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Wrestling "Mom"

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Wrestling "Mom"
« on: May 13, 2018, 09:21:19 PM »
I stood next to my girlfriend Mei backstage, both of us peering out through the curtain; we were up first, and the promotor, Rachel, a tall, slim brunette with a lot of energy, was stomping around the ring, getting the crowd worked up.
“I said, I can’t hear yooo-ouuuu!” she screamed into her mic. “Who’s ready to see some wrestling?!” Apparently the loud roar that came back from the crowd was enough for her as she started introducing my girl: “Well, we got some new blood for you! Please welcome - Meeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii!”
That was her cue, and after a quick kiss on the cheek she parted the curtain, walking down the aisle to the ring to, admittedly, a bit of a half-hearted reaction. That was fine; we’d have the crowd eating out of our hands soon enough. I took a deep breath and got in character. Mei’s my girlfriend, but she was playing my mom, and yes, I know this is a little weird, but we made pretty good money doing this as a side gig. She’s actually about the right age; she was my Mandarin professor in college. Of course, there was a obvious plot hole here as my “Mom” is clearly Chinese, with strong East Asian features and medium dark skin, and I'm a extremely pale, blonde white girl from Minnesota. Nobody seemed to care; I guess I'm either adopted or she's my step-mom. I’d laid the foundation for tonight’s showdown by wrestling a few matches as the “Sexy Schoolgirl,” a bit of a lame character I’ll admit, but it worked well enough, and I'm still a senior in college, so it’s not really false advertising.
Now Mei was in the ring with Rachel, who was grilling her about if she really had the guts to wrestle in a 18+ show where anything’s allowed; was she really ready to battle whoever came down that ramp?
"I'll wrestle anyone!" Mei shouted. "I'm not afraid! Send out someone who's got the guts to face me!"
That was my cue. I took a second to get into character, then I stepped through the curtain, armed with my own mic. “Mom?!” I shrieked into it. “What are you doing here?!” Rachel waved for me to come to the ring, and I headed down the ramp with disbelieving, hesitating steps; Mei’s mouth briefly hung open in shock, then took on a steely look of determination. I slid under the ropes into the ring and walked around my opponent, shaking my head. “Mom, what you doing here?” I repeated.
“Me! Honey, what are YOU doing here?” she yelled back. The crowd was getting into it now, eager to see us lock up. It’s a good matchup - we’re about the same height, me at 5’8” and Mei maybe half an inch taller. I was wearing a very conservatively cut navy blue one-piece, trimmed with white, and had my blonde hair up in two large pigtails. My face is a little long, but I think I’m pretty enough; I was going without makeup for that fresh-faced look, playing to the rafters with my big, innocent green eyes. I’m a little heavier-set than my opponent with slightly broader shoulders and bigger hips; Mei was a little more curvy (we’re both C cups, but hers are slightly larger). She’s very pretty with a round face, large, dark, almond-shaped eyes, a flat nose, and a small, heart-shaped mouth. Her black hair came down past her shoulders in a simple cut, long in the back and sides, framing her face with flat bangs in the front. She was wearing lipstick the same bright red as her more daringly-cut one-piece, her outfit finished with dark pantyhose.

The ref- a MILFy blonde wearing a pinstripe shirt and black pants - checked us for weapons, then it was time to get into it; but before the match started Mei wrapped me up in a hug, then bent me over and started giving me a noogie as I slapped at her body and squealed. Rachel separated us, then the bell rung to start the fight. We were all business now, circling each other warily; Mei offered me a test of strength and I went for it. We're just about even here; Mei's half-inch gave her a tiny leverage advantage, but I've got more endurance, and I knew how to keep her from overpowering me, moving backwards instead of down whenever she tried to force me to my knees. She managed to shove me around the ring, but nothing more, and she was using up more energy than me, her face starting to flush and her skin beginning to glisten with sweat. I saw my chance and poured on as much force as hard as I could; Mom was so into trying to work me down herself she didn't see this coming, yelling in surprise as I managed to start pushing her straight back, aiming her towards one of the corners where I could work her over; but before I got us there, Rachel loomed up behind Mei: "You gonna let her push you around like that?"
Mom swung her foot up between my legs and pain exploded from my crotch. Needless to say the strength fled my body, and the next thing I knew I was on my knees, looking up into my opponent's smiling face, our hands still locked together. “I’m sorry, sweetie!” she yelled. “Don’t worry, I didn’t kick you that hard, you’re not getting out of giving me grandkids! This one’s gonna hurt, though!” She took a step back, lining up a kick into my stomach, the toe of her boot slamming into my belly button and knocking the air from my lungs. The crowd was loudly booing her unsportsmanlike conduct, which was small comfort to me as she released my hands and I collapsed onto my left side, curling up and cradling my aching tummy. Mei rolled me onto my back and covered me for a pin, but this was optimistic, and I threw her off before the ref even had time to get into position to count; I assumed my mom would let me at least get up to continue the match unmolested, but I was still just on my knees when she came around to my side, grabbing my right wrist, pulling me up and getting a painful standing armbar on me.
"Ow!" I yelled. "Mom, you're hurting me!"
"That's the idea, honey!" she yelled cheerfully before starting to slam clubbing blows with her free hand into my right shoulder. These drove me down to one knee, then my chest; she straddled my lower back, turning the armbar into a very painful, high hammerlock. I squealed, pounding the mat helplessly with my free hand. "Do you want to give up, sweetheart?" Mei asked. Rachel was there with the mic; I squeaked out a brave “No!”. Mom released her hold, but I barely had time to rub my aching limb and shoulder before she sat down on my back, pulling my arms backward over her legs, cupping her hands under my chin, then pulling back, wrenching my neck with her expert camel clutch. It would have been bad enough if she’d just hauled back with full force, but she knew how to inflict maximum pain; she’d apply enough pressure to make me scream, then ease off just enough for me to take a few breaths, then lean back with full force again. After a half-dozen of these I didn’t even have it in me to yell in pain, instead gasping and trying not to cry. When she finally let me go I flopped to the mat on my chest, and I could have cried with relief, until she got to her feet and started delivering devastating stomps. Each impact of her boot on my aching back shot pain through my body, and for good measure a few of her blows also landed on my still-sore right shoulder. She gave me nine or ten before pulling me up to my feet, kicking me in the stomach to bend me over, then lifted me off the ground with a underhook suplex, bridging her body backwards, hooking one of my legs for a pin.
I freed myself at one and a half; she'd inflicted quite a bit of punishment on me, but I was young and had a lot of endurance, and although her hooking my leg stopped me from kicking out using that limb, without her body weight on top of me it was easy enough to just roll away from her. She sat up, stunned, apparently thinking I was down for the count; I let her get to her feet, resisting the urge to rub my sore shoulder (not wanting to show any weakness), waving her on, the crowd cheering. Despite her painful moves, I was feeling okay, riding a wave of adrenaline. Feeling confident, I offered her another test of strength and she went to lock up with me, but stopped at the last second - Rachel was behind her, covering the mic with her hand, whispering something in my mom's ear.
"Come on!" I yelled. "Let's go!"
Rachel gave my mom a pat on the shoulder and backed off. Mom came at me, but instead of locking up with me she reached past my hands, grabbing the straps on my swimsuit. "What the fuck!" I screamed as she tried to pull my top down. "Mom! Stop!"
"Honey, you've got a beautiful body!" Mei yelled at me. "Let everyone see it!"
"No!" I howled. We struggled; I managed to hold the straps against my shoulders for a second, until she punched me hard in the stomach. I gasped and froze, leaving her free to easily pull the straps off my shoulders and work the material down, smiling as she exposed my breasts to the delight of the crowd, which quickly turned to booing and hooting as I covered myself with my arms.
"Sweetie!" she scolded. "Let everyone see -" she grabbed my wrists and tried to yank my arms away, and now we struggled over this; I was at a bad angle and after a minute of frantic tussling she pulled my arms away, the crowd now cheering and whistling at my bare tits. With a scream I gave my mom a headbutt; I was good at this move, and stunned my opponent. She dropped my hands, stumbling backwards, hands over her nose and mouth, shaking her head. I followed her, kneeing her hard in the stomach to bend her over, snapping off a crisp DDT, driving the top of her head into the canvas. She came to rest sprawled out on her back, momentarily helpless. Pressing my attack I pulled her up to her feet, whipping her into one of the corners - she has good ring instincts and she turned, her back slamming into the turnbuckles instead of her chest. I charged her, slamming my shoulder into her gut, hearing her gasp as I drove the air out of her. I grabbed the middle ropes and started giving her repeated shoulder thrusts; each one drew a yell, then a moan as I pounded her stomach.
By the time I released the ropes and stepped back, mom was wrecked; she slowly slid down until she was sitting down in the corner, her arms looped over the middle rope. I took another step back, then another, my arms up, asking the crowd for more noise; they obliged, an almost deafening wave of cheers and excited yelling washing over me. One more step back I judged was enough and I charged into the corner, aiming a dropkick at my mom's face.
At the last second she ducked, falling flat on her back; with a terrified scream I sailed over her, missing both my target and the turnbuckles, stopping only when my legs went around the ringpost and I slammed into it crotch-first. The pain was indescribable; I ended up on my back, legs outside the ring, holding my pussy and trying not to cry, paralyzed in agony.
"Oh my God!" my mother screamed. "Honey, are you okay?!" I couldn't even answer; full of concern, she dragged me out of the corner and went for an immediate pin. (Thanks, Mom.)  "Just let me pin you, sweetie!" she ordered. I managed to kick out just before three, but I was still hurt pretty bad; Mei tried to pull me up to my feet, but I couldn't stand up straight, hunched over and still covering my aching crotch. She went behind me, linking her arms around my midsection, then with a grunt lifted me up over her, bringing me back down on top of my head with a German suplex. She held on to me for a pin, which I again barely broke out of before the three.
I looked up to see my mom glaring down at me with her hands on her hips: "What do you think you're doing? You're just making this harder on yourself! Look at you, you can't even stand up! What's the point of making Mommy hurt you?"
I drew my hands away from my crotch, managing to lay up on my elbows planning to yell something defiant and brave at her, but before I could even take a breath she gave me a standing cross-body splash, her torso slamming into mine, knocking the air out of me and knocking me back down. Still on top of my body, she quickly hooked my leg in another pin attempt. I kicked out at two, barely; I was running on pure instinct at this point. With a sigh Mei got off me, getting a handful of my hair and one arm and pulling me up to my feet, bending me over and nailing me with a few knee lifts to my stomach that had me gasping. "If you won't stay down for Mommy, then Mommy will just have to put you down!" Mei screamed. She got me in a headlock and marched me over to the ropes, pushing me into them back-first; when I tried to come off them she hit me hard in the stomach. I collapsed back against the ropes, arms over the tops to keep myself standing, and she took a step back, hitting me with a vicious side kick in the gut. After all the punishment she'd just inflicted on my aching tummy I almost threw up; the impact knocked my arms free and I sank down to a sitting position. Mei came in and looped my arms over the middle ropes, then got on her knees in front of me. "Give up, honey!"
"No," I gasped.
"We'll do it the hard way then!" I braced myself for her to hit me, but instead she pushed my legs apart.
"What are-" I froze, my mask a face of shock, as her right hand went between my legs, caressing my crotch. How long I would have just sat there I don't know, but I want to thank the drunk audience member who screamed "You fuckin’ whoooooooooooooooooore!" at me for snapping me out of it.
"Mom, get off my pussy!" I squealed. She turned my head with a nasty slap that had my cheek smarting.
"Language!" she yelled at me. I tried to push her away, but she slammed another punch into my tummy and I slumped back; she went back to rubbing my crotch through my suit. Rachel came over to stuff the mic into my face and ask if I wanted to give; I think she really just wanted to get me moaning on-mic, which she did for quite a few seconds before I could muster the energy to bark out a brave, defiant "No!" and shake my head.
Mei kept at me, bracing her left forearm under my chin, pushing my head back as she kept rubbing my most sensitive spot with her right hand. The only way I'd been able to last this long is that my crotch was still a little sore, but even so I couldn't take too much more of this attack; I looked into Mei's smiling face and saw she knew it too. She could certainly see the wet spot even on the dark material of my suit, and it didn't help when Rachel got her face right in there to start screaming play-by-play of my mom doing this to me to the crowd. This went on for another minute before I simply closed my legs around my mom’s hand; boos washed over me, egged on
by Rachel screaming “No! Come on!” into the mic. “Spread ‘em, or you’ll never wrestle in this town again!” I shook my head no. My opponent tried to pull her hand away, but I had it locked tight. “Now, honey,” she hissed in her Mom Voice, "you open those legs right now."
"No," I grunted.
"SWEETIE," she leaned in to yell in my face, "Mommy is trying to finish you off without hurting you. Either open your legs right now, or Mommy is going to have to knock you out!"
I tried to lean forward, but her forearm under my chin stopped me; she pushed my head back so far I was looking straight up into the ring lights. I felt someone grabbing my ankles - it had to be Rachel; the ref was standing next to me with her hands on her hips staring at me dumbly, while Mei's left arm was still pushing my head back, and her right hand was definitely still working my pussy. I tried to yell at the ref for help, but my mom's arm slipped down, moving from pressing up against my jaw to straight against my neck. I gasped, too trapped to even struggle; I couldn't get my arms off the ropes, and whoever was holding my ankles had them pinned strongly to the mat. Mei eased up on the choke, applying enough pressure to keep me helpless against the ropes, but not enough to have any danger of knocking me out.
I saw the ref move and for a second I thought she was going to break up this blatantly illegal double-team, but with a sinking heart I realized she was just obeying Rachel's order to pick the mic up off the mat; she came over and stuffed it in my face to catch my climax, which wasn't long coming. I felt the strip of material covering my crotch being moved to the side, and Mei slipped two fingers into me; I moaned like a bitch into the mic, giving up any pride I had left. Mom started pumping me, curling her elegant fingers into a come-here motion that she knew drove me wild. That was all I could take; the crowd had turned on me, having gone from rooting for me as the underdog babyface to just wanting to see me cum, and they got their wish, erupting in a booming cheer as I screamed my climax into the mic, Mei teasing me through my orgasm.
I was left totally helpless; Rachel let go of my legs and Mei got to her feet, staring down at me with her hands on her hips: "That was for your own good, sweetie!" she reached down and unhooked my arms from the ropes. She grabbed me by my right arm and leg and dragged me to the center of the ring, then covered me for a pin, not bothering to hook my leg.
I can't blame her for missing this small detail; I couldn't even stand up, and I certainly looked defeated, but I had just enough gas left in the tank to kick out a millisecond before the ref counted three. Mei got to her knees glaring down at me. "You just don't know when to let Mommy pin you, do you?!"
"Uh," I gasped. (It was all I could manage.) She got up, pulling me up with her, bending me over and slapping on a strong headlock, dragging me over to another empty corner; she stuffed me into it back-first. By now I was starting to recover a little and was able to muster a, admittedly, somewhat pathetic escape attempt that she ended with a hard knee to my belly. I had to lean forward against her to stay standing; she shoved me back into the corner, wrapping her arms around my body. With a grunt she hefted me up so I was sitting on the top turnbuckle. I knew whatever she was planning was bad news, but when I started to move to make another escape attempt, she stopped me cold with a few hard punches to my now terribly sore stomach; it was all I could do not to barf, let alone trying to fight back. Mei stopped to taunt me: "I brought you into this world, honey, and now I'm gonna take you out!" (Looking back this doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it did sound cool at the time.) She gave me one more punch, then hooked her right arm around my neck, her feet braced on the top rope; time slowed down as with a scream she lifted me over her head in a superplex. For a split second I looked down in terror at the ring, which seemed horribly far away; then I started on my way down, my back and the back of my head slamming into the canvas with match-ending force. I hit so hard my ears were set ringing, and I watched, dazed, as Mei walked over to me. She shouted something I couldn't make out, then took a seat on my face. Even in my woozy state I could smell her excitement through her suit. She grabbed my right ankle, pulling my right leg up to stop me from kicking out - pointlessly; I couldn't move at all, but I can’t blame her for not taking any chances at this point - and I felt the ref's hand slapping the mat next to my head once, twice, three times.
Mei jumped off me, running around the ring and soaking up the crowd's cheers as I covered myself in defeat. She stopped to hug Rachel, who was screaming her praises into the mic, then seemed to remember me and came over to tenderly help me up, hollering “C’mon, sweetie, we have to get you home in time for school tomorrow!” When I angrily pushed her away she grabbed my right ear, dragging me out of the ring and up the ramp as I danced behind her on my tiptoes trying without much success to minimize the discomfort of her tugging on my earlobe; I let out a whining “Moooommmmmmm, let gooooooooo!” just before we disappeared behind the curtain dividing the arena from the back.


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Re: Wrestling "Mom"
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Great story, fun concept....


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Re: Wrestling "Mom"
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Yes, I agree with ctftluvr. Great concept. One that could be repeated over and over again.
Great story.



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Re: Wrestling "Mom"
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  Liked the story a lot !