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Biker Bash Fight Part 2

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Biker Bash Fight Part 2
« on: January 01, 2018, 05:13:54 AM »
A sequel to Biker Bash Fight- Violence and mature content.

It was still early, dawn just beginning to peak through the bedroom windows.  Autumn was snuggled up next to me, one meaty breast lay atop my chest.  it was my favorite, the one with three deep scars about three inches long, slightly puckered where the nails had clinched just shy of the large brown nipple.  Autumn had coal dark hair and dark skin, left over from some Italian or Native American ancestor, the scars lighter than the surrounding flesh.  She had tied up with another brunette in the back room of a bar where they had both worked years ago.  They had beat each other topless in the dim dirty room.  Charlotte had gotten the vise grip on the right titty with her left hand, digging in to get leverage while she tried to break open Autumn's head with a beer bottle.  Autumn had nearly bitten off a nipple and was busy trying tear out an earring.
Looking at that scar always make horny so eased down her body to enjoy breakfast at my favorite spot, pulling her above me so she could enjoy a little breakfast herself.  She's really good at morning meals.  We had lived together awhile before I met Amy, but who in the hell knew where Amy was.  The email only had her pictured in her birthday suit, holding up the  long red tresses from oh so cute little miss beer girl.

After breakfast I was enjoying coffee and toast when Autumn strolled in with one of my shirts on, sans buttons or bra and the thinnest g-string made...I love my life :)  She tossed a dvd down on the table that had come through the mail slot.  there was no name or address, just the plain white wrapper.  "If its porn we can watch it later," she said with a saucy shake of her ass, "if it's not then we can make some." 
She went shopping and I mixed a Jack and Coke and started on the yard.  Two hours and two Jacks later my Saturday morning obligation to neighborhood scenic beauty was done, sweat rolling down my forehead, chest and the crack of my ass, and an ice cold beer as my prize "Whiskey then beer, you are in the clear" i murmmered and spotted the dvd in the table. What the hell, I thought, maybe it is some porn, and I popped it into the player.
It was grainy, jumping around, but I could hear two female voices shouting in the background.  When the scene steadied and focused it was Amy and little miss redheaded beer girl, each of them lunging towards each other while two of the biggest burliest biker bears strained to hold them back.  Amy's shirt was already torn open and Red had one titty hanging out of a black tube top with a very nasty looking scratch running down the top and a raw red  blemish at the top of her puffy pink nipple.  Looks like first blood went to Amy.
They are both petite, blonde Amy and Red with the same light figures but nicely standing 34 c breasts.  Amy has large round pink to brown nipples, while Red has those delicious puffy ones.

It's been long enough for the bruises from their last fight to start turning the several shades of yellow.  They both still have leftover scratches that will probably leave some scars behind, and it looks like they are ready for more.  Their heads jut forward, hands waving and thrusting in the air, while they scream at one another.  How many different ways canyou call someone a cxnt?  I'm probably not going to see today because they have reached the boiling point and are slashing at each others eyes and hair while the tops come off in the mens hands as the girls lock up.
The men don't give up, the girls have latched on to heads and breasts and their feet leave the ground as the men keep trying to pull them back.  they are twisting and thrashing, and the Red's terry cloth shorts come off in the bikers hands letting her moved forward to start kicking.  Grabs her waist and a leg pulling her back up, and giving me a good look at the beautiful thick lips between her legs.  Shit, I think to myself, her beaver is trying to open, the fighting is getting her off and starts to drip.  She's a natural squirter from the one night I remember with her, she ran wet and slick all night, and I tried to eat every drop.
The man holding Amy shakes his head and yells, "Fuck it! Let 'em brawl" and slides Amy's shorts off her narrow waist.  They have let Red go at the same time and they ball up right there.
It's quick and it's viscous, they both move like lightning and are slinging each other around by the hair and pummeling with a closed fist.  Amy loses her grip as a hunk of hair comes off of Red, blood coming up to the top of the scalp.  Red loses her grip as Amy falls, and Red darts forward kicking like mad. 
Amy grabs what looks like a fist size piece of concrete and lashes out, catching Red right between the legs. She drops into a ball, her screams cutting through the air, flouncing on the hard ground, while Amy scrambles over on hands and knees using the rock on any part of Red she can reach.
Blood is running into Reds eyes as Amy grabs at her flailing body to hold it still to connect with several sharp blows.  it sounds like thumping a melon with a wooden spatula.

Red is trying to scramble away and her heel catches Amy under the chin.  You can actually hear her teeth click on the footage.  She's stunned just long enough for Red to swing.  Then they are both on their knees swinging like mad. Amy has a strand of hair in one fist now and is pulling her opponents head towards her, reaching out with her teeth for Red's ear.  Another handful of hair comes loose and both their heads collide with a thwack!

They are down, Red on her back and Amy on her side, both tired but still trying to twist the titty off the other.  Their eyes are shut, their mouths closed in a grimmace as Red rolls Amy over, and then it's a slow motion roll, each fires a fist into the other when she is on top, once, twice, three times they roll until Red is against a garbage container.  Amy wedges her tight against the metal frame while Red buries her teeth into Amy's breast and her claws digging furrows in Amy's neck and back.
Amy winces from the pain and pistons her fist into Red's face, again and again as blood runs out of her titty across Red's face.  Digging her left hand into Red's eyes and nose she shoves her harder into the container and strkes with her right fist again.  There is no give against the container and Red's grip begins to slip off Amy's back, her nails are clotted with blood and skin, and as Amy continues to drive hef fist down in long loping punches, Red's teeth go slack. 
Amy cups her badly bitten breast with her right hand, her left still buried in Red's eye and face.  She sobs, hits Red two more times and then sits back on her naked a sore butt. 
The men have been stunned into silence but now break out in hoops and hollers.  They pull Amy up to her feet and fill her hands with the prizes of the day, two long clumps and strands of once beautiful red hair.  Amy faces the camera, one eye closed and swollen, and breaks out into her shit eating grin.  "So that's where my picture came from!"  I'm breathless, and hard as hell.  I pick up my phone and hit quick dial for Autumn.  "Why don't you drop what you're doing and come on home...and why don't you bring that friend of yours with's gonna be a long night and you are going to need some help," I say with a grin.  I salute my woody with my dead soldier of a beer, and start easing towards the bedroom.  I like being me :-)