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Karate-Kicking Cowgirl Fights Girl Bruiser

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Karate-Kicking Cowgirl Fights Girl Bruiser
« on: June 27, 2018, 08:11:10 AM »
     This pretty woman (Michelle) I knew a few years ago knew karate and used to pick fights with other women and girls. She certainly wasn't using her karate in a responsible way but ended up getting her comeuppance anyway.  One time she beat up the friend of this tough cheerleader who later confronted her at a restaurant.  The cheerleader kicked the little blonde's butt, handing her her first defeat.  But Michelle wasn't finished.  She went after a small friend of the cheerleader.  This is where the story begins--once that I wrote some time ago.
     Getting beat up by the cheerleader humbled Michelle a bit, but she took it upon herself to find one of the cheerleader's friends, confront her and fight her at a bowling alley.  Michelle came out on top in that fight and regained her confidence. But more trouble was just ahead in a big and extremely brutal way.
     The small cheerleader gave the fattest girl in the school, Collette Holmes, $200 to confront Michelle at the horse stables, where she worked as a horse trainer, and beat her up.  Collette, who was 18 and about 6'3" tall and 325 pounds -- mean as hell -- showed up when the 27 year-old, 115-pound blonde Michelle was alone and getting ready to leave the stables.  It was just after Labor Day and hot.  Michelle was stunned to see the girl.  She gawked at the girl’s girth as her heart rate soared.
     "I gotta a message for you, cowgirl bitch."  The girl tried to grab Michelle, who was clad in tight indigo jeans, a western shirt, cowboy hat and boots.  But Michelle blocked her arm and kicked her in the stomach.  She had been practicing karate more since getting her ass kicked by the tall cheerleader.  She now had a brown belt-red tip in taekwondo.
     The blow fazed fat Collette.  She winced and held her stomach.  Michelle then kicked the fat girl in the gut with a side kick, but this time couldn't budge her.  The fat girl's face grew red with rage.  She clinched her fat fists, stood up straight and flexed her massive chest -- with her ass protruding grotesquely from her gray sweatpants like an overloaded laundry bag.  Michelle only got in a couple more kicks, which bounced off Collette like pebbles against a mountain.  After that, Michelle pretty much got bashed, thrashed, mauled and destroyed by the huge girl.  It was brutal.
     The teen side-stepped the last kick, a weak roundhouse, then charged the skinny blonde.  She engulfed Michelle in a brutal bear hug, picked her up while grunting and slammed Michelle against a wooden post, smashing and knocking Michelle's cowboy hat off.
     "Ummphhh!"  Michelle's back hit the post, then her head.  She staggered forward --eyes glazed, jaw slackened and legs bowed as if she’d just gotten off a horse.  Her arms hung loosely in front of her.  She tried to raise them up, but got socked in the temple with a powerful haymaker.  The blow knocked Michelle four feet to her right. She landed in the dirt with a thud.     
     Seconds later, she got pulled to her feet by the back of her long blonde hair. Michelle screamed but was only half conscious to fully understand what was happening.  The only thing holding up her limp legs was the massive strength of Collette, who looked as if she were controlling Michelle as one would a marionette puppet.
     "You got nothin', skinny cowgirl.  I've fought small and average girls in middle school that are tougher than you.  Most of them would own your ass."  Michelle winced and listened as Collette berated and humiliated her.  She screamed when Collette pulled harder on her hair.
     Unfortunately for Michelle, fat Collette was not only a good fighter but an excellent wrestler.  Collette wasted no time in putting Michelle through several brutal and excruciating wrestling holds -- full nelsons, leg-locks and spread eagles. Michelle was screaming bloody murder the entire time.
     Collette dwarfed the horse trainer as she engulfed her in her massive mounds of arm and stomach fat.  Michelle's karate training was useless against the behemoth.  Her strength was quickly sapped from the pounding and vicious wrestling maneuvers.  Collette smirked as she pounded Michelle's back where she had several long scars from scoliosis back surgery.  The cheerleader must've told the fat girl about it.  And Collette was viciously pounding away on it.
     Punches started flying and the slim blonde was hit on the left side of her face with a backhand.  Then another backhand came out of nowhere and struck the right side of her face, spinning her around and knocking her down.  Fat Collette pounced on Michelle and pummeled her for a good three minutes.  She then smothered her with her weight in an attempt to knock her out.
     While in a seated position, Collette pulled Michelle up so that her ass was against her lapping waistline.  She straddled the woman with her massive legs, wrapped the crook of her left elbow around Michelle's eyes, nose and mouth and smothered her with her fat arm.  Michelle shuffled her boots as she tried to get out of the girl's relentless grasp.  Collette just laughed and popped her on the top of her head with her knuckles.  She then tightened her grip and cut the cowgirl’s air supply completely off.  Michelle squeaked out a few muffled cries before her body went limp.  The girl then shoved Michelle's head aside and she fell to the dirt -- her body twisted and mangled.
     "Don't ever touch my friends again, you skinny cowgirl cxnt!" shouted Collette, just before Michelle passed out.  "Next time, I'll come back and finish the job."
     Michelle "looked like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone," as the old song goes.  She lay there unconscious as the girl struggled to get up; the girl then stared down at her.  Collette laughed at the skinny blonde, whose face was badly bruised -- eyes blacked and lips and nose bloody and swollen.  "You're not so pretty now."  She chuckled before walking away.
     Michelle later said when the cheerleader kicked her ass, it hurt.  But getting socked by the fat girl was like getting hit by a Mack truck.  She was dizzy for days. "That girl was as strong as an ox," said Michelle.  "When she had me in the wrestling holds, I felt my bones cracking.  That fat girl beat the sh*t out of me!!  I couldn't do anything.  I thought she was going to kill me when she choked me out."
     Michelle has since stopped picking fights with high school girls. After the fight with Collette, some girl jock (also 18) saw her down on the river and beat her up in a culvert.  The girl was almost as big as Collette and ended up pounding and bloodying Michelle's face.  She was wearing jean shorts that day and got her legs scuffed up pretty badly.  The girl, whose name was Chris, didn't have a scratch on her.  I'll write about this fight soon as I've depicted Michelle in the scene below.  Seriously, some women learn the hard way not to mess with high school girls.

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