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My boxing wife: Susanna vs John

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My boxing wife: Susanna vs John
« on: August 27, 2020, 06:12:56 PM »
The massive uppercuts caused my wife`s tits to fly upward, nearly hit her chin, before they dropped down by gravity causing a meaty “SLAPPPP”.
She was hanging in the ropes of the makeshift ring I had erected in our basement, her head hanging down limply. Sweaty hair were matted to her forehead as was the rest of her body bathed in sweat after nearly 30 minutes of fighting. And what a body!
My 38 year old Susanne was a typical MILF. Killer curves with a few extra pounds in her tits and belly. Those massive boobies were one of the reasons she is in this crazy situation right now. She had been booked by John, who was currently standing in front of her with a massive erection, all naked, throwing bombs into her bust department. He was a real “tit-man”.
The whole ring shook with the heavy impacts of the 55 year old guy, who worked my wife over pretty badly.
And I was sitting in the room next door, checking the screens which were connected to three cameras that were following the action and recorded it for the “customer”. But the worst thing was: I had a boner as well and was wanking over and over with already two cumshots and on my way to the third.
But maybe I should start at the beginning:
“End thirty blonde MILF, willing to step into the ring with you. Measurements of 38G-30-38 and 160lbs should be enough to get your attention. Erotic beatings, light competitive boxing fights. Call me or mail me….500 $ with sexy clothes, 800 $ naked, 1200 $ with recording.”
This was the text we published in a fighting and fetish forum only one week ago. We were both desperate for money since we both lost our job during the Corona Crisis, and my wife remembered her early days as a foxy boxer. But this was almost 20 years ago with her being a stunningly slim DD with model-like features. We got to know each other in a dirty bar with her fighting for money, but soon married and had two children. Both of us used to have normal jobs, but the crisis was like nothing we experienced before.
So we were lucky to find a paying customer, sending half of the money in advance. I went to the shops, buying the parts I needed for a small ring in the basement and the cameras. Susanne had no doubts about that, telling me nothing would be easier than to beat up horny guys for money.
What she did not take into account was, that the term “Erotic beatings” was not meant like she thought it was. Not “beating up a guy”, but being beaten up instead. And 800 $ to get beat was a bad deal.
What we also missed was a professional briefing before the session. My wife was really nervous and I would only show up in an emergency, or when she says the “safe word”. So they did not decide on any safety measures and John took control after a few minutes. My wife nailed his belly and ribs hard in the first minutes, but soon the slim but strong man took control. Both were completely naked, and he hammered her weak belly to wear her down.
Numerous straights left her breathless and caused her rather curvaceous belly to redden. John expertly worked over every square inch of her sexy feminine belly, before switching to her face for the next rounds.
Susanne fought back hard, hitting his nose and chin several times, but he did not seem to be too lucky about it. She was planning to beat him to pulp and that it was his fetish to be worked over by a dominatrix, but every time she hit he countered twice as hard. Already in the second round, Susanne`s head flew back after being hit hard. She stumbled into the ropes, and John brushed his naked body and cock against her until he was rock hard. The tip of his big, rather slim cock pushed into her pubic hair, he weighed her magnificent natural G-Cups in his gloves.
She allowed him to lift them and lick her nipples until they were hard, giving her a much needed rest. It felt so strange to see her with another man so intimate after 18 years of marriage, but it also turned me on. It turned me on how hard John was, caused by the beauty of my wife.
But only after a few intimate moments, he hammered her prime targets for the first time. Driving a hard right into each of her boobs, caused her to fold over and down onto her knees, cradling her beauties. They were natural, thus a bit saggy. But I knew they were dense and firm, and could take a bit of a beating.
Angrily Susanne punched his balls from underneath, causing John to groan and retreat.
But he was out for revenge in the third round soon. During the break his boner did not go limp. He rubbed himself with the gloves still on, and came on his right. Thick globs of cum covered the leather and as the new round began, he hammered the cum stained leather into her tits. The white jizz sprayed around, also hitting her face. Susanne was a bit disgusted, removing it from her face. But this was all he needed. He rammed his fists into her lower belly, already brushing her pubic hair so low it was.
Her ovaries were blasted, causing her to collapse and basically give up resistance. She was hanging half in the ropes when he lifted her right leg, and put it over the middle ropes. He went down to his knees, sinking his face into her pubes and running his tongue along her wet slit.
From her reaction I could tell that she liked it. She weakly punched his head, but just playfully, not wanting to stop him.
My wife, eaten by a foreigner! That was not planned. But we needed the money and obviously all three of us were turned on. But John stopped just before her climax and punched her full force onto her labia.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Susi`s legs were shaking and she nearly fell. But the break was close. But before that, two crisp punches hit the middle of her face, giving her something to think about during the break.
Susi is a big sweater. During Sports as well as sex. Her slick skin glistened in the lights while she recovered. I could see in her eyes that she had a plan.
When the next round started, she suddenly seemed to remember some old tactics as she dodged two haymakers aimed at her face, countering with a solid right into her opponent’s belly. Just as John lowered his defense, he got knocked by a nice and precise uppercut. WHAM! He stumbled into the ropes and Susanne was fast to follow up with three incredible shots into his balls. I winced as John went down hard, not able to deal with the pain.
Susanne bent over to check if he was alright, but that was a big mistake. John hit her dangling left udder with such a force, that it drummed against her ribs, totally flattened. SMATTTTTTT!” “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She cupped her tit, stumbled back as John was back to his feet following with severe hammers into her bust. She knocked her tits around like punching bags, going through her defenses easily.
HE was hard again, getting obviously turned on a lot by the fight. My wife’s curvy body was shaking with each step. Her big bum, belly and bust were shaking and vibrating with the bombs that landed on her body.
It felt so wrong to be turned on by that beating she received, but the safe word did not come from her. I wanked myself, the cameras being in automatic mode, there was not much for me to do.
He chased my wife through the ring, landing blows here and there, followed by moans. But what was the agreed time limit? Would he pound her until she submitted? Or was knocked out?
I got goosebumps imagining her being flat and out on the floor. But I did not have to wait too long. After another two rounds of getting her tits and belly worked over, John suddenly aimed for her temple.
WHAM! Down she went like a stone. She was flat on her back, eyes closed, her massive bust dropping to the side, reddened and swollen. She was breathing slowly, chest rising and falling.
I didn`t know what to do. End the fight? Step in the ring and help her? John moved closer to one of the cameras, signaling me to come in. I went in there, still without pants. He only wasted a second to recognize my big veiny cock before he explained that he would offer another 500 $ if she was willing to continue.
“Man she already had 30 minutes with you. She is out.”
“Please ask her. Give her a short break and ask her.”
I nodded, helping her up and onto the stool in her corner. She was back in this world, but her mind was foggy. I gave her water and checked her out. I asked her if she was willing to go another two rounds maybe.
She agreed for the extra money, and the fight was back on. This time I stayed in her corner, when John went back to work. My wife did not even come out of her corner. John simply closed in, hammering her tits with medium hard lefts and rights. My wife was right before me and to smell her sex and her sweat was so arousing. Much better than just watching from the cameras.
The sound of leather on skin was so erotic, and this was when I remembered the feelings I had almost twenty years ago when I saw her fighting in this club. John aimed at her tits now, making them his primary target. SMATTTTT…..SMATTTTTT….SMATTTTT….
But he had reduced the force of the blows. Nonetheless bruises were forming besides the “normal” reddening. John was as hard as me, and as the break was close, he asked my wife to go onto her knees and receive another load.
I was fine with that and nodded. Susi was ordered to give him a hand job basically with her gloves on. The sweat and cum already formed a layer of lubricant, making it very joyful for our customer. After a few minutes, his second load shot out like a geyser, hitting her tits in six strong ejaculations.
She had some extra time to recover, and he added another 200$ for this scene.
Susanne refused my help to clean her chest. She wanted the cum to stay where it was. She had trouble standing straight, belly and tits basically destroyed. But John had reduced the power to make the experience last longer. He was a wise man, because this way my wife was able to go on. She came at him with a right to his face, but he moved left and hammered a fierce right into her ribs.
The next blow was so hard, I feared her left tit might have detached from her breast. The force of the invading leather into the side of the sweat slick orb caused her whole body to twist and land in the ropes. Both of her tits were draped over the top rope, directly in front of me. Supported by her arms Susi hung there limply while John closed in from behind, ramming his cock between her ass cheeks. I was sure the tip of it was sliding through her labia, but was not inside her. He gyrated his hips and moved back and forth, moaning and pushing my wife`s chest harder into the rope. I had used a simple jute rope, which was now the disadvantage since it was really rough and chafing the bottoms of her tits.
But John did not play for too long: He took her shoulder and turned her around. She could not take much more. I was sure. But my wife proved me wrong. John pushed his glove under her chin with his left, while his right hammered into her belly while she was standing in her corner.
WHAM! WHAM! Two more to her dangling punching bags. WHAM! WHAM! Another two into her pussy! She groaned, punch drunk, taking shot after shot into her curvy belly.
John was planning the finale. Working her over had weakened her too much to stay on her feet for another round. He looked at me, asking me if it was ok to use his legs as well. I was close to cum myself and nodded my approval.
He spread her legs more and what followed where the three most painful knee strikes into the groin I had ever seen. The force of his invading knee cap lifted her whole body!
Her eyes went glassy after a cruel scream and she collapsed. Her tits made another loud SMACK as they hit the floor first.
She was out. Titties mushrooming out to the sides, my wife was forced even harder into the floor when John placed his right foot between her shoulder blades and flexed for the camera.
My feelings were awkward: I had just cum the third time although my wife`s body had been destroyed in front of my eyes.
After half a minute I switched off the camera and while John went into the shower with a huge grin, I was checking her out if she was alright. Susi fell heavily onto her stool in her corner. Bathed in sweat, bending over, every muscle in her belly destroyed. Her tits were grotesquely swollen and bruised.
I bent down, brushing her pubic hair out of the way to find her labia also swollen and puffy. But I knew her very well: She was all wet. Not only from the sweat and heat in the basement. I could smell her sexual fluids and as soon as John had left I hurried to return into the ring and take my wife there and then in the state she was.
We did not care about a shower or the foreign cum on her body. I knew what she needed right now….



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Re: My boxing wife: Susanna vs John
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2020, 05:14:09 PM »
Very hot!  Love the story!


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Re: My boxing wife: Susanna vs John
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2020, 03:40:21 AM »
Thanks by the storie, is good.


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Re: My boxing wife: Susanna vs John
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Great story looking forward to more like it


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Re: My boxing wife: Susanna vs John
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 Great mixed boxing  story...


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Re: My boxing wife: Susanna vs John
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Great encounter, loved it!



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Re: My boxing wife: Susanna vs John
« Reply #6 on: April 02, 2021, 11:51:00 PM »
Entertaining story!


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Re: My boxing wife: Susanna vs John
« Reply #7 on: April 19, 2022, 11:31:45 PM »
Awesome story



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Re: My boxing wife: Susanna vs John
« Reply #8 on: May 10, 2022, 01:21:34 PM »
Entertaining story!
I'm back! I still agree!