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Blood Sisters - Beth Fights Back

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Blood Sisters - Beth Fights Back
« on: July 02, 2018, 08:35:02 AM »
Blood Sisters - Beth fights back

   It has been a few days since my daughters confessed their secrets and love of fighting. Things at the house has changed since that day. The girls are more open and seem happier now. I guess telling someone's deepest secrets will do that to a person. I am surprised that I am accepting to it, well for the most part anyways. What could a little tussle here and there hurt? I have been in a few fights in my days and witnessed a few as well.
   The day came when Beth has to meet the principal for the decision of her suspension or I hope just suspension. We went to the school to meet and Alex wanted to witness this as well. On the way, it was somewhat quiet as the girls mainly talked among themselves. I was just hoping she doesn't have to repeat the school year, and that summer school was worst possible outcome.
   We arrived at the school and met Ms. Anderson at the door and was escorted in the office. The girls held their composure rather well.
   "I am glad you ,Beth and your father could make it. The board has made a decision on your possible suspension and have decided that it would not be in your best interest to expel you with such a great record." Ms. Anderson Explained. "They gave a week suspension and after school activities and detention."
   That made me happy knowing that the punishment wasn't too extreme. She would just have to spend more time at school than she wanted but she did fight on school grounds.
   "Thank you Ms. Anderson!" I said.
   "I am not finished yet!" She said as we were getting up to leave.
   I looked back at her and slowly sat back down.
   "The board has graciously gave me the power to decide on what activities you will be participating in." She smiled. "The school may have been "easy" on you... I for one think you should have been expelled. I was willing to let the board do their work but since the punishment does not fit the crime, I will do it myself. The girl you hit? My niece... she has a broken nose now." She explained.
   Beth looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. I place my head in my hand and thought, "Dear god. Why did it have to be her relative?"
   Ms. Anderson relaxed in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest. Not just over her chest, she placed her arms under her tits as to push them up. Not like they needed any help. I caught myself staring and had to switch positions in my chair.
   She smirked and said. "You will work for me, do anything I ask. If I tell you to get on your knees and scrub the floor with a tooth brush you do it!" She said as she stood up and placed both hands on her desk.
   Beth stood up and shouted. "THIS IS INSANE! YOU CAN NOT DO THAT!"
   She grinned. "I already have!"
   Beth replied. "Haven't you heard dad? She gets off at Whoresville, Dicksissppi!" Alexis and I about lost our shit when she said that and started laughing.
   Ms. Anderson face was red and was fuming. She slapped Beth hard across the face and was going in for another slap when Alexis stepped in and caught her arm.
   I leaned over the table and said, "There will be no more of that and we are leaving."
   Alex released her arm as we turned around to just be stopped with Ms .Andersons words.
   "Miss Beth? The way I see it, you have two options. One, you do the punishment the school and I have for you. Day after day, every day. Or two, since you like to fight so much? You and me have a fight. You are 18 and therefore are not a child anymore. I pick the time and place and the rules." She grinned.
   Beth giggled and said. "Wait! You want to fight me? What happens if you win?"
   "You become my slave until you graduate or move away. Not just my slave but my sex slave as well." She replied.
   "OK. What if I win?" She asked.
   "I will  drop everything and you shall go through the rest of the year without me on your back." She said.
   "NO! When I win.” Beth said.
   "WHEN? Don't you mean IF?" Ms. Anderson stated.
   "SURE! If you say so. You become my slave and do everything I tell you! I do mean.. EVERYTHING!" Beth crossed her arms.
   "Wait... shouldn't we talk about this...?" I tried to question.
   "Dad... Stay out of this! This is between me and the slut puppy!" She stated without taking her eyes off Ms. Anderson. "What do you say?"
   "You are on Missy, and LESBI-honest here. You are going to regret accepting this challenge." Anderson threatened. She winks at Beth and Alex and tells us to now leave her office and she would be in contact with us.
   I slowly walk out of the school and lean against the building, I think to myself. "What the fuck just happened?"
   Alex walks up to me and wraps her arm around mine. "Are you scared dad?"
   "Yeah, just a little." I replied.
   "Don't worry dad. We do this all the time. So many girls have came and went. This is what we do." She tried to reassure.
   "That is just it, she is not a little girl. She is a grown woman and looks to be in shape. So forgive me if I am worried." I said concerning.
   "Dad! We got this. I have her back. She will be ready. This cxnt needs to learn that she cannot bully kids anymore. Beth will set her straight. She will be fine. OK?" She said smiling.
   I was still nervous by all this, but there was nothing I could say to change their minds. So I had to be as supportive as I could.
   "OK, just make damn sure she is ready and wins. I cannot believe I am saying this. Kick her ASS!" I stated.
   I took a few days off work and drank beer, a lot. I wasn't ready for this. As I waited and waited. I thought about when they were younger. I taught them to defend themselves but I never thought they would ever need it. At least, I hoped they wouldn't.
   I was sitting on my patio when Beth ran to me and said that Ms. Asserson contacted her. She told me all the information about time and location. There is an old saw mill about 2 miles out of town. They have a huge area that did house huge logs but is nothing but an open field now. That is where the fight will take place. It is to happen tomorrow at dawn. The area will be lit by vehicle headlights and will act as a ring. It is a NHB fistfight. Anything goes just no weapons, no eye gouging, no permanent damage, and no broken bones were the main rules. Anything else goes. I guess she was worried about explaining to work on how she got in a wheelchair.
   That doesn't sound to...ominous? I told myself. What bad could happen right?
   Beth and Alex trained, giving they only had about a day to prepare. They were in the garage most of the day Friday and by the time Saturday came, they were ready, I guess.
   The day finally arrived and I was nervous and excited with all emotions running wild. The girls were already to go dressed in sweats and jackets. I thought they would at least wear something else but Whatever is comfortable I guess.
    It didn't take us to long to arrive but it seemed like hours. We approached the area and noticed a couple cars there already. I turned to the girls and questioned if they wanted to go through with this and if they know anyone here?
   Alex replied. "Don't worry dad, we have friends here. They will be our witnesses that will record it so she cannot lie her way out of it, AND... it is for us to watch later." She laughed.
   "That is...reassuring." I said.
   We parked in an empty spot as I was still nervous about this. We got out of the truck and my girls hugged me and promised it would be ok. I sat on the hood of my truck and looked at everyone here. There are about 12 people in total, mostly teenagers but no sign of Ms. Anderson. I saw someone stand up on the back of a jacked up truck and it was her. She was dressed in blue jean shorts and tank top. I couldn't see too much because it was almost dark.
   Beth didn't say anything just flipped her off. Ms. Anderson jumped down from the truck and was now in front of the headlights. My eyes went wide as I saw your figure. She is ripped with some muscles. She is not Amazon built but she is very athletic.
   She takes her tank top and shorts off to show off her matching red bra and panties. They were really sexy and I was getting hard just looking at her. She had to be at least a 32DD.
   Beth didn't waste time either. She took her pants and jacket off and to my surprise, all she had on were bra and panties under there. My daughter was athletic too. I didn't know she was that well developed, and here I was looking at her chest as I turned my head away.
   Alex looked at me and winked. "It is ok." She giggled. "I look at them too."
   Beth was wearing more of boy shorts that had a kitty on the front that read "PURR"! I will admit, Beth was a beautiful young lady. 
   Alex turned to me and said, "She normally doesn't wear underwear like that. I guess it is because you are here?"
   "Is that to make me feel better?" I laughed.
   Alex shrugged her shoulders. We both turned back to the women standing in the middle when out of corner of my eye I noticed Ms. Anderson niece was here. She is standing with a group of people on the other side. She has her arms crossed as she looks nervous. I pointed her out to Alex and told her who it was.
   "So that is the little twat that disrespected our mom? I really hope... she tries something tonight. I will fuck her with my boot."
   I placed my hand over my mouth when she said that and thought. "What daughters have I raised? Holy shit."
   I drew my attention back to the middle as both ladies were standing, chest to chest and  started throwing insults at each other. Beth's chest was a little smaller but she did develop well, like her mother.
   I did not believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. They were saying things that would make a priest start drinking. When the final insult was thrown, Beth lashed out first. She threw a right punch that connected with, I find out later, Misty's mouth with the word "cxnt".
   Misty looked surprised, I don't know if it was from the shock reaction or the power behind it but her head snapped back. Beth slammed her with a right, catching her in the jaw staggering her backwards.
   Sarah, which is Misty's niece, was yelling for her to get in the fight. Misty lowered her head and charged at Beth, catching her off guard. Beth squeals as Misty's shoulder slams into her chest, smashing her tits. Beth lost her balance as Misty tackled her to the ground.
   Beth grunted as her back slammed against the dirt but she didn't let that stop her. Beth wrapped her arm around Misty's head in a headlock. She tucked her head under her arm and hooked her forearm under Misty's chin and applied a one arm choke hold.
   Misty placed her hands on Beth's sides and slide her knees between Beth's legs. Beth, then wrap her strong legs around her waist to keep her in the hold. My daughter is a hell cat for sure as she started squeezing the chin lock.
   Misty did not give up either, she started throwing punches into my daughter's side. With the chin lock, she couldn't make solid hits but she started connecting with Beth's left tit. After a few punches, Beth released the choke hold as she tucked her left arm to her side but still had her legs wrapped around.
   Misty came to her knees, with Beth's legs still around her, punched my daughter in her exposed belly. The first punched connected just above her belly button and the left was just below the belly button. The third was buried right at the panty line and that caused Beth to drop her legs from Misty's waist. Misty then made both hands into a fist and raised them over her head to hit Beth in the stomach but she was a little too slow.
   Beth got on her hands while digging her feet in the dirt. She pushed off with her feet to bring her to a sitting position in front of Misty right as her fist came slamming down. Misty's hands landed right between my Beth's legs, missing by inches.
   Beth drew back her right arm and punched her in the mouth, dead center. The impact caused her to gasp as her body froze as blood spit from her mouth. My daughter drew first blood so Alex and I screamed "HELL YEAH!"
   My daughter didn't waste any time as she returned with a roundhouse left that snapped Misty's head to the side. It was so hard that it send her sideways onto her left arm. Beth jumped to her feet and kicked upwards under her chin. It was hard to believe that such little feet can do so much damage but it caused Misty's jaw to snap shut as her head went flying backwards, landing on her back.
   Misty was now dizzy as she tried to raise up but my daughter was right after her. Beth ran in and sat down on her belly and pinned her arms to her side and is now straddling her. She is still a little dazed by the punch and Beth grinning from ear to ear. She starts slapping her across the face a few times. She then pulls Misty's bra down and grabs her tits and starts squeezing. Misty is squirming trying to get her arms free when Beth grabs her nipples and starts twisting.
   Beth starts taunting. "Do you enjoy me kicking your ass? Your nipples are hard. They look like little midget fist." She laughs.
   Misty stops moving and screams from the nipple torture. Her eyes are closed with grinding teeth. Beth is twisting her nipples back and forth while making radio dial noises like  she is trying to find a station on the radio.
   She releases the right nipple and just grabs the left and starts twisting. "TUNE IN TOKYO!" She laughs.
   She releases the left then grabs the right and twist that one. "TUNE IN VACHINA!" She yells then releases and reaches back and grabs a hand full of pussy and starts squeezing. "FOUND IT!" She yells.
   Misty's body goes stiff as she tries to close her legs but it was too late. My daughter already has a hand full. 
   My daughter moans. "MMM... someone is really wet at the Land down Unda!" She says in an attempt at an Aussie accent.
   I couldn't get a really good view but all I heard was a high pitched squeak and Misty's body go stiff as a board. Beth must have inserted a finger or two because a few seconds later she was rubbing her fingers all over Misty's face and mouth yelling. "HOW MANY LICKS DOES IT TAKE?"   
   At this point, Beth was over confident and wasn't focused on the fight. She did not notice that she slid her ass up over Misty's chest and that her thighs were on each side of her face. With her rubbing her fingers in Misty's face, this caused her to turn her head and she saw the opening she needed. Misty bit down hard on Beth's inner thigh, drawing blood.
   Beth let out a death scream as it looked like Misty was a flesh eating zombie. Beth's body froze as Misty did not release the bite until she was able to get both her arms free. As soon as Misty released the bite, Beth rolled off of her. Both were now on all fours but Beth was faced away from her nursing her leg. Misty had the "I will kill you look" in her eyes as she charged her prey. Beth was not ready for what was to come as Misty ran in and pulled her leg back and delivered and football punt kick under my daughter's chin. The kick was so fast and hard, that Misty slip and fell on her ass.    
   The kick sent her head snapping back almost knocking her unconscious. This is when we started to panic. Alex and I were both on our feet yelling at Beth to get up. All she did was lay on her back moving her head slowly back and forth.
   Misty slowly got to her feet and looked over at us and did a sexy wave and then flipped us off. She looked down and noticed her panties were over to one side as her pussy was in full view. She ripped them the rest of the way off and walked over to Beth and shoved them in her mouth. All Beth done was just lay there, she didn't even try to spit them out. Misty was ready to finish it as she started stomping on my daughters belly. I was about to throw in the towel when she got on her knees and started to remove my daughter's shorts. When all of a sudden Beth's right leg shot up and connected under Misty's chin. It made a loud smack sound as Misty fell on her back. Beth spit the panties out and was crawling to her knees as Misty had a little more juice and was on her knees, coming to a stand. Misty ran over to Beth but was met with a punch to the gut, doubling her over. Beth fired another but this one was an uppercut, right under her nose. As her head snapped back, she fell back down to her knees with hands over her face. When she lowered her hands they were covered in blood. Beth was to her feet but wobbly. She walked over to Misty when she jumped up and speared Beth. Both of them went flying on top of the car as my daughter had her legs hanging off the front of it and Misty was on top of her with her fingers tangled in Beth's hair. She started slamming the back of my daughter's head into the hood of the car. Alex jumped up started yelling... "WHAT THE FUCK BITCH?"
   Misty turned toward Alex and told her to STFU but in doing so took her eyes off Beth. Beth poked both her thumbs in Misty's eyes causing her to cover them as she slid off the car. Beth ran in for the kill, tackling her to the ground. At this point, they were a couple cars over from us as my daughter was now in control, again.
   Beth sat down on Misty's chest place a both knees on her arms, pinning them down. Beth didn't waste this moment and started punching her the face with rights and lefts, over and over. We could hear the smacks as her knuckles buried into her cheeks. Beth lifted her head and placed misty's right arm and neck between hers and started squeezing and pulling on her arm. She was going to choke her out or she was going to submit. She kept saying "SUBMIT BITCH! SUBMIT!"
   From the other side where Misty's niece was. Alex saw her make a run toward the fight.
   "OH HELL NO!" Was all I heard Alex say as she ran towards Sarah. Just before Sarah could attack Beth, Alex grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back really hard turning her around as Alex kicked her really hard between the legs. She dropped to the ground holding her crotch, crying and just laid there.
   I closed my legs and was like DAAAAMN. Alex started dragging Sarah away as Misty finally submitted. Beth gave her neck one last hard squeeze before releasing the hold. Alex ran over to her loving sister and gave her a big hug.
   Beth place both hands on her knees and bent over to catch her breath. As she was doing so, she noticed Sarah on the ground all rolled up in a ball.
   "What the hell happened to her?" She asked.
   Alex looked down at her and laughed. "I just popped her cherry is all."
   I watched the whole thing on my toes basically and did not notice until now that I was rock hard. I thought to myself. "No wonder they like fighting so much. It is a huge turn on for me too."
   With all the celebrating, no one noticed that Misty tried to crawl away.
   I told the girls. "She is trying to escape!"
   Alex looked over at her and said. "Hell nah bitch!" She walked over to her and pulled her back by her hair. Misty just laid there on her back, crying. She knew that she had lost and was not prepared for that. Beth tore her bra completely off her and tossed the side. She then removed her own underwear and shoved them in Misty's mouth. I guess being completely naked around me was fine now or she just didn't care.
   I leaned back against the truck with my arms across my chest just looking down at Misty. Beth has just removed the panties from her mouth and just slammed her crotch down on Misty's face and started grinding it up and down.    
   "LICK IT SLUT! LICK IT!" She commanded Misty.
   When Misty didn't comply, Beth reached back and grabbed another handful of her bald pussy and started squeezing. I was just standing there with mouth open and couldn't say or do anything.
   Alex leaned over and whispered in my ear. "You might as well get used to it. But you seem to be enjoying it, maybe more than you think?" She giggled.
   I looked back down at Beth and she has her head back with her eyes closed. Her body is twitching as she is letting out small moans. She throws her arms behind her and hoisted her chest into the air and let out a high pitched moan as she places both hands on her knees and leans forward.
   "HOLY MOTHER OF BALLS!" Was all she said.
   She looked up at us and then back down at Misty and slowly moved back to sit on her chest. Damn my daughters were not what I pictured them to be. This whole time I thought they were perfect little angels with shiny halo's that never broke. I just didn't know how wrong I was until now, until I saw that halo catch fire.
   She look at me then to Alex and back down to Misty.
   She slapped Misty's face. "WAKE UP SLUT! I AM NOT DONE WITH YOU YET."
   She pointed at me and said. "NOW... SUCK HIS COCK!"
   I about shit myself when I heard those words from out of her mouth.
   Misty did not move. Beth got up on her knees and unzipped my pants and pulled it out. I was frozen at was happening. I was standing here with my dick out in front of both girls and one is wanting her principal to suck me off.
   Beth grabbed her by the hair and made her do it. I have never been so turned on in my life.
   "You better do it right to bitch! He better enjoy it!" Beth commanded.
   I was in heaven and it didn't take long before I shot my load in her mouth. As soon as I was done, Misty pulled away as was about to spit but Beth closed her mouth.
   "Did I say you could spit?" She asked her.
   The ride home was a blur from the adrenaline rush. I do not remember driving home or even getting home that night. All I remember is hearing both my daughters moaning and screaming from their bedroom as they had Ms. Ass-erson as their sex slave. The head boards was banging all night long. I wonder what their mother would say. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!


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Re: Blood Sisters - Beth Fights Back
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2018, 10:34:51 AM »
Hello. Was a very nice story and very well written..though I suppose that Misty would want to get even someday..
The best way to settle rivalries between bitter rivals is to get down and dirty and let the claws talk...