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Foxy Boxing Tales 6: Mommies Toughening

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Foxy Boxing Tales 6: Mommies Toughening
« on: May 12, 2020, 05:14:42 PM »
The next morning felt strange. Marcus`s mind didn`t come to a rest for the whole night. Although his family was sexually very open minded, he felt guilty. Guilty for crossing borders he shouldn`t have crossed. One erection was chasing the other, so he decided to spend some days with one of his friends. He left his grandparent`s cottage, grabbing a small tent and their old Vauxhall.
They went fishing and swimming, and he finally was able to calm down and think of other things than boxing gloves and tits.
After 4 days, he was checking his messages before killing the lights. He was already cuddling in his sleeping bag, when he noticed his mom and granny had sent him WhatsApp messages.
First he opened grannies message with 2 pictures attached. The first one showed he big pink dildo, disappearing in her hairy snatch with the words: “Hope to have the huge cock of yours back soon.”
He felt his manhood getting hard in seconds. The second pic was a close up view of her split nipple, where her piercing had been ripping out by a hard haymaker blow of his mom`s boxing glove.
“I want revenge!” Was all that had been added.
Marcus winced as he noticed how it looked. But for sure better than before. It hadn` t been stitched, so it would remain as is forever.
He texted back: “Show me your whole tits Jen!”
He did not have to wait for long, as she sent him a pic with her still bruised tits in a skimpy leotard. Somehow she had organized an 80s style suit, with was stretching over her massive bust, not hiding much. A second pic followed, showing her firm thick ass, parted only by the thong behind of the leotard.
He touched his cock, but suddenly resisted to jerk off. Instead he opened the message of his mom.
She had sent a pic, which she had obviously taken after running. She was clad in a white sport bra, which was drenched with sweat. Her sweaty bulging tits, threatening it to pop. Another pic showed off her perfect tight ass in a leggings.
“I miss your fuck rod sweetie.”
He answered: “I miss mommies’ pussy.”
Only a minute later came the reply. His mom was also in bed, pushing two fingers into her wet hole, spreading it open for him.
That was too much: He got so hard after not having sex for four days, that it did not take him long to cum. He jerked his massive 11 inch cock that was thick as a salami, switching between the pictures of them female members of his family. Luckily he did not have a girlfriend at the moment who also needed attention.
Then there was a second message from his mom:  “I need you to cum over soon and toughen me a bit?” She showed a pic of her glorious F-Cup tits. They were obviously much better. Only some green and yellow bruises were left, but the swelling and reddening was gone.

The next days were pure torture for him. His granny and mom tried to beat each other in terms of sexy pictures that they were sending to him.
Finally, after 3 more days, he arrived at his mom’s house. She had been divorced for 3 years now, and since then, as far as he knew, no new partner.
He heard moaning, and entered the basement of their home. There was his mom, obviously training on a new weight bench. She lay on her back, clad in a white cotton thong and tank top only and while she was moving the weights in her hands to the outside, her big sweaty tits nearly flopped out of her skimpy outfit.
Marcus opened his pants silently, watching his mom`s chest workout with her tits either forming sexy mountains between her upper arms when she moved the weighs together, and dropping to the sides when she moved out. He was hard as a rock when he simply moved in and shoved his cock into mom`s mouth. There was a squeak of surprise, but only two seconds later she stuffed as much of his cock into her mouth.
She moaned still holding the weights in her hands, while Marcus could admire her sweat soaked body and lean muscle.
After working him over for a minute, she let go of his cock, standing up and taking off her shirt. Her upper body was glistening with sweat as she walked towards the door frame and put her wrists into slings that were attached to the beam.
“I want you to toughen me up sweetie. Work my belly and titties a bit, so I can push my pain threshold. I will need it for sure for the day of the big match against your grandma!”
Marcus was moaning with lust as his hands were sliding over her skin. He soaked in her curves, fondling her big wet tits. Her nipples hardened instantly and both French kissed each other. His massive erection was brushing her legs and groin, heating her up even more.
“Fuck me now! I can`t wait any longer!” Her eyes were full of lust and Marcus for sure would obey. Pulling down her soaked thong, he got rid of his clothes and finally grabbed her thighs.
He lifted her with his own solid muscle bulging, supporting 50% of her weigh while the other 50% were supported by her own sexy swelling biceps with her arms in the slings.
He entered her slowly, inserting his monster cock into her wet tunnel. Parting her labia, than claiming inch for inch. She moaned as he filled her up completely, stretching the walls of her cxnt to the max.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN!” She clenched her teeth, embarrassed that she was so horny for his fuck toy, that it almost made her cum when he first entered her. But he started to move his hips back and forth, slamming into her with his glans pushing into her cervix.
His mom just opened her mouth, her body shaking every now and then as if she had a series of orgasms while he fucked her faster and faster. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………..uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm……”
She had closed her eyes, his lap slapping hers with each thrust, building up a rhythm.
“Yea mom! I love your pussy!”
“Tell me who is tighter!”
“You are mommy! Your pussy is tighter than grannies`”.
His mom was carried from orgasm to orgasm, barely able to take the pounding of his cock. Marcus was proud of himself that he didn`t cum straight away, feeling the clasp of mom`s pussy while making her glorious natural tits rock on her chest.
Finally he stiffened, filling her pussy with unknown amounts of his seed.
He stopped pumping, enjoying the pressure in his balls to drop as he filled her fuck whole with the hot sticky fluid.
As he pulled out, his cock was totally covered in sperm and letting go of mom`s legs, there were huge amounts of cum dripping out of her pussy and leaking down her legs as if she had been filled up in a gang bang.
“Wow! You are my bull!”

Once he recovered a bit, Marcus put on the already prepared boxing gloves. He bashed them together asking his mom: “Ready?”
She smirked at him. “Try to break me! Make me beg!”
She was pure perfection:
A totally naked, sweat drenched goddess. Her big tear drop shaped size F tits dangled in front of her, nipples hard from arousal. Her clean shaven pussy let out his jizz, trickling down on the floor and her legs.
Marcus tensed up, first aiming at her clearly defined abs. He connected with a set of ten blows, aiming all directly into her sexy navel. Her body shook with swaying tits, taking the blows without her making any noise except for the leather smacking into her strong abs.
“Ah. You are a tough cookie right?”
His 38 year old mom was very proud of her body, and her flat trained belly was for sure one of her best assets.
“I think I will come back to them later.” Claudia knew very well what was coming when he lifted her naked tits with his gloves. He felt their weight and jiggled them a bit, then stepped back started with light to medium hard uppercuts.
Claudia started to grunt straight away, because his impacting fists compressed her glands, lifted her boobs and let them smack back down to her belly.
She had a sexy natural sag in her bust, more than her mom, what caused her mom Jenny to mock her from time to time.
The sweaty meat got a good workout from the boxing gloves, and although her boobs were stinging, Claudia licked her lips as she watched her son dance in front of her naked, his big dick coming already back to life.
“You like to work them over, don`t you? You like to…ahhhhh….work mommy’s tits like punching bags….”
“Hmmmm, yes mam!”
He kept a good rhythm, giving her soft F-Cup jugs no break at all, reddening them up with each strike.
“You know Mom, your tits have to be tough when your step into the ring with granny. She will be eager to destroy her daughters bust after you split her nipple and knocked her piercing out.”
“That….ah…..dumb cow should have removed it before the fight!”
Claudia`s chest got more and more blows, until after 5 minutes Marcus made a break admiring his work. They were bright red, coated in sweat as he was leaning in, got to his knees and compressed the right tit between his gloves causing another grunt from his mother.
He latched his mouth onto he nipple, starting to suck the hardening nub. His tongue played with her teat, sucking it gently, then working it over with his butterfly like tongue.
The bruised nipple reacted, sending waves of pleasure through Claudia`s body. She sighed and moaned, enjoying every second.
The compressed breast ballooned between the leather gloves, giving her son plenty to suck on. His dick was hard as a rock as he turned his mother on.
“Hmmmm….yea boy….suck it! Work my nipple….hmmmmmmm…..yeeeeesssss……”
He let go of her tit, making it smack onto her belly. He changed tactics, lifting it with his left fist, while his right was rubbing her clit. She opened up her legs more for him, allowing him better access.
She moaned and her breathing got faster. Her clitoris was sending electrical signals into her brain, driving her crazy with excitement. Her hips gyrated, meeting the leather glove harder, thrusting against it.
Marcus was horny as hell as he had his cooing mom in front of him and just as she reached her second climax he withdrew his fist, slamming it back into her spasming sex.
Claudia was furious, but Marcus got back to his feet, smashing her tits hard. Driving her nipples back into her tit meat with force, cutting off all pleasures and interrupting her orgasm.
“You bastard! I will punish…..AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
Marcus smirked and worked her bust with a dozen hard blows into her areolas.
“Oh? You weren`t finished?”
His mom stared at him angrily. “No.”
He leaned in, cradling her dangling tits, mashing the sweaty orbs against his chest and French kissing her deeply. All anger was gone as she felt his massive hard-on brushing her labia.
He was surprised as she tensed up and lifted her legs. Slinging them around his thighs, directing his hard cock into her well lubricated cxnt.
She screamed in pleasure with his cock alone supporting most of her weight. Her belly was bulging outside, his cock filling her up to the max.
It was a hot picture with Claudia hanging in the ropes with her engorged biceps, her crotch smashed against the crotch of her son.
He started to rain down blows, alternating lefts and rights, into her lower belly. He felt the force of the blows even while being inside her. The invading gloves crushing he lower abs, smashing her organs and transferring the blow to his hard cock.
Marcus moaned in surprise, having hit himself pretty hard. But his mom kept him in her tight snake like leg scissor fuck hold.
Not to hurt himself again, he smashed alternating hooks into her tits. The flattened and side dropping udders were smashed into the outer curve, then dragging their boob meat across the ribs towards the middle and crashing into her chin.
Both grunted with lust while Claudia continued to work his cock with her gyrating hips. He could not believe how fit and strong her midsection was, to do this kind of fucking although being suspended with her arms and hammered in the tit department.
Her pulsing pussy clenched his fuck rod, milking him with strong strokes. He rolled with his eyes and stopped the pounding of her orbs, focusing not to cum first.
“Fill me up boy! Fuck mommy!” She manipulated him, locked her eyes to his. With her sexiest voice she ordered him to cum:
“I need your cum now! Give it all to me!”
He could not hold back anymore, grabbing her ass, pushing deeper into her.
She shuddered, barely able to take his size and length. He was in her as deep as possible with his big balls pressing against her ass cheeks.
His back arched so hard he came!
“Down to your knees!” Marcus barely finished his mighty climax as he had to go down on his knees.
The sweat and cum stained goddess was slinging her thighs around his neck, trapping his face in her crotch. “Lick me! Lick me clean from your cum!”
His tongue parted her aroused cxnt lips, being rewarded by huge amounts of his own seed which he eagerly drank to satisfy his mom. She shuddered as he was done and sucked in her clit hard, working it with his tongue and then started to suck again.
Claudia screamed in exctasy, climaxing for the third time, nearly choking her son out with her fit thighs.
She saw stars after she was done, for the first time feeling her strength to give in after the hard weight training followed by the “special treatment” done by her son.
Also Marcus` breathing was heavy and his face bright red.
He raised, adjusting his gloves, while his mom was still hanging in the ropes in front of him.
He first bashed her tits, making her groan.
Some more blows into her solar plexus followed.
He alternated now between belly blows and some severe tit shots, working over her rapidly bruising naturals. Claudia had her eyes closed, trying to cope with the pain her son was dishing out.
He worked her over, building up his own sweat. Smacking his leather gloves into her bare sexy skin for several minutes.
She grunted, taking each shot without complains. Marcus focused on her ripped belly now, since he was not able to pummel her boobs anymore. They were simply too beautiful for him to be tortured more.
So he worked every single square inch of her belly. Solar Plexus, Navel, ovaries until he reached her most private area, smashing his right into her pussy three times in a row.
“UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” His mom shook in total agony, having taken a non-stop 15 minute beating, releasing the straps and dropping to her knees.
“Are you ok mom?”
She nodded, not able to speak. Holding her arms to her belly, cradling it. Her whole front was bright red with her tits already showing black bruised areas where his blows had popped blood vessels.
He got rid of his gloves and threw them away. He was about to help her up, but her right grabbed his cock and balls in a firm grip, pulling him closer and ramming his huge penis down her throat….


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Re: Foxy Boxing Tales 6: Mommies Toughening
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Omg!!! Another zipper straining epic!!! Keepem cumming!!!
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Re: Foxy Boxing Tales 6: Mommies Toughening
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Omg!!! Another zipper straining epic!!! Keepem cumming!!!

There will only be one last part...