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Asian Mom Vs White Mom After School Fight

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Asian Mom Vs White Mom After School Fight
« on: November 17, 2018, 02:56:58 AM »
Recently I've had alot of people ask me to talk about the first time I saw my mom fight so I thought I would write a story about it. I was 18 at the time and certainly coulden't beleive what had just taken place...

It was a warm summers night and we had just attended the parent teacher night at our school. My mom Jennifer, having just come from the gym was wearing a tight fitting quater sleeve white top which showed off her huge 36D breasts with yoga pants. For 41 she had an amazing hourglass figure with blue eyes and blonde hair that settled just over her breasts, like it had gone over a speedbump. She was 5,5 and 60kg at the time of the fight. My mom was defenantly the topic of discussion for alot of the boys at school however I always managed to see a look of disaproval from many of the other moms which my mom always just said was jealousy.

There was one other mom at the school however who Jennifer always competed with and absolutly hated. It was evident the feeling was mutual. The other mom was Asian, with dark long hair and a beautiful pair of legs from her 5,6 body. She also had 36D breasts which would always make my mom jealous. Throughout my years at school they would often walk past eachother murmouring insults under their breath or glare at eachother, both trying to show their body off and once they even hit shoulders as they walked past. My mom always said how much she hated Asians and how they think they are better than everyone else. "There's the asian skank" she always used to say to me whenever we saw her. The few times they had talked it was evident they were competing, using their sons and talking up their lives and money. It was the definition of passive aggressive. The Asian moms son like me knew about the situation and had almost led to a few fights between us at school. He would always say how his mom called mine white trash.

This night something was different. They had stared at eachother more than they usually had. Just before we left my mom looked at her and flicked her blonde hair in her direction before swaying her ass as she walked away. As we walked back to our car a few streets away, i heard my mom so "oh god" my heart skipped a beat as I looked over, and sure enough on the other side of the street was the asian mom and her son. They locked eyes again as i locked eyes with the son. My mom swore under her breath and flicked her blonde hair again. Suddenly a voice penetrated the still air "what are you looking at?" whats your problem bitchI stood in absolute shock as she asian mom walked over to mine. I looked at my mom who stood her ground smiling. "oh not much" she said as the asian women moved straight up to my mom, there breasts both being shown off as the asian womens black tight tshirt contrasted with my moms white shirt. They glared at eachother before my mom laughed "your nothing but Asian trash! go back to your own country". My heart was racing and I coulden't beleive what was happening. I could have stopped it but I was entranced by what was happening. "Soon all you pathetic whites will be working for us, you and your pathetic son"! My moms smile faded as it was replaced with pure rage. Suddenly without warning she launched onto the asian womens black hair yanking her head back at fourth. I watched wide eyed as they both tried to gainthe advantage, trying to use their strength to get the other down "asian whore! i heard my mom scream and bits of blonde hair black hair flew around, their breasts continually colliding. Suddenly the asian mom got a foot behind Jennys and they both came down hard onto the ground "yea mom! kick her white ass!" i looked up and saw the Asian moms son glaring at me, cheering for his mom. "smash her mom! i yelled. My mom was prideful and confident, and with that I was confident she would win. They tussled on the ground, racially slurring eachother.

Eventually the Asian mom managed to get onto my moms stomach "this is your place" she yelled as my mom screamed "get off bitch!" she asian mom backhanded jennifers face hard, a big red mark appeared as my mom yelped, bucking hard to throw her off as her blonde hair flew everywhere. Then one of my biggest fears became realised. It became evident the Asian mom had done some kind of martial arts as she yanked my moms head up, bringing her legs around and locked them in a head scissors "AHH!" my mom moaned and coughed, her arms desperatly trying to pull the Asian moms legs apart. I looked at my mom in shock, her face no longer full of any confidence, replaced with desperation. I looked up as the Asian moms son laughed at me. "You white women are pathetic" the Asian mom spat out before my mom got enough strength to pull her head out. "MOM! i yelled as she got to her knees, her eyes wide as she tried to defend herself from another barrage of attacks. The Asian tore at my moms shirt, grabbing my moms breasts and squeezing. Jennifer made a high pitch squeel as her shirt ripped, exposing her push up bra, the white flesh buldging out above it. I could telll my mom coulden't last much longer, my body paralysed as I watched intently. The Asian mom then through my mom down head first, clambering onto her back for a camel clutch, my moms body pinned under the asian menace. My mom screamed as she pulled her head up, jennys blonde hair everywhere. Our eyes met as my mom looked at me in humiliation. "Look at your son! let him see how pathetic his white mother is! My mom crying as she looks at me "let her go! i yell out as i watch my moms tits flop out of her bra. With one swift motion the asian mom slammed jennifers head onto the ground before standing up laughing at me, victory posing over her. "White women are nothing compared to asian women...NOTHING! The Asiam mom and her son laugh as the walked off and I went over to comfort my crying mom...

In the car ride home, my mom sobbed, her pride had been ripped from her by her mortal enemy...infront of her son. In my mind I coulden't stop replying the fight, my heart was still beating fast and I coulden't stop getting an uncontrollable erection at the thought. A few streets from home my mom turned into a dark street and turned off the car. Mom? I tried to advert my gaze from the ripped shirt with her breasts hanging out. She slid into the back seats and invited me to join her. She turned to me, still sobbing. "im sorry honey...Im sorry mommy didn't win..I can't beleive I lost to that asian whore! I told her that I thought she was amazing and still the best mother in the world. As I hugged her my erection pressed into her, my mom seemed to move into it a little before looking down. "oh..whats this?" sorry! i burted out but before I could finish she had pulled my pants down and engulfed my dick with her mouth, sucking down to the shaft. " i moaned as she started to swirl her tounge around, moaning as she did. Everything happend so fast I couldent process it..I think we were in a strange headspace but It was something I would never forget. I played with her tits as she sucked hard on my dick. She moaned as she started to rub herself with her other hand. Before long I coulden't contain myself as I cummed hard into her mouth "oh mom! i moaned out as she took the load of sperm, swallowing it whole. We breathed heavy as we both looked at eachother in shock and silence...we both without word got in the front seats and drove home.
White Cock is the best!


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Re: Asian Mom Vs White Mom After School Fight
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2020, 05:28:32 AM »
Everytime I read this story, it gets me!! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!!


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Re: Asian Mom Vs White Mom After School Fight
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2021, 04:38:22 PM »
Good story, thank you.  From catfights I’ve watched it seems to me like white women are very tough and athletic and usually beat Asian women. Great story