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The many names of Leo

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The many names of Leo
« on: December 28, 2018, 12:13:01 AM »
For those unfamiliar with Leo/Clark Kent, he is an asshole. But what sets him apart is that he impersonates people from FCF and other places in chatzy and trillian.

On trillian he uses altered versions of people's IDs. he loves using an underscore. For example if you were Megfights he shows up as Meg_Fights

His most basic technique is to claim to two girls the other is talking trash and hope you are dumb enough to fight. or barring that he will invite you to chatzy where the other girl is. Except the other girl is him (since you can have any name in chatzy)

Not only will he impersonate people to get fights he also uses it to ruin reputations for those who refuse him or somehow offend him

So the goal of this thread and board is to inform people what his latest IDs and tricks are and to help people who may be dealing with him. Steps have been taken to make sure he can't see this thread  and if I find anyone showing shots of it to him you can join him in bans.