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Foxy Boxing Tales 3: Grandma Jenny vs grandson

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Foxy Boxing Tales 3: Grandma Jenny vs grandson
« on: April 21, 2020, 04:17:41 PM »
Part 2 has been moved to the mixed section for those who want to read it first. Enjoy!

As the next morning arrived, Marcus headed into the bathroom. It was already quite late and the sun had heated up the land around the small cottage of his grandparents. He watched out of the window seeing his granddad working in the garden.
He grabbed a towel and was about to head into the shower. As he opened his door, he suddenly stopped. There was a pair of boxing gloves hanging at the door level with a note written on them:
“Attic 3 p.m.”
He really had some trouble to find into sleep last night. His mind was racing about the previous events and the killer body of his grandma. Knowing about the old Polaroids and VHS tapes, made him see her in a different light now. She gave him a nice sloppy titfuck/blowjob combination in the “first round” and a nice reverse cowgirl fuck in the second while they watched an old video of hers.
He took the gloves and threw them on his bed, finally heading into the shower.
He had breakfast on his own and as he asked his grandpa where Jenny was, he simply said that she is downtown and he doesn`t know when she will return.
So Marcus joined him for the day and after some garden work, they went fishing.
“I have to go downtown this afternoon as well. You wanna join me?”
“Nah thanks. I think I will relax a bit in the garden.”
“Ok. Just do what you want…”

The attic was located directly above the guest room where Marcus was living during his holidays. When it was about time to go upstairs, he heard some noises. It sounded like furniture and boxes would be moved up there.
He still had 10 more minutes so he went to have another shower and watched himself in the mirror. For his age he had quite some muscle, and his freshly shaved nut sack made his huge cock even look bigger. As he thought about the things to cum this afternoon, he had to resist the urge to masturbate. His balls were about to pop and his cock had several erections coming and going when he imagined granny wearing gloves and how he would punch her titties.
He simply didn`t know what to wear, but grandpa had left and so he headed into his grandparents bedroom and opened a drawer. He found nothing special, so he went through some boxes hidden on top of the big cabinet and: BAM! There it was.
There was a big box full of sex toys and some underwear. He found a leather thong that he put on. It must be his granddads`. If they are still active swingers?
As he put it on, it could barely contain his huge cock, but he was satisfied with the big bulge in the front and finally ready to grab the gloves and head upstairs.
First he noticed a square created by two old sofas and tables that had been put on their side. The fighting area was tiny, maybe 10 feet square, but it was already arousing him.
Out of the shadows granny Jenny appeared and Marcus jaw dropped. She was clad in a red leather bra with her tits bulging and forming a mountainous cleavage and a matching red leather thong. It was not big enough to hide her bush, pubes sticking out at the sides. Granny had already put on matching red gloves.
“I see you helped yourself with some outfit.” Granny was laughing, getting closer and smacking her grandsons` naked ass cheeks with her right gloves.
“Granny you look…”
“Don`t tell me how I look. I see you like it.”
Her eyes were glued to his cock that was fully erect already, with the tip peeking out at the front of his thong pressed firmly onto his belly nearly touching his navel. She stepped closer running her glove over the bulge in the leather thong and creating a deep moan.
“What about the rules?”
Granny thought about it.
“What about short one minute rounds. I am not that young anymore and haven`t boxed for five years. Plus looser has to pleasure the winner sexually.”
She put in her mouth guard, handing Marcus his own.
Before he put it in, he looked at her puzzled: “I thought you boxed only when you were younger. I didn`t know you still fighted when you were 51.”
She mumbled: “I will tell you someday about my last fight. But now fight me you horny cheeky badger.”
Both raised gloves and touched them. Grannies body was already sweaty from the preparations on the hot attic. It was easily above 35 degrees Celsius up here again, although the window had been opened.
Marcus didn`t know what to do, so it was granny that started by peppering some surprisingly firm jabs into the middle of his face. BAP…BAP….
He stumbled, raising his guard. Granny was serious about this. She soon followed with a surprisingly hard right into his navel, also hitting his red glans.
“Ummmmmm…..” Marcus went down to his knees moaning.
“Not always an advantage to have a big cock isn`t it? Stand up and fight me you weak little…”
BAMMM! Granny was moaning since Marcus had raised quickly and peppered her chin with an uppercut. It was so hard she stumbled backwards and her thong ass crashed into the table. He was quick to follow with a right landing in her small paunch with a SMACK, sending shockwaves through her belly fat.
“Unghhhhhh….is that the right way to treat your granny?”
She held onto his arms to stabilize herself, and his right hand was free to pepper into the outer curve of her left breast. Smacking into the leather cup that nearly released the delicious sweaty orb, made both moan simultaneously.
Marcus from horniness, and his granny from pain. He let go of her stepping back when she was clutching her tit and rubbing her belly.
“Too old for that kind of activity granny?”
Marcus smirked with his pulsing cock half out of his tight thong.
“Don`t call me GRANNY!” Jenny charged in at him and before he could raise his guard two solid jabs hand landed on his chin. Both danced in the small area, trading jabs to their faces now and the heat of the attic made them sweat profusely. Marcus eyes focused on her dancing G-Cup tits in the confines of her leather bra.
The one minute of the first round was soon over and Jenny walked over to her “corner” showing off her nearly naked shiny ass.
“Granny your looks are killing me. You are so hot!”
“Thanks darling. If you want to know: Also your hard-on is turning me on. I want to have it later deep deep in my fanny.”
Both had a sip of water, breathing hard.
“This round I`ll knock your tits out!”
“Try it cheeky bastard!”
The second round started and Marcus was too focused on hitting the boobs. His shot was easily telegraphed and Jenny simply turned, getting in a good shot into Marcus kidneys. That one made him wince!
As soon as he turned she peppered hooks into his ribs and belly making him groan and suck in air frantically. Whenever his gloves were flying towards her, she was backing away or blocking them with her guard. She was an erotic dream: a mature super busty half naked fighter, drenched in sweat, working his young body over.
Another telegraphed right sailed over her head as she dodged, earning him a full force blow into his balls. “Ummmmmmmpfffffff…..”
Marcus held his genitals, legs shaking, with his granny smirking and pushing her gloves into the outer curves of her tits wiggling her fat tit bags at him, nearly bursting from their prison.
“You wanted to have a shot at these? I will give you one free shot at the beginning of the next round.”
Frustrated Marcus retreated to his corner after granny toyed with him last round.
“I will bash your tits flat granny!”
After a short rest Jenny stood in the middle of their little “ring” thrusting her tits out with her hands behind her back. “Here we go honey! Give me a nice shot!”
Marcus focused, hard as ever and boxed his right into her left breast, making it compress and jiggle a bit.
“Hah! That`s all ya got?”
BAP! “hmmmmmmmmm”. Jenny groaned as the second shot came in harder than expected.
“Hard enough?”
Both raised gloves again and this time it was granny that was hot for payback, aiming a right at his cock but running into a solid straight to her eye.
She winced, stopped in her attack and directly at the receiving end to her right tit again. Marcus drove an uppercut into the bend over boob, straightening his grandma up.
He pushed now, aiming her face and forcing her to raise her guard. As she did so, he aimed solid hooks into each tit, making the bounce. The right one was partially freed, showing half of her big areola already.
Granny was breathing hard, throwing jabs on her own but Marcus out-danced her this time. Hitting home with a massive right into her soft belly, winding her badly.
She stumbled into the backrest of one of the sofa, her tits facing upwards as she held the furniture for support. WHAM! Marcus connected hard pistoning her left udder out of its top.
“Damn granny! Your piercings are still in!”
It was nearly too much for Marcus and he was so horny, that his vision was blurred in the heat of the attic. As he fired another haymaker into the naked tit, the sweat was flying a few feet and a loud scream echoed through the house. He had hit her pierced teat hard, dragging harshly on her nipple.
He grabbed grannys arm, bending her front first over the backrest and grinded his cock into her sweaty ass-crack.
The friction against his glans made him shoot his load like a cannon all over her lower back and ass without warning.
Huge amounts of hot seed were running down her back and ass now. She got away from him laughing, while Marcus was still beyond himself from the exhaustive climax.
“You horny bastard! Look at the mess you created!”
His cock, for the first time since he saw granny, go a bit limp not and retreated into his leather thong.
Hi smiled at her: “Sorry. I got carried away. I could not hold back anymore.”
“I am horny too Marcus, but this is simply not professional.”
“Sorry mam.”

Jenny tried to put her heavy tits back into her bra, but failed due to her gloves. So the next round started with one cup low and the other only hiding half of her massive breast.
She started to jab Marcus face again, but his last hard right to her eye had caused some swelling. How should she explain that to her husband?
Also she was partially blinded and Marcus shifted her attacks easily now, answering with multiple hard shots to her belly and ribs. Jenny winced and moaned, not being used to hard shots from a male opponent.
She was winded, taking two more haymakers to her right sweaty orb, knocking it out of its cup.
Marcus was looking for openings in her guard and found them quite often now. He aimed her tits as often as he could, compressing them under his old leather gloves.
As the break arrived again, Jenny was breathing hard. “Damn, I am not sure my tits can take much more of that.”
Her udders were swollen and red, glistening with sweat. Her bra cups were still giving some support from underneath, which was quite helpful.
After having more water, her eyes were stuck to his cock again. Marcus was hard again, and she licked her lips when she thought about the upcoming sex.
They touched gloves once more and again her boobs got the worst of it. Marcus bashed them quit unlovingly across her chest, until she tried to shield them with her elbows.
He was tiring as well, especially after the hard garden work, aiming low now. Both of them landed and hard double blow: Granny hitting his nose while he dodged and hit her hard in her ovaries.
“UNNNNNNNNNNN….” Both groaned taking a few steps back. But Marcus shook the cobwebs away faster and followed with an uppercut between her legs. “WHAPPPPP!”
Grannies eyes went glassy and she grabbed his shoulders for support, mashing her big naked tits against his chest. Her pierced nipples met his and the clinch make him wince in horniness again.
“Had enough bitch?”
“No. Give it to me. And then fuck me darling!”
As she was still holding his shoulder for support Marcus rammed his right into her belly. The abs were pulverized by each shot, her swollen tits still pressing against his muscular chest. He took a few steps back so her breasts would hang down. Her cum plastered back and ass were in his view as he started to use her dangling tits as punching bags.
He was pounding his gloves into her swollen G-Cups, driving them against her ribs. Her boobs were exploding with pain, but she was enjoying it partly. She notice how arousing it was for her grandson, his huge hard cock only inches away from her face.
Her speed bagged tits were swinging wildly, hitting her ribs with wet slaps when Marcus lifted her upper body. Straightened up, she was fully open for Marcus final blow:
`He slid the straps of her leather bra off her shoulder, pulling it down completely so it did not support her bust anymore.
He aimed at her left breast, pulling his arm back and WHAM! He drove his glove so hard into her fat sweaty tit, that granny flew backwards and over the backrest of the sofa.
She came to a rest with her ass up in the air and her own udders pushing against her chin.
Marcus was fast to pull her red leather thong down after taking off his gloves and throwing them away.
Her aroused scent was filling his nose now, the sweaty bush and thick pussy lips directly in front of him.
He pulled his tight thong down, moaning as his hard-on was finally out of its prison. “I know we said looser has to reward the winner sexually, but I want your fanny. Now!”
“Fuck me!” Jenny was moaning in a husky voice while Marcus was already entering her moist fuck hole. His huge cock stretched her pussy open and she was gasping for air.
He took her wide spread legs for leverage as he started to pump his cock into her, making her whole body shake with the “impact” of his weapon.

He pounded her hard, making her shake with pleasure. Jenny took the thumb of her glove rubbing it against her swollen clit, making her climax even before Marcus could cum.
Down in the garden a car had pulled in the driveway. Just as Claudia, Marcus` s Mom opened the door, she heard as scream out of the open window…..


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Re: Foxy Boxing Tales 3: Grandma Jenny vs grandson
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2020, 06:15:55 PM »
So what happens next? Claudia has to know what’s going on...!
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Re: Foxy Boxing Tales 3: Grandma Jenny vs grandson
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Great story, bringing mom in now is purrrfect! Hope we see how her tits match up against grandma Jenny!