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Getting Her To Fight

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Getting Her To Fight
« on: May 03, 2019, 10:26:34 PM »
        I have been trying to think of a way to see my girlfriend fight another girl for a good while. So I came up with if nothing else I could see her go through the motions. She had mentioned wanting to do kickboxing as a fitness tool so I got to thinking. I decided to get us in some classes. My girlfriend Leigh is 5'6 130 with a 36b chest. She's toned pretty well but not muscular. She's got blonde hair just below her shoulders. So we started going to the classes and she was picking it up good and we'd do some at home. I started telling her that she was getting really good at it. I said You look like you're better than all the girls in close and your form is as good as the girls who fight on tv. She said yeah right I bet. I told her look you could be really good with a little work and I bet you could fight at a competition and do really well. Of course she figured it was just me trying to get her to fight another girl as she knew how it turned me on. I told her no really you ask the teacher at the class if you don't believe me. So she did and of course he told her yes with a little work you could compete in a amateur competition and they usually pay a little to the winner. Now granted he told her this because it meant more money for him to train and keep us in class but that was fine with me.

        I didn't really want her in a competition I just wanted her confidence up so that if the chance was to be presented she may be confident enough to go at some with another girl. So now my task would be finding an opponent for her and then setting up a situation to get them to fight one another. This took some effort as I wanted it to be a good looking girl of the same general size that wouldn't mind going along with the plan.

         Then after about 3 months of searching to find a girl I basically had the best luck to happen to me. My ex gf who had moved out of town a year ago moved back to town and I saw her one day and started talking to her. It was clear she wanted to get back together and the truth be told I did too except for the fact of me seeing Sharon. My ex Marissa was blonde also below her shoulders. At 5'8 and 130 she was a match size wise. The biggest difference was her chest. She is a 36dd and she is more muscular not like a body builder but just defined muscles like a fitness model. She was hot very hot. I did start seeing her again while also seeing Sharon. Finally I told Marissa about Sharon. That I started going out with her when she moved because that was the reason we stopped dating. I told Marissa that I had still been going to the classes I got her into for kickboxing but I had basically stopped the date thing with Sharon. Marissa didn't need to know I was actually still banging Sharon. Sharon knew nothing about Marissa except for the fact she was my ex gf. Marissa knew I had gotten the kickboxing class for Sharon for the same reason I had done the same with her. She knew the girl fight fantasy I had as well. I told her that I could t help it. Marissa wanted me to break it off with Sharon yesterday and I have never liked doing that stuff. It's never fun to break up with a girl but Marissa was the girl for me and I had to tell Sharon but not in public.

          Well somehow Sharon had found out that Marissa was back in town. She didn't tell me cause she didn't want me thinking about getting back together with Marissa. I later found out that Sharon had seen Marissa at the gym. Anyway I asked Sharon over to my house that evening to tell her that I was breaking up with her. She came by after work and I said Sharon I'm not ready to continue seeing you right now. I have a lot of stuff going on and it's just not the right time. Sharon I could tell wasn't happy with what I said. She looked at me and said why can't you just tell me the truth. She said I say that bitch Marissa was back and you are getting back with her aren't you? Well I stumbled around like uh uh I don't know about all that I just..., Sharon looks at me and I could tell she was mad and said that bitch ain't any better than I am. I don't know why you would want her back. What happens when she leaves again? I just stand there listening to her giving all the reasons I should stay with her and how Marissa only cares about herself. She went on and on about what Marissa wasn't that she was and then she said I bet that stuck up bitch wouldn't do kickboxing with you like I did. Next she said I was getting ready to tell you about the surprise I have for you. I asked what surprise ? She said well I was going to spar with one of the girls at the gym for you. She said I bet Marissa wouldn't fight like that for you. She'd be too afraid to get hit. I said Sharon Marissa has fought before. Sharon I could see was ready to blow up when I said that as she tightened her fist and said oh sure she has. She probably paid some girl to take a dive cause if she got a in a real fight she'd get her ass beat. Especially if she was to fight me. I'd show you what little prissy bitch is if she fought with me. The more Sharon talked the madder she was getting.
            Sharon could also see that when she started talking about fighting and kicking Marissa's ass that I had gotten a hard on too. She saw my shorts tenting and said see. I bet miss Marissa don't get you hard like that. She walked over and pulled her tshirts over her head and was standing in front of me with her bra and daisy duke shorts on. She flexed her biceps knowing how much that turned me on and began to tell me about how much stronger she is than Marissa. She slipped her hand into my shorts and wrapped her soft little hand around my dick and gave it a squeeze looking up at me and said you want my stop her ass? I was beginning to lose this battle of breaking up with Sharon. She knew it too. While Sharon had never fought a girl for me she had told me many stories of her fighting for me as we had sex. She knew the effect it had and I'm sure she knew at the very least if we ended up in bed right now I wouldn't be able to break it off today.  Sharon moves closer as her nipples are poking my chest through her bra she nibbles my neck and says to me I know you'd like to watch me kick her ass Steve. She said I've never told you the story about me kicking your ex gf's ass have I?  She pulled her hand out of my shorts and grabs one of my wrist with one hand and grabs one other other and backs me against the wall. She proceeds to pin each of my arms to the wall beside my head as she presses her body to mine. She leans into me and puts her mouth right beside my ear and says I wish that bitch was here right now Steve so I could kick her ass right in front of you. She gets right against me body to body and presses her forehead to mine looks me in the eye and says you want to see me kick Marissa' s ass? I close my eyes as she kisses me and then hear I WOULD.

          My eyes open wide and over Sharon's shoulder I see Marissa standing just inside the door hands on her hips. Once I see her I glance down to Sharon and her eyes open even wider than mine are. Marissa says why don't you show us all how you'd kick my ass slut? Sharon turns to face Marissa and says I hope you don't think I'm afraid your fat ass. Marissa smirks and says I sure hope not. It wouldn't be any fun if you run from me. Sharon turns to me and says go push the furniture against the wall in the living room. I say what do you..... This time Marissa cuts me off and says yeah babe do as she said so I can beat her ass and give you what this little thing can't. Sharon says fuck you bitch it'll be a pleasure to stomp your ass and watch me fuck Steve like I have everyday since you left. Marissa is pissed at that comment and Sharon was loving it.

          I go push stuff back and I sit down and Sharon sits on my lap and stares at Marissa. Marissa walks to the center of the room and says come on bitch. Marissa lifts her tshirt off and her huge dds strain her bra as her eyes never leave Sharon as she smirks at her. I'm staring at Marissa's boobs as Sharon stands up and walks toward Marissa. Marissa stands in front of Sharon and has to look down a bit as she's 3 inches taller. As the get chest to chest hands on hips Marissa glances down at her tits which sit on top of Sharon's and they cause them to disappear. Marissa looks back at Sharon and says where did your tits go little girl? You can almost see smoke come from Sharon's ears as she sees Marissa's tits dwarf her own. Slowly Marissa raises her arms and flexes her biceps and says Steve likes it when I flex for him. Then says you want to compare bitch. Sharon seeing Marissa flex sees that she can't hope to compete with what Marissa is showing off, says I'll show him when I'm sitting on your face. Sharon without warning sends a fist into Marissa's abs. Marissa wasn't ready for the cheap shot and folds up holding her tone stomach. With no time to get ready Sharon steps back sending a fist to Marissa's jaw. Snapping Marissa's head to the left still bent over Sharon brings the fist back hitting Marissa's other jaw with the back of her fist snapping her head back to the right and sends Marissa to the floor in that direction.  Sharon looks to me and says this is the great Marissa? Marissa on hands and knees as Sharon kicks her in the stomach sending Marissa flipping her over landing on her back. Marissa groaning holding her abs as Sharon looms over her. Get up bitch she says as she stomps her abs again. Looking down on her saying you ain't shit bitch. As Sharon puts her foot on Marissa's face pushing her head to the floor holding her face to the floor as she looks at me and says this pitiful bitch is who you want? Look at her. 5 mins in and I'm stepping on her face already. I better slow down some cause this is too much fun to knock you out this quick stomping on Marissa's head and walking to me.

          Sharon walks slow to me flexing her arms. She reaches to my cock and pulls it out of my shorts. She licks her hand and strokes my dick looking over at Marissa trying to recover. She says look here bitch. He's hard bitch. How's that feel baby she says to me? Does that feel good as she licks her hand again to stroke my cock again. Look at her now Steve. Not so tuff is she? I say uuhhh uhhh and she says feels good doesn't it? I say yeahhhh shit it feels good. Sharon laughs at Marissa I'm going to fuck him in front of you bitch when I'm finished. Marissa is up now as Sharon says be right back baby I got to play with her some more. As Sharon gets to Marissa she swings a kick to Marissa's head. Marissa ducks and sends a fist to Sharon's side causing her to bow up to that side letting out a umpfff. Sharon swings a fist back to answer that punch which Marissa blocks and spins on one foot sending a kick to the same spot on Sharon's side. Sharon now holding her side. Marissa says did it hurt bitch? Sharon hits Marissa but only catches her shoulder and right back in return is an open hand slap delivered to the side of Sharon's face. The slap rings out and causes Sharon to stumble to the side. Marissa comes after her but she can't see the fist coming as Sharon's back is to her as she turns bring the fist from low to high catching Marissa under her chin snapping her head back. As Marissa stumbles back she falls on her ass. Sharon trying to recover some but knows she can't waste too much time. She moves over and swings a kick to Marissa's back as she sits on the floor causing her to arch her back and put her hand behind her back.

           Thrusting her tits out as she arches back you can see it hurt her. As soon as Sharon's foot finishes the kick she drops to her knees behind Marissa. As she arches Sharon wraps her arms around Marissa's neck catching her in a rear naked choke hold. Marissa's eyes open wide as she feels Sharon lock in the hold. She squeezes the hold tight as Marissa's hands come up to try and pull Sharon's arms loose as her face starts to redden. She licks her legs trying to get to her feet but when she gets close Sharon snaps her head to the side causing her to go back down. Sharon on her knees holding Marissa by her head off the floor telling her as she squeezes her air off that she isn't shit. Look at you bitch. I'm kicking your ass easy. Marissa continues to struggle and flop around and Sharon snaps her head side to side calling her a fucking weak bitch. As Marissa's struggles start to slow some she shakes her by her head ragdolling Marissa's head and neck. With every jerk the hold gets tighter. Sharon telling her yeah that's right bitch fight it. It makes Steve harder watching me dominate your ass. Sharon continues to taunt her saying you pitiful weak bitch. I'm glad you came back to town so I could whip your ass like this. Steve will know now won't he bitch? He will know that you ain't shit to me. Sharon looks over at me as Marissa is all but stopped struggling. Sharon says look at her Steve. I'm kicking her ass like I said. You hard baby? She says show it to me. I pull my cock out and start rubbing it. Sharon says look at that big dick bitch. That's what you lose. You want to give up or do you want me to choke you out huh? Marissa again paws at Sharon's arms weakly. Sharon smiles and says yeah fight it bitch that makes me wet. It makes me wet feeling you struggle to get away but I know you're too weak. Steve says it makes his dick so hard when one girl is manhadling another. Like right now slut. I wish I'd have kicked your ass sooner. I see Marissa trying to say something. She can't get a sound to come out but her mouth is moving. She reaches in my direction like she is asking me to help her.

        Sharon sees it and says what is you want? You want him to help you? Do you ? Steve come here she says. Then she says never mind you stay there. I'll bring her over to you. Then showing strength that is impressive Sharon stands up keeping her hold on Marissa's neck and drags her as she can't stand on her own. As she stands in front of me with Marissa just hanging there she says look at her Steve? She has fat tits but she's weak. I told you I'd beat her ass didn't I? I tell her Sharon you are kicking her ass like she's nothing. Sharon smiles at me and whispers to Marissa hear that slut? With her eyes barely open and drool coming from her mouth Marissa reaches towards me and taps at Sharon's bicep over and over. Sharon says look at that baby. She's tapping. Damn Sharon you made her give. Yeah that's right slut I'm the stronger better woman than you. Sharon lessens the hold some and Marissa tries to take a few breaths in.
           Sharon kneels back down with Marissa in front of me. She says ok bitch you get one chance to do what I say and if you give me any shit the last thing you see will be that big cock. Got it? Marissa nods yes. Sharon keeps her right arm around her neck holding her while she reaches out for my cock and starts stroking me. Sharon asks Marissa if she has something to say? Marissa says I give. You win. Sharon says I think we all have figured that out. Sharon says look at her Steve. You enjoy watching me beat her ass. As I nod yes. How bout you slut you enjoy it? Marissa says nothing.  Steve I think this slut looks tired. With that Sharon lets Marissa slump to the floor and flexes her muscles looking down at her. Now you watch this bitch. Sharon reaches forward and engulfs my dick in her mouth and sucks it and pumps it with one hand and it seconds I'm ready to blow. She says here it comes baby. She grabs Marissa by her hair and holds her face where she can point my dick in her face and finishes jerking me off unloading my cock all over Marissa's face. Sharon then sucks me to clean it all out and says I think she owes me now Steve.

          Sharon stretches Marissa out and sits on her and makes her eat her out until she cums. Sharon looks at me and sees that I'm hard again and says you ready for the real thing baby and I tell her oh yeah. Sharon says just to make sure we aren't bothered. Sharon scoots of Marissa's face and pulls her head up by her hair. Wraps her arms around her head placing her face between her tits smothering Marissa. As he holds her in place she shakes her side to side. Marissa struggles weakly pawing at the flexed arms of Sharon as she smothered out completely against Sharon's tits. When Marissa's arms fall limp she holds her in place a few more seconds. Sharon says are you out bitch? You ain't faking are you? She grabs Marissa's arm and it flops limp to the ground. You can hear it when she peels Marissa's face away from her chest and holds her limp face up and says thanks for the fun slut. She kisses Marissa on the forehead and shoves her away allowing her body and head thump to the floor. Placing a foot on her face and saying to me I WIN!



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Re: Getting Her To Fight
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2019, 05:55:37 PM »
Like this story!
Imagine my current beat my ex (pics on my profile) like that. ;D ;D ;D


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Re: Getting Her To Fight
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2019, 06:18:34 AM »
A great story with the winner starting to enjoy the fruits of her victory.  It would be really exciting to read the rest of the story with Sharon consummating her victory with her man she won while keeping the loser pinned under her.  Great work can't wait for the finish of this one and your next excellent work. :D