great.”  She was ready to leave after her second question, but the light stayed on her so she stood in place unsure what to do.

“Well those are your competitors, ladies and gentlemen.  Join us next time as we put them through their first Breast Battles challenge!”  The two spotlights turned off and the house lights came on without warning, and a slew of black dressed attendants began carrying a massive table onto the stage.  “So… do we leave for lunch?”  Riley asked Lilith, taking her statement as a signal that they were done filming.  “Oh no, that’s just a sign off for a commercial break.  We’re shooting the game right now!  Go have a seat with the others, we’ll start in about 10 minutes!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Riley and the seven other challengers stood around an old, dark wooden rectangular table bigger that could comfortably seat 20 people.  Beside each girl stood an attendant in a black dress holding a medium sized black box with a black cloth on top preventing the girls from peeking.  Lilith checked with her crew, then filled the room with her voice as she paced around the girls.  “Welcome back to Breast Battles!  To get in the house, the girls had to play a game based on firmness and toughness… today, size and strength are key to victory!”

Riley squirmed a bit at this news; she was standing between Nora and Mesha; if it were a size battle, she really hoped she didn’t have to turn to her left!  “Being a busty alpha is a lot of pressure.  Some girls resort to tactics like wearing undersized bras to help enhance their performance.  Today, that tactic backfires.  We’re going to play Bra Busters!”  DUM de dum, DEE dum DAHHH   Simultaneously, each attendant removed the cloth from her box and dumped its contents on the table.  Dozens of bras of all colors, styles, and fabrics suddenly filled the table in front of them as Lilith continued.  “When the game begins, you are each to grab a bra and do your best to pop it with your breasts.”  Riley was listening closely, but her attention was divided as she suddenly recognized two bras in the disorderly heap in front of her as her own!  Lilith seemed to notice her and others’ confused expressions, and smiled wider as she continued.  “Our preparation team has gone to your houses and removed the ten smallest bras in your dresser, which of course you now see before you.  The owners of the first two bras to pop will lose this game and compete in the Elimination Challenge!”

Riley felt her stomach drop through the floor at this announcement.  She still owned a few F cup bras that she liked the patterns of, and it was easy to see Nora or Taylor overpowering them, but what really terrified her was the fact that she had stolen one of her sister’s DD’s for a later prank and kept it in her drawer!  She prayed the organizers would know it wasn’t hers, but as she scanned the pile her eyes nearly fell out of her head as the white background with tiny pink hearts was visible on a single strap buried beneath two larger bras.  Looking away from it as if she would draw attention to it, she saw Taylor raise her hand in annoyance, then speak up without actually waiting to be acknowledged.  “Ummm, which house did they go to?  I have like, three, and I haven’t been to the Hawaii one in like, a year and half, so that would be totally not fair.”  Riley saw Phoebe across the table with an expression like she wanted to strangle something, but she too looked visibly worried about the rules of this game.  “I…I believe the Sacramento house only, Taylor.”  Lilith replied.  “Now, shirts and bras off please”

Among such big busts and bigger egos, stripping to topless was no simple task, and for a brief moment there was some awkward stalling as the smaller girls felt the tension.  “All done!”  Nora’s squeaky voice broke the spell as she thrust her gazongas out proudly.  Riley unclasped her black bra and put it behind her with her blue button up, facing the table again with her G’s exposed to the pleasantly warm air.  She felt just a bit uncomfortable, moving her gaze around so no one accused her of staring as she saw her competitors’ bare weaponry for the first time.  There wasn’t long to take in sights however, as Lilith raised her hand and her voice.  “Girls ready…….GO!!”

Eight hands reached forward in a scramble, each grabbing a bra in a frenzy of nails, fabric, and grunting.  Pulling away with a red contour bra that did look small for her, Riley started putting it on in a hurry.  Glancing down, she was pleased to see that the pink and white bra was still concealed beneath the two larger ones.  Scrunching her arms in tight, she emptied her lungs, then SWUNG her arms back as she took a deep breath, inflating her lungs and giving the bra all she had!  She felt the tension of threads stretching, but none snapped as she reloaded her body for another attack.  After her second try produced the same results, she glanced around panting slightly to see who was making progress.

Taylor was moving with the lethargy of someone who knew she couldn’t possibly lose this challenge.  Madison had given up on trying to snap the first bra she had chosen, her chocolate orbs tumbling free as she pulled it off and took a black strapless from the pile.  Just as Riley was considering doing the same and bailing on this surprisingly flexible red bra, she saw the look on Phoebe’s face and nearly gasped sympathetically.  Phoebe’s eyes were glued to Mesha’s chest, where a baby blue satin top was literally down to three threads holding it together.  “Is yours, no?”  Mesha said to Phoebe, whose bottom lip had started to tremble.  “Does this really fit you?”  Swinging her arms back, Mesha bounced on the balls of her feet, the momentum sending her rack crashing up and down.  This new stress was too much for the undersized bra, which snapped with a loud POP.  Phoebe continued to stare speechlessly as the bra straps held the remains of her top loosely on Mesha’s exposed breasts.  

“Mesha, please give Phoebe her bra back.”  Mesha left her spot on the table, pulling the ruined material off her shoulders and holding it in front of her with one finger and a thumb, making a big show of dropping it contemptuously in front of her.  “What am I supposed to do with it?”  Phoebe asked angrily as Mesha returned to her spot with a smirk across her face.  Ignoring her, Lilith waved at the table.  “Phoebe, please remove the rest of your bras so you can’t be eliminated again.”  Phoebe was fuming as she pulled eight other bras off the table, then looked around and took a deep breath.  “Charlotte, may I have my bra?”

Charlotte sneered at her as Phoebe approached.  “Petite fille… you should be ashamed of this.  You have, qu'est ce c'est, training bra.”  Phoebe was wounded by the moment, but she had defiance in her eye as she stared down Charlotte.  “You didn’t pop it.”  Nora and Riley both gasped, meeting eyes with a smile as they did.  Charlotte merely stared, then scrunched her arms in extra tight.  “No no no!!”  Phoebe protested, but with a massive stretch, Charlotte sent the center clasp of the bra flying as she popped it.  Phoebe had shown impressive mental toughness to endure the embarrassment this far, Riley mused, but the way Charlotte dropped the pieces of her second defeated bra seemed to break her, a fat tear rolling down her cheek as she resumed her place.

“Good!  One loser down, one to go… BEGIN!!”  Lilith restarted the game and Riley took the red bra off, deciding her time was better spent elsewhere.  She tossed it back in the pile and blindly grabbed another one, holding a forest green top in front of her.  To her dismay, it looked so large Riley thought she would actually be comfortable in it.  She checked the tag for a size but the organizers had taken a sharpie to it.  As she put it back in the pile, she saw Taylor staring at her with an infuriating satisfied grin.  “Good choice” she cooed condescendingly.  

Blushing, Riley took a brown sheer bra from the pile, but as she did she noticed in horror that her sister’s pink and white bra was now exposed!  Her hands shook as she tried to put the brown bra on, and she couldn’t stop staring at the DD which could get her eliminated.  Feeling eyes on her, Riley looked up and saw Sophie staring right at her, then following Riley’s gaze down to the tiny top.  Looking like she won the lottery, Sophie grabbed the bra gleefully, holding it in front of her and glaring at Riley for confirmation.  Riley said nothing, but the panic in her eyes gave Sophie all she needed as she slipped arms through the armholes.  Riley put a hand up subconsciously as if to stop Sophie from putting it on, wordless pleas to stop frozen on her lips.

POP  “Ohhh my gooooosh, I WON!!!”  Riley had never been more relieved to hear Nora’s voice in her life.  The fury in Sophie’s eyes made Riley giggle with relief as she saw a thin white lace bra hanging from Nora’s huge knockers.  She glanced around, trying to make out who the top belonged to, and saw other girls doing the same, until… “Nora, please give Charlotte her top back.”  “Sure thing!” she pipped, skipping over with her airbags flying and placing the bra halves in front of a bright red Charlotte.  “Sorry it didn’t fit!” she said as she skipped away.  “It.. it was lingerie for boyfriend… It doesn’t.. I don’t.. I wear bigge-”
“Charlotte and Phoebe have lost Bra Busters!” Lilith interrupted, a spotlight shining on both distraught girls.  “Come back later when they face each other for the right to stay in the house in the dreaded Elimination Challenge!”  Riley was growing hungry, and when the lights went off she approached Lilith again.  “Does that mean we’re filming it right now?”  Lilith rolled her eyes.  “No, we’re done for now.  Hit the dining hall and be ready to leave your room at five this evening.”  Riley was glad she had time for a nap; after her heartpounding near-loss, she needed all the rest she could get!

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Breast Battles ch. 2
« on: January 10, 2017, 02:24:02 AM »

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Re: Breast Battles ch. 2
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2017, 03:43:15 AM »
There are a few stories/series that I consider the landmarks of the titfight genre. The first one was "The Contest" by Brent. After that, "Top Cat Gets the Cream" by BJohn was the next game changer. Most recently Jon Grey's "Best Friend's Sister" and Augur's "Tribute to Best Friend's Sister" have set the bar for everyone else. Your first two chapters have the feel of something that will join the pantheon of truly great titfight writing.
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Re: Breast Battles ch. 2
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2017, 06:43:21 PM »
Fantastic start Jessica! These first two chapters have been gorgeous, and this second contest, flushing out the rivalries was a complete turn on... I can't wait for more chapters. Thank you!

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Re: Breast Battles ch. 2
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2017, 02:57:22 PM »
What an excellent story.  You are so descriptive and you have a way with words.  But I was already told that before by one of you previous opponents

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Re: Breast Battles ch. 2
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Amazing!!! Jessica you have a gift!!!

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Re: Breast Battles ch. 2
« Reply #5 on: January 14, 2017, 03:53:02 AM »
I have written some stories, but you definitely have the touch.  I am greatly looking forward to more of this story and future works as well. Great work

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Re: Breast Battles ch. 2
« Reply #6 on: February 20, 2017, 04:09:03 PM »
Very well written and with an original plot.  Your attention to detail is amazing and adds so much to the story.  I can't wait to read the next chapter.   Well done Jessica!   Five stars rating.     

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Re: Breast Battles ch. 2
« Reply #7 on: July 23, 2017, 08:16:12 PM »
This approach is enormous and very very sexy to me :-). Please continue!
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