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Bragging Rights - Story Competition

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Bragging Rights - Story Competition
« on: May 02, 2010, 10:21:01 PM »
Hello.  Some of you may have seen the thread started by akemigurl88 about having a story competition to see who the best story writer on the boards were for bragging rights.  Being an idea too good to pass up (and since akemigurl said someone else could take it :p) I decided to throw this up and see what happens.  I'm not too great at writing official guidelines or anything, but here we go.

The contest will focus on four different areas rather than one huge contest since you can't really compare apples and oranges.  What this means in that there will be five different categories (Female/Female wrestling/catfighting, NHB, Sex/titfighting, boxing, and Mixed wrestling) for the stories.  The reason that wrestling and catfighting are in the same category is because I would say that there is still quite a bit of wrestling/holds in catfights while NHB are mostly just brawling with scissors, smothers, or straddles for control or dominance.  Though if someone could make a good case, I'd be willing to split it off into it's own group.

Each person willing to enter the contest is allowed one entry per category, with the deadline for submissions being 11:59 May 16, 2010 (which is about two weeks).  Your story should probably only be 4-6 pages maximum, since most people won't have time to read a novel's worth of pages for a fun little contest.  Though if it runs a page or so over, that's fine.  Submissions should be emailed to my email address ( with the title of the story and what category it will fit in.  I will then post download links to all the stories in a thread by category for the people on the board to vote for after the submission date passes, with voting ending on 11:59 May 31, 2010 (little over 2weeks).  This way we don't have 50 threads for people to find to read all the stories and so we don't have 80 page threads of huge stories.  Each member can merely click and open the story to read, then X out when they're done.

I'd also like to note that the winner won't really win anything, other than bragging rights and pride knowing that people liked their story.  I imagine they could even post a note or banner or something in their signature on these boards if they wanted :p

As a few guidelines, I would say that none of the stories should involve death of any participants and that while you can use anyone (girlfriend, wife, self, friend, mother, wrestler) I'd be careful and try to get permission before writing.  Just because some people on this board or session wrestlers may not like being used and could have problems.

Other than that, have fun!  Enjoy!  And let the games begin :D

(Any edits to the rules will be made in this post so new comers will see it easily, with a post mentioning the change.  This way someone won't miss out if they don't read the entire thread, they can just read the first page.)
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