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Music for lifting your spirits

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Music for lifting your spirits
« on: March 27, 2020, 07:34:28 PM »

I have a youtube playlist. I just got done partially reorganizing it. Has over 130 videos/ songs.
Softer rock with other things found on youtube.

Anyways .. Loaded top 16 songs various artists/ groups/ many decades.
All seem to fit uplifting rock/ anti suicide theme/ spirit lifting, and simply FIGHT songs!!

After that breaks down into different groupings. Think next in line more fun songs from movies like Danger Zone from Top Gun.
Instrumental artists and just fun stuff.

Hope you enjoy, and this helps you through being inside.
(Also you can find link on board my previous posts. To rock playlist. That has over 200 songs and artists.)

First song and video the reorganized one is AWESOME!!! Great visuals and message!!
For my friends the candle is always lit!