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Blue and Pink bikini sisters battle for your attention. Chapter 1

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Trying something new. Telling a story from the second person point of view. Thought it was unique. Poll is still going so this is just chapter 1. I hope you enjoy.
You meet this pretty young women and soon are talking. She is dressed in a blue bikini and you think her name was Amber. Before you know it you have mentioned that you own this boat and she is intrigued. She is young and easily impressed.
Along comes another young women, barely legal and obviously her sister. Her name, you think is Danni.
Danni instantly tries to come between you and Amber and you see their competitive nature instantly.
You, in conversation mention that you also own the pretty little yacht right over to the right.
You see both sets of eye brows open wide and then narrow as they remember SHE is also over here.
Each casually tries to vie for your attention and you notice several times they touch shoulders and push one another.
Once you notice Amber wince in pain and happen to catch that Danni had her hand behind her sisters head, at the time.
Danni notices you catch that and smirks at you.
Amber goes into a conversation and Danni excuses herself for a moment. Amber becomes more casual and confident and you can almost tell she is relieved her younger sister has left.
A minute later Danni is back and goes right up to you and whispers in your ear, ignoring her sister still in conversation " I can tell you like it.” 
You act startled at this new conversation starting and quickly turn your attention back to Amber only to find Danni brush her pink clad exceptional rack against your shoulder.
At this point Amber stops her story and says “ what the hell, Danni”!
Danni smirks the bratty little sister smile and shrugs her shoulders.
Amber rolls her eyes and says to you “ you have to forgive my sister. She’s a spoiled young brat.”
Danni, looking at you says “ I’m legal, I’m 19”.
Amber, baring her teeth says “ but you act 10.”
Danni makes daggers at her sister, with a smile on her face and Amber stares daggers back.
You decide to get your phone out and take the call that just came in.
Your cruise is starting in about an hour and your captain says the boat is ready.
You relay this information and ask “do you two  want to go on a cruise with me?”
Amber says “ you mean BOTH of us?” Not sounding very happy.
They walk with you onto your boat and continue to bicker the whole time.
Once on it you over hear them talking.
Danni says “ I think it’s past Amber’s bed time.”
They again, stare daggers.
You laugh and say “ before any blood is drawn, would you mind if I got a picture of you two?”
Both agree and stand to take a picture.
You say “ show me you love each other.”
The picture they take looks like they are happy but you realize Danni has set herself up to press her impressive rack right against her sisters
Amber is oblivious to this but Danni says, once the picture is taking “ we are the same size. Her’s are just fatter.”
She presses her right breast deep into Amber’s causing Amber  to lose her smile.
Hands behind each other’s backs you notice each wince a bit in pain and realize they are now digging short but manicured nails into the soft backs of the others.
They pull each other closer as they dig into each other challenging the other to pull away.
Neither backs down.
Amber looks at you , embarrassed and Danni laughs.
Amber shoots her sister a side look and Danni laughs “ relax, he likes watching us fight.”
Amber looks embarrassed so Danni breaks free to move closer to you, again brushing her chest against you as she puts her hands on your shoulder. You wrap your arm around soft waste.
She whispers in your ear, just loud enough for  you to hear.
“I’d challenge her to fight for you, if you’d like that. She won’t. She is chicken shit.”
Amber’s face turns red.
Danni giggles “ she used to kick my ass all over the place, then I got to be the same size as her and whenever we fought, I’d win.”
Amber flatly stated “ that’s not how I remember it.”
“ Would you like to see me kick her butt?” Danni whispers in your ear.
“I’m warning you.” Amber spits toward her sister.
Danni ignores her sister and runs a hand down the front of your pants touching your erection.
“Oh, he DOES like this.” She purrs.
“I said” Amber hisses as she rushes up and pushes her sister off of you “ you better watch it.”
Danni turns to face her sister.
They whisper words to faint for you to hear.
Back and forth they whisper with hands moving.
Neither is backing down. You dare not get to close to over hear but you can tell they are angry and passionate.
You make out a few words, finally “ Not again.” “Just this once.”
Then they both go silent, both lower their hands and just stare.
No words are exchanged but you can tell from the looks and standing nose to nose, close enough where breasts touch, these two are about to explode.
You give it a half minute, neither is standing down.
Lucky you are along with them.
Danni breaks eye contact with her sister and quickly give you a look and smiles and then goes back to staring at her sister.
Amber, still pissed looks at you and a quick glance down to your pants. Her eyes get big and she turns her glare back to her sister. “ Fine. We’ll do it your way.”
She takes off her sunglasses and without backing down one inch takes her earrings out.
Danni takes off her shades and both place them on a close by table.
Still standing close they begin to press together. Now, physically pushing each other without hands.
Amber: “you really want to go there.”
Danni “Yeah, lets do this.”
Amber: “you really think you can kick my ass?”
Danni: “I did it last time.”
Amber: “Oh really? I don’t remember that.”
Danni: “you must be getting Alzheimer’s or something.”
Amber: “you are such a b*tch.”
Danni: “takes one to know one.”
Amber: “So help me, Danni”  Amber inturps her sister saying “I’m not going to help you, except to lay on this deck.”
Fists balled they are tensing sexy legs pressing stomachs, hips and chest together craning heads back to lock eye contact.
Ass muscles tensed as they pressed their equally matched 130 pound 5’7 bodies together.
Danni: “ just don’t lose that top, again.”
Amber:  “ Don’t you dare.”
Danni: “ Then quit, go home.”
Amber: “ So help me”
Danni: “ I don’t care if I end up bare tittied. I like MY tits.”
Amber:” don’t you dare.”
Danni reaches behind her sister and her sister tries to back away. Danni laughs as the two circle around.
Danni holds onto her sister with a vise like grip and soon is chucking as Amber tries to break free.
“Ha, I got it!”
Amber says “Fine!”
She reaches behind Danni and undoes her top.
Amber: “ now he’ll see both our tits.”
Danni looks over to you saying “ I don’t mind.”
Amber :” whore.”
Danni laughs.
Both sisters are standing with breasts pressed together and both their bikini tops unsnapped from the back.
Danni:” one false move and both our puppies will come falling out.”  She turns to look at you with fake poor puppy eyes. 
Danni looks at you and in the same ‘poor puppy voice’ says “ I just hope our bottoms don’t fall off.”
Amber: “ you are such a sick f*ck!”
Danni: ”quit and go home.”
Amber: “ F*ck you!”
Danni: “ F*ck you back!”
They begin to act as if you’re not there.
Hands free and at their sides their open bikini tops are moving as they push each other around.
Hands raised as they press bodies together. One false step and they would fall and their tops would come lose.


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Re: Blue and Pink bikini sisters battle for your attention. Chapter 1
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2020, 02:04:34 AM »
 Great story so far. I really like the trash talk  and confidence that little sister is showing.  i  would vote for he to win and bully big sister.


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Re: Blue and Pink bikini sisters battle for your attention. Chapter 1
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2020, 02:10:01 AM »
LIke this a lot but upon observing the photos I think Danni is considerably bigger up top. I like the confidence she shows and the taunts are hot. She is who I voted for and think after a brief struggle she would take control of her sister and use her to get her man. By that I mean a dominant win and embarrassing loss in a toying with sexily manner. Anyway love this part and look forward to more.


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Re: Blue and Pink bikini sisters battle for your attention. Chapter 1
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2020, 08:00:12 PM »
DM me for requests & commissions!
I have DA profile. Check it out and enjoy!


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Re: Blue and Pink bikini sisters battle for your attention. Chapter 1
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2020, 11:43:29 AM »
Oh man, hot beginning.