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Mandatory new year fight.

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Mandatory new year fight.
« on: January 10, 2020, 04:35:38 AM »

Kareena and Esha's fingers tightened in their mutual grasp until both hands of the combatants became white at the knuckles. Their faces revealed gritted teeth and eyes narrowed to slits as they strained further against one another. By this time their alabaster-hued, scantily clad bodies were almost touching, they were so physically close to each other. Refusing to allow the other to draw first blood of sorts, they fought on, drawing closer still until they came chest to chest with each other.
Kareena gradually powered down her arms, forcing Esha's hands to her sides, grinning as she lightly abraded herself against Esha's smooth stomach.
Groaning gutturally, Esha flexed her muscles in protest as Kareena hissed through her gritted teeth, "This is only a minuscule taste of the domination I'm gonna make you endure. When these arms are coiled around you, cutting off your breathing, crushing your little body down to size, you'll know damn well who the stronger woman is. I'm very much gonna enjoy making YOU scream for a mercy I will not bestow upon you until I am convinced that I've sufficiently dominated you!"
"Don't count on defeating or dominating me just yet, HONEY," Esha hissed back defiantly, leaning harshly on the last word, her arms still straining against her opponent's despite this early advantage, gradually pushing against Kareena's arms until they were again over their heads. "I haven't had my turn to show you my brute strength. You thought this body of mine was too frail looking to represent at threat to you? You shouldn't judge a book by its cover!"
The muscles in her arms straining as she said this, Esha curled her wrists so that they were pushing downward on Kareena's wrists. Straining further, Esha began to slowly force Kareena down to her knees, her pretty face turning beet red from all the exertion. Kareena uttered an agonized, frustrated guttural sound as she was forced ever so steadily downward by her opponent, until, before she knew it, she was kneeling before Esha, her face at level with her stomach. Esha capitalized on this, turning her wrists downward as if trying to force Kareena down further still.
"How is it possible?" Kareena wondered to herself.
Esha didn't look anywhere near as strong as she was turning out to be! Her mouth almost hung open in disbelief at Esha's physical prowess, then, her face darkened with anger at what she saw next. Esha was laughing mockingly at her!
"Not so tough after all, are you, slut?" Esha spat at Kareena as she pushed down harder.
Enraged, Kareena channeled all her energy into rising up from her knees, her arms trembling in her strain as she pushed herself progressively upward, upward, upward, until with a supreme effort and an extremely loud guttural sound, she regained her feet. With a burst of energy, she forced Esha's arms behind her back, thrusting her torso directly into Esha's, mashing her breasts against her foe's. As Kareena had hoped, this was exactly the distraction she needed.
Wrenching her hands free, she slammed her arms around Esha's midriff, tightening her muscles to the limits of her strength as she lifted Esha off her feet, squeezing her mightily. Esha threw her head back; her teeth gritted again as she struggled not to cry out in pain.
"Let.... the fuck.... go of me.... you cxnt!" she yelled through her teeth at Kareena.
"What's the matter, skank, can't poor little Esha take it?" Kareena mocked, squeezing tighter, cutting off Esha's breathing.
With a mighty effort, Esha drove her head forward, smashing her forehead right into Kareena's nose, wrapping her arms around Kareena's neck to cut off her breathing as well....Kareena knew she had to do something and do it fast. She quickly lifted Esha's still embraced body, arching her pale back, and brought the other girls crotch down on her on her extended knee. The eyes of the girl in her arms went glassy as pain rocketed through her body. Kareena just smiled her cruel smirk before releasing Esha.
Esha fell to the mat clutching her aching groin. She knew Kareena played dirty, but she was starting to get a taste of exactly how dirty the girl played. Kareena was slowly circling her, looking for an opportunity. Every time Esha was about to get up or move, down would come Kareena's foot, almost as is emphasizing that Esha should just stay down and take what was coming. But Esha had to much pride to be a tackling dummy for anyone and she knew she had to get out of this situation, and fast or she would indeed risk loosing the match. Her thoughts were cut short, by a fiery pain in her scalp. Kareena had grabbed her dyed black hair and pulled her to her feet. Before she knew was happening Esha was flying across the ring, only to be met by the cables.
Her mouthwatering back and behind hit the cables and Esha found herself flying back in the direction from which she had come. Only god knew what Kareena had planned for her and she wasn't talkin' at the moment. Suddenly there was a slap of skin hitting skin and Esha was stopped dead in her track. For a moment the girl looked like a bug pinned to a board. Her eyes huge and glassy her mouth forming a small "o" of pain. Kareena had dropped to one knee, and thrown her fist forward, slamming it into Esha's belly, using her deep innie navel for a target. The pain was such that Esha almost felt that the fist was going to go through her, but that was not the case.
Suddenly, almost in slow motion Esha again fell to the mat, her hands clutching her throbbing abs. All breath gone, she was almost defenseless as Kareena strutted and pranced around her. Finally Kareena grabbed each of Esha's legs and spread them wide, preparing to stomp down on her groin, but this time it was Kareena's eyes that lit up in surprise. Just as her ankles where grabbed, Esha knew what she must do, As Kareena raised a foot to stomp, Esha pulled her legs toward herself, throwing Kareena off balance, then thrusting forward with all the strength she could muster. Her feet caught Kareena in her full breasts just before rocketing her up and away from Esha to land with an unceremonious thud across the ring.
Both girls slowly got to their feet, this battle already taking it's toll. Esha kept on hand on her stomach.. which Kareena had one arm protectively covering her breasts. After a moment to two got to their feet and started toward each other. Favoring with nurture her wounded midsection and groin area, Esha edged progressively toward her opponent as she moved forward to engage her again, her steps now being taken with careful slowness as she watched every move Kareena made with narrowed, discriminating eyes. The brutality and suddenness of Kareena's assault had taken her completely by surprise, and she would not allow herself to fall victim to another attack without being aware first.
Kareena had punished Esha's stomach and groin with impunity, and Esha surmised her opponent would single out those areas in particular to weaken them sufficiently. As the hellcats stalked one another, seeking an opening to move through, Esha also noticed that Kareena was taking care to guard her pronounced chest from any unnecessary damage. Observing that if Kareena intended to weaken the areas she had already gone for on the way to winning the match, Esha decided they might as well do this on equal terms.
The women moved slowly together until their skimpily black clad busts and naked midriffs were lightly brushing against each other. Barely perceptible, Esha noticed, an extremely thin sheen of sweat had broken out on their bodies. Kareena's eyes seemed to brighten at the sight of the small amount of perspiration covering Esha's body. Very slightly, Esha pushed against Kareena's breasts with her own, keeping her facial expression even, hoping her opponent would take the bait.
As she expected, Kareena suddenly lunged forward, pulling back slightly and violently thrusting her stomach outward as if to slam it harshly against Esha's waist. Pulling her midriff backward at the last possible instant before their skin would have connected, Esha reached upward, seizing hold of Kareena's tits with both hands, digging her fingers into Kareena's ivory globes, falling backward and pulling her foe back down with her. Hitting the canvas, Esha brought her legs up, ramming the heels of both feet into Kareena's groin, using her legs to flip Kareena over her, pushing up as far as they would go so that Kareena flipped over her prone body and landed on the canvas behind her with a resounding thud.
The searing pain of Esha's hands grasping her breasts, the harsh force of the impact of Esha's feet against her crotch and the equally harsh impact of her own body hitting the canvas knocked the wind out of Kareena. She lay face up on the mat, struggling to catch her breath as Esha flipped over, moving forward and pouncing on her foe quick as a feline. Esha landed with both knees on Kareena's groin area, twisting her hands into claws she used to grip Kareena's supple breasts a second time.
Kareena's face contorted in agony at the impact of Esha's knees colliding with her crotch; she stubbornly gritted her teeth top prevent the cry of pain from escaping her lips as Esha's fingers assaulted her gratuitous chest. In desperation, Kareena arched her back in an attempt to buck Esha off of her. Esha, in turn, pulled backward again, forcing Kareena to a sitting position. Yanked forward, Kareena was met with Esha's knee that impacted deeply into her lower abdomen.
Now it was Kareena's turn to bug her eyes wide open and exhale in pain as Esha quickly moved behind her so that she was facing Kareena's back, still maintaining a firm grip on her tits with both hands. Pushing forward, she snaked her legs forward, coiling them tightly around Kareena's supple waist. Esha squeezed her eyes down to slits as her face darkened in concentration and the muscles in her legs crushed the soft flesh of Kareena's sides.
Squirming to free herself, Kareena balled her hands into fist, slamming them brutally into Esha's shapely thighs, trying to loosen them. Esha grunted gutturally with each impact of Kareena's fists striking her legs. Releasing Kareena's aching breasts, she grabbed hold of Kareena's upper arms. Seizing her wrists with her grip, she forced them behind her back, twisting them upward so that they were crossed one over the other, twisting her wrists harshly back and forth while Esha's thighs remorselessly worked the soft area between Kareena's ribs and her hips.... The pain was instant and more than intense. As Esha's pale thighs began to constrict Kareena's waist, she knew that she would have to do something fast or she would be in a world of trouble. Esha had effectively immobilized Kareena's arms, by keeping them twisted behind and pressed against her already sweat soaked back. Something was going to have to be done and it needed to happen fast.
Esha provided the opportunity that was needed. Kareena could feel the girls full breasts press against her shoulder blades as Esha leaned in to taunt her rival. When and opportunity presents its self one needs to take it, and take it Kareena did. In a flash her head snapped backward, and her dark hair flying like a mane. Esha didn't even see it coming, she was so intent on taunting Kareena. Kareena's head hit Esha on the chin, causing no little pain for both girls, but Kareena knew it was coming and Esha didn't. Instinctively Esha's hands shot up to her face protectively. Kareena knew it was a one in a million shot but she had to take it. With her arms free, Kareena raised her pale arm up to slam it down on Esha's thigh to break the crushing scissors. This hadn't helped much before, but this time things were different..
As the arm descended downward, Kareena bent at the elbow. The point of her elbow came down directly into the center of the muscle in Esha's thigh. The scream from Esha was near deafening, as she was nursing her chin and unprepared for this new assault.. The maneuver however achieved it's purpose as Kareena was able to free herself from the vicious scissors lock around her waist..
Kareena had a game plan as she quickly spun around, pushing Esha over onto her back. Then Kareena sunk her fingers into Esha's sexy stomach in a devastating stomach claw.
Kareena looked at the pained face of her adversary and grinned, "Time for a real tummy ache"
With that Kareena used her other hand to reinforce and strengthen the claw hold on Esha's supple flesh.
The shooting pain Esha could feel coming from her opponent's fingers gripping her fleshy stomach was gradually becoming unbearable. Her pretty face contorted in agony as she squirmed to free herself somehow from the harsh claw hold Kareena mercilessly held her in. In answer to her fervent struggles, Kareena chortled malevolently and bore down on Esha's writhing body, tightening her hands on her soft midriff. Looking up into the face of her tormentor, Esha saw Kareena was looking down upon her, that haughty smirk again crossing her face.
"Looks like I've got you right where I want you, little Esha." Kareena taunted. "Payback is hell, wench!"
Esha's eyes narrowed at the remark; her face twisted into a harsh mask of anger.
"When I break out of this you're gonna be very fucking sorry, slut!" Esha shot back with loud, enraged, defiance. "I'm gonna scissors you right in half!"
This last was cut off as Esha's teeth gritted in an attempt to prevent another cry of pain from escaping her lips as the grinning Kareena bore down harder still, channeling her weight into her arms as she maintained the clawhold. Esha was all too aware she had to mount a counterassault and quickly, or she would be at Kareena's mercy.
Kareena was kneeling down between Esha's legs, directly in front of her crotch. The area directly in the center of Esha's thigh still ached from the brutal impact of her opponent's elbow striking her. However, Esha had time to relax the muscles in her leg during the time Kareena tortured her stomach. Now, lifting her good leg first, she viciously lashed out with her heel, striking out and catching her assailant directly on the nose.
The pain exploded in Kareena's head, coming in waves throughout her head as Esha wrapped the leg she used to retaliate against her around Kareena's arms. Lifting her other leg with some painstaking care, she coiled it around the black haired beauty, completing the scissors hold by locking one ankle behind the other. Gritting her teeth again as she felt the discomfort from Kareena's impact on her thigh serving as a hindrance, she applied fierce pressure on both of Kareena's arms to break the hold.
Kareena's limbs were captured at such an awkward angle that the pain had become unbearable. Eventually, she felt herself remorselessly forced to release the clawhold on Esha's midriff, her fingers steadily loosening.... loosening.... loosening.... until the hold was broken. To compound on this, Esha lashed out with the leg she used again, slamming her heel into Kareena's sweaty tits, propelling her backward. Lunging forward, she seized a handful of Kareena's night-black hair, reaching out with her good leg, trapping Kareena's neck between her thigh and her calf, bearing down as hard as she could.
Kareena gasped and choked for air as Esha cut off her breathing; she lifted her hands to Esha's thigh, clawing and scratching in an effort to loosen the hold. In response, Esha bore down harder still, squeezing harshly, her sweaty leg crushing Kareena's windpipe. Desperately, Kareena lifted both her legs, slamming them around Esha's waist, locking her ankles together and squeezing her soft midriff in retaliation. Esha responded by twisting her hands into claws, digging them as hard as she could into Kareena's crotch.
She howled piercingly in agony as Esha assaulted her womanhood, her cry cut off by Esha's leg choking her. Esha maintained the attack for some time until Kareena was forced to release the scissors lock; she wrapped her arms around Kareena's thighs, securing them tightly while extending both her legs so that they encircled Kareena's neck. Growling like an enraged lioness, she slammed a leglock around Kareena's neck, crushing her windpipe while reaching around to the back of Kareena's pale thighs, digging her fingers into the muscle in the back of her legs....
Again, the pain was incredible and Kareena gritted her teeth against screaming out.. she wouldn't give that bitch the satisfaction. Her mind raced to figure out a way out of the debilitating hold. Another tensing of Esha's strong thighs and a grunt of agony was forced out of the pale girls lips. She had to do something fast.
Esha grinned as she felt Kareena struggle and thrash. She could feel Kareena's hands gripping and sliding all over her sweaty flesh in an attempt to break free. She knew the match was as good as hers.. In the instant after she thought it her groin was again filled with pain. All of Kareena's thrashing about had not been as frantic as it had seemed. There was indeed a method to her madness, as she yanked up again on the material covering Esha's crotch.
Kareena growled as she yanked again, wedging material up, harder against Esha's crotch, and eliciting a yelp from the other girl.. Another two or three yanks on the material and Esha was again forced to release the scissors around Kareena's waist, and try to pull the fabric from her groin. Kareena lost no time, as she yanked Esha to her feet and secured her in a side headlock. Two steps forward and a leap into the air, and Esha's pretty face was slammed into the mat in a near perfect Bulldog.
Esha saw stars as her face collided with the mat, but her rest on the mat was only temporary. Suddenly she could feel herself being pulled up by the hair, and she could hear the fans screaming their warning. She felt her arms being moved, and dropping over something fleshy, but it was only when she felt Kareena's fingers under her chin that she realized the trouble she was in.
Kareena yanked back on the camel clutch and could feel the flesh of Esha's sweaty back pressed against her thighs as she strained backward yanking the poor girls back beyond it's limit. Esha cried out but her teeth were so tightly gritted against the pain that no one short of Kareena could hear the moan of agony.
This was not what Esha had expected.. The had agreed to a match, to try and out crush each other, and so far she had only felt the strength of Kareena's bear hug for a moment, and then it seemed Kareena had abandoned it, in favor of just punishing her body. Something about this didn't make sense but she also didn't trust appearances, Kareena had tricks up her sleeve, but Esha wasn't sure what they were.
Suddenly, Esha found herself dropped face first back onto the mat as Kareena released the camel clutch. There was only a moment respite when a new agony flooded Esha's body. Kareena bounced up and down on her opponents slick back as she pulled her legs back farther and farther. Now it was not just her lower back that was in agony but her thighs as well. The thigh that Kareena had already elbowed was screaming for release, and all Esha could do was grit her teeth to avoid screaming out.
The pieces started to fall together. The stomach claw, the elbow to the thigh, the camel clutch and now this. Kareena was playing a tactical game.. she was weakening not only Esha's legs, but her stomach and lower back.. the very things that would provide a defense against Kareena's brutal bear hug, or what ever method she would close to crush her. Esha now knew was the game was the question is, how much more damage would Kareena dish out before deciding the really put the pounds to her, and could she survive?
Esha had pieced together sufficiently enough what Kareena's strategy was, as the dark-hair remorselessly continued to torture her legs and lower back in the agonizing hold. Kareena's tactics had worked like a perfect charm this far, Esha conceded her at least that much. Expecting their contest to be strictly a compression war between them, Esha chose to engage her adversary operating on those terms alone, head to head. Now that Kareena had systematically been attacking each strategic part of her body so that Esha would be at a disadvantage to defend herself or mount an effective counterassault, she realized that at this point she was in danger of falling victim to the web she was spinning around her.
Forcing herself steadfastly not to panic at the sudden realization, Esha was all too aware she needed to somehow balance the odds between the warring females. She gritted her teeth tighter still, stifling the cry of agony from issuing through her lips as the wickedly grinning Kareena unmercifully bent her legs farther backward, rocking back and forth to compound on Esha's discomfort, obviously enjoying her position of superiority. She had found herself in a bind, but she was still in the game. Pushing upward with both arms, arching her back as far as it would go, she reached backward with one hand, somehow managing to seize a handful of Kareena's tresses all the way down to the roots. Securing the hold, she pulled at them fiercely with all the strength in her arm, her forearm bulging.
Kareena felt as if her scalp was on fire as Esha retaliated. Luckily, Kareena was far up enough on Esha's back so that she was able to fight back at all; if Kareena had been sitting on Esha's shapely ass and farther away from arm's reach, she would most definitely be in a greater amount of trouble. Esha allowed the satisfaction of hearing a loud guttural cry coming from behind Kareena's gritted teeth as Kareena's head was forced backward, thrashing in protest. Esha stubbornly refused to let go, tightening her fingers to increase the effectiveness of the hold. All the while though, she could feel the pain in her legs increasing as Kareena maintained her own hold and knew she had to release herself soon.
Electing to mount a more effective counterattack, Esha released her handful of Kareena's hair, sliding her hand around to Kareena's pale, sweaty face. Twisting her hand into a claw, she quickly raked her fingernails across Kareena's eyes, incapacitating her for long enough for Esha to secure a clawhold on Kareena's face, arching her body backward while digging her middle and third fingers harshly into Kareena's closed eyes while her forefinger dug itself into Kareena's temple. Enjoying the satisfaction of hearing another guttural cry of pain emanating from her opponent's throat, Esha tightened her fingers, demanding in a loud voice that Kareena release her legs immediately.
The women remained locked in that position for what seemed like an extremely long time, neither combatant very willing to give in. Maintaining the hold steadfastly, keeping Kareena's back bent at a painful angle, Esha eventually could quite thankfully feel the pain in her thighs receding as Kareena reluctantly released her legs, her hands shooting upward toward her face in an effort to free herself of the brutal face clamp. Exhaling and almost smiling in relief, Esha took advantage of this sudden turnabout, kicking her legs outward to force Kareena from her perch atop her, propelling her facefirst to the mat. Kareena landed squarely on her forehead, which collided to the mat with a resounding thud as Esha rolled onto her back, desperately catching respite from the relentless assault Kareena had inflicted on her.
Breathing heavily as she began to relax her aching body, Esha collected her energy, massaging the areas Kareena had weakened as Kareena began to stir. Instinctively, Esha knew that in order to balance things out between them she would have to incapacitate Kareena while giving herself a chance to relax her muscles. Seeing Kareena slowly crawling toward her, she carefully edged away across the canvas, eyeing Kareena in case she made any sudden advances. Sure enough, such a sudden move arrived only a moment later as a snarling Kareena lunged toward Esha, her hands outstretched, eager to resume their battle.
Ducking Kareena's extended hands, Esha balled her hand into a fist, belting Kareena directly in the mouth, as hard as she could, to sufficiently halt her advance to execute the move she had in mind now. Moving forward as Kareena's hand shot toward her lips, Esha slammed her arm around Kareena's neck, dragging her slowly to her feet. Once this was accomplished, Esha proceeded to repeatedly slam her knee directly into Kareena's soft midriff, the impact of bare skin colliding with bare skin resounding hollowly in the room. Twisting her body sideways when she was satisfied, she forced Kareena back to the mat, maintaining her hold around her throat while reaching downward and seizing one pale leg behind the knee. Esha brought her arms together in a perfect textbook cradle, applying just enough pressure to cause Kareena significant discomfort.
Breathing evenly as Kareena's sweaty body squirmed in vain to break free, Esha endeavored to relax her muscles where Kareena had systematically attacked her, stretching herself so that she would still be able to use her limbs. She held Kareena in that position for a long time, savoring the feeling of Kareena writhing to free herself, then decided another effective hold might be appropriate to even the odds between them.
Releasing Kareena's neck, Esha moved forward again until she was sitting on Kareena's lap, pressing her thighs against her adversary's sides as she snaked her arms underneath her foe's and clasped her hands over her throat in a kind of reverse full nelson, incapacitating Kareena's arms while cutting off her breathing. Esha smiled sweetly into Kareena's eyes as they bugged open wide and she began to writhe and struggle to break free again. Concentrating most of the pressure on Kareena's arms, she wrenched and twisted at them in an effort to weaken them as her legs pressed together more tightly at Kareena's sides. Again experiencing the satisfaction of feeling her struggles beginning to diminish, Esha's arms changed their position as she still sat facing Kareena so that they held Kareena's sweaty limbs in a double armbar, trapping the back of Kareena's neck underneath her bicep and applying fierce pressure on her arms.
Kareena was breathing heavily now as Esha maintained the hold; to add additional impetus Esha decided to slither her legs between Kareena's slickened thighs, positioning them so that Kareena's ankle was draped over her thigh.
Once this was done, Esha secured Kareena's legs in this position, saying, "Let's see you break out of this one, sweetie!"
The pain was intense, but Kareena saw a way out quickly. Just inches away from her white teeth where two possible targets Esha's pale heaving bosom or her supple neck. Being who she was Kareena opted for the more ample target and sunk her teeth into the moist flesh of her rivals chest.
It didn't take Esha long to release the hold, and roll away screaming and grasping at her chest. Kareena quickly got to her feet and swung her arms in broad circles.. making sure they were still in working order and to get some circulation back to them. As she looked up the picture couldn't have been anymore perfect. Completely forgetting everything but the pain, Esha had turned away cupping her aching chest with her lovely backside facing Kareena.
Kareena raced across the ring and landed at kick between Esha's legs that would make a field goal kicker proud. There was no scream from Esha except for a silent one, as her mouth jerked open but no sound came out, the pain was too intense to give voice to a sound for it. She just sunk to her knees clutching at her aching womanhood.
Kareena lost no time, she leaped into the air, and landed her knee solidly on Esha's muscular calf, with the full intent of injuring her leg further. The intense pain threw Esha again onto her belly on the mat. She struggled to push herself back up, but again Kareena's knee came down, this time in the center of her sweaty lower back.
Again Esha was driven to the mat, as she heard Kareena chuckle. Esha was quickly back on her feet but not of her own volition. She was instead yanked to her feet by her hair. She knew it was coming she was certain that with her body as pain wracked as it was that Kareena would apply a bear hug to crush the fight out of her.. but this was not to be.
Esha felt Kareena's sweat soaked body press tightly against her back.. she could feel the girls full breasts pressing against her shoulder blades and the girls bare stomach seemed to mold it's self to Esha's back. But Kareena didn't go for a reverse bear hug, instead she slipper her arms around Esha's neck and head in a text book sleeper hold.
As soon as the pressure was applied, Esha began to struggle, as she knew too long in this hold and she would be a helpless victim of the cruel girl attacking her, and that was a place that no one would want to be.
Esha struggled madly to free herself from the tight sleeper hold that held her fast, feeling the oxygen quickly being forced from her body. Kareena stood behind her, chortling malevolently as their frames, now slicked from head to toe with sweat, periodically collided and abraded against one another.
As if taking inspiration from the constant physical contact between them, Kareena moved slightly forward and began to slowly grind herself on Esha's back, leaning forward to hiss in Esha's ear, "Hang in there, little Esha. I'm not quite finished with you yet. After I've summarily weakened your defenses, then I will start with putting the SQUEEZE on your sexy body!"
Kareena punctuated the threat with a low chuckle, further compounding her taunting by extending her tongue to softly, seductively lick Esha's outer ear. She was beginning to force Esha down to her knees when Esha suddenly lifted a leg, and with a guttural cry slamming it down as brutally as she could right into Kareena's foot. The impact sent shockwaves of agony throughout Kareena's body as Esha repeated the move again, this time lifting her other leg and stomping her heel just as brutally down on Kareena's other foot.
The move had caused sufficient pain Kareena to loosen the sleeper hold around Esha's throat just enough so as to allow Esha to lower her head so that her mouth was roughly at face level with her opponent's forearm. Opening her mouth wide, she leaned forward, sinking her teeth into the soft skin of Kareena's arm, chewing fiercely, savoring the sudden piercing, agonized shriek issuing forth from Kareena's lungs. As Kareena's attention was naturally diverted to the searing pain in her flesh, Esha lifted her leg again, driving her heel backward into her adversary's groin with as much force as she could muster.
Squirming her way out of Kareena's grasp, Esha spun around and charged, suddenly catching Kareena between her sexily pale legs, lifting her body with one arm while wrapping the other around Kareena's neck from behind. Hoisting her up roughly to chest level, Esha ran forward, dropping to one knee while smashing Kareena down brutally hard on her thigh. The pain from Kareena's back hitting Esha's leg shot upward and she cried out in pain, the scream echoing throughout the room as she let Kareena fall to the floor and rolled away.
Both women had been beating holy hell out of one another like two Olympian goddesses clashing at war for quite some time now. It was obvious at this point that both were significantly spent and exhausted. The warriorettes lay there motionless on the canvas, desperately catching their breath while gathering their strength to resume their epic battle. Neither woman was willing to concede the fight to the other; they eventually made this clear to the other as they shakily began to regain their footing. Esha had been worn out from Kareena's systematic attack on her arms, legs and midriff. Those parts of her body were sore and ached terribly, and she couldn't tell exactly how much damage she had done to Kareena's resistance. Still, she glared hard at her foe, determined to fight this match until one of them were completely drained of their strength and power and forced to submit to the other.
She approached Kareena slowly, carefully watching her every move and ascertaining what her next plan of attack would be. Kareena did nothing, apparently expecting Esha to make the first move. Tentatively, Esha extended her arms above her head, inviting Kareena to engage in another test of strength. Stepping forward just as slowly as Esha had, Kareena all too willingly obliged, tightly clasping her hands with her combatant's.
Teeth gritted, every muscle straining, they danced horribly around the ring, each hellcat trying to force the other's arms downward for what seemed an eternity. Without warning, Kareena lashed out with her heel, catching Esha's sweaty thigh where she had elbowed it earlier in their contest. Loudly, Esha cried out in pain again as she delivered a furious kick straight into Kareena's unprotected womanhood, her foot smashing into the tender skin. Kareena's face contorted in agony as Esha kicked her in the stomach as hard as she could, Esha's face visibly wincing from the discomfort the motion caused her.
Straining uncomfortably against the strength in Kareena's arms, exhaling heavily in her exertion, Esha began to steadily twist her body around, spinning Kareena around on her feet so that her back was turned to Esha, Kareena's pale limbs crossed over her sweat-slick, ample chest. Esha was forced to take a moment to catch her second wind after completing the maneuver, her breathing coming in short, cut off gasps as she fought to subdue Kareena's squirming body.
That was when an idea struck Esha's mind; they were in a proper position for the honey brunette to mount a new assault and this was definitely a rather appropriate opportunity to cause Kareena some additional discomfort. Releasing Kareena's arms, Esha quickly coiled one arm under Kareena's armpit and around her throat, gritting her teeth and groaning in discomfort as she wrapped her leg around Kareena's thigh, trapping her adversary in a perfect textbook abdominal stretch. Esha bent Kareena backward as far as she could as Kareena writhed madly to free herself, to no avail. The strain from maintaining the hold was affecting Esha adversely as well, her arms and legs still aching from Kareena's merciless attacks. Still she fought on valiantly.
Twisting her free hand into a claw, she gripped Kareena's waist, her pretty sweat covered face darkening in grim concentration as she dug her fingers in harshly. As she did this, with her free leg she proceeded to knee Kareena repeatedly in the muscle in the back of her thigh, slamming her knee into Kareena's leg, wincing and sucking in breath sharply from the discomfort it caused her.
Feeling herself beginning to tire, she finally released the hold, letting Kareena sink to her knees as she stepped back. She was quite worn out now from their grueling contest, but determined not to give in to her foe. She had to find a way to even the odds between them if she hoped to emerge the victor of this match. She charged Kareena, tackling her back down to the mat as she began again to regain her footing. They rolled around on the canvas, fighting for the upper hand, until Esha seized an advantage presented to her.
They were laying down side by side. Esha had flipped over, seizing a firm hold of Kareena's left wrist with one hand. She reached downward and with her other hand she gripped a firm hold on Kareena's ankle; Esha extended her legs so that one was pressing against Kareena's heaving side and the other pressing against the inner thigh of Kareena's free leg. Her sweaty chest heaving, Esha then proceeded to painstakingly stretch Kareena's sweat drenched body at an agonizing angle, in a ditch effort to weaken her sexily writhing adversary's limbs so that they might continue on equal terms....
Pain rocketed through Kareena's body from the bow and arrow hold, this was a hold she had to get out of quickly or it could be very debilitating. She could feel Esha's barefoot pressed against her side and began searching wildly for it with her free hand. Esha didn't see the searching as she had shut her eyes concentrating all of her focus on the hold she had Kareena trapped in.
Esha felt Kareena's hand on her foot but knew that the forward pressure would prevent the girl from being able to push it away, and she began to chuckle at Kareena's attempt. That laugh soon became a scream as pain erupted in her little toe. Kareena had not been attempting to pry the foot loose only bend the pinkie toe backward near the point of breaking. The pain in her foot caused Esha to let the pressure on her bow and arrow lessen and Kareena was able to squirm out of, with the girls foot still in hand.
Keeping a firm grasp on the girls foot she raised her leg to kick the back of Esha's thigh again, but this time Esha pulled forward as her other foot came up to join the one Kareena held. The force of the jerk sent Kareena sprawling forward as both of Esha's small feet met the white flesh of Kareena's stomach. Reaching up quickly Esha grabbed Kareena's jet black hair and holding on, pressed up with her feet.
Kareena sailed up and over Esha landing with a thud on her back just above Esha's head. From there it was nothing for Esha to roll backward and find herself seated firmly on Kareena's full chest. With a giggle Esha scooted back until she was seated on the girls slick belly. Esha looked down and winked at Kareena as she cupped her own full breasts in her and started to lower them toward Kareena's pretty face. Esha couldn't help but laugh at the panic she could see in Kareena's beautiful eyes as those, her forehead and her hair were about the only things that could be seen. She felt for sure she had the bitch this time.
Trapping Kareena firmly in her heaving chest, Esha reveled in the expression of complete panic that crossed her foe's sweaty face, together with the slippery feeling of Kareena's sweat covered body squirming in desperate fury to free herself from Esha's clutches. The women had been engaged in total war with one another in that ring for forever it seemed, with each one stubbornly refusing to give in to the other no matter how much punishment was heaped upon them. And now, via fierce determination and au unexpected stroke of luck Esha had a clear advantage over her sexy opponent, one that she intended to take full advantage of.
"Who's got who right where she wants her NOW, Kareena?" Esha taunted, chuckling as she bunched her sweaty breasts across Kareena's face, further cutting off Kareena's breathing.
Holding Kareena in that position for a few more drawn out moments, Esha was struck with a sudden idea. Laughing to herself, she thought it would be an appropriate way to pay Kareena back for the beating she had subjected Esha to. Lifting herself up while doing her best to ignore the profound physical discomfort the motion caused in her body, Esha kept her tits firmly planted across Kareena's nose and mouth, and eased the pressure she exerted upon her combatant just enough to allow herself sufficient room to successfully execute her next move. In one fluid motion Esha reached upward to her own chest, pulling her bikini top over her head, exposing her sweaty breasts bare. Lowering herself again, Esha grabbed double handfuls of Kareena's tresses to secure her head in the smothering hold, cutting off Kareena's breathing entirely.
Looking with great satisfaction down into her adversary's wide opened, panicked eyes, Esha smiled with gleeful sweetness as Kareena writhed and undulated like a fish out of water, more desperate than ever now to somehow squirm her way out of the devastating breast smother Esha held her in. Her struggles became increasingly more fervent as she felt her resistance steadily slipping away. Sensing that victory finally very well lay within her grasp to smother the bitch right into dreamland, Esha felt encouraged to press down harder, slowly writhing and grinding her body against Kareena's in blatant mockery.
"Relax, hon," Esha laughed, taunting Kareena further. "You're not going anywhere."
In the throes of her excitement as she felt Kareena's struggling gradually diminish, Esha hardly noticed as her opponent's pale legs lifted themselves upward, lightly brushing against her sides. Then, Kareena slammed her limbs with brute force around Esha's midriff, Kareena's pale thighs clamping down hard on Esha's sweat-slick sides, in the area right between her ribs and her hips. With a guttural scream of rage and frustration escaping her lips, muffled between Esha's breasts, Kareena compressed her thighs as tightly as was humanly possible of her under the circumstances around Esha's waist. Violently, Esha's head snapped back as she felt the crushing pressure of her foe's legs crushing her waist, clearly not having expected this mode of counterattack. An instant later came a loud agonized scream from Esha's throat as Kareena's teeth sank into one of Esha's tits.
They remained in this position, each combatant striving to wear down the last of the other's resistance, Kareena desperately biting down hard on either of Esha's breasts as Esha howled in agony, until Kareena was finally able to twist her body so that she was now straddling her adversary. Her face contorted into a feral snarl, Kareena peeled off her own bikini top as her legs still firmly grasped Esha's waist, lowering her breasts down onto Esha's face, repaying Esha in full for the treatment she had received.
"You wanted a crush war, bitch, well you've GOT ONE!" she snarled as she held Esha's head between her tits, securing her by the hair.
No sooner had she spoke this last had her voice spiraled upward into a piercing, almost deafening shriek as Esha's teeth clamped down hard on one of Kareena's engorged nipples.
Painstakingly, Esha somehow managed to roll Kareena over so that she was once again on top of her, her fingers clawing and scratching at her legs as they still painfully encircled Esha's midriff, squeezing fiercely. Esha's claws were leaving red scratch marks running all the way down Kareena's thighs. Esha progressed from raking her nails along Kareena's sweaty skin to slamming her fists into Kareena's legs repeatedly, over and over again until she was finally freed from the agonizing leglock around her. Seizing hold of her calves, Esha lifted her leg, wincing from the pain as she slammed her heel down with as much force as she could muster down into Kareena's bust.... once, twice, three times. Kareena's face contorted from the pain of Esha's foot striking her aching breasts. Looking up at Esha, her face registered panic again as she learned that Esha wasn't done administering punishment just yet.
Transferring her grip to one of Kareena's ankles, she slowly crossed it over her other calf, securing her legs in this position with her own. Leaning back on her hands, Esha threw her head back, gritting her teeth to shut out the pain she felt in her thighs as the muscles in her legs bore down on Kareena unmercifully. Kareena cried out loudly as Esha trapped her in this hold seemingly without end, feeling the pressure from the figure four hold blocking out everything else. In desperation, she slowly rolled over so as to put all the pressure on Esha's legs, delighting in the cries issuing forth from Esha's throat. Kareena held Esha there like that for a while before Esha reversed the hold again, reasserting the pressure she was inflicting on Kareena. By now they were completely exhausted from the energy they exerted to wear down the other; Esha eventually found herself relaxing her legs enough so that Kareena was able to kick herself free from the leglock.
Rolling away, Kareena favored her knee as Esha lay there on the canvas, her entire body aching horribly. They were equally spent and almost beyond the point of exhaustion, but neither was willing to concede the match to the other. This had become a vendetta between them; only one warriorette was going to leave this ring without having dozed off. Slowly, for what seemed to be a very long time, they regained their knees, crawling across the mat toward each other, visibly wincing with each move they made. Finally, when they had reached arm's length of one another, they tentatively reached outward with their arms, inviting yet another test of strength between them. Remaining on their knees, they clasped their hands, struggling to pin the other to the canvas, finally coming together with a sweaty slap in a bone-crunching breast to breast, double bearhug.
The meaty slap of flesh on flesh was music to Kareena's ears, as they were stepping into her ballgame now. She made sure coming into the embrace that her arms were on the inside and low around Esha's slick midriff. She felt Esha's sweaty arms around her shoulders begin to tighten, and smiled her cruel smile.
Despite the efforts to weaken her stomach, which had worked to some extent, Kareena tensed the muscles in her belly and cinched her embrace. This was where being on the inside and low had it's advantage. Esha's arms on the outside and around their upper bodies served to press the bountiful cleavage of the to girls tightly together, but it was Kareena's grip around her rivals waist that was really taking it's toll.
Esha's eyes widened as the first pulse from the hug started to force air out of her body, again and again the embrace was tightened forcing the air out in small grunts. Each girl had her head resting on the pale shoulder of the other and the small grunts in Kareena's ear were music to her. She was truly in her element as their sweat slick torso's slipped and slid around each others as both beauties tried to crush the life out of the other. Flesh slid and navels quickly kissed and parted in this erotic dance of aggression
Kareena's hands bearing down on her already injured lower back were causing more than a small share of pain to Esha, but the damage Kareena's claw had done to her stomach muscles were making it hard to keep them tense and as a result she was being woman handled by her rival, but Esha gritted her teeth and was determined to hold out as long as she could. Hopefully she could hold out longer than Kareena who seemed to truly be in her element.
Seeing that Esha was now firmly trapped within Kareena's clutches, Kareena grinned with malevolence, tightening her arms further around Esha's sweaty midsection. Although it appeared for a moment that her opponent had well gotten the upper hand, Kareena effectively turned the tables on her and regained control of their epic struggle. With a low chuckle, she channeled as much energy as she could from all the way down in her gut into the excruciating bear hug. Kareena squeezed Esha with harsh determination to force a submission from her, taking pleasure in the fervent squirming and agonized grunts issuing forth from her clenched teeth.
Esha threw her head back again, desperately attempting to stifle the pained grunts that were forced from her lungs by the devastating hold. With each passing second she could feel the effect of the powerful arms encircling her and sensed she was helplessly caught in Kareena's web now. Kareena's arms almost felt like steel cables coiled around her midriff, slowly wearing down her resistance; together with the aching muscles of her stomach and back throbbing in protest, Esha felt that soon the match would belong to her opponent.
Her entire body ached from the relentless assault subjected to her by the alabaster hellcat; the warriorettes had fought on forever and gained sudden advantages over her respective adversary, though both of then sensed things were coming to an end now, and it was obvious from their current position who would emerge victorious. For the time being, however, Esha did not want to make this any easier for her foe; if Kareena wanted a submission from her, she would have to work just a little harder for one. There was one more trick up Esha's sleeve that she had intended to put into action before the match began; she thought now would be the time to do so as a last ditch effort.
Releasing the encircling arms around Kareena's upper torso, she leaned her head forward, planting a long wet French kiss directly on Kareena's lips in an attempt to distract her from her efforts. Surprised by the sudden move, while maintaining her bearhug Kareena returned the liplock Esha had engaged them in, their lips pressed sensually against one another, tongues fighting sexily for dominance as Kareena still worked to decisively crush the fight out of Esha once and for all in this contest.
A few moments progressed; their mutual kiss was beginning to deepen in intensity. The women compounded on this by beginning to grind their breasts and stomachs together, their slick skin sliding together provocatively. While this was happening, Esha was attempting to bring her legs up to wrap her powerful thighs around her foe's waist, groaning from the pain her injured limbs shot throughout her body. At about the exact same instant Kareena felt Esha's sweaty legs sliding upward against her, she instantly realized what Esha was up to and suddenly lunged forward, pinning Esha to the canvas beneath them.
"I think you've just made a serious tactical mistake there, little Eshay" Kareena chuckled evilly, looking down into her eyes. "Now I believe we both know who's gonna win this match, one way or the other!"
With that, Kareena again secured her arms around Esha's waist, crushing her more tightly than ever, stifling the sudden cries coming from Esha's throat by leaning forward and planting another kiss on Esha's lips, grinding her breasts and midriff slowly, seductively against Esha's prone body. The combined assault of agony and ecstasy washing over Esha was now definitely taking its toll on her as she felt her resistance being drained from her tired body. Grinning that cruel grin, Kareena compounded further on this by lifting upward just enough to allow some respite, them slamming her torso harshly against Esha's. Esha was exhaling heavily, her struggles diminishing as Kareena steeped up her attack, slamming into her harder and harder.
"Come on Esha, can't you take it?" Kareena taunted her sarcastically. "Isn't this where you wanted to take things? Either way, now your sexy ass is MINE!"
Another idea struck Kareena then; she laughed silently to herself as she imagined she'd draw Esha ever farther into her web. Sliding downward somewhat along Esha's prone body, she lowered her pale legs so that they entwined around each other's, and their crotches were pressed firmly together. Still grinning, Kareena proceeded to grind her womanhood against Esha's as she maintained the force of her bearhug and continued to grind her chest against her adversary's.
Esha was now hopelessly caught and she knew it. Little by little, she felt herself slipping away, her body surrendering to Kareena's endless attack as Kareena covered every angle of her strategy, her energy seeming boundless as she edged Esha ever closer and closer to a submission. While she felt it was just a matter of time, she still firmly resolved to hold out for as long as she could before she would be forced to give that submission....
From her position of dominance, Kareena continued her attack, systematically rolling her sweaty frame upward along Esha. She was clearly in control of the epic struggle between them; there was no question about that. Why, then, was Esha looking up at her, smiling into her eyes in mockery? Why, then, the sudden expression of hopeful confidence crossing her countenance?
At first the tentative upward thrusts of Esha's midriff appeared to be little more than a half-hearted attempt on Esha's part to stop Kareena from dominating her hapless opponent, but something about that smile made Kareena briefly reconsider.
Could it be that Esha intended to mount a counterassault, even now when it was obvious to both of them that Kareena was going to claim the victory in their contest? Had Esha somehow sensed the brief moment of doubt in Kareena's mind, seen something in her face?
No! This match belonged to Kareena. She was the more experienced and she had Esha exactly where she wanted her now, with no hope of escape or retaliation. This was going to end in Kareena's favor, one way or another, she resolved as she stiffened her sweat-slicked body further still, continuing her seductively grinding body rolls against the prone Esha, determined to either force a submission from her opponent or leave her lying there in a puddle in the middle of the ring. She continued her sexy motions - crotch.... midriff.... breasts.... crotch.... midriff.... breasts.... crotch.... midriff.... breasts.... CROTCH.... MIDRIFF.... BREASTS....
"DAMN IT!!!!" she screamed inwardly.
It couldn't have been possible, but Esha was effectively fighting back! Every time Kareena completed her body rolls, stopping to grind their bare, sweaty breasts together, Esha thrust her own crotch upward, slapping it hard against Kareena's, beginning her own body roll in retaliation. By the time Kareena started the move over again, Esha had ground herself against Kareena's midriff and stopped at her breasts. The bitch had somehow figured out Kareena's timing and was matching her movements!
Most infuriatingly of all, Esha was looking up at Kareena.... and smiling.
The look on Esha's face aroused Kareena's anger more than ever. She wanted to rip that grinning expression right off her head. But, at the same time, Kareena knew she had to maintain her self control if she expected to emerge the victor in this match. Suddenly, Kareena lifted herself from Esha's prone body, glaring down at her as she stood up on unsteady legs.
"Alright, Esha, you little cxnt," she snarled at Esha, the smirk now gone from her face. "You want to try to beat me at my own game? You got it!"
With that, she bent down to remove her soaked bikini bottom, tossing it into a corner, leaving herself stark naked. Glaring daggers at Esha again as, still smiling up at her, Esha bent down to slowly remove her own bikini bottom and lay down on the canvas as if inviting Kareena to start again.
Kareena continued, "I'm gonna wipe that smile from your face right now! First I'm gonna grind you until you come all over the place; after that's done I'm gonna wrap my arms around your little body and SQUEEZE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU, until I've sent you off to dreamland!"
With that, Kareena leaped on Esha, landing atop her with a resounding SLAP that reverberated throughout the vast training/combat room. The impact, Kareena observed with significant satisfaction, knocked the breath from her adversary as she once again began her body rolls in earnest, starting with her crotch. Esha began her own body rolls in retaliation. Their bodies stiffened to the limit of their muscular endurance as they both sought to defeat the other. Their breathing and the fervent slapping of their bodies were the only sounds in the room. Both women were becoming aroused as their naked crotches rubbed against one another, and their slick, slippery skin ground together.
It wouldn't be longer now, the contest had crossed the line and both girls knew it.. it would just be a question of who could hold out longer. Both girls had endured quite a bit in the savage and erotic match, but with the eroticism that had been added, both knew they could not hold out much longer.
The two girls clenched their eyes tightly as their bodies ground together. Suddenly in a change of tactics Kareena stopped her body roll and concentrated all of her efforts on Esha's crotch. Her rival sensed it and started her counter attack on the same area. The two girls looked like a savage beast feeding on it's self as they continued their erotic assault.
Each could feel the scream of a climax building in their throats and feel the starting tremors of it in their bellies as they continued to grind and pound the center of their womanhood together. The only sound in the room were the slapping and grinding of the flesh and the grunts and aroused moans of the two starlets. They each knew they couldn't hold out much longer.
Both girls worried as muscles more animal and instinctual began to take over and the grinding was not just their own but something much more primal, as if their bodies were on auto pilot, they both knew the end was coming soon, but as for who the winner would be, neither was sure at this point, all they could each do was try their best to hold off until the other girl exploded.
Gradually, the warring hellcats began to feel their sweat-drenched, exhausted bodies reacting instinctively to the incessant erotic provocation of the other. It was almost as if both women had been possessed by something primordial that had originated deep within the pits of their souls, and neither were acting of their own accord. What's more, Esha and Kareena both discovered this mattered very little to them. Their contest had continued for an eternity, it seemed, and each was consumed with one thought only: the defeat of her opponent.
Without realizing what was happening, Esha forced herself upright into a sitting position, her every muscle screaming in protest as she moved. Gripping Kareena's thighs, Esha pulled harshly forward as Kareena shifted her body to compensate for the change in position. Shortly, they both found themselves sitting upright, their legs entwined, their wet crotches pressed firmly together. As if by a mutual unspoken signal, they began to fervently hump one another, grinding their womanhood together, each exhausted fighter desperate to bring the other to sweet release first.
Their cries had been growing steadily louder with each passing moment, until they reverberated throughout the vast room all around the ring. Although she was too far gone to notice, Kareena had pushed her womanly chest forward, slamming her breasts against Esha's, grinding herself against Esha's bust as harshly as their crotches ground together. Overcome with passion at the constant rubbing of skin against skin, Esha leaned forward, planting a long, passionate French kiss directly on Kareena's lips, in a gesture that spoke louder of desire than conquest. Kareena returned the kiss passionately enough as they fought on.
Faster and faster their bodies abraded against one another, their cries of ecstasy growing louder still. Kareena coiled her arms around Esha, locking her wrists together in the small of Esha's back, pulling inward harshly as Esha fought to snake her arms underneath her opponent's. Somehow, aided by the slippery sweat, she managed to slide one arm underneath Kareena's bearhug; they began to exert fierce pressure, pulling themselves closer together and rubbing their bodies together in earnest.
The women felt their orgasms steadily building to a thundering crescendo, until the first throes of their climax took control of their bodies. Their mouths hanging open, they whipped together in a frenzy, neither combatant seeming to care what happened next. Closer to orgasm they came.... closer.... closer.... closer.... closer.... until, finally, about the same instant, the bodies of both adversaries stiffened in unison. Screaming the passion wrought by their release, they found themselves coming again and again and again, their bodies helplessly wracked by their multiple orgasms. Finally, the orgasms had ended; dropping mercifully to the canvas beneath them, they lay side by side for what seemed like forever, taking all the time they needed to catch their breath.
Eventually, when they had rested sufficiently, Kareena glared hard into Esha's eyes. The contest was not yet over....
Kareena was spent, but looked over at the exhausted girl laying by her side and was consumed with the desire to win. She knew that Esha was as exhausted as she was, and that after what they had both been through it was possibly now or never to begin the end game.
The two bodies of the girls were almost side by side so it was nothing for the cruel Kareena to drop her elbow directly into the pit of Esha's heavy belly. Esha grunted as the air was forced from her body, and she then began to cough. As she did Kareena dragged her aching body towards Esha's head, and began to shift her position.
Though tired another sadistic smile passed Kareena's beautiful lips as she positioned herself. Esha's slender body had jackknifed from the assault to her abdomen, and as she dropped back from her coughing fit her head hit something. Before she had time to realize what it was Kareena's other leg snapped around in front of her throat bent at the knee. Esha gagged as her air supply was cut off. Kareena Gripped her foot and pulled back with all her strength, tightening the figure four choke to a deadly strength.
Esha's pale face started to turn a shade of red, as she was choked and her big eyes began to water from the lack of oxygen. Soon her face was deepening and taking on a blue pallor when she heard Kareena say "It's not only my bear hug that can squeeze.. Granted your scissors are impressive, but I'm gonna hear you beg for mercy bitch." The words were muffled to Esha as there was a hollow rushing sound in her ears and her eyes was starting to see spots. Esha could feel a thin line of drool fall from her slack mouth and onto Kareena's pale thigh, and that's when her only solution hit her.
Kareena's face turned from a grin of victory to a grimace of pain as Esha sunk her white teeth into the sweaty pale flesh of her attacker. If Esha had hoped it would release her from Kareena's debilitating grip she was right. The pale legs around her throat sprung open and air flooded back into Esha's lungs, so much so that her head felt like it was going to explode, but she had to hold it together.. she had to attack and she had to do it now.
The combatants were on their knees recuperating from the pain they inflicted upon each other, at the end of their endurance and preparing to end their fight decisively. Both women were completely, utterly exhausted by now, although perfectly willing to see this match right through to the bitter end. Esha was still catching her breath from the devastating leglock Kareena had inflicted on her when she spotted her pale foe heading toward her, extending her arms outward to end their grueling contest.
Her muscles screaming in protest, Esha propelled herself forward, her expression darkening as she outstretched her own arms. Their naked bodies, so drenched in sweat that they appeared as if they had just taken a shower, clashed together with a wet resounding SLAP as they wrapped their limbs around one another, somehow managing to entwine themselves in their mutual grasp, each hellcat having one arm tucked underneath her opponent's. Gritting their teeth and throwing their heads back almost in unison, they exerted the last of their energy into crushing the other into oblivion, uttering primal, animalistic sounds through their lips in their final exertions.
For all the effort Esha threw into her bearhug that she could see caused Kareena significant discomfort, she could feel her muscles beginning to falter from the endless punishment Kareena had rained on her arms, legs and midriff. Breathing heavily, Esha defiantly tightened her arms around her sexy adversary, but she began to sense that Kareena was gradually overtaking her resistance. Kareena seemed to sense this; smirking, she tightened her own arms around Esha, sensing victory finally lay within her grasp, so to speak.
In spite of herself, Esha threw her head back and cried out involuntarily as Kareena's limbs constricted tighter around her. Squirming uncomfortably, her chest abrading against her foe's, she attempted to gain more secure purchase so that she might be able to mount some kind of a counterattack, or at least fend off Kareena's sadistic assault.... to no avail. Kareena had her. Still, Esha stubbornly refused to give in to her tormentor.
Sensing that the fight was finally hers, Kareena became angered that Esha was not giving the submission she wanted to hear. Growling ferally, Kareena thrust herself violently forward, pinning Esha underneath her and proceeded to slam and grind her chest into Esha's, knocking the wind from her sexy opponent.
Kareena screamed, "Give, Esha, you fucking bitch! I want to hear you TELL ME YOU GIVE!!!!"
Kareena knew Esha was fading fast; she could feel the sweat slicked girl's strength leaving her. She cinched the bear hug tighter pulling Esha tighter to her, almost as if trying to pull her through her own body. Esha threw her head back groaning, and that was when Kareena new victory was hers!
"Say it whore, say you submit! Say you're being crushed out! Say I'm the better woman!!"
Despite her agony, Esha managed to pull her head back upright and stare Kareena directly eye to eye, and said, "Go to hell bitch."
This taunt enraged Kareena, she was so close to hearing those words she wanted, and yet Esha was refusing to say it. With a grunt Kareena redoubled her efforts eliciting another groan of agony from her opponent. The torso's of the two girls seemed almost glued together as the struggled. Esha was beginning to see spots in front of her eyes and her head was starting to droop, with each shake of Kareena's body.
Kareena knew all the signs; Esha would soon pass out and again she demanded, "Say it, Say you SUBMIT."
Esha's head slumped forward on Kareena's pale shoulder. She turned her head to the side and Kareena could feel her labored, hot breath against her neck as Esha gasped,
"I.. will NEVER submit to you... bitch!"
With that, Esha's body suddenly went limp in Kareena's grasp. Esha has passed out! While, yes, Kareena had won, she had out crushed Esha; she'd been denied the victory that she so wanted - to hear Esha verbally submit was what she had been after and that satisfaction had slipped through her fingers.
With a scream of rage she wrenched the bear hug one final time. This time no sound came from Esha, only a huff of air against Kareena's pale neck as more air was forced from the unconscious girl.
Kareena released the embrace and Esha fell to the mat like a heap of wet laundry, out cold. Kareena stood and contemplated other things she could do to the unconscious girl, but it would be no fun since Esha was out.. and Kareena enjoyed the pain of her opponents. So, instead, she turned with a sneer calling back over her shoulder to the girl who couldn't hear her, "Next time you WILL SUBMIT, bitch."


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Wow! Just found this hidden gem and SO glad I did! Awesome read. Amazing story. You could feel all of the pain and suffering and pleasure of each combatant until the bitter end. Wish there was a part 2!