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Attention Mom v Mom Story Buffs, where is the conclusion of this story?

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This is a mom v mom story that was posted several years ago (2010?) on another forum.  I am posting it here in hopes that there is someone out there that is familiar with it or possibly has the conclusion of this story.  It's a very hot piece, extremely good build up, but just when things are going to happen it ends or hopefully not.  Again this is not my work I just need a finish.  Thanks

Sara was having coffee in her kitchen it was early morning and she had nothing planned for the Saturday ahead of her.  She tried to put some thoughts into a plan and then do something about it.  Nothing was coming so she sat.

After about a half hour of doing nothing she heard her son Tom starting to stir upstairs.  She figured that would motivate her to at least get up and start breakfast.  As she slowly stood her she looked out the window across the yard towards her neighbor Linda. 

Linda was moving around as she was slowly they saw each other smiled and waved and went about their tasks,

Both women were in their late 30's and both had bodies that were hot at one time but were now fighting early signs of gravity.  Sara had an average bust nothing overly large 38 B cup with signs of sagging.  Her waist was slowly expanding from what from a 34 to 36 and her butt was now a 40 she.  Her hair was shoulder length and was dirty blonde.  Linda was about the same her bust was still holding its own at 36 B and her hips and butt were just a little sleeker than Sara's.  She wore her hair in a short curly perm which also was dirty blonde bordering on brown.  Both had the signs of raising young teenaged boys.  Sara's Tom was 13 and Linda's Joey was just turning 13.  Both boys were in the same school.

Sara was climbing up the stairs and didnt think of knocking on Tommy's door.  It was slightly open so she quietly sneeked in to see what he was up to.  As she did she noticed he was on his computer.  From where she stood she could see over his shoulder and was shocked to see what he was watching.  She had already caught him looking at all the porn which she knew she couldnt stop and just ignored it, but this time she froze from watching what was on it now.  Two women catfighting!

She watched as he was so absorbed into it that he didnt notice as her getting closer to see more of it.  As she did she noticed that as he was watching he was also masterbating.  Sara became flush, not that he was masterbating but that he was doing it while watching two women catfighting across a livingroom floor on the internet.  Their hands were burried into each others hair and both were fighting like no tomorrow.  Sara was familiar with what Tommy was watching she knew it was real and not fake stuff like the WWE.

Just as the two women on the screen were deep into a vicious hairpull Tommy gasped, and Sara saw a few spurts of cum sail into the air.  She remained quiet but knew her son had a tremendous orgasam from watching the two women fight it out.

Slowly and quietly she backed up and slipped out the door and quickly went into her room quietly closed the door and locked it.  Her face was flush from watching her son cum.  She inadverntently put her hand to her crotch and she felt that she was very wet from what she saw.  Calmly she pulled her champion gym shorts down and snaked her fingers along her labia and into her vagina and began teasing her clitoris. It took just a few strokes before she had to sit down on the edge of the bed engulfed in her own tremendous orgasam.  It felt very good. She felt nasty that she got turned on watching her son get off then relieved herself because of it.  It had been a long time since her divorce that she ever felt that way and it made her very hot.  Something triggered her  when she saw Tommy jerking off while watching two women catfighting on the internet. 

Slowly she was catching her breath, her vagina was still throbbing and she realized she had a full morning still ahead.  She needed a bath!

Linda was getting ready to take her morning shower, while she was changing into her robe she heard Joey typing away on his computer.  She figured he was chatting with someone nothing to worry about.  The typing was intense for almost a minute then it stopped.   She didnt think anything of it until she thought she heard a woman's scream that was cut short. 

Now Linda like Sara had dealt with Joey's internet curiousity the same way.  She knew he would go to the porn sites she wasnt worried.  She knew he was masterbating while doing so, again she didnt worry about it.  She figured that this scream was one of those videos but the sound of it wasnt extacy but rather pain.  And it was something she had heard way back in highschool and college.

Linda was curious she passed Joey's door and it too was open. She crept in just like Sara did and looked over Joey's shoulder.  She saw his hand vigorusly jerking his penis that didnt surprise her she had seen him do it before when he was absorbed into what was on the screen. 

But just like Sara she was taken aback by what he was watching, two women catfighting.  She was also amazed at the viciousness that the women were fighting each other with.  She was about to say something when she noticed that he was also in a chatroom and the other person was asking him what he thought of the video. 

She kind of let it go she knew Joey was getting off on whatever was happening on the screen.  But just as she smiled she became courious with who Joey was  chatting with.  He had been versed into what to do and not to do in chat rooms.  She trusted him to do the right thing.   He would tell her if something was wrong.

But she became also absorbed by the two women catfighting, and when she saw Joey's spurt of cum fly onto the screen she knew it was time to get out of there.  She did and ran quietly to her room, locked the door and sat down.  Her crotch was wet, and she had to relieve herself which she came very quickly it was fast and intense.  She too had never felt that way before and it was getting her hot.  She never had incestual thoughts it was just the moment and she got wrapped up in the emotion of it.  She slowly and quietly opened her door made sure Joey's door was still closed and ran to the bathroom where she remained for almost an hour.  Sitting in the tub thinking about what she just experienced.

Sara emerged from her room and she saw Tommy leaving his room and heading downstairs.

Where are you going young man?

Tommy froze.  Over to Joey's.

Ok you know where the cereal is so eat before you go. 

Ok mom he shouted from downbelow only to ignore her as he slamed the door to the outside.

She didnt go into the bathroom she went into his room. 

Tommy was in such a hurry he forgot to log off his chat.

She sat down and noticed the links to the women catfighting. She clicked on them and began watching what he had watched.  She was surprised two women who looked like around her age fighting like crazy.  Pulling hair, slapping, breast grabbing a few punches to the head and body.  There were a few fights featuring younger girls with big boobs but as she explored his computer she was seeing more collections of fights featuring women about her age.  They looked like mothers who had nothing to do but fight other mothers.  She was curious about his fetish.  As she looked she saw his chatroom logs.

She saw the one he was using just that morning. 

n33t01: hey tommy you going to see if your mom will fight for you?

kewlBeen0:  no joey i havent even gotten there yet you have any luck with your mom?

n33t01: hell no she would kill me if I asked her this shit.

kewlBeen0: yeah same here i dont think they would even think of it because they are good friends.

n33t01:  so how do you think she would do against Mrs. Evans?

Mrs Jane Evans was a mother down the street, who Sara thought was a bitch.

kewlBeen0:  I would love to see that happen but you know it wont.

n33t01: I really would die to see our mothers go at it.

kewlBeen0: yeah that would really be kewl!

Sara just dropped her jaw from reading it.  Tommy wanted to see her in a catfight against Linda or possibly Jane Evans.  She was drawing a blank from  reading all this.

She slowly got up from the keyboard and made sure it looked just like it did when he left.

She was getting hot again and needed to relieve herself once more.  As she entered the bathroom and ran the water for the tub she began to think about all she had witnessed already.

Linda greeted Tommy at the door and said Joey was upstairs.  He was a blur as he said morning and thanks.

Linda was slowly getting her act together still thinking about what she saw Joey do and what caused it.

She poured herself another coffee and started out to the patio.  As she sat down she heard Joey and Tommy talk she was right below their window. 

Did you leave your computer on, Joey asked?


You think your mom will read it?

Yeah she cant miss it.

Linda was curiou about what she was supposed to read.

She got up and slowly made her way to Sara's kitchen door.  The boys could not see her the way she went.

Linda opened the door and calmly called out for Sara.  Sara was still in the bath when she heard Linda.

It brought her to her senses when she did , Oh Linda up here in the bath.

Linda made her way up and opened the door to see Sara just getting out of the bath and into her robe.

Oh sorry Linda gasped.

Oh dont worry Linda.  She quickly became silent and started eyeing Linda a little differently than she ever used to. She noticed that Linda was almost identical in build as she was and that other than hair nothing stood out.

Linda noticed how Sara eyeed her, Whats up you see something funny? She looked down to see if her robe had parted showing her panties which were gettng moist again.  It didnt.

Oh no sorry I was just thinking of something.

Oh, Linda paused, say have you noticed anything funny with the boys lately?

Sara was just drying her hair and wrapping it in a towel when she heard that and turned to Linda wide eyed, NO she shocked herself from saying that with concern.

Linda noticed it. What you getting that time of month again?

No, sorry didnt mean to sound startled.  No I havent noticed anything unusual with the boys, you know how they get with their computers and all those porn sites, nothing new.

Yeah I hear you.  I just overheard Joey ask your Tommy if he left his computer on.

And if I would wander in and see what he was doing?


Linda, we are friends right?

Yeah what happened what did you see.

Well let me show you.

Sara lead Linda into the Tommy's room and to his computer.

Linda saw the links and as Sara clicked on one the video which she had seen on her Joey's computer popped up.  Both mothers watched in silence as the two women on the screen fought.

Linda kind of embarassed said, yeah Joey was watching the same thing this morning and was chatting with someone about it.

Sara clicked open the chat log and Linda began to read it.

When she was done her mouth was dry and her face red.

I..I dont understand. Linda struggled to say.

I dont either Linda its gotten me all confused, I mean the boys getting off on porn is one thing but this catfighting stuff I dont know.

Sara I saw Joey cum while watching this and it got me hot.

I saw Tommy too and I feel the same way.  Just watching those videos got me hot as well.

Linda was still dry mouthed,  but we're friends.

Sara just froze on that and looked into Linda's eyes.  Does Joey know you are here?

No they didnt see me I think they are watching videos on his computer.

Sara looked out the window which faced Joey's bedroom window.  She saw the two boys backs looking at a computer screen.

Linda we are friends and as she said that she hugged her.  As she did she felt a bit of tension in Linda and as their breasts came in contact she felt Linda's chest swell as if to resist the hug.  But Linda hugged back.

Linda's mind was still swirlling over what she had just read and discovered. 

Sara's was also racing over what to say or do next.

Both mothers read the log both knew their boys were wanting them to fight each other but neither one was about to bring that up.

Well Sara thanks for sharing that stuff with me, I was curious who Joey was chatting with I know they talk a lot.

Yeah I was curious as well but Tommy is a bad hider when I saw it was Joey I was cool with it.

Both mothers held each other and smiled,  Linda's robe came loose a bit and her breast showed with erect nipple. Sara saw it and said me too revealing her swollen nipple on her breast as well.

Both laughed as they seperated and left the room.  Beth went to her bedroom, and Linda headed for the kitchen door downstairs. 

Linda went back the same way she came the boys didnt know she had left the house, when they came down a little later to see her just sitting at the table drinking her coffee and watching them grab something to eat.

Sara got dressed and started to do some choirs. All the time she was thinking about her and Lindas talk and actions.  She was totally anoyed that Linda didnt address the issue that the boys wanted them to fight.  And she was pissed at herself that she didnt either.

Linda was doing choirs as well. Linda was thinking about it as well.  She knew the boys wanted to see Sara and her in a catfight.  She was glad that Sara didnt bring up the subject but she was concerned that her mentioning that they were friends might have started something but didn't.  She then realized how she reacted when they hugged and was worried if Sara might have taken offense to it.

Sara thought back about the hug at that moment too.  She had never felt that before and began to wonder if it was Lindas way of challenging her.  She knew Linda for almost 5 years now and although they were friends and hugged before that one was ackward and different.  Not wanting to put too much into it Sara dropped it and continued her choirs.

Linda was out in her yard hanging clothes, Sara had just looked up from doing something with her kitchen sink and noticed.  She watched Linda stretch and clip the wet clothes to the line as she did she noticed her arms.  Linda was wearing cutoffs and a tank and her body was plain to see that it was out of shape.  Sara looked at her self and knew she was as well.  But the way she had looked at Linda was different, she ran in her mind, I can take her she isnt that strong.  Her arms are nothing and she has a fat ass. Sara smiled at that thought.

Linda wasnt noticing Sara she was still thinking about why on earth the boys would want them to fight each other.  They knew they were friends why?  She they realized that the videos showed two women about their age fighting.  And she had to agree it did look hot, she remembered seeing girls fight in her school and college and it did turn her on somewhat she could understand the boys getting hard ons watching girls and women fighting but their mothers it confused her.

As the women prepared dinner for themselves and their sons each one was thinking what would the boys be talking about over it.

Dinner with Tommy was like sitting on pins and needles.  Sara was waiting for the shoe to drop.  Tommy was quiet and didnt even look up from his plate.  Sara was silent too.

Joey on the other hand was not quiet. But Linda was getting him to open up.

So Joey, you are into that WWE arent you?

Joey nearly choked on his food.

Ah yeah he resonded.  The question came out of nowhere and really caught him by surprised.

You know Joey I know they feature girls from time to time you see that?

Joey stopped eating and looked at his mother.  Ok mom what gives?

Ok I'll be honest I saw what you two boys are doing. The catfight videos on the internet and stuff.

His face turned bright red.  Mom its not like that really.

Oh save it Joey I let you do the porn thing so dont shit yourself.  Im not talking about you watching the stuff on the internet.  Im talking about the other thing.

Oh he paused, you mean about Mrs Higgins and you?

Yes exactly.  Whats up with that? 

Well we got talking and...

Who brought it up?

Ah I did.


We were just talking and fantazing about it we didnt mean it for real.

But you chatted about it this morning like you really wanted it didnt you.

Well mom we kind of yeah thought it would be hot.

Joey, she looked him in the eyes I can understand your fantasies but when they cross over to reality things change, can change and may never be able to change back.  Do you realize that?

Yeah I know mom.

Just the same I saw the videos you two were watching do they get you excited?  I can see that a few of your porn stuff does but I never knew that watching to women fight would.

Joeys mouth was dry, it was like he got caught good. 

No lying Joey I can tell you were thinking about me and Sara fighting and it got you hot.

Joey again was speechless he felt like he shrank to the size of an ant when Linda said that.

Mom, I couldnt help it, the thought of you and her got to me. 

She looked into his eyes.  Joey I know you have crushes do our bodies turn you on she laughed? She has stood up to pose like a model for him.  She saw his face turn red.

Joey dont be embarassed its part of growing up you'll get over it.

Yeah mom.

I even bet you had a crush on Sara as well right?

He was silent.

She felt a tinge of jealousy rushed her, she was surprised she had asked that.

You ever think of Sara when you jerk off? She thought that but never said it aloud.

Joey was squirming in his seat.

Joey I know what you do when you watch that porn on the internet and I know you have been doing it other times as well so you cant hide it from me I know.

She realised she had him in a corner. His face was pale and he looked like she was about to send him to an institution for kids like him.

Joey Im not going to do a thing, you enjoy your fantasy I let you have the internet porn I dont see anything wrong with this so go ahead enjoy.

He let out a big sigh as she stood up to leave.  And she noticed he his boyish bulge in his shorts. 

So Joey who of us would win the fight?  When she said that she saw his bulge jump. She had never seen a reaction like that before in her life not even when she was teasing the men she went out with.

Oh mom, you!

She saw his penis stick straight up and he was having a problem calming it down.  Wetness was felt between her legs she never thought that this would have an affect on her as well. This was something new for her and it was exciting her.

She began to think of the last catfight she was in which was in highschool and what happened then.   She never thought that guys would get off watching two girls fight but from what she saw in Joey apparently they did.  Even the thought that her son wanted to see her fight on top of it was equally interesting she never would have ever thought of this if it werent for what she learned today.   It was something she needed to think about.

Sara was clearing the table as Tommy ran upstairs to his room.  They had said nothing during dinner and Sara was trying to think of how to break the subject to him. 
She climbed the stairway thinking she would make an early night of it as she passed Tommy's room she peeked in to see him staring at the monitor of the two women catfighting. 

She was about to let it go when she heard him gasp just like he did that morning when he orgasamed.  She was about to ignore it again but stuff was nagging her about it.

Opening the door she made no effort to quiet her entrance, she took Tommy by surprise his hand still holding his penis.

Tommy, she said, there is nothing to be embarassed about masterbation, why do you think I allow you to go to porn sites?

Mom he stuttered.  His penis wilting faster than wet paper in his hand.

Hush I have something to talk to you about.  She sat down next to him. Her actions caught him totally by surprise he forgot to close the window he was lookling at on the computer.

As he was about to she grabbed his hand, STOP!

He froze.  She took the mouse from him and started to play the videos.   Lets watch these together ok?

Sara was surprised that she took an agressive move to watch the videos with her son.  She had never watched any of the videos with him so this was a first for both of them.

As they watched the women fight Sara made comments, That got to hurt.  Ouch her hair must be on fire with that one. 

Tommy was watching quietly from time to time he would look at his mother when she made a comment.  She noticed his penis getting hard, he never tucked it back into his pants.

As the fight progressed she asked him, why do you want to see me fight Joeys mother?  She saw his penis flinch then lose its erection.

Ah I dont know mom we found this website and when we saw these two women they looked your age we got to talking.

Oh I see you have fights with younger girls why not them?

Well he paused.

Is it because you have no girlfriends?

I dont know mom I dont.

Oh Tommy I know you have had crushes on other women I know you fantasize about them when you do your thing, she patted his penis when she said that and felt its warmth.

Oh mom, it was just a fantasy we didnt mean if for real.

Well young man from what I gathered here I thinkl you want to see us fight dont you?

He was looking at his mother and his face burned from embarassment. 

Tommy its ok dont be embarassed it happens, Im just curious why you want me and Linda to fight? 

Mom really I dont know.

Tommy I know that these videos are turning you on and that you like to jerk off to them dont tell me you dont because thats what you were doing just now I caught you.

Tommy was silent.

I know that this catfighting stuff is doing things to you and I dont mind it, I never interfered with your fathers fetishes and Im not about to with yours.  I just curious that you have left the fantasy and want to see me and Linda fight for real, why we are neighbors and friends.  You see in these videos that the two women dont like each other and have some grudge against each other. I can see it Tommy I have seen girls fight for real and know what would cause it.

Tommy looked into her eyes when she said she has seen girls fight.  It was like a magic door he wanted to open more.  Mom have you ever been in a fight?

I knew you were going to ask that Tommy, she smiled when he did.  Yes when I was in highschool I had been in a fight.

His penis jerked, Sara had inadvertantly forgot to take her hand of it and she felt it when it did.  She quickly pulled it away and said, put it in you pants please.

Tommy got embarassed he forget as well and tucked it away.  He was about to ask her more but she stopped him.

No more questions, I want you and Joey to stop plotting for Linda and me to fight for you.  Ok?  She was confused she knew her son got excited when she answered his question.  Hoping it would end it when she said no more questions, she knew he had many more.  She wanted to distance herself from this for a while, she knew it would surface but for now she was done with it.

The next day was Sunday both boys had afternoon baseball practice and both mothers were alone.

Linda was outside on her patio reading some stuff she pulled off the internet. 

Sara was reading some articles as well she was drinking her coffee and walked onto her patio not noticing Linda.  As she sat down she caught a glimse of Linda, but she didnt say anything she wondered if she would be noticed by her. 

Linda was absorbed in her reading and Sara noticed,  She made like she was reading as well but concentrated on looking at Linda on the sly.  Linda was wearing a tank top and spandex shorts.  It was revealing to Sara just what she wanted to see confermation that she was a mildly out of shape.  Sara looked at herself and pinched her bicep to see if it was firm, it wasnt and she immediately became concerned. How could she let herself get that way.  Just from looking at Linda she felt that she was a bit more in shape but not by much.  She noticed that Lindas ass covered more than the seat she was on, and Sara felt around her bottom and pouted that she was the same.   She was as out of shape as Linda was.

Linda was reading something she found on the internet and was absorbed in it more than she knew it.  She briefly looked up after a good 10 minutes and noticed Sara on her patio looking at her arms, then her butt and her thighs.  When Sara looked up Linda was quick to burry her nose in what she was reading.  She quietly giggled at what she just saw.

Sara didnt hear the giggle she had turned around and noticed her reflection in a window pain and saw that yes her butt was a little wider than it should.  She let out a humph which was loud and she realized it.  Quickly she turned around to see Linda smiling at her. 

Oh sorry I didnt see you she said.

Liar Linda laughed back, I know you better than that she smiled.

Sara realized yeah she was caught and smiled back, so how you doing this morning?

Oh doing fine I was reading something interesting here, maybe you should have a look.

Sara started to rise from her seat, I got something for you too.  She move across the yard and sat down with coffee and papers in hand. 

Linda was offering her reading material to read and Sara handed over her's. As she sat down she read the top line Catfighting Fetishes FAQ.  Humm interesting she said.

Linda looked at what Sara had handed her and the top line was Catfight Mystique.  Wow Sara this is funny we were both reading this, she said as she continued to read.

Both women read page after page, a few times Sara snap a glance at Linda and Linda would do the same.  Both women had their legs crossed and as they read on the rocking action increased.

Sara had finished reading she sat back and looked up into the trees above, She was still rocking her crossed legs,  Linda finished a moment later and she too sat back legs still rocking looking up.  Both were silent for a while.

Sara coughed and brought both women to look down and across at each other.

So what do you think Sara are boys seem to have stumbled upon a fetish that is very unique.

Yeah but it raises a lot of questions.  I mean I had a catfight way back in high school until now I really didnt understand why we fought or what influenced us but this stuff is making it clearer.

I cant agree with you more Sara, I had the same thing in school I was always wondering at the time why my bf was so keen on me fighting this other girl.  I mean she and I probably would have gone all through high school hating each other but he got us to fight which just ended whatever feelings good or bad we had for each other,  We never as much looked or talked or did anything with each other ever again.

Linda now that you mention it the other girl and me did the same, we went our seperate ways for good.

There was silence both women looked at each other again, both knew something was eating at the back of their minds.

Why would Joey want to see us fight Sara asked breaking the stalemate?

I have no clue, I thought about that fight I had and how painful it was to do it and the outcome.

I told Tommy there is a difference between fantasy and the real world, I explained that the two women on the video were fighting for real and that there had to have been a grudge or something to make them fight that way.

I did too with Joey , but you know these kids dont know what reality is until it smacks them in the face. Linda stated that rather matter of factually and she looked a little annoyed.

Sara heard that correctly and couldnt believe it, Linda  You sound pissed?

Yeah sorry but talking about this has got me a little annoyed with things.


Well the more I think about it and I know that the boys were thinking they could get us to fight and stuff, that they never figured out what would happen in reality.  I know that they are young but honestly how the hell would they understand by just looking at it on the internet.

What are you saying Linda, I dont like how this sounds.

I dont either Sara Im sorry but I just thought again about my fight in high school and then about other fights I had seen over the years and how my girlfriends were before and after and its a little upsetting to see relationships change.

Sara looked at Linda and saw she teary eyed.  She reached to console her touching her arm, I hear you Linda I have seen the samething.  Fights are ugly both physically and mentally. 

Linda rubbed her eye, sorry Sara I didnt mean to get misty eyed there but this has been an eye opening morning for me.

Me too Linda you are not alone here.  As she said this she gave Linda's arm a little squeeze of support but when she did she took not how strong it felt. 

Linda felt the squeeze and slowly let Sara release her grasp and as she did she pulled her arm back and crossed it with her other arm under her breasts.

Linda sighed and stood up, Im sorry Sara I need to be a lone for a few.

Sara looked up and her and said ok Ill be around come on over when you feel like it.

Ok thanks. Linda said as she turned and entered her kitchen.

Sara stood up and crossed the yard into hers and sat down at the kitchen table and just let out a huge sigh.

Linda was lying on her bed thinking.  Joey wanted to see her fight Sara, but they were neighbors and friends.  He doesnt know what is at stake.  She tried hard to put it out of her mind that Sara might be an advisary and was probably plotting on fighting her when her guard was down.  She worried that Sara would fight her even though it was just a fantasy between their sons.

Sara was holding her head over the table, she too was thinking the samething, was Linda hinting that she would want to fight her just to prove to the boys what its all about?  Was Linda trying to hint that yes was willing to catfight her to prove something, but what?  All Sara was thinking is oh my god do I have to walk on eggshells or just come out and do it.  Her mind was swirling from all of it.

Linda fell asleep and began to dream, it was about her and Sara getting into an arguement over something and Sara pushed her.  She retaliated and slapped her back and when Sara went to slap her in turn she ducked and woke up.  It startled her so much she was sitting upright in her bed as a result.  She felt warm and was sweating from it.  Oh my she thought what was I thinking?  She looked at the time and it was 1PM. 

She began to shake the sleep from her head and get her self together.  Her face was flushed and she ran to the bath to splash some water on it to cool down.  As she looked at her self in the mirror her mind went back to what the hell was wrong with her thinking.  She sat down on the toilet and just tried to gather herself the best she could.

Sara had fallen asleep on the kitchen table and woke up just as startled as Linda did.  Her dream was Linda about to punch her in the face when she did.  What the fuck is happening she thought.  Got up and moved to the liquor cabinet grabbed a bottle and glass poured and swallowed quickly.  The taste and jolt of it woke her up.

She started to shake she didnt like what was happening.

Linda moved down to the kitchen and just sat and waited for Joey to come home.

Sara was already waiting for Tommy.

When the boys came home they noticed how their mothers were behaving.  It was wierd and they didnt know what to make of it.

Tommy asked if everything was ok and Sara snapped back yeah just dandy eat your  diner and leave me alone.

Joey had his head snapped off as well, he swallowed dinner and ran to his room.

Both boys were quick to tell the other what happened.

What the hell is going on Tommy asked?

I dont know I didnt see any tampon wrappers in the bathroom trash this is freaky Joey responded.

Both boys talked a little bit more about their moms and then moved on to other things.

Sara went to bed early that night, boy was she glad that there was school tomorrow.

Linda looked some S

more on the internet, she watched the fight that the boys were watching the other day.  She looked at how the women handled themselves and she remembered the pain when her hair was being pulled.  She also remembered her boobs getting grabbed and squeezed as well as a few knees planted close to her crotch.  She saw it on the video and she knew it happened to her.  She sat back and realized that she was psycing her self up but again said to herself this is foolish I dont think anything like this would happen.  She went to bed that night agreeing again its just the boys fantasy.

The boys were up and gone by 8AM.  Both mothers were cleaning up the kitchen.  Both Sara and Linda must have been on the same thought patterned.  Both were wearing tanks and shorts.  Normally they would still be in a robe or some sort of sleep outfit.  And although the boys never notice what they wore this was true for this morning.  No one thought anything of it.

Again soon after the boys were gone both mothers escaped to their sons computers to see what was said.

Linda and Sara both found the chat logs.  The boys had briefly chatted about their mothers behaviour, and nothing about catfighting.  Relief went through both women and then at the same time both keyed in on what the boys saw in their behaviour.

Sara thought was it that obvious how pissed I was?  I hope to hell Linda didnt see that.

Linda knew she was upset the day before and let Sara know it, and she knew here little dream affected her but she was surprised how Joey picked up on her annoiance.  She knew that Sara had seen it earlier that day. Oh I hope she doesnt think, she thought?

Both began to look for more catfight items and they found plenty on their sons hard drives.  It was almost noon before both of them realised it.  Quickly both gathered themselves and started to do what choirs they could before the boys came home from school.

Sara did a laundry, and Linda did as well.  Both went to their yards at the same time to hang the wet clothes.

Sara this time didnt ignore Linda, Hi Linda how you doing?

Oh hi Sara fine I see we are both a little late with todays work?

Yeah you know how it goes.


Both women began hanging the clothes, both were silent.  As they worked from one row to the next all they heard was the rustling of wet cloth.  They both were making an effort to bend and stretch getting the clothes hung.  As they were busy they totally ignored where the other one was as the rounded one row both had their backs to the other and when they both bent over to grab another piece their butts bumped.  It startled them, both women bumped the other a little off balance but it wasnt enough to make them fall down.  They recovered quickly looked at each other and laughed.

Oh Linda Im sorry I didnt see you.

Sara really I didnt see you either.

Both laughed.

They quickly finished hanging all of their stuff and Sara invited Linda to have a seat on her patio.

Both women let out a rush of air when they sat. 

Boy Linda said that was a work out huh?

Yeah it was I needed it.

Both were mildly sweaty and winded and it felt good that they were doing something about their physical conditions.

Both were relaxing enjoying the cooldown when both crossed their legs the same time and began rocking them.

Sara you know yesterday I was a little upset I hope you realized that it was nothing between us that caused it.

Oh Linda I have had those days as well.  Sara became annoyed with herself for saying that she knew Linda was lying.

Linda looked at Sara and realized that Sara was lying she did take it personally.

Both were quiet, was it the workout they gave themselves making them think that way? Both seemed to sense some competitive tension. 

Sara stood up and as she did she stretched upward as if she had a kink in her back. Oh I needed that, that bending felt good.

Linda rose as well she also stretched to the sky and did one better she bent over and touched her toes. Bent back and rested her hands on her hips.

Very good Linda, Sara smirked at her.  You showing off?

Linda laughed Yeah what of it?

Well watch this Sara replyed.  She reached up again and then down to her toes but when she touched she didnt bend back. She put her hand flat on the floor kicked back her legs into a pushup, Did the pushup and then pulled her legs back under her before standing straight up.  There hows that?

Linda applauded, very good, very good we got to do more of these, I know we need it bad.

Bad Ha retorted Sara.

What you dont think so?

Linda look at us we are a mess.

Linda took exception she thought she was a little better than a mess but she let it pass.  Yeah I guess so.

Sara saw the twinge of insult when she said that on Lindas face.

What that touch a nerve?

Linda was taken aback by that statement, no I mean no why you say that?

I saw it on your face.

Linda immediately sensed herself becoming defensive, really was it like the other day?

Yeah it was.  I guess you were addressing me then the other day werent you?

Linda felt a flame ignite.  Yeah I was pissed at you.

I was with you as well but I guess I can hide it better.

No you didnt it was written all over your face, I know you were pissed at me your poor excuse you told me was a lie as well I sensed it.

What you saying that I lied? Sara was slowly inching close to Linda as she said that.

Yeah you lied to me.  Linda saw Sara approach her as she did her hands began to clench, she felt something was going to happen.

Sara was quick to see her hands clench and as she saw it she did it also.  Both women were close not quite nose to nose but closer than they would like to have been at the moment.

Just then Linda noticed their outfits. So did you dress that way on purpose?

Sara noticed, no I didnt but what was your reason?

I dont know I just felt like it.

So did I.

Both women were looking into each others eyes. 

Well I had a feeling something was going to happen.

I felt it too.  Call me a liar again.

Lying bitch.

Oh lying bitch huh, how about cock sucker? Sara said leaning into Lindas face when she did.

Linda almost head butted her with her reply asshole licking whore, sticking her face into Sara's.

So I guess we got something to prove, Sara took her middle finger stuck it in Lindas face, Fuck you bitch.

Ok I can play that way too, she took both of her middle fingers and flashed them in front of Saras face chanting fuck you bitch fuck you and your fucking freak son.

Sara almost lunged at Linda when she mentioned Tommy. Linda saw the hesitation and didnt know what would happen.

Sara backed away and Linda thought oh god what did we do?

Sara walked over to the middle of their yards between the hanging laundry. She stopped and turned to Linda. Come she said gesturing with her finger to come to her.


Come bitch lets do it I think we have to.

Linda swallowed the nerves in her stomach just let loose and she started to wonder was this for real.  Slowly she walked to Sara and when she was within a foot she stopped.

Both women were now standing hands on hips looking deep into each others eyes.


Offline Mickey2786

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I am not sure about the conclusion but the build up is good and I really like where it'st headed. 


Offline sally

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Loved the story.  Like the fact the boys were involved.  Could be realistic, although I have a daughter

I do as well, and I saw her watching catfight vids as well!


Offline rudraxian

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All thanks to you for sucha great buildup, I have reposted this good premise among some great writers to get it finished in case we are unable to find the second part of it.

With valuable writers we can get something which may be even better than original.

Just hoping moderators allow the post to remain.

Till then  - Wish you and all the community a safety to all under the pandemic of corona and also to your familes.


Offline carl_drogo_plus

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I was inspired by this, but don't have the conclusion either. Like others, I liked the involvment of the two boys, but for me there was too much agonising between the mothers before any confrontation broke out. I like the reason to fight to be clear, and so I've written my own:


Offline footfight

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Me as well-good buildup;the sons getting caught;their moms fighting the urge...sounds like they were ready to explode.
Kinda wish that were me in my late teens;although I did see my mom go to war for real a few times.scary shit;erotic scary shit...


Offline fight fan steve

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Sally and Bitracy - I’m now excited about the thought of seeing your girls fight each other! lol


Offline sally

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Sally and Bitracy - I’m now excited about the thought of seeing your girls fight each other! lol

you think that would a good fight to watch huh??


Offline sally

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Love the story.

someone is looking for us in a match!


Offline fight fan steve

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Sally and Bitracy - I’m now excited about the thought of seeing your girls fight each other! lol

you think that would a good fight to watch huh??

Yes. I think it would fabulous to watch them fight! about mother & daughter vs mother & daughter? Oh my would that be exciting!


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Re: Attention Mom v Mom Story Buffs, where is the conclusion of this story?
« Reply #10 on: April 24, 2020, 02:17:35 AM »
I think it’s time to introduce the fathers. They have been absent but like their sons, have always fantasized about their wives fighting, and then fighting in front of their wives. We could make this a whole family affair.

Love it! Yes!


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There's got to be some fan of the mom v mom that has the ending to this.  It's one thing to say ok will do it for them, but who ever wrote it had something in mind and that should be how it end. 

Too many teasers here.  I'm hoping that that wasn't the author's plan?  The amount of work leading up to the fight doesn't sound like it was, but then again I'm not the author so who knows?

Great story otherwise!