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Summer Steele, Action Star

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Summer Steele, Action Star
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Summer Steele, Action Star
   A couple of my friends have asked me to share this story.  It's about the actress Summer Steele, who starred in a couple of action flicks in the early 2000s. People have wondered what happened to her. She was destined to be a bigger star and sex symbol than Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra, and Anna Nicole Smith combined. After two cheesy, low budget action films, that made her a star on late night cable television, she disappeared from the public eye. As a Hollywood cameraman and occasional director, I had the opportunity to work with Summer on, what turned out to be, her last project.  That project turned out to be the sexiest, most memorable work I've been involved with in my 20 year Hollywood career. 
  Before I get into that, I thought I'd share Summer's pre-show business background. I realize many of you are very familiar with Summer's story, since it has been well documented in the tabloids. But, for those reading this under the age of 25, here's a quick bio of the sexy blonde.
  Summer's real name is Mary Schwartz. She grew up in a small town in Iowa. By the time she was in 8th grade, she was the tallest kid in her school and had also acquired the nickname Mary Big Boobs.  She graduated high school without going on one single date. While she may have thought that the boys found her unattractive, later interviews with her classmates reveal that they were extremely intimidated by the tall, overly developed teen.
  Things changed when Mary went to college in Los Angeles on a volleyball scholarship. The college students (and professors) were not as intimidated by her Amazonian appearance and she was constantly being bombarded with requests for dates. Her 6-foot frame and 40 DD tits became an asset, as she also became a fan favorite on the volleyball team. Before she had arrived, the team was lucky to have 70 fans at their games. As her legend grew, the attendance rose into the thousands. She wasn't the most talented player on the team, in fact, it was assumed the male coach had recruited her based on her looks and potential fan appeal, rather than her volleyball skill. The big blonde spent more time on the beach working on her tan than she spent in the gym working on her game. Men from all over Southern California flocked to the school to see Mary and her lushly curved 155 lbs. body squeezed into her form-fitting uniform. The jersey appeared to be hiding a couple of volleyballs, as her massive melons bulged from her chest. Her curve-hugging shorts, which were probably a size too small, barely contained her swollen ass. 
 Unfortunately, her success on the volleyball court did not equate to success in the classroom. After one semester, Mary flunked out of college with a 0.0 GPA. She did not pass one single class. Obviously not a genius, Mary was smart enough to know that she had a future in the entertainment field. She hired a Hollywood agent and set out to become a star. Her agent was a crafty guy named Moe Reinfeldt. Moe handled a lot of marginal, low-level performers and, after 30 years in the business, was hungry for a star. As soon as Mary walked into his office, he saw dollar signs.
  Moe set Mary up with an acting teacher. After 2 months and a few thousand dollars, the acting coach assured Moe that Mary had zero acting ability and that further instruction was a waste of everyone's time. Unperturbed, Moe decided she would be an action star.  Action stars require fighting skills and athletic ability, but not as much acting talent. Since she had the athletic ability, Moe sent her to a dojo to learn to fight. She appeared to pick up fighting techniques easily because she became a black belt in karate in record time.
  Armed with a new name (Summer Steele), a stunning photo, and a resume that now included a black belt in karate, Moe quickly landed her a role in the film New York Street Angel. If you've never seen it, you can find it on Netflix. Soon after she starred in the late night classic Escape from Bikini Island.
  Anxious to capitalize on her rising popularity and move more into mainstream entertainment, Summer decided to take a break from making movies. She decided she was bigger than the parts that she was being offered. Telling one reporter that she "had been called the Meryl Streep of action films and therefore wanted a role worthy of her immense talent." I don't know who had compared her to Meryl Streep, but it is obvious why she had become a big star- she looked great in short skirts, especially when doing her trademark high kick. 
  Instead of making movies, she told Moe that she wanted her own reality TV show. Her fans had been telling her how great she was and she knew she was more interesting than Anna Nicole Smith, who had been given her own show. In her mind, a reality show would be a sure-fire hit. Moe disagreed, but eager to keep his biggest client happy, he set about making things happen.
He couldn't find a studio interested in funding the show, so money was the biggest hurdle. H. E. Pennypacker, a wealthy industrialist, philanthropist, and bicyclist, agreed to finance the show and become the producer. He provided a generous budget in order to create 8 shows to shop around to the networks.
  With money no longer a problem, Moe began hiring a crew. This is where I come in. I had been working as a cameraman but, like most people in Hollywood, I really wanted to become a director. After working on Escape from Bikini Island, Moe and I had become acquainted. Since I was available and willing to work cheap, Moe hired me to direct the show.
  Naming the show Always Summer, we began developing ideas for it.  Summer wanted to focus on her daily life- exercising, getting her hair done, attending parties, etc. I quickly realized that Summer was a stereotypical Hollywood diva, and would not be easy to work with. She had many demands, including a massive double-wide trailer on the set. One day, she decided the carpet was tostagehandd insisted that a stage hand iron it. She also had another assistant to follow her around with a bottle of expensive mineral water. It had to be ice cold, so every 10 minutes, the assistant would have to run back to the fridge and exchange the bottle for a colder one. When she was walking to and from her trailer, no one was allowed to talk to her, unless she spoke first. Once she demanded that we order pizza for after filming was completed for the day. Instead of pizza from a local establishment, she insisted that we send a crew member to her favorite pizza place, which was 60 miles away. By the time the pizza had arrived, she had already gone to sleep. Still, she was the star and we did what we could to keep her happy. And with much of our budget dedicated to Summer's wardrobe, we ensured she looked great in every scene.
  Summer insisted that we film her at the gym. Wearing a sexy, 2-piece attire, that accentuated her curves, we devoted a 15-minute block to her working out. Even though she had been a college athlete and was still in excellent form, Summer was not a hard-bodied type. Instead, she had a soft, sensuous body, with lots of curves. Even though her biceps did not bulge out when she did curls, and her midsection lacked a rippled six-pack, she still oozed sex appeal in her workout. While doing the bench press, we filmed her from every angle, as she gently bounced the bar off her generous breasts. When she did squats, her prominent ass proved most camera-friendly as it jutted out sexily.
  In another episode, we filmed her on a date with the ex-NBA player Nick Jones.  She wore a silk dress that clung to every curve, leaving little to the imagination. The sides were slit up to her hip, showing off her long, shapely tanned legs. Her calf muscles popped out sexily above the 5-inch stiletto heels that also gave her an exotic Amazon look and allowed her to see eye to eye with the tall basketball player.
  After they finished 2 shows, Moe thought it would be a good idea to allow a group of critics to preview the shows. This way they could get an idea of what the audience might like and what they might not like. As it turned out, they didn't like any of it. The show was a disaster. While they all agreed that Summer looked sexy, the shows themselves were dull and uninteresting. They complained that Summer was an action star, but the shows had very little action in them. Pennypacker came up with the brilliant idea of creating opportunities for Summer to get in a fight on each show. Summer resisted, but after Pennypacker threatened to pull his millions out of the project, the buxom blonde agreed.
  In the next 2 shows, Summer showed off her fighting skills. In one episode, she beat up a roid raging bodybuilder, who was threatening staff at the gym she frequented. In the next episode, she took on a group of lesbian bikers that were terrorizing a family that lived next door to them. We showed these 2 episodes to the critics and they loved them. It was obvious we had a hit on our hands. Reality TV was big business, but no one was doing a show like ours.
  I was extremely impressed by Summer's fighting ability. Before seeing her in action, I had assumed her combat skills would only be successful in a closely controlled, scripted environment, but on our shows, we let her do her thing. Pennypacker hired assistants to scout out potential fight opportunities and then we would bring Summer on to the scene.  The fights, while somewhat arranged, were totally unscripted. The beautiful blonde had a fighting style similar to Steven Seagal, in that her movements appeared slow and deliberate, but she was still unstoppable.
  When we were preparing for the 5 episode, Pennypacker approached me with a possible fight situation.
  "One of my minions told me about a sorry SOB that has been beating his girlfriend." Said Pennypacker.  "I think audiences would love to see Summer teach the scum a lesson about hitting women."
  I agreed. "Sounds like the perfect villain for our next show."
  Pennypacker gave us the name of his contact and Summer and I went to meet them. It turned out to be a pretty brunette named Olivia.
  "My roommate, Chloe," Olivia said, "has an abusive boyfriend named Chad. He comes over, gets drunk and hits Chloe. I can't take it anymore. You have to do something. I've tried to convince her to break up with him, but she claims she loves him."
  "Don't worry," Summer replied, "Lowlife creeps like him are my specialty. Just tell us when he's coming over."
  On a side note, I found Olivia adorable. She had a cute face and nice tits (not Summer Steele type tits, but definitely above average). I asked her out after the meeting, and that evening we had dinner.
  A few days later Olivia called. She said Chad was coming over that evening to watch a football game. His friend Hunter was coming with him. Olivia was certain there would be trouble. Whenever Chad and Hunter watched the game, they always got drunk. Whenever Chad got drunk, he would get abusive towards Chloe. I contacted Pennypacker and he set everything up.
That evening, myself, a technician, Moe, and Pennypacker waited in a mobile van down the street. Earlier, Pennypacker had sent a crew in to install hidden video cameras throughout the apartment. Summer had gone in with Olivia and was waiting in her room. Finally, Chad and Hunter had arrived. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. Even though we had done a couple of these fight scenes before with no problems, I knew any number of things could go wrong. I really wondered what Summer was going through. The way things were planned, she could be waiting for hours for the right time to confront Chad.
  Fortunately, we had some good luck. First of all, Chad and Hunter had stopped at a bar before they arrived and were already a little inebriated. In addition, the team they had bet on had a disastrous first quarter. Needless to say, Chad was quickly looking for trouble. Within a half hour of arriving, Chad became abusive and began pushing Chloe around. As planned, Olivia stepped in first.
  "Get your hands off her!" Olivia said.
  "And who's going to stop me?" Chad asked, with a cocky smirk on his face.
  "How about Summer Steele," said Summer Steele, as she stepped into the room. You should have seen the way she moved. The blonde swayed as she walked, those hips moving from side to side. She was so graceful, so confident, so powerful. Summer took three steps into the room, stopped and put her hands on her hips in a self-assured superhero type stance. No doubt she had practiced this look in front of a mirror many times.
  At first, Chad's mouth dropped open as he stood staring at the seductive starlet. The statuesque blonde wore a sexy outfit that she had designed herself. Her top was a white sleeveless shirt that had Always Summer embroidered in gold letters and red trim. Low cut in the front, it fit snugly around her massive tits. She wore red spandex pants that almost looked like they were painted on. I zoomed a camera in on her plump backside. The tight material fit perfectly around her nicely formed butt cheeks. Completing her outfit were her white, go-go boots with stiletto heels. The outfit was intentionally designed to look superheroish. She had unveiled the outfit in the previous episode and the critics loved it. I thought the tight pants and boots were impractical to fight in, but Summer told me the pants stretched and assured me she could move fine in the boots. After beating up the lesbian bikers, I was totally convinced.
  "Who the hell are you?" Chad asked with a sneer.
  "I'm the one who's going to teach you a lesson."
  "Is that a fact, bitch? And how do you suppose you're going to do that?"
  "We can do it the easy way, or the hard way. The easy way is where you apologize to Chloe and promise not to lay a hand on her again. The easy way is not much fun for me. I prefer the hard way."
  "OK, bitch, what's the hard way."
  "That's where I kick your sorry butt."   
  "That does sound like fun." Chad was cocky now, but I had a feeling his cockiness would not last. Being half drunk, he didn't stand a chance against Summer. I didn't think Hunter would be much help either since he wasn't any soberer.
  Chad came at Summer and tried to punch her twice, but each time the blonde deftly moved aside. Finally, he attempted to grab Summer, but she seized his arm and tossed him into the wall. She was clearly just playing with him. Chad tried to throw another punch, but again Summer dodged it, following it with a punch of her own that landed on his chin. She followed it with another punch to the other side of his face. Chad was wide open for the next punch that landed in his gut. He gasped for air as he fell back against the wall.
  As I expected, Hunter decided to get involved. He grabbed Summer from behind, wrapping his arms around her narrow waist. Chad grabbed her wrists.
  "Now bitch, I'm going to teach you a lesson." Chad sneered.
  Summer looked to be in trouble, but she didn't appear concerned. She had really grown in confidence as a fighter. A few weeks ago she might have panicked, but now she remained poised and calm as she prepared her next move. With one swift kick, her knee came up and struck Chad between the legs. He dropped in pain. Next, she slammed Hunter in the midsection with her elbow. Summer turned to face him and then dropped him with one of her famous high kicks. He landed on the floor with a thud. Next, she turned to face Chad, who was struggling back to his feet. The ensuing minute was a clinic in the art of karate, as Summer punched, kicked, and tossed Chad around the room. Eventually, the big blonde pinned him to the wall, with one hand on his throat. With the other hand, she slapped him and backhanded him repeatedly. He was helpless to stop her.
  Just when I thought the scene was wrapping up, Chloe screamed out, "Get off him!" She lunged at Summer and grabbed a handful of her long, blonde hair. Now it was Summer's turn to appear helpless, as Chloe slung her to the ground.
  All of us in the truck were stunned, as well as the gorgeous Amazon, who lay on the floor trying to compose herself. Slowly, she rose to her feet. Chloe stood defiantly between Summer and Chad and appeared ready to defend her man if necessary. She was a 5'3 105 lbs. redhead wearing a yellow halter top, cut off Daisy Dukes, and cowboy boots. Her skimpy clothes revealed a thin body, with few curves. Though not unattractive by any means, she appeared plain compared to the fabulous looking Summer.
  "Why did you do that?" Summer asked. "I was trying to help you."
  "I don't need your help, you cheap slut."
  "Cheap slut?  Maybe you deserve to be beat."
  " You Bitch! I've a good mind to beat your ass!" Chloe was clearly letting her temper get the better of her. Summer was significantly bigger and had proven to be a skilled martial arts master. This was making for great TV.
  "We need to stop this," said Moe.
  "No way!" Said Pennypacker. "This is ratings gold."
  "I don't care; we need to stop this. We're no longer in control of the situation."
  "We're not stopping this and that's final."
  I didn't know what Moe was so concerned about. Summer had faced much tougher looking opponents before. Still, Chloe had some spunk and wasn't backing down. The war of words continued and before I knew it they were in each other's face (actually Chloe was in Summer's tits) yelling insults.
  "That's it," Summer snapped, "I've had enough of your smart mouth." She slapped Chloe. They were so close, her hand glanced harmlessly off the side of Chloe's head. The petite girl erupted, her hands flying into Summer's hair. She pulled the blonde's head downward and, with one hand, began punching her furiously. The redhead appeared to be part alley cat, as she ripped and clawed at the bewildered blonde. Our star tried to get away, but Chloe's painful grip on her hair made fleeing impossible. Not only was Summer losing wads of hair, her valuable face was being brutalized. If Chloe broke Summer's nose, we wouldn't be able to film for months.
  "Maybe we should stop it," I said. "This is getting out of hand."
  "How are we going to stop it?" Asked Pennypacker. "We are 5 minutes away and then when you get to the apartment building, you have to be buzzed in. No one in that room is going to buzz you in. It's best to just sit back and enjoy the show." Pennypacker seemed to enjoy watching his prized investment get pummeled.
  Summer wasn't completely without allies in the room. Olivia was there and was yelling at Chloe to stop. Finally, Olivia jumped in and grabbed Chloe. I was excited to see the cute brunette save Summer. We had only been on one date so far, but I was really attracted to her and had promised to show her on camera as much as possible. At 5'2 and 125 lbs., Olivia had a soft but cute and cuddly body. As mentioned before, she had nice tits, but her best feature was her well-rounded butt. She wore a tight blue tank top and black tights. Since she knew she was going to be on TV, she tried to dress to show off her curvaceous features.
Unfortunately, Chloe flung Olivia off like a raging bronco. Then she turned on the brunette and clobbered her in the face with her fist. Olivia crumpled to the floor with a whimper.
  "Grab her, Chad," Chloe said, "while I finish off the blonde cow."
  Summer was stumbling towards the door, trying to get away, but tripped and fell. Chloe quickly pounced and the two began rolling around on the floor. Despite Summer's size advantage, it continued to be a lopsided battle in Chloe's favor. The redhead fought dirty, pulling hair, scratching the face, and even biting fingers. Summer's shirt was shredded in the fray. Chloe pulled the remnants off and wrapped it around Summer's throat and began choking her. Finally, the blonde was able to push the smaller girl off her. Catching her second wind, Summer scrambled to her feet and ran to the door. It was locked and before she could figure out how to get it unlocked, Chloe was on her.
  I didn't know if she was fighting out of desperation or if her well-honed combat skills had finally kicked in, but Summer began fighting back. She pushed the redhead away, then punched her in the head, and then kicked her in the stomach. Suddenly the tide was turned and Summer began establishing control over her untrained foe with a series of karate chops and kicks.  Now that she had enough space, I knew what was coming next- Summer's signature high kick. She had finished off many opponents with her powerful legs, opponents much bigger than the diminutive Chloe.
  With a confident look on her face, Summer launched her kick. It was smooth and well-aimed, just like dozens of other high kicks I'd seen her perform on camera. Headed right for Chloe's head, the redhead didn't make a move to avoid it, instead she did the unexpected. Inches from her face, she caught Summer's foot in midflight. The sexy starlet's mouth dropped open wide, her look of confidence replaced by a look of fear, as Chloe held her stiletto boot in her hands.
  "No… don't… let me loose!" Summer whimpered. She knew she was in a vulnerable and helpless position, completely at the mercy of the vicious redhead. Chloe responded with an evil laugh. It was kind of sexy seeing Summer struggle to balance on one foot, her powerful looking legs spread apart. Seeing her look scared and beg for mercy was a dramatic change from her normal demanding diva demeanor. Chloe decided to try a kick of her own, a pale, slender leg striking out at her defenseless target. While Summer's kick failed to strike its objective, Chloe's landed dead-on. The tip of her cowboy boot struck perfectly into the apex of Summer's open legs. The curvy blonde's hands dropped between her thighs, as she let out an anguished moan. Chloe let go of her foot and Summer dropped over the arm of the couch.
  Summer was clearly in pain, but looked hotter than ever, with her plump ass jutting into the air. This presented an inviting target to Chloe, who couldn't resist slapping it several times. Then she grabbed Summer's waistband and began pulling her sexy spandex pants down. I was both concerned, shocked, and aroused at the idea of our sexy star being stripped further. I knew her humiliation could be mean the end of our show and my job, but at the same time, I really wanted to see her naked. Chloe had them halfway down Summer's sizable rump when Chad stepped in.
  "I don't think you should do that," he said.
  "Why not? The bitch deserves it."
  "You don't understand. Look here and here and over here." Chad started pointing out our camera locations.
  "How does he know about the cameras?" I asked Pennypacker.
  "Well… we had to get his permission. Think of the liability factor. We would be sued if Summer went around beating up random strangers."
  "That makes sense, I guess." Still, I knew there was more that I wasn't being told.
  As Chad explained the show's concept to Chloe, Summer, oblivious to their conversation, started regaining her strength. She pulled her pants back up and turned to face Chloe. She took a deep breath and tried to focus. It was obvious she would need to use all her karate skills effectively if she wished to escape this apartment with any dignity left intact.  The bloody scratch marks streaking her gorgeous face were reminders of what could happen is she was unable to defend herself.
  After Chad finished explaining why Summer was in the apartment, I thought Chloe would be willing to let Summer leave. Instead, the sadistic redhead seemed to be excited about the prospect of humiliating the Hollywood star on camera. She turned to face the sexy starlet. While Summer had a look of complete concentration, Chloe looked like a child on Christmas morning eyeing her presents.
  "Ready for more?" Chloe asked. Summer responded by taking a fighting stance.
  "You made me angry. That's a mistake you will live to regret." Summer said, quoting one of her lines from New York Street Angel. When the redhead hungrily moved towards her, Summer reacted with a front snap kick, followed by several sidekicks and punches. For a moment, Summer looked like the action star from her films. Performing karate strike after strike, the blonde appeared to be in control until I noticed the expression on Chloe's face. Instead of looking scared or rattled, she looked as if she was amused. Summer grew more and more frustrated as she was unable to land an effective blow.
  Chloe began toying with the big blonde. As she effortlessly dodged Summer's strikes, she would counter with slaps to the face and jabs to the abdomen. She discovered her most effective move when she landed an uppercut to Summer's chest. Summer let out a sexy squeal, as one of her boobs plopped out of her bra. Chloe giggled excitedly at Summer's reaction, which encouraged her to attack her breasts some more. In her films, Summer never demonstrated any defensive skills and now, locked in a real-life struggle, it was clear she had none. Chloe pummeled her massive, juicy melons at will. The blonde whimpered in pain as her tits bounced and sloshed around from Chloe's punches.
  It was well known how sensitive Summer's breasts were. One of the first viral hits on YouTube was from Summer's volleyball days. An opponent spiked a ball directly into the blonde's big tits. The crowd cheered excitedly as Summer had to leave the game in tears. A skillful cameraman zoomed in on a crying Summer massaging her aching mounds of soft flesh.   
  Just like in the video, Summer began crying as Chloe pummeled her luscious body. So unlike the tough characters she played in films, crocodile tears began flowing down her cheeks and she begged for Chloe to stop. Behind the tears, I saw fear in her eyes, as she was unable to fight off the redhead. The diva all but surrendered, as she put her hands up in front, futilely trying to block Chloe's blows. The sexy blonde was unable to shield all of her amazing, shapely body from the redhead's attack. Unfortunately, she had too many curves and not enough hands.
  Chloe grabbed Summer's bra and began tugging at it, trying to rip it off the blonde. I enjoyed watching my star's boobs bounce violently in the struggle, as Summer was jostled about in the fray. She struggled to fight off Chloe, but after a couple of shots to the face, she covered her head, allowing Chloe to unhook the bra and jerk it free. I was amazed at how impressive and firm were Summer's tits. For boobs so enormous they had very little sag. What made them even more impressive was that they were real. I had seen pictures of her in high school wearing a bikini and they were just as extraordinary back then. With every blow Summer received, her fat tits would jiggle and shake wildly, then fall back into their perfect upright position.
  Chloe tossed Chad the bra and told him to use it to tie her hands behind her back. Now Summer was really helpless and Chloe took full advantage. The nasty redhead was able to take her time and put some real force behind her punches. Fortunately for Summer, Chloe was not the most powerful female in the world. Still, she was able to inflict considerable hurt on Summer's defenseless and exposed body. She paid special attention to Summer's fat tits, that jiggled sexily after each blow. Though Summer's waist was reasonably thin for a woman her size, she hardly had a six-pack and her tummy was pelted by Chloe small fists. The smooth flesh gave way, as Chloe's knuckles sunk deep into her abdomen. Summer grunted and then gasped for air.
  "I don't believe it," I said. The truth of the situation slowly sinking in. "So were all of Summer's fight's rigged."
  "Yes," Pennypacker answered. He was not as upset as I thought he should be, seeing that his big investment was being destroyed. Instead, he seemed annoyed at me disturbing him from watching the fight.
  "But Summer has a black belt in karate. She should be able to take on someone Chloe's size." Pennypacker just shrugged his shoulders, while Moe looked guilty like he was hiding something. "She does have a black belt in karate, doesn't she Moe?"
  "Yes, of course she does… sort of."
  "How do you sort of have a black belt?"
"It takes years to get a black belt, they want you to pay all this money and get all these other belts first. It's really a big racket. So I sort of paid this dojo 10 grand and they skipped all those other belts and gave her the black belt."
  Still, not everything made sense. "So why would she fight this girl if she knew she couldn't fight?"
  "She doesn't know the fights were rigged. She's not a very good actor, so we thought it'd be more believable if she really thought she was kicking ass."
  "Oh." Suddenly everything made sense.
  Looking back at the monitor, Chloe was making mincemeat of Summer.  The blonde's soft, shapely body was being turned into mush. Chloe stopped the beating and grabbed the waistband of Summer's spandex pants. She slid them down Summer's shapely legs until they were bunched up around her ankles. Afraid of panty lines protruding through her skintight spandex, Summer wasn't wearing any panties. She was now virtually nude. Penthouse had offered her a lot of money to pose naked for them. I doubt they would pay much for the stills from this video though because Summer was a mess. Chloe had smashed her up pretty good. She had bloody scratches and bruises on her once perfect breasts. Summer had a swollen eye and nose was leaking blood badly. Drool dripped from her lips as she sobbed uncontrollably. Her mascara was smeared all over her cheeks. Still, there remained a sexy quality to the impotent curvaceous starlet, as she stood there helpless before her tormentor.
  "So you think you know karate," Chloe teased, "Well I'll show you how to do karate." Using Summer as a punching dummy, she began kicking and karate chopping the blonde. The redhead, clearly, did not know how to do karate, but with her foe completely helpless before her, she was still able to land some painful blows. Her kicks appeared especially painful, thanks to her pointed cowboy boots. Though she couldn't mimic one of Summer's high kicks, she was able to strike Summer's tanned thighs with ease. She also assailed Summer's knees and shins, the boots connecting with several loud thuds.
  Finally, Chad stepped in and pulled Chloe away from the conquered blonde.
  "That's enough Chloe, you're going to kill her." He took her in his arms.  "Besides, you really have me turned on right now."
  "Fine," she said somewhat reluctantly,"OK Bitch, you can leave." Summer ran for the door as quickly as she could with her pants down around her ankles. When she passed Chloe, the redhead slapped her plump ass. This made her move even faster. Once she got to the door she began panicking, realizing she couldn't unlock the door with her hands still tied behind her back. Olivia came up and unlocked the door while Chloe spanked her ass several more times.  Finally, the door opened and Summer ran out like her life depended on it.
  A minute late, we saw her come out of the building and head down the street towards our van. Even though she was a mess, I thought she looked adorable struggling to run down the street naked. I looked over at Moe and he looked sick. He knew his cash cow was finished. Pennypacker and the technician, on the other hand, thought it was hilarious.
  "Look at her try to run," Pennypacker howled with laughter. Moe gave him an ugly look. "Come on, you don't find that funny? Look at the expression on her face. She still looks scared to death, like the redhead is about to catch her."
  Struggling to run and blinded by her tears, Summer ran straight into a garbage can attached to a pole and fell in. Pennypacker and the technician really cackled as they watched her try to get out. I had to admit that watch her ample butt wiggling in the air as she struggled to get out was pretty funny. It didn't take long to realize she couldn't get out on her own, but none of us really wanted to help her. Normally, we wouldn't want to get involved because when she was in a bad mood she could be a little scary. We weren't afraid of her anymore but it was too much fun watching her squirm around. Even Moe smiled a little. The problem was solved when Olivia ran up. She helped Summer out of the trash can and untied her.
  Summer pulled up her pants and attempted to regain her composure. She tried to recapture her normal look of superiority, but with the trash in her hair, her face streaked with tears and mascara, and her battered breasts bared before the world, she still looked like a scared little girl.
  "Get off me, you fucking whore!" Summer screamed, "Why didn't you help me in there?"
  "I tried."
  "Well, you obviously didn't try very hard."
  "Hey don't get mad at me, I didn't do anything."
  "Exactly! You didn't do anything while your roommate sucker punched me and then her and her boyfriend and his friend all jumped me. And you could have told me that she was a psycho street fighter. I'm not trained to fight psycho street fighters."
  "She may be psycho, but she's no street fighter. I doubt she's ever been in a fight before in her life. You're just a pathetic weakling who can't fight unless you have a script!"
  "I may be a Hollywood star but I'm also a highly trained fighter!"
  "You're nothing but a big fraud!"
  "I'll show you who's the fraud!" Summer lunged for Olivia. The brunette had never been in a fight before and panicked for a moment, as the huge blonde charged her. She closed her eyes and threw a wild punch that smashed Summer's pouty lips. The blonde covered her face as blood filled her mouth. While Summer staggered in a daze, Olivia grabbed the waistband of her pants.
  "I think I like you better with your pants down!" The elastic waistband had been stretched so much that evening that they slid with ease down Summer's legs. Desperate, Summer tried to attack Olivia with a closed fist punch, but instead, Olivia grabbed her hand and judo tossed the big girl over her shoulder. Summer's bare ass landed with a splash in a muddy puddle.
  "Wow! I can't believe that actually worked." Olivia exclaimed. Then she finished removing Summer's spandex pants, leaving the blonde completely nude except for her boots.
  Summer didn't bother getting back up. She just lay there in the mud as Olivia walked away. Getting tossed by Olivia was the final nail in Summer's career. Even she knew she had no credibility left as an action star.
  "What a joke!" Pennypacker laughed.
  I had to agree. Summer's legs were spread wide open, giving us a great view of her ass and pussy. She was either to hurt or too scared to move. I think it was probably a combination of both.
  Summer's career as an action star was over, but Pennypacker thought he could make some money selling it to a porn site. Summer refused and threatened to sue if he did.
  Moe retired from show business. I saw him a few months back, working as a greeter at the West Hollywood Walmart. Pennypacker took back the money he had fronted for the reality show. The last I had heard he was building a roller coaster. I still work as a cameraman, but I doubt I will get another chance to direct again after the Always Summer disaster. As for Summer, she left California, went back to being Mary, and settled down with a farmer in Nebraska. Every now again, the video will surface on I'm sure it's Chloe that posts it. To avoid a lawsuit, we had to give her and Chad a copy. Summer uses what little money she gets from royalties, to pay lawyers to keep the video from public consumption.
  And that's what happened to Summer Steele, Action Star.


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I'd like to thank Raycat for making many contributions to this story.