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My History With Joanie (Big Momma) - Hopefully Just The Beginning

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(Edited only for formatting and to correct typos and posted with Joanie's permission.)

Gabi: I've been going to the little gift store the next town over for years. My mom has been going there since I was a kid. They have the best gifts for when you need something special and out-of-the ordinary. And they have the best selection of wrapping paper, bows and ribbon! This latest visit though was a special gift in itself. I chose what I needed but saw no one available to check me out. I did hear some activity in the back so I stuck my head around the corner and asked, "Hello?" I received a very pleasant, almost apologetic, "Just a moment please" and that's when I met Joanie. She was walking across the store room with two boxes in her arms, each tagged "Heavy - Two Person Lift". That caught my attention but I retreated to the register area and waited. After a minute or so the woman from the back emerged, brushed herself off, pushed her hair back and smiled. She looked at me in an odd way and now that I got a good look, she seemed familiar too. "You've been coming here since you were a little girl, right? Your mom comes in all the time - has been for years." "That's right!" I exclaimed. I held out my hand and said, "I'm Gabi. So nice to finally meet you. You have worked here quite a long time, haven't you?"

Her handshake was like that of a man's - a strong man. Her hands were not large but the years of work like she still does has produced results. "My name is Joanie and many years, yes. More than I'd like to admit. But look at you all grown up. You are beautiful!" I blushed and looked the older woman over. "You have always been so pretty and still are! And may I say, you are all grown up too!" We chuckled and she assured me she was no lightweight. The way she said "lightweight" had a connotation though - a definite connotation. At 180 give or take and 5'7", I'm bigger than most girls. But this woman had a lot of size on me - at least 50 pounds, despite being a little shorter. We chatted for several minutes and finally got around to my purchase. We finished the transaction, shook hands once more and I turned to leave. But the "lightweight" comment was still making me think. I turned and called back, "Hey Joanie, question: the way you said "lightweight" - it sounded, odd. I mean it's a common term, but you said it like it has extra meaning. I was just wondering what", but before I could finish, she laughed out loud and said, "Sweetie, Momma is a heavyweight!" We laughed together and I, trying to be complimentary replied, "it's not like I'm a lightweight or even a middleweight either." More chuckles. "No, I'd guess you to be a gorgeous cruiser or light heavy" she commented, now clearly looking me over.

Trying to keep the convo moving and get more details, I queried, "Are you a boxer Joanie? I mean, all the weight class talk. I bet you have a haymaker right and left!" We laughed again and without pause, she said, "I'm no boxer. But I do love wrestling!" I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped to my chest. "Really? REALLY??" was all I could say."Well look at me - look at this build. I'm made for rasslin'!" Again we laughed and I threw out, "Me too." I said it in a manner that I hoped would make her think beyond my body and she did. "Gosh, you'd be a handful" she said. I smiled and informed her, "I am a handful." There was a pause and a puzzled look from the older woman. I continued. "I've done some wrestling, from the living room floor to quite a few matches in a ring." Another customer walked in and she hurriedly wrote her cell number on a business card and made me promise to call her.

I had little appetite at dinner. I ate some and used the excuse I was trying to eat better. I went to my room and waited for what seemed like forever. A little after 7:00 I texted my new friend and in moments, a response! She has a ring, in her basement?? My heart almost stopped. She spelled everything out: Saturday morning, 10:00, bring something comfy to wrestle in, her address . . . I didn't sleep much that night or the next, or the next. Finally Saturday came and by 6:00 I was wide awake. I had been working out pretty hard the last few days and I was out of bed and on the floor stretching in a flash. I put on a robe and ran to the kitchen. Oatmeal, OJ, bacon - carbs and protein. I had no idea what to expect but I had to be ready. I went back upstairs and sat at the computer, reviewing some holds online. I took a long, hot shower and got dressed. I put a floral one piece in my bag, along with a couple towels and - that's it. I braided my hair tightly, threw on some makeup and headed to Joanie's.

I pulled into the driveway and almost couldn't get out of the car. But I did and made my way to the front door. I reached for the bell but never touched it. The door flew open and there she was - OMG, there she was! She invited me in and closed the door behind me. I stepped back and looked her up and down and then apologized for gaping. She was wearing s short black robe - that's all. Well, all I could see. It just covered her butt so all I saw from there down was smooth, slightly shiny legs built like bowling pins and about as hard.  I had to ask as I pointed, "oil"? She giggled and assured me no - just a very good shave. When she bent over to look at her legs, her calves stretched and I got my first look - massive. Mine were almost twigs by comparison. As she bent, the top of the rope separated some and I peered into a cavern of cleavage! This woman was a human wrecking ball! Never had I encountered anyone even remotely like her for a match. For the first time, I was not looking into climbing into that ring.

Joanie: I've wrestled MANY girls over the years young enough to be my daughter, including my daughter. But other than her, I did not know any of them as children. I met them as 18 or 19 year olds who may have been very fresh faced but they were adults. This one was probably five the first time I saw her. I couldn't have possibly known it would come to this. I don't know yet what to think. She is very intelligent. She's pretty tall and seems well built and she is drop dead gorgeous. Certainly the prettiest girl ever to step into my ring and maybe the prettiest I have ever met. Can she wrestle? I guess we'll find out!

I head down the hall to the basement with Gabi in tow. I hit the basement floor, take a couple steps and I hear a squeal. Obviously, she approves. I can't help but smile - she's like a kid on Christmas morning. I show her to the powder room in the corner and strip off my robe, tossing it onto the old sofa against the wall. We haven't talked anything about type of match, rules or anything, but I guess we'll get to that. Under my robe is one of my favorite suits to wrestle in, a kelly green kini. No, it's not ideal but I just love it. I climb the two steps and get into the ring and take the corner opposite the powder room. I lean back in the corner, wondering what is about to happen, but hey, we're in the ring. How bad can it be?

Gabi: I hurriedly slip out of my street clothes and into my suit. It's a daring suit but great for wrestling because of all the straps and ties and it's leopard print, so it's hot. The one thing I don't like about it is it brings attention to my tummy. Not that my tummy is embarrassing or anything but it may as well have a "strike here" sign. I check myself in the mirror to make sure everything is in place and all is good. My hair is up - I just didn't want to do anything with it this morning and it will make it more difficult to grab. I take a deep breath and open the door. As I step out I locate Joanie standing in the ring and I get an eyeful of her just a moment before she catches me. My god, she is a wrecking ball! Who beats her? Even at 55, she is amazing! The legs - those calves - OMG! The belly that looks like it can take a mule kick, the boobs - those boobs! She turns to face me and once focused, I see her expression change. It seems I may have surprised her about as much as she surprised me.

Joanie: I hear the door to the powder room open and I focus in that direction. Out comes this girl, well, woman - and I mean young, gorgeous, stunning woman wearing a leopard print thingy with ties everywhere and a smile big enough to light the entire basement. Then the smile turns to a look of surprise when her eyes find me in the ring. I walk toward her, stopped by the ropes and lean over, now smiling widely myself. Her eyes go immediately to my chest and I chuckle. "Hey, my eyes are up here" I say but I place my hands on my girls. She chuckles too and makes her way to the steps. I watch as she climbs, her legs just amazing. Big - bigger than mine I think and not a spec of imperfection. She is a big girl overall but she owns it. She comes into the ring and I step behind her. "No cellulite? That's just not right!"

She goes around my back and replies, "you have enough for both of us Momma!" "Oh you bitch!" I snap but we both laugh. I am checking her over though, evaluating every move she makes. Her legs are freakish - in a good way, but so big. If they are that strong, she wins with every scissor she applies. There is no weakness showing. She's 23 so stamina has to be in her favor. I certainly have her in the "upper body" but she's not exactly lacking. Her arms are not twigs. And she can smother if she likes, top and bottom! "So, are you familiar with pro wrestling? Ever done it? Where would you like to start?" I have a million questions for my new opponent. I only hope she is good and enjoys this fat old lady.

Gabi: "I have some ring experience Momma, but from what I've heard, you are the person to learn from. I'm glad to go pro style, win or lose, but I like my chances." I rub my hands up and down your arms and think this is just one of your many advantages. If you can match my legs or keep them at bay or worse - hurt them - I will be in a lot of trouble. Your scissor probably wins as certainly as mine does. But that upper body - wow! From the thick waist to the boobs, the shoulders, the arms - all very strong. I slip my arms around yours pinning them to your sides and whisper in your right ear, "Why don't we start right here?"

Joanie: "I'm going to give you a chance to reconsider starting here sweetie. I mean, you are at such a disadvantage." I know you don't believe that but I already have my exit strategy planned. I feel your arms tighten as if daring me. I turn my head to the right and state gently but firmly, "Last chance my dear. Let go now and start differently or get hurt." No one can say I'm not fair!

Gabi: With my mock bear hug on the big woman, I cannot figure out how she is going to escape. I tighten my hug to what should be an uncomfortable level and toy with her by pushing my thumbs up into her breasts. In no way is it meant to hurt her - it can't. But it is a tease. Pulling her back into me, I get a really good feel for her size and girth. This is a big woman. She has every bit of 50 pounds on me and she's two inches shorter - very thick!

Joanie: The youngster increases the squeeze around my body but my arms are taking most of it. Still, it's not exactly comfortable and then she plays with the girls! Her thumbs sink into the soft flesh but not deeply or painfully - she is toying with me now and I have to smile a bit and shake my head. It's then I look down, locate her right foot, lift my own and stomp my heel into her instep. Her scream nearly pierces my ear drum but her arms disappear and I'm free, no damage done. I turn to face my opponent whose face is showing the anguish that foot is in. "Don't say I didn't warn you!" I chide in a motherly tone. Moving to your left, I take aim and send my right foot toward the back of that impressive left thigh, thinking I need to test those legs.

Gabi: The pain almost brings tears to my eyes! I howl and grit my teeth, wondering if she actually broke something. That was a veteran escape and honestly, it was unorthodox yet orthodox. Very effective and certainly legal if not "great wrestling". I think about moving but it's too late. A foot, backed by 230+ pounds of wrestler, hammers the back of my leg just above the knee and I try but cannot remain on my feet. I can't put enough weight on my hurt right foot and my thick left leg is buckled. I drop to my left knee, something about both legs hurting. This is not a good way to start - for me anyway!

Joanie: and just like that, the big youngster is on her knee. I work in behind you, lower my "weight" onto your head and back of your neck, slide my arms around your head and apply a tight reverse chinlock. I really crank up the pressure and lower myself onto you as much as possible, forcing you to support me. With a good crank on the chinlock, I whisper in your right ear, "it was easier taking you down than I thought sweetie". Again I tighten my arms, doing my best to cut off your air and blood flow and make you hold my mass, looking to wear you down now.

Gabi: you almost drop on top of my back and fold me in half at the waist. Your big, soft boobs and rotund tummy are pressed into me and I am trapped, unable to move. I pull on your arms but they are beefy and strong and cannot be budged. The taunt is well-earned and say nothing in response, saving my air. This is a wear down hold for certain and if I don't break it, you will no doubt exploit your advantage. Seeing just one way out, I press my right sole into the canvas and begin to push, straining mightily. With my left knee on the canvas, I lean forward, pulling you on top of me even more. Now I put to use all those squats I do and slowly rise. I can feel you have no footing - you're on my back - so I put all I have into my right leg. Getting just a little higher, I get my left foot planted and now I have both legs to use. As we rise gradually, it gets easier and finally, I am up to my feet! You seem to have lost your leverage and are now hanging on more defensively. For the final step of this attempted escape, I reach back with my right arm, lasso it around your head, pull and bend, trying to flip you over and off me.

Joanie: I am doing a good job of using my mass on my young opponent and her attempts to break out of my hold are typical and typically useless. I lie on you blatantly - nothing meant to be surprising here - just daring you to defend yourself. I'm feeling this could be a turning point in the match even this early, when you shift under me and like a slow freight elevator, we begin to rise. I attempt to adjust my hold but then find my feet leaving the canvas and rather than apply an offensive hold, I am trying to balance my weight on your back and prevent an awkward fall and landing. You snag my head and pull and I am in no position to block you. Instead, over I go with a thud, landing on my back, much of the wind knocked out of me!

Gabi: I manage to get the big woman up and over and she couldn't have landed any worse for her or better for me. It appears her back lands flat and she is winded from the impact. Her struggle is a bit surprising, but I'm not going to pause or help her up, that's for sure. Instead, I go for a favorite. From your right side, I back into the ropes briskly and use them as a springboard. Bouncing back toward you I jump, extend my right leg and aim the back of it for your chest, hoping to make breathing just that much more difficult! GERONIMO!!

Joanie: the impact of my back hitting the canvas could not have been more, well, impactful. My 230 pounds is, at times, a liability and this is one of those times. On my back, trying to breathe, I open my eyes to see a log of a leg coming toward me and fast! I really can't react, other than attempting to roll, but I barely move when you connect. It feels as though I have just been run over by a bus! the insides of the girls and my breastbone take the impact and the intense pain starves me of the air I was desperately seeking. We've barely started and the youngster is getting on a roll - not good!

Gabi: My leg thumps across your plentiful chest and again, you are in pain - that's obvious. I sit there with my leg resting across your chest, taking in your size, thinking about what it would be like to be on the receiving end when you are in control. It seems to me you could really deliver the pain if given the opportunity and that reminds me I need to keep moving. I slide back on my butt and go "old school". I take your right wrist and pull your arm toward me, pressing my feet into the side of your head and your armpit, beginning to stretch that arm out!

Joanie: "EEEEYOWWWW!!" Those legs of yours swallow my arm and when you extend them it feels like my arm will pop out of my shoulder! I close my eyes and my left hand covers them in anguish, my right foot banging the canvas weakly. I toss my left arm over toward you, hoping to grab something and cause some pain but that just adds pressure to my arm and I scream again. My hand falls short of you and pats my own shoulder in sympathy for it, then slaps your right thigh with a loud "SMACK"!

Gabi: Perhaps it's mean, but controlling the big woman and making her suffer is pretty darn intoxicating! I pull and twist your arm and when you reach over to try to do something about it and cause yourself more pain, I have to hold back the sinister chuckle. I might be feeling a bit of regret, but when you slap my leg, causing a reddish mark to show and that makes me mad. So I give your arm one more good TUG!!

Joanie: "YEEEEOWWWWW!!" You stretch my arm again and my left arm whacks the mat in pure frustration. If this goes on much longer, my right is going to be 6 inches longer than my left! I whack the mat again and again, just suffering now. your toes are pressing into Mandy and she's getting a little work along with my poor arm. I curl my fingers and straighten them repeatedly, but my arm and hand are quickly going numb.

Gabi: Your big boobs don't exactly sit high and firm on your chest so with "Mandy" (they have names?) flopping over to the side, I can't help but get some of her. If it weren't for your bikini top, I'd have flesh oozing between my pretty toes. I continue to torture your arm and it must be at least two minutes at this point. I see you flexing your fingers, trying to keep some life in your hand and arm, telling me my hold is working. One more good pull with an added twist and I release you, ready to move on to the next thing I want to try. If only I knew what that was!

Joanie: My arm is a mess and honestly, I think about submitting, taking a break and offering a multiple fall match when you tug, twist and let go. I take my right wrist in my left hand and pull it across my body, closing my eyes from the pain and trying to concentrate on getting up. I roll to my left side and to my knees, right arm hanging and about useless. I press my left palm into my left thigh, lift my right leg and press my right foot into the canvas. I push up to my feet and shake out my arm but it's dead, at least for now. I turn to find you and see you waiting patiently for me which is very sweet but I'm wondering if I have anything for you today.

Gabi: Already it seems I have hurt and fatigued the veteran heavyweight. To me, this is a learning experience more than a competitive match. I hate losing but if I do so to Joanie, in her basement ring, in private, so be it. It doesn't hurt my standing, so I give her as much time as she needs. I watch her get to her feet, in some trouble yet willing to soldier on. Her right arm seems to be in bad shape, but is she faking it? I just don't know for sure. It takes a while but finally she looks ready to continue, so I raise my arms and move in with caution.

Joanie: it's time to lock up - or is it? you come in, arms raised but cautious. it's nice to still get some respect. I inch in, my bare feet sliding along the canvas and I raise my arms as well. we draw in closer, not yet quite in range when I yell, stomp my right foot and lunge in. I really want to lock up with you but I need some offense so as I shove forward, I lower my right shoulder and charge, aiming for your flat belly.

Gabi: You scream and stomp your foot and it startles me. I lunge forward to meet you, not wanting you to use that size and momentum, but I get nothing but air. And then, like a truck barreling forward out of control, you plow into me and drive your shoulder into my tummy. The force takes my breath away and also gets me moving backward which is no small feat. My legs nearly tangle and I stumble backward, unable to right myself and do something to counter.

Joanie: I manage to use a lil cunning against the pretty young grappler and it works! My shoulder connects with that flat tummy and coupled with my momentum I get you moving backward. It's surprisingly easy to move you - I must have really caught you off guard so I keep pushing, legs churning, girls bobbing as I move us. The steps add up and suddenly we are stopped cold by the ropes. My shoulder digs into your belly and I hear the air whoosh from your lungs. It's a sweet sound!

Gabi: I'm being muscled backward against my will and when my back hits the ropes, your shoulder goes deeply into my abs. My head snaps back and I grab the top rope in both hands. My bountiful butt rests somewhat on the middle rope and breathing is not an option right now. After getting a really good start against the big veteran, thinking this would be an easy win, it's now me on the receiving end.

Joanie: The ropes creak a lil when our weight hits them and just like that, I am in control. I was concerned early on about your strength and ability but I have evened things up and am about to take the lead. My shoulder went in pretty deep it seems so here we go. I clamp my hands onto the middle rope on either side of those ungodly hips, pull back and drive in. Not pausing, I repeat, delivering two shoulder blocks, crushing your toned abs. It's then I pause for a reaction.

Gabi: I let out two pretty horrible gaspy screams, one after each of your shoulder blocks. Suddenly I don't feel so good and more of my weight rests on the second rope. My left hand falls off the top rope and I rest it on your back. I'd love to do something to get you off me but what? I try to take a breath but things just aren't working as they are supposed to. I press my palm into your back and pull with my right hand, trying to free myself but you have me pinned rather well.

Joanie: When you struggle to even move and breathe, I pour it on. I pull back and drive my shoulder in, pushing it up looking for your sternum. Getting no resistance from you, it's another and yet another shoulder block, thinking you might really be hurt. After six shoulders to the same area, I let go of the rope, stand and back away, not intending to give you a break, but rather to move on to my next tactic to wear you down.

 Gabi: Each time you make contact I get weaker. It feels as though your shoulder is going to connect with my spine! Six shoulders from a 230 pound heavyweight is, well, trouble. When you pull away my legs buckle and to my knees I go. My right hand still grasps the top rope but my left is across my body, my head down as if praying and that may be the only hope I have. I've never felt anything quite like this and it's a sensation I will never savor.

Joanie: you drop quickly and hard. The boards bounce when your knees hit them and I can't see your face but that bright smile is certainly gone. Figuring there is little risk to getting in close, I take your head in both hands and start to back up, trying to lead you away from the ropes. Once your hand lets go of the rope, I have you crawling - or maybe you are sliding toward the middle of the ring. you're putting up no resistance but you are not a small girl so it's a bit of a struggle.

Gabi: I really want to curl up and die, but the big woman just keeps on me. Being led by my head, I crawl unwillingly. My hands palm your big thighs, impressed by the musculature, trying to stay somewhat upright and avoid what may come if I was flat on the canvas. I know something is coming but no idea what and honestly, I probably wouldn't be able to defend against it even if you told me. I give my head a little shake but you hang on, guiding me along like a dog on a leash!

Joanie: We move to the middle of the ring and I know exactly what I want to do. With your head in my grasp, I push it down and then pull it between my legs, which you have already noted, are not skinny. I slide my feet together and apply a standing head scissor! I focus on putting my energy into my legs, flexing them, hoping to continue to wear you down.

Gabi: First you nearly break me in half and now it feels like my head is going to pop off! In moments, I am feeling dizzy and lightheaded with much of the blood flow to my brain cut off. My fingers pry pointlessly at the insides of your thighs, then go to the backs of your knees looking for a sensitive area but fuck, you're strong! The seconds pass and turn into a minute and this is trouble all the way!

Joanie: you seem pretty helpless which is not surprising. your hands become less active and I see you sink to sitting on your calves. there seems to be little fight but this is too good to let go of. So, to make it worse, I rise up on my toes, using my monstrous calves to tighten the hold even more! Then I drop to my heels to add impact to injury and repeat. Up and drop, up and drop, hoping to scramble the brain in that pretty head of yours!

Gabi: UHHH! UHHH! UHHH! My head is swimming - no, drowning in thighs! My arms droop at my sides and this hurts down into my shoulders! It's been just a few minutes but I feel like I have run a marathon! My face must be beet red and consciousness is fading. This is very bad . . .

Joanie: I always wonder if I'm being played in situations like this, but this time, no way. I give you one more good squeeze by doing another calf raise and hold it . . . hold it . . . hold it and down. BANG! I feel your head hit my knees and can't help but smile, thinking of your dazed and pained look and your sweaty red face. Time to continue this lesson, so I open my legs and step back to assess your condition.

Gabi: When I am no longer supported by your tree trunks, I crumble to my right side. I open my eyes and everything is fuzzy. My legs aren't working. I am still having trouble breathing because my abs are nearly quivering. My hair is everywhere including pasted to my sweaty face. I reach out for ropes which are about a mile away and just wave at them. I must look ridiculous!

Joanie: this has been so much easier than I expected. you did get off to an impressive start but your youth has betrayed you. not many are going to come back after what you have absorbed, but you are a big, strong girl, so I had better be sure. Just for grins, I drop to my knees in front of you, roll you onto your back and dive across your chest for a simple cross body pin. "1!"

Gabi: A pin? A pin??? No!! Already the one count is gone so I pull my legs in - and howl as that strains my pummeled abs, but I manage to get my legs in. You count "2!" and I have just one chance at this so I thrust my legs out, sending pain through my entire middle and by a miracle, I manage to kick out from under 230 pounds of boobs and belly. I just get my shoulder up and find myself beneath your dangling frontal assets.

Joanie: You're not quite done yet, but let's try again. Even that kickout expended some energy so I simply drop across your chest again. I make my weight as soft and dead as possible forcing you to struggle mightily if you want to escape. If I get a three count, great, but if I don’t, maybe better!

Gabi: After managing to kick out and barely, you drop your weight across my chest yet again, flattening my own young boobs against my chest. This time you pause before counting "one", giving me time to think about the pain I am about to cause myself. But in my legs come and out they go, kicking out before two this time, even if you are being generous with the time between counts. I lift my head to see you perched over me again, so I bear my claws and attack. I send my left hand into your right breast and lock on and my right hand latches on to your bare tummy, applying as much force through my grip as I can.

Joanie: The claw to Brandy takes me aback. I gasp and try to focus when you get your other hand in my belly. That takes my breath completely away and my mouth drops open and just a weak lil squeak comes out. I shake my head and try to breathe but precious little air gets into my lungs. My palms are flat on the canvas so in order to use my hands, I try to pull up but that just helps you tug and I settle back down to all fours across you, now taking some pain. What just happened??

Gabi: The big woman had me in huge trouble moments ago but she left an opening and I learned early on to take what my opponent gives. Now I have her in an awkward position struggling to defend herself. When she tries to pull up, I pull and sink my perfectly manicured nails into soft flesh. When she settles back down, I make it worse. I twist both hands back and forth, torturing her heavy breast and now heaving tummy. As I twist her breast, I open my hand and get an even better, nastier claw hold applied to her bare middle! Then I re-apply the breast claw and it's on!

Joanie: I hiss in pain and my head droops, hair dragging on the canvas. This is almost paralyzing. I have had some pretty nasty claw holds applied to various parts of my body but yours are amazing! I can't just kneel here and let you continue this way so I grit my teeth and pull up some. Pulling my elbows in, I place one on your tummy and one on your chest and press them in, hoping I can cause you to loosen your hands enough to escape.

Gabi: I'm definitely hurting you but I should have known you'd fight back. The elbow in my left breast hurts but when the other digs into my still weakened abs, I scream and my fingers loosen. I'm still in you but only a fraction as tightly. Next thing I know, up you pop and I lose my holds but at least your elbows are out of me! I look up at the lights and blink, head pretty well cleared up but both arms go across my tummy subconsciously, still feeling those shoulder blocks.

Joanie: I'm kneeling at your right side and see your arms across your body, signaling some distress. I'd like to get up but instead think I should go back to your belly while I have the opportunity. So I lean over and shove my hands under your arms, attempting an ab claw of my own. I can see you submitting if I get it on good.

Gabi: I feel your strong hands slide across my midsection, trying to work under my arms and I yell, "fuck no Joanie!" I grab your hands and roll to my left violently, just escaping pure torture. I keep rolling until I reach the ropes, which I use to help me stand. I look over my shoulder to make sure you're not close and I see you lumbering up to your feet. I get upright first and rub my tummy, taking deeper and deeper breaths, my youth allowing me to get my second wind (I hope). I wipe my face and toss my hair back, readying myself for your next attack.

Joanie: I make it to my feet and when I look up, you're already standing. "Great, just great!" I think to myself. But I adjust my suit, top and bottom, trying to corral the girls in their cups. Then I have a thought and offer, "straight up sweetie, collar and elbow. Honestly, I want - I need to know how strong you are. C'mon, on the level". I stand in the middle of the ring, encouraging you to join me by waving you in. I understand your hesitance but I really do want to find out what you have.

Gabi: I pause at the ropes, thinking this has to be a trap. You had the advantage, then me, then you, then me sort of and the longer this goes, the more it favors me so at this point, you have to be looking for one more advantage to exploit. But you look so sincere and inviting and I too want to know what you're packing. So I move in slowly and carefully, raising my arms, looking down slightly into your brown eyes. I see you take your stance showing no sign of anything but lockup, so I ease in and offer a collar and elbow. To my relief, you meet me but when we press, I feel a twinge in my tummy and gasp, losing a step and then another.

Joanie: I barely lean in and have you moving! This is a surprise - I would have expected an epic struggle. But after gaining some ground, you get your footing and stop my progress. I shove forward and again, but you block my attempts. Still, I was able to gain ground and a couple more steps gets you into the ropes - a place I'd love to finish, ummm, I mean, have you.  ;-)

Gabi: This is really putting a strain on my abs but I stop you and the stalemate begins. You are determined and with the ropes not that far from my back, I know you'd love to gain some more ground. Fighting through the midsection pain, I take a small step forward with my right foot - inches. Then a tiny step with my left and I gain some ground back. A bit more and a bit more and now I have you retreating. I look down to see your huge boobs shimmering and shaking as we struggle so I put just a little more into my legs and continue backing you toward the ropes.

Joanie: It's not my legs being overpowered - I cannot get enough traction to stop you. The effort is fatiguing but useless as I feel the ropes in my broad back. "Break!" I bark, wondering if you'll comply but nope. Instead I am being arched backward over the top rope, feeling very vulnerable!
Gabi: The top rope gives under your weight and my pushing. Having you pinned there, I remember the advantage you took and now it's my turn. I slide to my left a little bit and pull my right leg back. I then drive it forward leading with my knee, aiming for where I think your tummy is, knowing a couple well placed knees should have you in a lot of trouble.

Joanie: your knee almost goes through me! I let out a huge scream that echoes around the basement. Those legs are deadly. My own legs buckle, but pinned to the ropes I cannot go down, as much as I'd like to. Between the power in your right thigh and the push you get from your left leg and butt, you deliver a knee lift unlike any other. After a few seconds pass and the pain seems to get worse, I think about quitting - honestly.

Gabi: The "smack" of knee to tummy, the scream, the sound of agony after the scream and I know I hit that one out of the park. With much of your weight resting on the ropes, holding you up is not that difficult, so I ready my right leg and thrust it up and forward again, then repeat. I piston knees to where I believe your midriff is, some connecting, others not but I get a few in before giving you one more shove against the ropes and then jump back to watch you collapse.

Joanie: the four, yes I counted four knees that land are brutal, vicious and devastating. I pride my 39" waist as being tough and tested, but that test was too tough and I'm failing. my butt rests on the middle rope and my arms flop across the top rope. my head hangs and throwing up is a very real possibility. I cough and wheeze and I'm done. I'd quit but the words will not come out.

Gabi: My quasi smile turns to a look of confusion when the heavyweight does not crumble. I saw an easy pin for the win but there she sits, still not done! Definitely the toughest woman I have ever faced and then comes the realization that I have to figure out how to finish her. I pause to think and then step forward, but not completely sure of myself. My youth has helped greatly in this match but finishing is something I don't have a lot of experience at. Finally, I decide to use my opponent's position in the ropes. Taking her hair in my left hand and pulling her head back, I see an expression of lifelessness but still, I have won nothing. So I raise my right hand and aim a big slap for her bare breast tops!

Joanie: when you pull my head back, I cannot focus. Everything is in a haze. I know something is coming but so what? When your hand connects with the girls, the "slappp" echoes and it stings but I barely move, just lolling there, spent. I shake my head and it droops, a drop of sweat rolling off my nose and to the canvas between my bare feet.

Gabi: No scream, no distress, no reaction. This woman is amazing. She's hurt badly it seems, but she still endures. What enables her to take this much?? A bit frustrated, I take another left handful of hair and tilt her head back. Her glassy eyes are unfocused and she offers no resistance. So it's one then another and finally a third open hand slap you her huge boobs, each causing a sharp slapping noise, accentuated by sweat spray each time I make contact. I let go of her hair and her head drops again but still she does not go down! WTF??

Joanie: It's over but my young opponent doesn't seem to understand that. each slap to the chest stings but there is just nothing left with which to respond. I'm sort of wedged between the top and middle ropes, dangling precariously. I try to push up and off the ropes to go down but my legs are non-existent.

Gabi: Having had enough, I move in again and take your head in both hands. It's 230 pounds of dead weight and it's a struggle but I extricate you from the ropes and watch you crash. You're out or close but I have to put the exclamation point on this or at least a period. So I take your wrists and drag you away from the ropes. I drop to my knees on your left side and flop you over to your back. Your huge soft boobs roll off your chest, which is red and sweaty. Your eyes are open but you look like you're wasted - dazed, unfocused - in rough shape. So to prove to myself anyway that we're done, I lie gently across your chest. I quietly wait and count "one" . . . pausing several seconds and whisper "two" . . .

Joanie: I swallow hard and finish the count with a slight whisper of "three". Or five or 10 or 20 - no matter. It's over. It was over three or four minutes ago. I was simply unable to end it earlier and I suffered more. I can't blame you - you did what you had to do. Your inexperience actually cost me rather than you. Now I hope you have had enough and do not wish to continue . . .

Gabi: I push up off of you, looking again into your brown eyes. You must see me but you remain expressionless. I wipe the sweat off your face but it reappears immediately. I push your hair out of your face and eyes and see water on the sofa so I retrieve a bottle and return to you. I sit you up, uncap the bottle and hand it to you but you don't take it. So I put it to your lips and offer you small amounts, watching some of it join the sweat in running down your face and to your chest, then to your belly.

Joanie: I slurp the water sloppily, more spilling than getting into my mouth. that which spills feels so good running down my overheated body. My mind is completely blank - there are no thoughts . . . none.

Gabi: Seeing the big woman struggle to even drink water, I wonder if she is okay. I feel a little badly about what I did at the end, but I really thought she was still a threat, even when in the ropes. I’ll need a few days before I’m 100% - maybe even longer than that. But I know this – I’d return tomorrow if this lady asked me to come back for the rematch!

The End


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Re: My History With Joanie (Big Momma) - Hopefully Just The Beginning
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2019, 01:27:47 AM »
Wow just wow

You captured all the emotions felt so real

Love to read more
me into wrestling, catfighting, erotic, tagteam, fun , rough tough, all at the same time if possible lol dont matter who win so long its good let me know if ur interested in chatting or more..5'7" 160

BTW it be nice if you can reply to messages


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Re: My History With Joanie (Big Momma) - Hopefully Just The Beginning
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2019, 01:49:31 AM »
Bravo to both of you!  What a great back and forth, I really thought Joanie had you Gabi, but great comeback!  Can't wait to see what match two looks like!


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Re: My History With Joanie (Big Momma) - Hopefully Just The Beginning
« Reply #3 on: June 24, 2019, 03:46:54 PM »
Great story, that was a fun read.


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Re: My History With Joanie (Big Momma) - Hopefully Just The Beginning
« Reply #4 on: June 29, 2019, 02:59:09 PM »
In a poll match against Joanie, I got off to a good start but she came back for the win. I wonder how Gabi would do in a poll match. She might get crushed.  :-)


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Re: My History With Joanie (Big Momma) - Hopefully Just The Beginning
« Reply #5 on: June 29, 2019, 05:01:35 PM »
In a poll match against Joanie, I got off to a good start but she came back for the win. I wonder how Gabi would do in a poll match. She might get crushed.  :-)
Is that a veiled challenge? Or are you sincerely suggesting Joanie and I do a poll match? Either way, could be fun!

Re: My History With Joanie (Big Momma) - Hopefully Just The Beginning
« Reply #6 on: July 07, 2019, 04:22:27 PM »
Great story and match ladies! I hope there's a rematch soon!