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Survival of the Weakest: Round One (Match 2) Hayden Panettiere v. Rachel McAdams

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Hayden Panettiere v. Rachel McAdams

   After a very tepid first match, the crowd was beginning to get frustrated.  This event had promised to provide quality matches, and instead the first match delivered nothing more than a few weak kicks and an unsatisfying count-out. 

   With the pressure mounting on the organizers, success of the event hinged on the rest of the evening’s matches.  This was why the braintrust had secured dominant stars for two matches, because if all else fails, their two matches would end with decisive finishes.  In addition, after Taylor’s hasty retreat, a notification was wired to the production staff to seal the entrance ramp closed at the start of the next match.  If anyone was going to attempt to flee, they better hope that they have a key. 

   The next match on the card certainly had generated a lot of interest.  Both of the competitors were coming off of what has to be a disappointing year.  Hayden’s television show “Heroes”, a one-time sensation, was now cancelled, while her first major starring role, “I Love You Beth Cooper”, tanked.  Rachel’s film “Time Traveler’s Wife”, disappointed at the box office, while her movie “Sherlock Holmes” was said to have succeeded in spite of her performance.  Each girl had her own reason for desiring forward momentum, but only one is going to walk out of the ring a winner.

   Hayden came out first, wearing a red spandex top and, in a nod to her former role, a cheerleader skirt.  Privately, the actress had no desire to don such a ridiculous outfit, but her agent and publicist hoped that the costume would garner her some positive headlines.  After plastering on a fake smile, the 5’1 star greeted the fans at ringside before climbing into the ring.

   Rachel McAdams came out next in a simple black two-piece with her initials monogrammed on her chest.  Unlike Hayden, she wasn’t attempting to mask her disgust over the entire event.  She felt that she was a “once in a generation” talent, and that her skill shouldn’t be measured in a forum such as this.  The only reason she had agreed to participate was because she knew that, at 5’5, she had a fairly decent height advantage and figured that an early and decisive victory in the tournament should help move along some of her future projects.

   Having seen the last match, Rachel was wise and kept her eyes on the spritely Hayden as she climbed into the ring.  The referee approached her to explain the guidelines and to ensure that she understood that he and he alone would be the one to call the match over.  Her ruby red lips drew tight in a sneer as she nodded that she understood.

   The ref signaled for the bell and the second match of the first round was underway.  Rachel and Hayden circled one another with their hands extended like talons, each girl looking for an opening to strike.  Rachel took the first swing, but Hayden was able to dodge it.  Rachel tried two more, but Panettiere quickly established her speed advantage by avoiding them as well.  Hayden then fired back with a shot of her own, a fairly benign punch that hit Rachel’s midriff.  It didn’t hurt McAdams, but it certainly sent a message.

   Unbeknown to Rachel, Hayden had recently embarked on a fairly serious relationship with Heavyweight Boxing Champion Wladamir Klitschko.  Wlad had taught Hayden a few techniques, including how to throw a killer uppercut.  Fearing that
McAdams was aware of this, Hayden decided to hold back on throwing punches lest her skill be discovered and her opportunity for a clear shot at Rachel’s jaw would evaporate.  Thankfully, Rachel had simply underestimated Hayden based on her size and neglected to do the kind of scouting necessary to learn important information on her opponent…namely the fact that she now packs one hell of a punch.

   Rachel realized upon being struck with the faint blow that her advantage here was size and not speed, so she switched tactics and went for a collar-and-elbow tie-up.  The shorter Hayden was game, but the four inch disadvantage that she had meant that she was working against gravity.  Rachel easily muscled her back into the turnbuckle as the referee immediately went in for the clean break.  Seeing an opportunity to engage in a little mental warfare, McAdams slapped Panettiere in the face.  The stunned actress attempted to lunge back at Rachel, but the referee restrained her as McAdams threw her hands in the air in mock confusion as she flashed the crowd a bright smile. 

   “Come on pipsqueak, let’s see what you got,” Rachel taunted as she signaled for Hayden to approach.  Panettiere charged her larger opponent full steam, but was cut down by a lighting fast clothesline.  Perhaps McAdams had in fact been training a lot more vigorously than she let on.

   The impact of Rachel’s outstretched arm sent Hayden down to the mat.  Unable to brace for impact, her entire body hit the hard canvas with an audible thud.  Undaunted, she shook the cobwebs away and attempted to get back up.  Sadly, she was unable to see that Rachel had already launched herself off of the ropes and was hurtling towards her.  Rachel connected with a second clothesline, dropping Hayden again. 

   Despite feeling overconfident, McAdams didn’t want to make the same mistake that Jennifer Love Hewitt made, so she immediately bent down to synch in a chinlock.  Rachel slid her arm under Hayden’s chin and tightened her grip, slowly cutting off Panettiere’s air supply.  Hayden immediately put her hand on Rachel’s arm, hoping to pry it off before she passed out.

   To add to the pressure, Rachel positioned herself on top of Panettiere, forcing the girl to have to breathe with the added weight now pressing down on her small frame.  “Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon,” Rachel taunted as she squeezed tighter. 

   Hayden abandoned her attempt to pry the arm away and began to flail her arms, hoping to strike something.  It was at that moment that she realized she wasn’t too far from the ropes, so she mustered up as much energy as she could and attempted to slide closer to the bottom rope and to freedom.  As she tried to lurch forward, Rachel’s arm momentarily slipped, and Hayden was able to break free.  Knowing that she was vulnerable, Panettiere rolled out of the ring to regain her composure. 

   As she panted and wheezed, hoping to get the precious oxygen back into her lungs, Hayden started to rethink her strategy.  Meanwhile, McAdams had rolled out of the ring and was now looming over the recovering starlet.  With surprising speed, Rachel struck Hayden with a forearm to the back of the head, knocking the blonde to the thin mat on the outside of the ring.  Satisfied with her action, Rachel rolled back into the ring to celebrate. 

   The referee hesitantly administered a ten count, knowing that two count-outs in a row would certainly be the end of his career.  Hayden climbed back to her feet and looked for a way back into the ring.  Unfortunately, since she had surrendered the high ground, getting back in was going to be a challenge.

   Rachel was standing guard on the inside of the ring, and every time Hayden attempted to get in, her hands were almost stomped off by McAdams’s boot.  Hand in, stomp.  Hand in, stomp.  Finally, Hayden faked sticking her hand in, and when Rachel went to drop her heel, Panettiere grabbed it and pulled McAdams down.  The one-time aggressor landed with an unceremonious thump on her butt as Hayden took the opportunity to slide into the ring.

   Seizing the opportunity, Hayden pounced on the downed McAdams and locked her hands around the brunette’s throat.  Clearly, technical prowess had gone out the window, and the smaller Hayden was just looking to do anything to quell the aggression.  Rachel’s eyes widened in panic as this match had suddenly taken a very dangerous turn.  Now she was the one attempting to pry an aggressor’s hands from around her neck.  “I’m going to choke you out and them I’m going to end your career,” Hayden said through clenched teeth.

   Unable to pry Panettiere’s wrists away, Rachel sought another tactic.  Using her fingers as her eyes, she traced the back of Hayden’s legs until she came upon the girls’ skirt.  Then, in a move of both desperation and probably elation, she slipped her hand under the garment and latched onto her opponent’s panties.  With all the force she could muster, the brunette yanked the underwear straight up, administering a viscerally painful wedgie.

   Hayden immediately let go of her stranglehold as the offending garment invaded her most sensitive crevices.  Suddenly, the aggressive Hayden was reduced to a schoolgirl as she unleashed a very unsettling squeal.

   Undaunted, Rachel continued to tug as the fabric dug deeper and deeper into Hayden’s unguarded buttocks, though her deeper concern was the part of the cloth that was wedging between her labia.

   McAdams pulled again with all her might until the flimsy underwear mercifully tore.  Hayden’s relief suddenly turned to mortification as she realized that the only thing keeping her from being exposed was a very short skirt.  Rachel shoved the girl off of her perch and massaged her aching neck as Hayden tended to her own freshly reddened area.

   Panettiere gently rubbed her crotch, hoping to reduce the stinging without showing too much of her flesh to the anxious public.  McAdams regained her footing and took a moment to admire the sight of the 20 year old girl stroking her tanned and toned ass.  “You know, you really shouldn’t do that in public,” she taunted as she stomped down on the “Heroes” star.

   Hayden attempted to shield herself from the blows as she wrapped her arm around the rope, hoping for a ref break.  The referee, upon seeing her tethered to the chord, restrained McAdams.  “If I can’t get a move in here, how the hell am I supposed to win?” she asked with an increasingly bitchy tone.

   Hayden got back up to her feet and, now realizing that every moment she was in the ring increased her chances of being stripped nude, decided to try and go for her knockout punch as quickly as possible. 

   Rachel also realized that the potential for this to get overly physical was increasing, especially given the humiliating way in which she was able to escape Hayden’s choke.  She knew for sure that Panettiere would be looking for revenge, and that said revenge would undoubtedly involve stripping her bare.

   When the two women locked eyes, they both had an unspoken understanding that it was time to try and end this.  Neither girl was used to long, drawn out fights, and the idea of a definitive win was too tempting to pass up.  Hayden drew close to Rachel with a balled up fist, intending to knock the girl out cold.  Rachel, meanwhile, was hoping to get close enough to drop the girl and possibly make her submit.

   The focus for the blonde was unflinching as she stared at Rachel’s chin, her laser precision zeroing in on McAdams’s beauty mark.  As she drew nearer, she began to remember all of the training her boyfriend had instilled in her.  The one aspect he didn’t count on was her inability to counteract her height disadvantage.  As soon as she was close enough, Rachel unleashed a kick to Hayden’s ribs.  The move caught her by surprise, and she immediately relinquished her fist and clutched her injured side.

   Seeing an opening, Rachel grabbed the stunned blonde and flung her into the ropes.  As Hayden launched back at her, McAdams connected with a forearm to the face.  Panettiere was once again knocked to the mat, but thankfully her modest skirt concealed her intimate region from the flashbulbs.

   Not wasting any more time, Rachel dropped down next to her and wrapped her legs around Hayden’s now hurting ribs for a bodyscissor.  McAdams was now using her four inch advantage to crush her opponent, both draining her of oxygen and increasing the tension on her pounding ribcage.

   Hayden couldn’t believe that she was trapped again at the mercy of Rachel, and thanks to her being stuck in the middle of the ring, salvation via the ropes was no longer an option.  “Agh,” she screamed as McAdams tightened her legs.  Rachel was now in an optimal position as she didn’t have to exert too much energy and could inflict serious damage. 

   “So, why don’t you spare yourself the embarrassment and just surrender now?” Rachel coolly asked with a taunting smirk.  She then extended her arm and gently brushed away Hayden’s bangs from her eyes, a move that turned Panettiere’s face from one of pain to one of anger.  Happy at her response, Rachel gently patted Hayden’s cheeks, continuing to taunt her prey.

   “When I get out of this…” Hayden began to threaten, but it was cut off by a tightening of Rachel’s legs.  “Ugh…” Panettiere strained, as she once again tried to break free.

   “When you get out of this?  The only way I’m letting you out of this is if you submit or you pass out, bitch.”  Rachel reached forward and quickly pinched Hayden’s right breast.  “Oh, I hope it’s when you pass out, because I’m going to leave you naked in the middle of the ring…but not before I earn that bonus money.” 

   Hayden responded by trying to grab at Rachel’s chest, but was unable to get a firm grasp.  Deciding to make the best of it, Hayden stretched forward and latched onto the material of McAdams’s top and pulled it down, exposing Rachel’s breasts to the crowd. 

   Horrified, Rachel readjusted her top, which provided enough distraction for Hayden to break free.  The red-faced McAdams was furious and charged the wounded wrestler.

   “You are going to pay for tha…” Her sentence was cut short as her lights were put out.  Hayden seized her moment and delivered her patented knockout punch.  Rachel’s face pointed towards the sky for a few seconds before her entire body collapsed on the ground.  She was out cold before she even hit the mat.

   For the first time in minutes, Hayden was smiling.  As she looked down on her unconscious foe, she knew that she had won.  Rachel wasn’t even stirring, a sure sign that she wasn’t going to be revived anytime soon. 

   “Like I said, when I get out of this, I am going to knock you the fuck out.”  With that, Hayden gave a nod to the appreciative audience.  The referee stood over the dozing McAdams, looking to see if there was any fight left in her.  He then debated whether or not he should call the match, but was stopped by Panettiere.  “Oh no, I’m not done yet.”

   Hayden stood hovering above Rachel’s head, admiring her handiwork.  She knelt down to brush away the stray hairs on McAdams’s forehead, and with a scoff, lightly smacked the girl’s cheeks.  Hayden then reached down lower and peeled off Rachel’s monogrammed top, revealing the girl’s chest to the audience.  She took the garment and bound Rachel’s wrists together.  Then, deciding to really give the fans their money’s worth, she removed Rachel’s bottoms.  The once modest McAdams was now bare for the world to see, and Hayden couldn’t be happier.

   Now content that she had been the one to strip her opponent nude, Hayden decided to head to the back and collect her winnings.  She took one final look around the arena before gazing one last time on the nude form of Rachel McAdams.  It was at this point that she noticed that Rachel’s body began to stir, a sign that she was coming to.  Not wanting to miss out on any of the humiliation, Hayden skipped over to her opponent and sat down on her stomach.

   “You feeling okay?” she asked as she lightly shook the dazed brunette.

   “Uh…uh…” McAdams moaned as she couldn’t tell the difference between the ring lights and the spots she was still seeing from the punch.

   “I’ll take that as a yes.”  Suddenly, the bitchy cheerleader emerged as Hayden got an idea.  “You know, it would be such a shame to deprive the fans of the inevitable conclusion, don’t ya think?”  With that, Hayden slid forward, sitting on Rachel’s chest.  As McAdams looked up, she saw the edge of the skirt tickling her nose.  She also had Hayden’s pussy in full view.  The sense of inevitability was apparent, but she still attempted to protest.

   “No, please…” was all she was able to get out before Hayden scooted forward, sealing Rachel’s trademark lips with her womanhood.  To ensure her privacy, Hayden pulled the skirt down, covering Rachel’s face in the process.  Then, as if Marilyn Monroe above a steam grate, Hayden placed her hand over her mouth and let out a playful “Ooh.”  She then began to rock back and forth on McAdams’s face, ensuring that all of her intimate region made contact with all of Rachel’s delicate features.  Finally, after tiring of the humiliation, Hayden pressed down again, smothering Rachel with her pussy.  The labored breathing of her opponent felt delightful between her thighs, but unfortunately before she could become adequately stimulated, McAdams passed out.

   Content that she had sent a convincing message, the petite warrior arose from her seat atop Rachel’s face and exited the ring. 

   When McAdams finally came to, all of the memories came rushing back.  She was suddenly very aware that she was naked, and even more aware of the fact that all of the sweat on her face wasn’t her own.  Embarrassed and in pain, Rachel sprinted towards the back, completely forgetting that she was going to have to endure another round of this sadistic tournament.