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Cavalier Story

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Cavalier Story
« on: July 11, 2020, 12:53:24 PM »
I remember reading a storytime in Cavalier mag where husband told his wife his fantasy was to see her catfight her 'friend'. Wife discussed it with her friend and they agreed to fulfill his fantasy albiet in private.

Think it was meant to be a kind of light carfight between friends, but unknown to wife it was a setup and 'friend' had been having affair with her husband, who had also been telling her of his catfight fantasy.

What wife thought was a light catfight with friend was a set up that turned into a full on catfight for her man. She lost and other woman took her man. Fulfulling her husbands catfight fantasy cost her her marriage.

Was quite an exciting twist and concept for a story and it was one of those letters in Cav so not sure if they were real tales or not. Cant find link to the letter though. Was quite some time ago i read it.


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Re: Cavalier Story
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2020, 03:55:14 AM »
Like most of the old "Penthouse Letters", the Cavalier letter section was pretty much all fiction. Some of the letters were great, though.


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Re: Cavalier Story
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2020, 03:04:02 AM »
there was one cavalier fight story i remember.  a blonde and mexican cougar, both mid 30s and both with DD’s-the blonde slightly larger busted, fought outside a bar with several spectators-i remember the phrase “ the crowd roaring sounded like the roman coliseum!”  the fight was recollected by the husband of the blonde who i believe merely mentioned the fact the mexican girl was the most attractive female at his workplace.  the blonde dislikes the uppity strut of her rival and, she actually starts the confrontation and issues the challenge.  i believe both women had equal length long hair-that doesn't get put up for the fight, and were about 5’6” 135 lbs.  the encounter was about a 10 minute absolute catfight with screeching and screaming and clawing and rolling around the parking lot.  at no point were the women broken up.  it really is a savage struggle and both the women do inflict agonizing injuries on the other.  shirts, bras, and panties are both torn off immediately and then goes to the ground with both females battling for supremacy with only short business attire skirts on.  i think the blonde girl had a bloody nose but the mexican girl literally had tufts of her pubic hair torn out.  at some point one of the hellcats, i forgot who, draws blood from the others nipple.  the fight is a draw as both women tear eachothers tits with their long nails like rabid alleycats, however, it was the mexican girl who was on top of the blonde before it is broken up.
though the encounter is a draw it can be inferred that the mexican girl was on the verge of victory.

the last part of the story was the blonde mounting her husband-as soon as they get home so her bruised and scratched voluptuous body was still heaving from exhaustion and covered in sweat, and her telling him that she will scrap with the mexican girl any time she wants.  the husband then says that frequently now in their sex life his blonde cougar mounts him and he doesn't last 10 seconds when she starts asking him if he liked watching the fight and retelling him how her and the mexican cougar locked legs and pummeled one another mercilessly on the ground that night outside the bar.
truly a great story-hopefully someone can find this and post it because theres actually so much more to the story!


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Re: Cavalier Story
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2020, 03:55:07 PM »
Katff, many years ago there was a story on this site that more or less tracked the scenario you described.   The story was told from the wife's perspective.  The wife and the "best friend" had a couple lighter matches before the final private fight in a hotel room, where the wife (and the reader) finds out this was all a setup.  It was (and still is) one of the best stories I ever read.

The author then began a sequel, but then one day both the original story and the sequel were gone, and the author had disappeared.  My thought at the time was that the author had changed his mind and pulled everything.  Based on what you described from the Cavalier letter, another possibility is that the story was copied from Cavalier and brought over here, maybe with some small tweaks (or not), and passed off as the author's own work.  Somebody caught on, and the stories were pulled.  I don't know this for a fact--I could easily be wrong.  I am just guessing based on the abrupt disappearance of the material back then, in combination with your description of the story from the magazine.   

Moral--don't plagiarize other people's work.    Do your own work.

Moral 2--the story is still a great concept.    The idea could be used by another author but putting his or her own words and actions to it. 


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Re: Cavalier Story
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2020, 02:27:12 AM »
Katff, many years ago there was a story on this site that more or less tracked the scenario you described.   The story was told from the wife's perspective.  The wife and the "best friend" had a couple lighter matches before the final private fight in a hotel room, where the wife (and the reader) finds out this was all a setup.  It was (and still is) one of the best stories I ever read.

The author then began a sequel, but then one day both the original story and the sequel were gone, and the author had disappeared.  My thought at the time was that the author had changed his mind and pulled everything.  Based on what you described from the Cavalier letter, another possibility is that the story was copied from Cavalier and brought over here, maybe with some small tweaks (or not), and passed off as the author's own work.  Somebody caught on, and the stories were pulled.  I don't know this for a fact--I could easily be wrong.  I am just guessing based on the abrupt disappearance of the material back then, in combination with your description of the story from the magazine.   

Moral--don't plagiarize other people's work.    Do your own work.

Moral 2--the story is still a great concept.    The idea could be used by another author but putting his or her own words and actions to it.

I believe this is the story. The author is unknown.

Battling Becky-The Beginning

We faced each other, hands on hips, as naked as the day we were born, and in that moment I know what both of us were thinking….

How did we come to this?

It’s funny how time stretches out like a piece of bubble gum in moments like these. I knew that just a few seconds from now my friend Angela and I were going to become tangled in an erotic struggle that wouldn’t end until one of us came, but in those few brief moments before we began the sweaty conclusion to our little drama I relived everything that had led up to this moment….and smiled. Angela smiled back and I knew then that she was thinking it, too, and that win or lose we would always be close to one another in a way that only women who have tested themselves against one another could. Our nipples brushed, breaking the reverie and sending a tingle throughout my body. Was I wet already? With sheer determination I pushed the thoughts from my head and focused on beating Angela once and for all.

Because if I didn’t, she was going to fuck my husband…..


Robert always had a thing for catfighting, and I can honestly say it never bothered me. I’m not a prude and hell, don’t most men get aroused seeing two women fight? I was content to let him look at his websites and dvds. Whenever he would get worked up we’d have amazing sex. It was a long time before he ever brought up his interests to me directly. It happened one night after sex. I lay there, blissfully smoking a Marlboro Light.

“Becky, if I asked for something….you know, sexual….would you do it?”

“Depends,” I said. That’s me. I don’t bullshit much and get right to the point, but I couldn’t resist a little fun. “Do you want to watch me fuck the UPS man, ‘cause that’s doable.”

Robert pouted.

“I’m just kidding, God. What is it?” I stubbed out my cigarette and turned to lay on my side facing him.

“Well, you know I like to watch women wrestle.”

I laughed and immediately regretted it. Who was I to make him feel bad about his fetish? We all have them. “I do know that, but even if I was willing who would I wrestle? None of my friends are into that stuff.”

“No, I didn’t mean to actually wrestle. I was just wondering if you could talk about it sometime when we’re having sex. You know, describe yourself wrestling another woman.”

“Maybe,” I said. “I’ll think about it.” The truth is I knew right then I would do it. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to please Robert sexually, but he doesn’t need to know that. Right, ladies?

The next night we went to bed and I initiated sex. I began by kissing Robert’s neck and stroking his shaft until he was rock hard. I rolled onto my back and pulled him atop me, guiding his cock into my willing pussy. As he began to slowly thrust, I reached up and put my hand on the back of his neck and gently pulled him closer. I put my mouth to his ear and began to talk softly.

“I’m going to wrestle for you.”

Robert moaned just a little.

I had no idea what I was going to say, really, but I had seen enough of Robert’s pictures and DVD’s to fake it.

“We’re standing there in our teddies,” I began.

“No,” Robert breathed. “Nude.”

Isn’t that just like a man? So damned demanding. Oh well, it was his story.

“We’re standing there naked and you’re watching us get ready to wrestle.” I literally felt Robert’s cock harden inside of me. “We start circling around, and I make the first move. I take her down and get her in a scissors. I’m squeezing her head between my legs.”

Robert began to thrust a little quicker.

“But she starts eating my pussy, and it feels too good. I have to let go.”

My words were having the desired effect. Robert was picking up the tempo and really starting to hit my spot. I noticed that my nipples were rock hard, and I sighed a little.

“She’s got me in a nelson,” I panted, “Squeezing my body.”

He was getting closer to coming, and so was I, but I had to draw it out a little longer.

“I break her hold and grab her hair.”

Now we were both on the verge of getting off simultaneously, and I had to time it just perfect.

“I throw her to the ground.”

Robert’s thrusts were harder and faster. His breath was coming in short spurts.

“Going down for the count….”

Oh, I was so close. I could feel every muscle down there tighten and contract.


Robert’s hand found my breast and squeezed.


Our hips began to buck in tandem as the roaring climax approached. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and just as I felt Robert about to come I screamed.


Our bodies erupted in what can only be described as the most intense orgasm we had ever shared. We rode it out, like two sailors in a hurricane, feeling each aftershock of pleasure and milking it until we both lay exhausted and drenched with the passion of our lovemaking.

“Oh my god,” Robert gasped. “I’ve never came like that before. You were amazing!”

I smiled a satisfied smile and leaned over to kiss him deeply. “That was intense. If that’s what talking about me wrestling does to you, I’ll do it every night.”

It didn’t take long for Robert to drift into a contented sleep. I, on the other hand, lay awake for an hour and was somewhat amused that I couldn’t quit thinking about the fantasy wrestling match. I kept replaying it in my mind, adding more details. What was this? It was turning me on again. I thought about waking Robert up for another round, but I didn’t really want him to know what I was thinking.

I finally slipped out of bed and quietly went to the bathroom where my imaginary opponent and I had another match while I fondled myself until I came.



I’m going to let you guys out there in on a couple of secrets that you may or may not already know.

The first one is, whenever you give us mindblowing sex we talk to our best friend about it. I don’t know if it is just to brag or for some other reason. Just know that we do it. All the time.

The second one is, what happens between us girls stays between us girls.  Well, most of the time.

It should come as no great surprise then that on the morning after giving Robert his wrestling fantasy and having the best orgasm of our married life, I couldn’t wait to call Angela. She’s been my best friend since high school.

Other than our age…we’re both 31…we’re about as different as they come. Angela is blonde and I’m a brunette. She’s 5’7”….about two inches taller than me, and healthy. I don’t mean to say she’s fat. She’s just got the curves that come with having a kid when you’re 20. A slight mommy-belly and very full breasts. But even after having her kid the sisters are still firm for a woman her age.  I’d put Angela’s weight around 135 lbs, give or take. That’s just a guess ‘cause she ain’t telling.

Me on the other hand….I’ve always been petite. I rarely weigh more than 110 lbs. When I look in the mirror I like what I see. My breasts aren’t large by any means, but they’re a solid handful. I’ve always felt that my best features are my legs and ass. My legs are long and toned and more than once I’ve seen Robert wince when I wrapped them around him during our lovemaking.

We’d never had a cross word between us before all of this started. Angela and I have shared everything except our men. I was even there when her daughter was born, and I spent long nights on the phone with Angela after she divorced her husband for cheating.

I called her up that morning and told her to stop by the house later for coffee or something stronger. Angela finally knocked on the door a little after noon.

“Hey girl, what’s up? I could hear them in your voice.”

“Hear what?” I asked.

“The beans you’re dying to spill.” Angela smiled a crooked, devious smile.

We made a couple of drinks and sat down in the kitchen. I told Angela all about the fantasy that had spawned the unbelievable sex of the night before. She sat through my description, smiling here and there, and shaking her head.

“I never would have guessed Robert had those kind of fantasies,” Angela said.

“The thing is….it kind of turned me on, too,” I said.

“Seriously? You’re not turning lez on me are you, Becky?”

“Shut up. I’m serious. Afterward I went into the bathroom and got myself off again. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

Our conversation tapered off and we sat there enjoying the alcohol. You could certainly make a case that being a little drunk had a lot to do with what I said next.

“Wanna try it?”

“Try what?” Angela asked.

“You know….wrestling.”

“Are you serious, Becky? What? Here….now?”

“Well, why not…’s just the two of us. No one has to know about it.”

Angela was tracing the top of her glass with a long index finger. Everything was dead quiet except for the ice settling in our glasses. I could sense Angela’s hesitation, so I resorted to a tactic that I knew would work. I appealed to Angela’s competitive nature.

“I mean, unless you’re afraid I’ll win.” I twirled my hair with a finger and smirked at her.

“Becky, I outweigh you by 25 pounds. Get real.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

Angela regarded me with a sinister twinkle in her eye and finally nodded. “Okay….let’s do it.”

“Come on,” I said, barely able to contain my excitement. “Let’s use the spare bedroom. I don’t want Robert to smell your perfume on our sheets and start asking questions.”

I got up and Angela followed me into the bedroom we kept for occasional visits from friends and family. I shut the door behind us and turned to face Angela. She looked at me, mouth wide open, when I started shucking out of my jeans and top.

“What are you doing!” she shrieked.

“What? We can’t wrestle in our clothes…..can we?”

I was just as confused as she was. Hell, I didn’t know what I was doing and neither did she. We just sort of stood there trying to figure out what to do next.

“Look,” I finally said. “We’ve seen each other naked a thousand times. It’s no big deal, Angela.”

Angela shrugged and started unbuttoning her blouse. She casually tossed her clothes into the corner and looked up at me. “Like what you see?” she teased.

Truthfully, I was a little intimidated. Angela was just as buxom as I remembered. Her 38c breasts dwarfed my 34’s. Was the room a little cool or did I detect just a tad of hardness in her thumb-sized nipples? Her bush was neat and trimmed, light in color to the point of almost being invisible. I’d be lying if I said that the anticipation of what we were going to do didn’t have me just a little worked up.

We climbed on the bed and faced each other on our knees. Tentatively, we groped for one another and wound up in a mutual hug. Our eyes met and held one another as we pushed and pulled. I could feel the warmth of Angela’s skin against my own and just the slightest tickle of her public hair against my thigh. I forced one of Angela’s arms down to her side and swung my other arm around her neck, capturing her in a headlock. Within seconds we tumbled to the bed. Angela was on her back beneath me as I lay sideways across her ample breasts and tightened my hold. It is pure instinct for a woman in a physical confrontation to pull hair, and I felt Angela’s long fingers entwine themselves in my brown locks.

“So that’s how it is, huh? I said.

Angela ignored me and pulled just hard enough to break my headlock and pull me backwards over her prone body. As I came over she twisted from beneath me and our bodies made a smacking sound as she rolled on top. I could feel the weight of her breasts as she took my wrists in her hands and attempted a full-body pin. Her face was just inches above my own, close enough that I could feel her breath. I managed to get a hand free and used it to grip her ass for leverage. I arched my back and we went rolling again. This time I ended up on top.

I used my best weapon-my long legs-to trap Angela’s own in something I would later learn is called a grapevine. In that position we were body-to-body, and I could feel the mound of Angela’s womanhood against my own. I pressed down on her wrists, placing all of my weight on her while keeping her legs trapped.

“One,” I counted.

Angela strained to dislodge me, but the strength of my legs was making that difficult.


She writhed and bucked her hips. For a second our pussies brushed, and I could feel a dampness, but couldn’t say whether it was mine or hers. I felt her hips rise, and her ass tense as she made a last attempt to break my pin. I pressed down harder and Angela’s bridge collapsed.


We remained in the position of my winning pin and looked at each other, both of us silent and trying to make sense of what we were feeling. I could feel the hardness of Angela’s nipples against my ribcage and the movement of her stomach against mine as we breathed. Slowly, I released her wrists and felt my head start to lower toward her mouth. Angela did not resist as our lips found one another, willing tongues tentatively darting forward until our resistance was broken and we deeply kissed. Angela’s hands slid down my back and gripped my buttocks. She pressed down and forced my womanhood into her own while grinding ever so slowly. I began to grind in return and the speed of our thrusts increased until we both began to whimper. Moments later our bodies mutually convulsed as our orgasms let go and we parted, lying side by side on the bed, emotionally and physically spent.



I could feel Robert’s manhood grow harder inside of me as I talked him through another wrestling fantasy, and I will admit I felt a little guilty. He had no idea that the fantasy match I was describing was the short one I’d had with Angela earlier that day. I was alternating between waves of pleasure and feeling like a sheer bitch for not telling him, but I couldn’t. Not yet. There was Angela to consider, after all.

In my mind I could see myself pinning Angela’s curvy body and the look on her face as I counted the fall. There was lust there, to be sure, and she must have seen the same in me as our feminine passions were worked up to a fever pitch. There was something else, though, something that did not need to be spoken.

As I finished the description of our match, minus the things that came after, Robert and I came together. We had never experienced back-to-back simultaneous orgasms before. After it was over Robert slipped his arm beneath my neck and I nestled myself against his shoulder, one hand on his chest. I could feel his heartbeat.

“I love you,” he said. “You’ve made the last two nights so amazing with your stories.”

I just cooed and nuzzled closer to him in the darkness. In mere minutes his breathing had become slow and regular as he fell into a contented sleep. I waited until he began to softly snore and slipped from the bed. I reached for my panties and then decided to leave them on the floor before I left the bedroom and traipsed quietly to the living room. My eyes were on the bedroom door as I lifted the telephone receiver and tapped the numbers I had dialed almost every day for the past several years.

Angela picked up on the second ring. I doubt if she even had to look at the Caller ID. There wasn’t a trace of sleepiness in her voice as she simply said, “What time?”

“Tomorrow around noon,” I whispered. “Your place this time?”

“Sure. Maya is at her dad’s for summer visitation. It’ll just be us.”

“Okay, see you then.” I was just about to hang up when Angela spoke again.

“Did he like it?”

“Yes. Especially the part where I pinned you.”

There was a moment of silence before Angela said, “Tomorrow, then,” and hung up.

Before returning to the bedroom I went to the bathroom to pee and before I left I took a long look at my naked body in the mirror. My skin was supple and taut, the tan lines clearly distinct. A svelte waist dissolved into rounded hips that were unblemished. I looked at my long legs and felt a slight tingle as I imagined Angela’s head trapped between them. My brown hair fell over one shoulder and eclipsed a pert breast.

“Yes,” I said to the mirror. “Especially the part where I pinned you.”

I turned off the light and went back to bed where I found Robert just as I had left him.


The morning came and I saw Robert off to work. He really is an attractive man, and very successful at what he does. All of my friends know how fortunate I am. I’ve never wanted for anything in all the time Robert and I have been married. Thinking about how I had been able to give something to him in return, something that was so intimate and private, made me feel good.

Time passed slowly throughout the morning as I waited to drive to Angela’s split-level across town. At 10:30 I couldn’t wait any longer and left the house. When I arrived at Angela’s, a full hour early, she didn’t seem surprised at all.  She simply led me to the back of the house and her sunroom which overlooked a beautiful backyard with a privacy fence. The sunroom’s two lounge chairs and a small table had been moved outside to the patio and in their place was an assortment of thick comforters spread on the floor.

“Is this okay, Becky?”

“Perfect.” I smiled, pleased that Angela was as excited about this as I was.

“I have the home field advantage today,” Angela said. She smiled at me, but I could see the competitive fire in her eyes. I expected no less, and I nodded my head as I started to undress.

“Angela, I need you to promise me something,” I said.

“Sure,” she replied as she undid her bra and leaned slightly forward to release her pendulous breasts. I sucked in a breath and pretended not to notice her swollen nipples.

“No matter where all of this leads, we always stay friends.” I removed the last of my clothing, a lacey blue pair of panties and tossed them aside.

Angela removed her own black underwear and dropped them before crossing the room to where I stood. She tenderly hugged me and I felt an electric charge as our stomachs and breasts touched.

“I promise, Becky. Of course I do. Nothing will ever come between our friendship.”

There was no time for me to respond before I felt Angela’s hands drop from around my shoulders to the small of my back and interlace as she pulled me into a powerful bearhug. She leaned her head down slightly and ground the point of her chin into my shoulder.

So much for foreplay.

I felt myself being crushed against Angela’s body, my breasts all but disappearing amid her massive cleavage. A quick attempt to pry her hands apart had no effect, so I reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Angela’s blonde locks. She leaned her head back, teeth clenched, and we swayed on our feet.

In the midst of our swaying I managed to get one of Angela’s feet off the ground and twisted at my waist. Off-balance, we tumbled to the stack of comforters with Angela’s hands still locked in a vise-like grip around my back. I landed on top and could feel the air rush from Angela’s lungs. Her hands jarred loose and that was the opening I needed to roll away and get to my knees.

“You’ve got some strength in those arms, girl,” I said as Angela righted herself and pushed her disheveled hair back from her forehead. With a taunting smirk she lifted an arm and flexed her bicep before holding her hands up shoulder high, fingers spread, and inching forward on her knees.

The challenge was accepted as I raised my own slender hands and we laced our fingers together. We increased the pressure as we both tried to force one another to the floor. It was hot in the sunroom and I could see small beads of sweat in the cleft of Angela’s cleavage as well as feel the ones on my brow. With a sudden thrust our naked bodies collided with a loud smack and droplets of sweat were flung to either side of our makeshift arena.

I made a sudden downward movement with my left hand, taking Angela’s right hand low and bending it at the wrist. I felt her lean to the side and released her other hand. With my right hand now free I groped for Angela’s left breast and squeezed it hard enough to give me the leverage I needed to put her on her back. Before she could recover I fell to the floor and spun to capture her head between my long legs.

As I started to squeeze Angela’s head between my naked thighs I saw the angry red indentations of my manicured nails on her massive left tit.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

“Right as rain, honey,” came Angela’s muffled response, and I squeezed even harder.

Angela grunted and her breasts heaved up and down as she struggled to free herself. She made an attempt to grab my hair but I leaned back, just out of reach, which had the added benefit of increasing the leverage of my legs.

“Give up,” I said firmly.

Angela could not verbally respond. Her mouth was buried against the inside of my thighs. Instead, she raised a defiant hand and gave me the finger. I couldn’t help but laugh.

I was about to ask my legs for more than they could possibly give, to squeeze even harder, when I felt a slight probing against my pussy. Angela’s head made small movements as she tried to adjust for a better angle, and at last her tongue breached the moist lips of my womanhood and worked its way towards my swollen clit.

“Oh, God,” I moaned. Without even realizing it, I eased the pressure of my legs and began to grind in response to the sensations created by Angela’s mouth. She continued to pleasure me in a way that no man, not even Robert, had done before. Little by little I rolled onto my back, hips rising and falling to meet Angela’s wet and willing tongue. I cupped my breasts and pursed my lips as I felt myself nearing an orgasm.

Just when I was on the verge of cumming in Angela’s face the erotic probing of her tongue stopped. I opened my eyes to see Angela raise her head from between my legs and flash a crooked smile. She sprung with lightning quickness and straddled my stomach before I could react. I struggled as she inched forward until her knees pinned my shoulders and her wet pussy was atop my mouth. I felt her hands reach behind her and find my hard nipples. She took them between thumb and forefinger and twisted.

“That’s for my tit, bitch.”

The pain was searing, but overlaying it was a sensation of pleasure that I cannot appropriately describe. I buried my tongue in Angela’s wetness and drove it deep inside her hole. Somewhere above me I heard her begin to count.


Our bodies shuddered with passion. She thrust her hips back and forth against my mouth as my own hips squirmed beneath her.

“T…two,” Angela gasped.

Angela’s blond bush lay soaked against my chin, and I savored the salty taste of her feminine juices. A low fire began to spread from my own loins, working its way downward as I neared release.

“Three,” Angela moaned, and we both came with ear-piercing screams of pleasure. The orgasm seemed to last forever as wave after wave rushed over our sweaty bodies. Angela took my splayed wrists in her hands and slid back until we were body-to-body. She lowered her mouth onto mine and we kissed deeply, grinding our pussies into one another with vigorous thrusts. A second orgasm made me wrap my legs around Angela and slowly slide them down her smooth calves.

Exhausted we lay there, bellies and breasts heaving as we regained our spent breath.

It did not really hit me until I turned into the driveway of our home that in my next fantasy story for Robert I was going to lose, and I didn’t like it.

Not one bit.



Robert would’ve gladly had sex the night following my second fight with Angela, but I didn’t initiate it and neither did he. To be honest, I was relieved. Angela defeating me was not something I wanted to turn into one of my bedtime fantasies. As things turned out, Robert left the following day for a 4-week business trip which gave me some time to recuperate.

And plan how I would avenge my defeat.

Angela and I were even, but I knew that neither one of us could leave it at that. Our matches became more intense every time we wrestled, and I knew that before we were done both of us would stop at nothing to dominate the other.

We talked off and on for the next two weeks, but neither of us suggested another match. I think it was because the last one had taken so much out of us. In the interim I decided to start working out again in preparation for the match I knew would eventually come, and so did Angela. We even went to the gym together multiple times.

From time to time we would cast one another a glance as we worked out. I watched Angela’s legs as she exercised on a stepper, the muscles in her calves seeming to become more defined with each passing day. Her breasts strained at the fabric of her leotard each time she performed chest presses and I knew that I could never compete with her in that regard. Sometimes, Angela would see me watching and always returned my look with a challenging one of her own.

At last I made the decision to arrange our next match. Robert was due to return from his trip in a week, and I wanted to settle our score before he returned. My intention was to have a wonderful fantasy to tell him when he got back, one that culminated with me looking down at Angela’s defeated body. I invited her over for lunch, and after we ate I made us both a strong margarita. Our conversation went straight to the point.

“So, our next match,” I began.

Angela smiled. “I was beginning to think you weren’t up for it.”

“Oh, I think we’re both up for it.”

I brushed my tongue across the salt-covered top of my margarita glass and stared straight into Angela’s blue eyes.

“I was thinking this time maybe we should fight on neutral ground,” I proposed.

“Fight?” Angela chuckled. “Is that what this is now?”

“Yes.” I didn’t hesitate in my response. “I do believe it’s what those into this refer to as a sexfight.”

“Call it whatever makes you feel good,” Angela said. “The end result will be the same.”

“Which is?”

“You looking up at the satisfied woman who just beat you.”

The look on Angela’s face told me she was deadly serious. I was equally determined, and I told her so.

“I’m not going to lose to you, Angela. I will do everything I can to beat you, and I know you will do the same to beat me.”


“No rules, Angela. That’s what I’m saying, if you’re in agreement. We can pull hair, scratch, and even throw punches if we choose.”

Angela finished her drink and sat down the empty glass. “Oh, I agree….with everything. But I have to ask, why do you want this kind of fight, Becky?”

“Because I have to win by whatever means necessary.” I stood up came to stand in front of Angela. She immediately rose to meet me and we faced off, hands on hips, our breasts barely touching. “I want to have the best fantasy story ever for Robert when he returns. I won’t have it end like the last time.”

“Yeah, how did he like that one? You never told me.”

“I never told him.”

“Oh, so I can play a part in your fantasy matches as long as you win. Is that it, Becky? Are you afraid Robert might get turned on by the better woman?”

“I don’t know, and I have no intention of finding out.”

Angela was really tense, and so was I. There was a moment where I truly believed we would settle this on the spot. My hands left my hips for just an instant and I thought about going for her hair, but I could see that Angela had moved her hands into position as well. We held our ground, and eventually the tension subsided.

“Any other particulars, Becky?”

“Yes. We fight until one of us has an orgasm. Whoever comes first loses.”

“I am going to make you scream, Becky….in a good way.”

“We’re agreed then,” I said, and extended my hand to seal the deal.

“Not so fast, Sweetheart. I have a stipulation of my own.”

I was momentarily confused. Hadn’t I made it perfectly clear? “Go ahead.”

“If I win, Becky, if I press you to the floor and make you come…”

“Then I have to satisfy you,” I interrupted. “I know.”

“No,” Angela said.

I waited, unsure of exactly what she wanted.

“Robert has to satisfy me.”

All of the air seemed to evaporate from the room. I felt the color rising in my cheeks and I wanted to lunge for her right then and there. I wanted to bury my fists in her soft breasts and belly and dominate her and force her to bring me to a thunderous climax.

“That will never happen,” I said through clenched teeth.

“Then beat me….if you can,” Angela said, and she extended her hand.

I looked at her outstretched hand and considered all of the things that were running through my mind. At last I placed my own hand in Angela’s and moved my face to within inches of hers.

“I can….and I will, Angela.”

We agreed to meet in two days at the Hilton downtown. Before Angela went home we had another margarita and talked about life and all of the things girlfriends routinely discuss. We laughed and squealed like teenagers. In general, we behaved like the friends we have been for all these years. I finally waved to Angela as she pulled out of the driveway and headed for home. Immediately I went to the bedroom and undressed before climbing atop our bed and pleasuring myself while thinking of how I would maul my rival’s buxom body.

I have no doubt Angela did the same.


The people have spoken  Smiley, and I must say I was a bit surprised in how most people wanted this to end.

I'm posting the conclusion today in two segments, and later I will also present an alternate ending (which, as things turned out, was the original ending I had planned.)

Thanks for all of the comments and I hope you have enjoyed the story.

And now, I believe Becky and Angela have a little business to attend to......


My cellphone rang just as I was locking up the house and getting ready to leave for the Hilton. I looked down at the Caller ID; it was Robert. Normally, I would’ve been ecstatic to hear from him, but today I couldn’t allow anything to distract me from my upcoming match with Angela. I sighed and swiped the green arrow across the screen.

“Hi, Babe.” I tried to sound as cheery as I could.

“Hey, Hun. I just wanted to let you know that the meetings are over and I’ll be flying out in the morning.” Robert said.

“That’s great news. I can’t wait for you to get back home.”

“Do you have one of your special fantasies in store for me?”

I hesitated for a moment as I thought about Angela fucking Robert if I lost. “Oh yes, I do. It will be the best one yet.”

“Well, I guess I better get a good night’s rest,” Robert replied. The excitement in his voice was undeniable. But would he be even more excited if he were to find Angela in our bed, awaiting his return? And how would I explain things?

“Robert, I…I have to go.”

“Is everything okay?” Robert has always been able to read me like a book.

“Oh yeah….just got my hands full of groceries….you know.”

Robert paused a moment before he said, “Okay. Well, I’ll be home by bedtime tomorrow. I love you, Becky.”

“Love you, too.”

I hung up and got in my car where I knew I could crank up the music and try to push all thoughts that didn’t involve pummeling Angela into sexual submission out of my mind. The twenty-minute drive downtown did little to calm my nerves. I checked into the Hilton with a personal credit card that I kept for emergencies and found the room on the ninth floor.

The room I booked was a suite. There was a huge sitting area dominated by a plush sofa which led into a bedroom beyond an opening framed by curtains that were tied back on either side of the entryway. Off the bedroom was a large bathroom with a shower and a spa-sized tub. The room was expensive, but I wanted plenty of space for our battle. My plan was to move the small coffee table in the sitting room and begin the fight there. The space was large enough to give Angela and I plenty of room to roll around. I had a feeling before it was over we would be fighting throughout every inch of the suite.

It was just after three p.m. and Angela wasn’t due to arrive until six. I had plenty of time to memorize the layout of the room and any hazards to avoid.

“Neutral ground my ass, bitch,” I said aloud.  “So sayeth the lady with the credit card.”

Shortly after four o’clock I called down to room service and ordered two bottles of the best wine the hotel had to offer. “Send them down on ice around five-thirty,” I instructed the young girl who took my order. My next call was to the front desk.

“This is Becky LaCroix in Suite 907. Yes, thank you. I’m expecting a guest this evening at six. Her name is Angela Richards. Mmmhmm, yes. Please see that she has a key. I would also like to leave a note for her at the front desk. Can you send someone up to get it, please? Thank you!”

I hung up and took a piece of Hilton stationary and a pen from the little writing desk in the foyer. In my best script, I wrote a brief note and sealed it inside a Hilton envelope. Moments later there was a knock on the door and I handed the envelope and a ten-dollar bill to a smiling bellman.

A little intimidation never hurt, but what I had written was more than that. It was something I wanted both of us to do before our bodies became locked in combat:

Leave our friendship at the door, bitch!


At six o’clock on the dot I heard the plastic card being inserted into the lock of the hotel suite’s door. Angela walked in, pulling a small travel case behind her. She was holding the note in the hand with the room key.

“Consider it left……slut.”

I acknowledged her with a tilt of my head and swept my arm toward the rear of the suite. We made our way into the bathroom where we removed all of our jewelry and began to strip. I saw a brief flash of surprise in Angela’s eyes when she noticed that I had shaved my bush.

Didn’t expect that, did you? I thought to myself.

Angela withdrew a small brush from her travel case and began to brush her silky blonde hair with long strokes her blond hair back while she looked at herself in the mirror. I could tell she was thinking of how her huge breasts would flatten my own modest ones. In return I lifted my right foot and placed it on the countertop. My hands slid down the length of my tanned, toned leg.

Our posing done, we exited the bathroom and made our way to the open area in the sitting room. Angela positioned herself in the corner nearest the door, and I took my spot in the opposite one. We did a few stretches to loosen up, me bending at the waist to touch my toes while Angela extended her arms and turned from side to side. At last we both began a slow walk to the center of the room.

We faced each other, hands on hips, as naked as the day we were born, and in that moment I know what both of us were thinking….

How did we come to this?

It’s funny how time stretches out like a piece of bubble gum in moments like these. I knew that just a few seconds from now my friend Angela and I were going to become tangled in an erotic struggle that wouldn’t end until one of us came, but in those few brief moments before we began the sweaty conclusion to our little drama I relived everything that had led up to this moment….and smiled. Angela smiled back and I knew then that she was thinking it, too, and that win or lose we would always be close to one another in a way that only women who have tested themselves against one another could. Our nipples brushed, breaking the reverie and sending a tingle throughout my body. Was I wet already? With sheer determination I pushed the thoughts from my head and focused on beating Angela once and for all.

Because if I didn’t, she was going to fuck my husband…..

CONCLUSION PART TWO is coming your way.....


There was no handshake, no bell. There were no preliminaries whatsoever, just the quiet hum of the hotel room air conditioner. With a lunge and a feral growl, we hurled our bodies together in a flurry of feminine flesh, and the battle began.

Our hands embedded themselves in one another’s hair and we rocked from side to side with our vigorous pulling. A soft groan escaped my lips as Angela managed to get her fingers in close to my scalp and twist. I felt myself being spun around and there was little I could do to prevent Angela from getting behind me. Her powerful right arm was up in a flash, encircling my delicate neck while she retained a fistful of my brown hair in her left hand.

My hands flailed at the air and then rose to grab Angela’s arm in an attempt to break her hold. My rounded hips ground themselves against Angela’s moist womanhood and her breasts were flat against my back as we struggled. With every breath I managed to take, Angela tightened her hold like an enraged python. In desperation I raised my right arm and reached for the ceiling. With every ounce of strength I had I brought it down while forcing my hips sharply to the left. A rush of excitement warmed my loins as I felt my elbow bury itself deep in Angela’s stomach, just below her ribcage.

Angela made a whuffing sound as the air rushed from her lungs. Her arm brushed my petite breasts as it fell from my neck, and I took in air in huge gulps.

Slow down, Becky…..breathe, I mentally told myself. I spun around to face my best friend and most bitter rival. She was doubled at the waist, clutching her mommy paunch and momentarily defenseless as I threw a vicious right uppercut that sent her left breast heavenward. I could feel the flesh of Angela’s huge tit spread across my knuckles. She stumbled backward and I pressed my advantage.

“Wanna fuck my man, you filthy cow,” I snarled and dove at Angela like a middle linebacker. We went tumbling onto the plush couch of the sitting room, Angela’s shoulders and upper back landing across the sofa arm. I pressed her, body-to-body, and used my hand to push down on her chin until she was doubled over the sofa arm. Her breasts heaved and jiggled before me as she clawed at my face. I raised my hand landed an open-handed slap right between her cleavage. It sounded like the crack of a whip.

Angela suddenly rocked herself even farther back toward the floor and I felt her lower body began to rise. I yelped and felt myself twisting through the air as we went ass-over-teakettle across the arm of the sofa. I did a complete flip and landed flat of my back on the sitting room floor just in time to see Angela’s own body following me down. The entire weight of Angela’s body crashed down on me and I screamed in pain.

I knew I was in trouble right away as I felt Angela slide her body the length of mine and press down with her full weight. Her knee lightly brushed my throbbing crotch, and she could have made a quick end of things right then and there by driving it into my most vulnerable area. It would have done her no good, however, and Angela knew it. Putting me in too much pain to come would have defeated the purpose. That same mentality is what prompted her to slide up and straddle me at the waist, her knees now on either side of my lithe body. She reached behind her with her right hand and found my shaved pussy. Her fingers began to massage my sensitive area with growing intensity.

Despite the pleasure that I could not ignore I raised my legs up and hooked Angela around her head in a powerful scissor hold. With all my power I pulled my legs back down and bent forward into a sitting position. Now Angela was flat on her back, head trapped between my calves with her exposed womanhood right in my face. I put my arms around her warm stomach and executed a tight squeeze while plunging my face into her moist crotch.

My tongue began to perform its own wrestling moves as Angela squirmed and moaned. Her lush hips quivered with unrestrained excitement, and she opened her legs even farther out to either side of my head. That was too easy, and I should have known it, but my reaction time was too slow. I had a brief flash of Angela’s knees rocketing toward my head from both sides before she cuffed me with both legs.

I fell back onto the floor, releasing my grip. My ears were ringing and little white dots swam before my field of vision. Through the little flashes I saw Angela righting herself and crawling toward me. I could do little but raise my arms to welcome her as our bodies melted together in a sensual but strong embrace. Off we went, rolling across the carpet, in the direction of the bedroom. We both kept one strong arm around the other’s neck while using our free hands to stroke the part of one another’s body that would eventually betray one of us in this sexual duel. Our mouths met in a deep and passionate kiss as we rolled. We traded top position many times until at last we parted, chests heaving with exhaustion.

We lay side by side on our backs for a full minute until, with no words spoken, we both rolled back into one another’s arms and began the duel again.

I was getting hotter by the minute. Several times I felt myself on the verge of coming but refused to let go. Angela was in a similar state. She was whimpering and moaning with each stroke of my finger. I went for broke and plunged two fingers into her pussy. I moved in and out and felt the walls of her opening tighten in an effort to resist my fingerfucking. She cupped one of my breasts in a tight squeeze and guided her head toward my nipple. I braced myself for the wave of pleasure that could send me reeling, but first there was a searing pain as she bit down hard.


I withdrew my fingers from her and shoved at her breasts. We spilled apart and slowly got to our knees. I threw a wicked right fist at Angela’s temple, but she deftly ducked beneath the punch and countered with an uppercut that caught me right on the chin. Onto my back I went.

Angela stood over me and reached down for a handful of my disheveled hair. She slowly lifted me to my feet, and draped her left arm across my shoulder like an old friend. My arm went instinctively around her waist. In that position, Angela rained punch after punch into my tight stomach while walking me into the bedroom. When we reached the foot of the bed she turned me to face her and lifted my chin with her left hand. Everything seemed to slow down as I watched her right fist draw back and start to move forward. I knew what was coming but was powerless to stop it. Angela’s fist loomed large in my field of vision as it flattened my lips against my teeth. I tasted blood as I fell atop the bed, staring up at a whirling ceiling fan.

“I’m sorry, Becky, but we have to finish this," I heard Angela say. "I didn’t want to physically hurt you, but my pussy is on fire. I’m going to make you come now, you pathetic twat, and when I’m done you will satisfy me until I am spent.”

“LET’S FINISH IT THEN!” I yelled. I was caught up in a world of different emotions as I struggled to sit up. I opened my legs wide and splayed my pussy with my fingers. “But let’s finish it the right way, cxnt. Your pussy against mine, woman to woman, no more delay.”

Angela smiled and crawled atop the bed, positioning herself so that her legs intertwined with mine. We inched forward until our pussies met and began to slowly grind themselves into a frenzied state.

This was what it had all came down to, a final thrusting and throbbing with everything I held dear on the line. I struggled to hold back the volcanic orgasm that threatened to shake my body with waves of sexual delight and swirled my own pussy against Angela’s swollen clit.

“Ooooo, you bitch,” Angela moaned. She was grinding just as hard as I fought back a whimper.

I could sense the urgency in her thighs and knew the tide was turning. We were both on the verge, but she was closer. It was going to be separated by mere moments. I upped the ante and placed my thumb on her clit as I continued to grind, and Angela did not resist. Our movement grew more frantic with each thrust.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh,” Angela moaned.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I groaned in ecstasy.

Suddenly her hips began to buck and quiver. She let out an ear-piercing scream and threw her head back.

“YES!” I cried, and unable to hold back my own orgasm any longer I came with such intensity that I never noticed what had happened. The moment I let go Angela’s own gyrations and moans stopped immediately. She was looking at me as wave after wave of pleasure made my hips shake and my breath ragged. Her lips curled in a sadistic smile and my own eyes widened in horror.


I saw then what I had missed. During my orgasm Angela had been quietly fingering herself with just enough fervor to maintain her arousal.

“No rules, remember?” Angela straddled me in a flash and shoved her pussy into my face. She grabbed by bangs and pulled, forcing my mouth onto her wetness. And in that moment, betrayed by my best friend, my own body betrayed me also and I began to tongue Angela until she rocked back and forth in the glory of her victorious orgasm.

It was over. Angela had beaten me and now she would fuck Robert. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even bring myself to cry. Angela climbed off of me and stood beside the bed, smirking as she looked down at my beaten body.

I watched her turn and head for the bathroom to dress and get her things. On her way out she cast a final glance at me, naked and splayed atop the bed. She was at the door of the bedroom when she turned and said the words that would haunt me for many nights to come.

“Long before Robert ever heard your wrestling fantasies, Becky, he heard mine. We’ve been having an affair for three years.”

My chest felt as though someone had dropped a ton of weight on top of it.

“And tonight,” said Angela, “I fulfilled Robert’s greatest fantasy.”



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Re: Cavalier Story
« Reply #5 on: October 23, 2020, 05:09:31 PM »
Thanks for finding this one for us, Griffin!

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Re: Cavalier Story
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Yes, this is the story I was thinking of when I saw the original post by Katff.  I had it as well, but refrained from re-posting it in case there was an important reason for it not to be posted that I wasn't aware of.   I think it is an excellent story--one of my all time favorites, in fact.  I was just concerned about its origins. 


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Re: Cavalier Story
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Here's the unfinished second part of the story. I don't know the name of the author.

Battling Becky-Payback


“Can you continue?”

I heard the voice above me but could not see the face of the person who spoke. It was a man, I knew that much. Underneath the striped referee shirt was the outline of an athletic male physique. Above the shoulders his face dissolved into the bright lights that shone down upon my prone, naked body.

“Y…ye..yes,” I stammered, and immediately I could feel strong feminine hands take my long brown hair and began to pull upward. I could do little more than rise on wobbly feet to meet the clammy embrace of my opponent. The skin of our bodies was slicked with sweat; the smell of feminine passion hung in the air like a thundercloud of ecstasy waiting to burst.

My foe released her hair hold and swept her right hand between my legs to cup my shapely buttocks from behind. She draped her left arm over my right shoulder, placed her hand between my shoulder blades and hoisted me into position for a bodyslam that would’ve turned professional wrestlers green with envy. Her left hand cradled my neck as she held me for just a moment upside down to take in the encouragement of the faceless witnesses to our battle who sat just beyond the perimeter of the mat where our fight was playing out. Then, my legs were arcing over as I was slammed to the blue mat with an echoing thud. My back arched in exquisite pain. I writhed in agony.

Warm, large breasts smacked against my upper body as my opponent attempted a cross-body pin. The faceless referee was at my side, pounding the mat with his palm.


With only a millisecond to spare I raised my left arm and rolled to my right just enough to bring my left shoulder off the mat. Somewhere amid the crowd a lone spectator applauded among the greater cacophony of disappointed shouts which greeted my avoidance of defeat.

“Come on!” my opponent snarled at the referee. “She’s done. She just doesn’t know when to quit. You better count faster next time before I really hurt this bitch!”

Strands of sweaty blonde hair brushed my face as the buxom, curvy woman above me rose off my prone body. She was on her knees at my side. She grabbed the hair at the top of my scalp and raised me up to a sitting position. Her left arm drew across her body like an archer’s bow, huge breasts swinging, and she released the edge of her palm with arrow-like precision toward my vulnerable chest. The chop landed with a deep SMACK right across my small, but firm breasts. I gasped for air and wobbled slowly back and forth.

The match was over, I knew that. The count by the referee was just a formality. Eventually the power of my blonde rival would trump my stubbornness and the fall would come. She was just inflicting pain now at her own leisure, making me regret stepping onto the mat with her. Still, I resisted every inclination from my bruised and battered body to go down. I took chop after chop to my reddened chest, more than I could count, and swayed like a telephone pole in a hurricane. Finally, my will snapped and I felt myself going backward in slow-motion. My shoulders and back flung drops of sweat into the air as they slapped the mat. There would be no escape this time. My opponent took no chances, stretching her robust and sexy frame atop the full length of my own in a full-body pin where our breasts and stomachs and pussies met in moist heat. She grapevined my legs, spreading them apart, and grabbed my wrists to extend my arms out to either side. I did not struggle or resist.

“One….two….three!” the shadow-faced referee counted.

I looked up into the face of my victorious opponent. It was a face I knew well, a face that I had both kissed and stroked, slapped and punched. It was a face that regarded me now with womanly satisfaction, full of the knowledge that I had been bested and beaten and broken beyond repair.

It was the face of Angela Richards.

And above her smiling face, now moving forward beyond the bright lights overhead so that the shadows obscuring his face disappeared, was my ex- husband, Robert. The referee shirt he wore clung to his masculine body. I watched as Angela climbed off of me and rose to stand beside him. She looked at him with a smug sense of accomplishment, and he smiled. Angela momentarily reached over and massaged the bulge in the crotch of Robert’s pants. He reached down, took her hand by the wrist, and rose it high into the air. Her breasts jiggled she raised her other arm to acknowledge the approval of the spectators.

I closed my eyes and let the pain and humiliation sweep me away to a place where I was safe and beyond the torture Angela could inflict on me. A place where I had nothing to fear, except the reality of being on my own.

A place where…….


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Re: Cavalier Story
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Hot posts there, Griffin!  :D ;) Would love to see the Payback story finished though ...  ;D
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Re: Cavalier Story
« Reply #9 on: October 24, 2020, 03:26:49 PM »
Thank you, Griffin, for posting the partial sequel.   I never got the chance to download it before it disappeared. 

This story began so well and looked like it could have been a great overall arc with Becky going on her own personal journey after the humiliation at the hands of her former best friend.   Oh, well.


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Re: Cavalier Story
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I really liked these two stories. I’d love to read more like these. The spectators and the husband was a great addition to the first story. Would be even better with trash talk through out between Angela and The ex husband as he watches her beating his wife again. Don’t know where it came from but would be a good one to build on further.