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Foxy Boxing Tales 5: Grandmas Milk Battle 1982

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Foxy Boxing Tales 5: Grandmas Milk Battle 1982
« on: May 06, 2020, 03:36:23 PM »
“You wanna take a shower with mommy?”
Marcus nodded enjoying the firm arousing grip. His mom was pushing her swollen boobs into his naked chest, moaning into his ear.
“I don`t know what to do sweetie. This is incest, but I want your cock so bad. I think it is too late anyway.”
She took his hands pulling him with her, heading downstairs into the bathroom in the first floor. Granny followed, badly bruised, and while the two of them headed into the shower directly, she went into the kitchen to pick some ice for her swollen eye. As she entered, she stopped as if being struck by a lightning. Her husband was sitting at the kitchen table, absorbed by his newspaper, not even noticing Jenny opening the fridge and getting the coolant as silent as possible.
“Hey Jen! Why are you naked?”
But his wife was already on her way out, showing off her shapely ass to him muttering that she was about to have a shower.
Granddad was soon back to his newspaper, not even listening to her answer.
Jenny headed into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind her, locking it.
“Fuck! That was close!”
She sighed deeply as she saw her grandson and his mom fucking sensuously. Marcus was leaning in the corner of the shower, his mom riding him slowly. He held her in his strong arms, his big hands on her sexy tight ass. The hot water was killing most of their moaning.
Claudia was French kissing her son passionately, mashing her swollen and bruised boobs against his chest.
“Damn she is able to take his whole length”, Jenny murmured.
She leaned onto the sink, cooling down her eye, and cradling her bruised tits. Her nipple had stopped bleeding, but was badly cut. She would not be able to hide her bruises.
The same for Claudia: She would not be able to hide her split lip.
“Hmmmmmm…..yes…..hmmmmm….goooooddd….fuuuuck your mommy….”
Claudia moaned louder, nearing her own orgasm as her body stiffened only seconds later, biting her hurting lip to suppress a mighty orgasm.
Her legs scissoring around her son`s waist, she climaxed hard but silently, suddenly standing up and helping up her son. He was jerking his cock furiously, and even turned on more by his granny watching and touching herself, came onto his mom`s face.
He groaned, with his cum jetting into her beautiful face and blonde hair.
Granny entered the shower as well now, taking her daughter`s cheek and carefully turning her face towards her. She kissed her, tasting the cum of Marcus, finally licking the most prominent traces clean.
All three of them were smiling, finally making sure to clean each other`s bodies up carefully.
Getting all the sweat off, soaping their curvaceous mature bodies was Marcus` task now. By now he was really drained, his horse cock hanging still half erect, but with a beaming smile on his face as her fondled grannies and mom`s hurting racks carefully.
As they finished and toweled off, a big silence set in. All of them watched at each other, not knowing what to say.
Finally Jenny was the first to speak:
“To make this clear: I don`t regret anything. But I don`t know how to explain my bruises to granddad.”
Marcus balled his fist, enthusiastically shouting: “What if you tell him you fought Clara again. You found her via internet and made a small fight appointment after all those years.”
“No. They moved to America. This is no option.”
His mom joined in: “Tell him half the truth. Tell him you boxed me. Maybe you can leave out the part with our “horse cock champ”.
Jenny looked silently at her, finally agreeing. “I see no other option.”
Jenny looked at her grandson: “Can you please get to my cabinet and get me the red open cup bra?”
Marcus nodded and walked into his grandparent`s room, searching for the clothing.
He found several kinky items, dildos, leather and lace underwear as well as lingerie providing an open crotch. Finally he grabbed the correct piece and returned to the bathroom, were his “hot girls” already had put on bandages over the split nipple and lips.
“Thank you darling. This will support grannies mammaries a bit.”
He watched as his granny put on the hot lingerie, resting her swollen and bruised tits inside, leaving her nipples free. His mom simply put on her dress, leaving her bra off to allow her reddened tits some free movement.
Marcus headed out into the garden, placing himself on a sunbed right under the open kitchen window, allowing him to listen to the talk of the “adults” when they joined the kitchen.
First to enter the room was his mom Claudia. John, his granddad, looked up from the newspaper and startled to whistle as he noticed her jiggling boobs inside her summer dress.
“Hi sugar. Too hot for a bra today? Ehm…what happened to your lip?”
“Hi dad. Well not really. My boobs are too sore for a bra.”
He started to laugh. “Haha! That reminds me of your mom many years ago. What happened?”
Claudia narrowed her view and got herself a cold drink from the fridge, her huge natural F-Cups dangling down and nearly leaving the confines of her summer dress.
She raised suddenly and caught her dad staring. “So…what happened is…well…”
John took over: “I don`t think they are sore because you are nursing so I expect you got in a fight?”
“Kind of.”
“You wanna tell me?”
“Not really. But I fear I have to.”
Than it was up to his granny to enter the scene. She had covered her killer curves in a pair of Jeans and a loose fitting blouse, which showed tons of cleavage and her erect nipples. She had also added sunglasses, which were hiding most of her swollen eye.
“Well John you remember the old boxes with the Polaroids?”
John simply gulped and remained silent. His erection was clearly tenting his trousers as soon as his wife mentioned them. Plus two beautifully busty ladies only two feet in front of him, smirking as they noticed his "little" problem. John blushed and was shocked as Jenny removed her sunglasses revealing her swollen eye.
“Damn! Was that you sugar?”
“Yep dad.”
Suddenly Jenny pulled open her blouse, offering the view to her grotesquely swollen orbs. They huge G-Cups were resting in the open cup bra, supporting their immense weight, covered in dark bruises that had formed during the last hour.
“Oh Christ!”
He stood up, not hiding his big boner any longer, cupping his wife`s tits in his pranks pushing them together. She winced, but was also turned on.
“I would have expected that kind of confrontation when you were 18, but now? What the hell led you to a fight with your mom?”
Claudia folded her arms under her bust, even emphasizing their size. She didn`t know what to reply, but finally invented something:
“Marcus brought a set of old boxing gloves with him some weeks ago. And when I asked mom about their origin, I remembered the Polaroids I found when I was a teenager and the bruises she sometimes had these days. So I thought it was time for the truth. And when she mocked me about my smaller boobs, I showed her whose breasts are tougher.”
“Oh my….” John simply shook his head. But then he started to laugh. “You know a big stone fell off my heart now that you finally know about everything. I only wish I could have seen you two fight.”
Outside, down in the garden, Marcus heart was jumping. That was definitely one statement from his granddad that he would not have expected. Besides he had cum already several times, his cock was twitching again.
“Oh maybe that would be possible. I want revenge on our brat daughter. She ruined my tits and even ripped out my left piercing!”
“Mom! Not with dad watching!”
“Why not? Are you ashamed?”
“Jen honey! Slow down! When Claudia is not willing to fight again or wants me to watch then I am totally fine.”
Claudia was fuming. Didn`t her mom have enough already?
“Wasn`t it enough I pulverized your tits once?”
“Ladies! Calm down!” Marcus` granddad stepped between the two tigresses. “I`d really love to see my wife fight again, it there is absolutely no need to fight her own daughter.”
“Hell John! But I want to! I will rip her saggy hangers off her chest!”
That was enough. Claudia pulled her dress down, revealing her nicely bruised up and reddened F-Cups.
“Do you think they are saggy?”
John gulped and his cock was nearly bursting out of his pants. He was brushing it absently minded as his eyes were glued to his daughters beautiful bosom. “No sugar they are absolutely wonderful!”
“Thanks dad!”
“Sugar please excuse ourselves now.”
John grabbed his wife’s   hand and led her upstairs towards the bedroom, slamming the door shut behind them, leaving his topless daughter alone.

John was as fast to get rid of his pants as was Jenny. His nice hard 8 inch cock was hurting from arousal as he shoved his mature cougar wife onto the bed, spread her legs and started to hammer into her like he hadn`t done for a long time.
He fat bruised tits stated to wobble, pointing at the ceiling in their engorged swollen state.
With every thrust both of them moaned more and more.
“Fuck Jenny it turns me on so much that you two fought each other topless. Hmmmm….can your tits still take it?”
“Yes sir….hhmmmmmm….fuckkk… tits can take it. They took the punches of so many bitches…..hmmmm…”
John was really drilling her sopping wet hairy cxnt. The slapping of their lumbar and their moans could be heard all over the house.
Jenny continued her dirty talking: “Damn we pounded each other`s bellies and titties so hard…”
“Oh fuck yeah! I want to see you fight again love!” John was beyond himself imagining his busty wife and daughter tear each other apart, that he fucked her even harder.
“Oh Marcus! Fuck me hard! Deeper!”
“Marcus?” John stopped the hardcore rhythm that had pounded her pussy red.
“Don`t stop John! Fuck me deep!”
He started again, turning his wife over to ram his big cock into her from behind. The tip was touching her cervix in this position, and as her big G Cup udders were swinging violently in this position, slapping together with quite some meaty noise, her screams were a mixture of horniness and pain.
Her tits were slapping together violently with every thrust of his cock, until they both climaxed hard.
Both collapsed in the sheets, breathing hard.
Jenny caught her breath first: “John my love. I have to tell you something…. Please promise you will listen calmly.”
John nodded, already knowing what would come….

John knocked at the door of Marcus room. It was late evening already and Marcus closed the lid of his laptop fast, hiding the pictures of boxing women.
“Yea. Come in.” But it was not his mom or granny as he had expected, it was his granddad.
His granddad was like his granny only 56, showed the first signs of silver hair, but was unlike most of his buddies` granddads always quite open minded and modern.
“Can I sit down?” Marcus nodded, feeling heat in his face.
He sat down next to him on his bed. “Marcus I think we need to have a word. I want you to know that Jenny told me everything that happened.”
Marcus gulped, narrowing his head.
“And I want you to know that it made me quite horny.”
“Really? I mean I am so sorry….”
“Stop it Marcus! Don`t excuse yourself! You know what? If I was your age again with all those hormones and stamina and I had a smoking hot granny like you, I`d do exactly the same. No matter what the consequences might be. I`d fuck her brains out!”
Marcus jaw dropped hearing his granddad talking like this. There was a moment of silence until John took the word again:
“How did it feel to fight her? To box her naked body? To smash her beautiful tits?”
“It felt … I don`t know what to say. I was so horny. It was so hot! To feel the gloves sink into her soft body, compressing her boobs.
When did this all start?”
“Oh it started when we were young. Your granny already boxed in school and a little later, when we met and got intimate, I told her how I loved to see women fight. She told me about her fighting in after school lessons and soon we found her an opponent who was willing to fight her topless.”
“When was that?”
“That was in 1982. She fought a girl from her class in her little apartment while I was watching. She was already a DD Cup back then, the other girl was much smaller and her breasts were a good target.
That was the only opponent, and she fought her three times for me. After that, she soon got pregnant and had to stop fighting.”
“So she continued after her pregnancy?”
“Yep. We soon moved together, she had your mom when she was 19 and only four months later we found her another opponent.”
“But wait! I thought from the tapes I found, her boxing career was mainly in her late twenties? She must have been nursing by then.”
“Yep that’s true.  Only four month after giving birth she wanted to fight. I breasts were so swollen with milk that I doubted it was a wise decision. She grew two cup sizes when she was engorged.”
Marcus groaned and couldn`t stop his erection to grow. It tented his boxers massively and John chuckled. The idea of his wife fighting with lactating breasts made him also swell.
“What if we move to Jenny and let her tell the story of her lactation fight?”
“Really?” Marcus was not so sure about this, but his granddad called him a chicken and so he followed him to their bedroom.
Granny was already in bed, leaning on the backrest reading a book.
As the two men entered, she lowered her book allowing them a view on her nearly uncovered glorious tits resting on her shelf bra that she still needed for support.
Both moaned in unison as they saw those mountains of female tit meat pointing at them.
“Hahahahaha….”, granny fell in laughter as she noticed both of them sporting big boners.
“How I can I help you?”
“Granny? Granddad mentioned something about a fight you did when you were still nursing. Can you tell us about it?”
“Of course. I am glad you had a chat with each other and you are fine with the situation. Take a seat!” She tapped on the sheets next to her and both men took their places: Marcus on her left and granddad on her right side. They removed their shirts so Jennie’s tits cuddled against their naked chests, making their erection even grow. She moved her hands over their boxers, caressing the hard wood inside their pants.
“Well, where should I start? I was some month after I gave birth to your mom and I thought I`d be ready to continue with my boxing after the pregnancy break. Your granddad moved to a local swingers club when we did not have sex for some month. I wanted him to stay satisfied, so it was not problem for me after all. We were always open minded.
So this is where he made friends with a mature ebony women. Can you remember her name?”
“I think it was Sarah? Was it?”
“True! Sarah! She was twice as old as me and obviously taught John some very interesting things he later used on me. She had long curly locks, and with about 150lbs and 5”8 clearly outclassed me.
I remember her having a big ass, slim waist and quite an impressive bosom. Not quite as big as mine, but still big brown tits and huge areola.
I can`t remember what we were wearing John?”
John thought about it. “Wasn`t it like those high cut leotards that were fashionable?”
“Yep! Thanks! I had a leopard print leotard that was not able to hide my engorged breasts at all. The rear was formed by a barely existing thong.”
Jenny now slides both her hands into their boxers, grabbing their fully erect hard and pulsating cocks.
“I bet you like my story, don`t you?”
Marcus nodded eagerly, moaning from the nice firm grip around his fuck rod.
“Sarah wore something similar and I remember her being quite competitive. She taunted me about my “udders” and that she would milk me dry. Honestly I hadn`t paid my attention to that fact, but back then I got pretty nervous. My tits were so full, the veins popped out.”
Marcus breathing got faster and he was close to cum already while Granny was slowly jerking off both men.
She suddenly stopped. “Not yet cutie pie!”
Her big almost bare breast pushed against his chest and he put his hand on it, fondling it carefully.
“Oh Marcus please! They are so sore!”
She continued with her story. “I can`t remember every detail after so many years, but I am pretty sure she targeted my tits right at the end of the first round. Her boxing skills were actually lacking, and I peppered her face early in the match, but she caught my tit with a medium hard punch and I almost instantly froze in shock.
It was beyond everything I experienced before. The pain was stinging as if somebody had stabbed a knife into my swollen glands. I couldn`t even clutch my boobs, so she peppered in more lefts and rights.”
“Hmmm darling I remember already the first shots made the milk flow start and drench the fabric of your leotard. Big wet milk spots were forming.”
Yes and then she freed my poor boobies with haymakers. I was basically topless right at the end of the first round.
It was so embarrassing!”
John added: “Hmmm…it was so hot. During the break you sat down on a chair and your tits were on auto lactation. Your milk was jetting out during the whole break forming a big puddle in front of you without anybody touching them.”
Imagining the wonderful sexy sight granny must have been back then, both men were moaning deeply. Jennies hands were working there cocks, edging both, and torturing them with a kind of “climax control”.
When I came back into action, my squirting mammaries lubricated her black skin. She aimed at my tits again, but I blocked her blows this time and countered. Instead I could keep her on distance with my jabs. I also hit her chest a few times, but she took the blows as if they were made of steel. Also when I punched the fabric off her chest, leaving her big guns pop out, she simply smirked at me.
After a wild exchange of blows, she suddenly clinched and our tits met full force.
“Oh darling that was so hot! She was bigger and stronger than you, locking you almost in a bearhug. She kept the force on your engorged bust, causing your tits to leak massively. You drenched her whole brown skin and leotard with your white milk.”
“Hmmmmm…fuck…..I am cumming……”
“No you are not!” Jenny had stopped to jerk Marcus` cock right in the second where he want to cum into her hand. He was breathing hard.
“John hat to split us. It was her tactic, since I shielded my boobs quite well for some rounds, to hurt and crush them with her move. And she did some damage. The pain she caused was slowing me down, having trouble to raise my arms without causing further pain.”
“So she took control?”
“Yes sweetie. She did. She hammered my belly hard, causing my weak abs after my pregnancy to give in under the blows, and when she hit home with a massive uppercut into my tender tit, I went down.
John started to count, and I beat the 10 count barely. But I can tell you this went on several more times. I gathered all strength, answering with blows into her big plump tits, but she simply chuckled at my attempts. Every time she answered twice as hard, crushing my glands and making my nipples shoot out the milk under the force of the blow.
The whole apartment was a mess!”
Both men groaned imagining Jennie`s tits to lose their warm content, and both has trouble not to cum.
“Finally Sarah slipped, her bare feet on the slippery floor made her crash with her huge ass to the ground. But it made her angry as fuck, and while still being on her knees, she slammed her glove in my pussy. I doubled over and she finished me with a series of hooks into my dangling tits.
I reeled backwards, and pleaded her to stop, but she didn`t! She got back to her feet, chasing me through the apartment. My bouncing tits were hurting as hell, and I tried to shield them, but she made me drop my guard with very low blows, bashing into my ovaries and pussy. I held the hurting spots, so my bust was a free bomb ground again. She hit home like a berserk, flattening my swollen glands to pancakes, stunning me, making me scream as if I give birth to a baby.
John didn`t help me either! He sat there, jerking off and by the amount of semen that was running down between his legs I assumed, he must have cum already twice.
This cxnt forced her left arm into my throat, pinning me to a nearby wall. This was no boxing match anymore, we somehow move to a kind of “penalty session” without noticing.
She held me with her left across my throat whilst her right pounded my abs to pulp. When she was done with them, she noticed I got heavier and couldn`t support myself properly. My legs were shaking, my tears flowing. Our bodies were drenched in milk and sweat.
When she was done with my belly, she switched to my bruised leaking tits again. Whet “THUDDS” could be heard, followed by a deep grunt each time, as the leather worked over my bust.
She used them as punching bags for some minutes, causing them to release their content continuously. She pounded the underside with uppercuts, lifting my tit meat, and keeping the glove in position. The pressure made my udders spurt milk for several seconds, until they were released and flopped back into their natural shape.”
This is when Marcus and John couldn`t hold back anymore. Granny was still jerking their big hard cocks, when they came at the same time like geysers. The hot seed erupted and covered grannies strong, hands with the white sticky seed, with both men shaking while their climaxes made them lose control.
“Holy shit!” Granny laughed because of the sheer amount of semen, although both had cum already several times this day.
As they both calmed down, she continued with her story.
Back then, it felt she did this until my milk was gone. I took nearly 15 minutes of this torture, until my clearly sagging tits were drained enough to satisfy her.
As she let go, I collapsed to my knees. She went over to John, who was still jerking and kissed her toy boy deeply. After making out with him she returned to me, latched her mouth onto my reddened teats and sucked the remaining white gold, until her mouth was full. Then this cxnt went over to John, making my milk dribble out of her mouth and coat his cock.
She gave him the hell of a blow job and I had to watch.
As John came in her mouth she swallowed all, smirked at me and was finally satisfied with my humiliation.”
John added: “Your grandma had to tell this story a dozens of times tom me during the next months. It made me horny every single time, but I could never get her to fight again while she was still nursing.
She continued only after the milk was gone and I toughened her titties enough, to stand the pain if she was it there.
“How did you do that?”, Marcus asked.
“He fixed my arms above my head, and used them as punching bags. First lightly, then with quite heavy blows.”
“Oh my…gosh….”
Marcus was about to get hard again, but granny shoved him out of their bed.
“Enough now! I need a rest now.”
Marcus laughed and left the room, heading towards the bath…

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Re: Foxy Boxing Tales 5: Grandmas Milk Battle 1982
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Oh please just keep the stories coming!!!! So very hot!!!
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Re: Foxy Boxing Tales 5: Grandmas Milk Battle 1982
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yes, please continue, lactating fights is one of my deepest fetishes. Love it, can't wait for the rematch....