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4 SISTERS - - - Part 1

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4 SISTERS - - - Part 1
« on: September 29, 2020, 07:49:48 PM »
As at the bottom of this post. Enjoy...

This series is written from the view of our main character Anne`s husband William.

My wife was sitting at the kitchen table sobbing. “Come on Anne….please…calm down. It is just a house!” She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “Yea William, but there are so many memories I have. It`s were we grew up.”
This morning Anne received a call from her mom that she wanted to sell their house in Wales because it was too big for her after her husband passed away some month ago. Her mom, 65 year old Wilma, had still been living there. My wife at 36 was the youngest of 4 sisters.
Her three older sisters and she were known as the “boob squad” in that tiny village next to the coast.
Mostly because all of them got their mother`s genes and were quite top heavy.
“We all want to meet there for coffee this weekend. All sisters and husbands.”
“Oh nice honey!” I gave her a kiss and was looking forward to be surrounded by a horde of busty MILFS, although the reason for the meeting would not be the happiest.
We had two children, 7 and 2 years old and would bring them along as well.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we just finished our afternoon tea. It was still warm this time of the year so Rita, the oldest sister at 47 was sporting a nice cleavage. Her freckled DD´s were highlighted in a white summer dress that was both: low cut and very very short. She was the most sportive of the sisters and was sitting next to me on the table, allowing me a nice view to her bulging cleavage.
Her husband, John, smirked at me. He knew very well I was enjoying the view. But my beautiful wife Anne was not only the youngest, she was also the biggest of the sisters. She sat on my other side, leaning forward over the table to give John an equally inviting look. Her 38G tits were almost popping out of her tank top, only held by her white lace bra in place.
Kelsey and Victoria were chatting over old pictures when they suddenly giggled. 45 year old Kelsey and 41 year old Victoria, both clad in casual blouses with major cleavage threw one of the old pictures into the middle of the table.
Kelsey said: “I wonder if that old ring is still in the basement?” Wilma`s eyes went wide in surprise.
“Ah no! Those old things were disassembled years ago!”
“Ring? What ring? You never mentioned anything!” Anne was taking my arm, pulling me over to the stairs.
“We always used to have a ring down in the basement. Mom and dad were amateur boxers and wrestlers mainly in the 80s and 90s. And when we grew older, also my sisters and me had some, let`s say competitions down there.” My cock jumped when my wife mentioned this, imagining her comparing breasts with her older sisters was quite arousing.
Wilma suddenly got up and hurried to get in front of us. “Stop! I said there is nothing in the basement. Just old furniture. Let`s rather talk about the selling…..”
My wife lifted an eyebrow and shoved her mom away. “Mom! What the hell is down there?”
Also the others got suspicious about what was going on. They followed my wife downstairs, tons of titties shaking and bouncing with each step they made on the stairs. Wilma closed her eyes in frustration and shock as if she had just seen a ghost.
Us, the husbands, looked at each other in surprise until we hurried to follow our girls downstairs.
All of them stood like frozen: In the corner of the dimly lit basement was still the old ring, but the walls were full of all sorts of BDSM Equipment. Whips of all sorts and length, chains and ropes as well as paddles. Next to the ring was an X-frame with restraining points and a gyno-chair.
Wilma had finally also arrived, her thick still sexy body coated in a nice layer of sweat, her grey hair bound in a ponytail. I was not sure if it was because of the heat or maybe it broke out because she got caught.
Kelsey shrieked in a high pitched voice: “Mom what the hell did you do down here with dad?”
Wilma suddenly got back her composure replying: “Well sweety…what does it look like? We had quite a few sessions and sex. Tons of sex. Also with friends. I am 65, not dead yet. The last decade was simply beautiful for our sex-lives.”
There was a sudden silence and nobody wanted to be the first to break it.
I was the first going over to the cross: “Could somebody please restrain me?”
There was laughter setting in from all of them, but only Victoria came closer. She had the second biggest bustline amongst the sisters, and made sure to shove her fat tits into my chest. She grabbed my wrists and tied them above my head with a serious and dominant look on her face.
She aroused me quite a bit and a noticeable boner grew in my pants. I must say that my cock equaled my size. I towered 6”4 and my package was easily 10 inches and thick as a woman`s underarm. Victoria smirked at me, opened another button on her blouse and now I was able to see parts of her brown areola. “Hmmmmmmmm….” I bit my lip since I couldn`t suppress a moan.
Again everybody laughed until Victoria grabbed my package.
“Wow! It`s huge!” I blushed as did my wife, who suddenly stepped in from behind. “Ehm…sis…well…get your hands off his cock please!”
“Or else what?”
My wife Anne was fuming, slamming her big tits into her sister`s. “Or else we can recall those old times were my tits beat the shit out of yours several times!”
There was a collective moan and their bulging tits met. Both women had smiles on their faces, knowing this way partly playful competition, but we all knew there was a certain tension that could be cut with a knife.
“Okay love! Let`s get into the ring!”
The men couldn`t believe their luck as Anne and Victoria got in the ring. My wife was clad in a Jeans Shorts and white tank top, which she pulled over her head seductively. Left only in her white lace bra that was struggling to keep her heavy G-Cups in Place, all men now had quite some trouble to stay cool.
Since we were all married to one of the busty sisters we were used to this, but the opportunities to see one of the girls barely clad like this was not really often. I remembered the last family meetings when my wife used to nurse our youngest with one of her huge swollen tits out and I was sure that John, Kevin and Mark were catching and eye of that as often as they could.
Anne was slightly overweight with close to 160lbs, but had curves in all the right places. A shapely ass, strong thighs and only a little belly fat. And of course those magnificent tits. Her slightly curly brunette hair were tied in a ponytail as well.
Victoria slowly opened button for button of her blouse until it was open, revealing a set of tits that was matching Anne`s in every aspect. Her blue lace bra could not contain them fully: There was an impressive portion of side boob and her nipples were tenting the fabric.
“Damn Mark! Did your wife grow a cup size?” He came closer proudly stating, that she grew from an F-Cup to a G over winter.
“Damn fine rack!” Mark and I were best buddies, often fishing together, he was everything but prude.
“Think our girls are sporting the best racks here.”
Kelsey interrupted while lifting her own big, slightly saggy pair: “Hey guys! Whatcha think of these?” She wiggled her rack in her arms and laughed when we both stared like school boys.
Meanwhile Anne and Victoria had there stare down in the ring and I was not sure what would happen next until their mom took over:
“Oh girls! Really? This is kinda stupid. Last you did this you where what? 18 and 22?”
Victoria replied: “Don`t tell us this is stupid while you had BDSM parties in here and got your fat ass whipped!”
“Dare you Victoria!” Wilma got a bit angry about this comment.
Each of them got in one corner, ready to go at each other although I still did not know what was going to happen. But suddenly both nodded and stormed at each other with bouncing tits…and SMAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT…..both collided full force….midair…..with a mighty SMACK….tits first.
They play auto scooter with their boobs! The collision was so heavy, that both dropped on their asses and held their aching breasts. Their bras were still in place but slightly disarranged.
They got in position for another run and my cock was aching to be released before the started running at each other again.
The whole ring was shaking, super heavy naturals bouncing as they ….. SMATTTTTTTTTTTT…..collided once again. They each had to twist their heads to the side to avoid a collison and thrust their tits out to cause only their airbags to ram into each other.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Both groaned and crashed to their asses again. 160lbs on each titfighter met full force and I feared ribs might break. “Holy shit Anne are you alright?”
My wife clutched her tits with a grimace of pain. “I am alright. Maybe a bit too old for this.”
In the corner of my eye I watched the other couples watching in awe and Rita and Kelsey were massaging their husband’s cocks through their pants.
Victoria had gotten back up and pointed at my wife`s tits: “You are leaking Anne Darling!” Anne watched in shock as two wet patches had formed on her bra and made it kind of transparent. “But you stopped nursing two months ago!”
Anne blushed and said nothing.
The sisters were up for the next run and when they collided this time, both did not moan out loud. No they screamed in pain! I got goosebumps all over my arms.
Both bra clasps failed and their tits were hanging unsupported. Victoria and Anne had forgotten about us, not covering at all. We all could witness that each of the women was judging her chances in a real fight.
They mashed them together with a meaty SMATTTTT….until they were bulging to the sides.
Forehead to forehead….nose to nose…nobody was giving in.
Suddenly Rita made a proposal: “Why don`t you use this ring for a proper fight and forget about this teenie bullshit?”
Kelsey added: “Rita this ain`t no bullshit. You are just jealous because I defeated you so many times in there.”
Rita snapped back: “Oh Miss saggy tits defeated me. True. But these days I would kick your ass severely.” Rita, although being almost 50, flexed her fit biceps for her sister to witness her strength. And it worked. Kelsey gulped and shut up.
We already heard the kids upstairs who had been in the garden so far, the older ones taking care of the little ones.
Wilma shouted that we would be up in a minute. John pulled out his phone, got in the ring and took a picture of Victoria and Anne. Their massive mashing tits were truly a sight!
“So girls? What do you say? A little fight evening in one month from now?”
Victoria nodded and I could see some doubts in my wife`s eyes. But she finally agreed. Next to me in front of the ring also Rita and Kelsey bumped into each other:
“If you are no chicken we can fight as well.” Rita stared into Kelsey`s eyes who returned the view. “Sure old sister. I am going to defeat you like in our titfights twenty years ago.”
So the fights were on: The older sisters Rita and Kelsey would fight each other as well as my wife Anne and Victoria.
They simply put on their blouse and tank top with their underwear being destroyed by the short fight. We all went upstairs again and killed the lights. But the tension between the sisters stayed and the next two hours were really hard for me. Their natural braless tits were tenting their outfits, nipples big and erect.
Victoria made sure to brush and grab my cock under the table. But this time Anne was not fuming: she simply returned the hold on Mark`s balls and went so far, that he blew his load into his pants.
He hoped that nobody had noticed, but could suppress a moan and Victoria knew very well what was going on. “Suddenly” she and Mark had to leave.
We all said goodbye and stayed a little longer. But we left before dinner and I was happy not to be surrounded by so many beautiful women anymore. Finally, after three hours, my erection subsided.
When I started the engine of our car, our kids instantly fell asleep after hours of playing in the garden.
“Anne, what the fuck just happened at your mom`s house?”
My wife blushed, staying silent.
“I mean we have never behaved like this before.” My voice maybe showed a bit of concern.
“William before we met we were all kind of wild. You know….parting…fighting…and our parents.”
“Why have you never told me anything about their fighting?”
“Oh yes Will, sorry I never told you. But mom often did foxy boxing and ended up topless and dad did some mixed wrestling with other women that were barely clad at all.”
We both started laughing and returned home. My mind was racing and after dinner and when the kids were sent to bed, we both headed into the shower. My smartphone was showing an incoming message with the picture attached, that John took of the mashing boobies. We got rid of our clothes as fast as possible. WE were both horny and turned on the hot water.
It was cascading down Anne`s curvy body. “She whispered into my ear with a husky voice: Who is your tit queen? Me or Victoria?” She grabbed my huge boner and wanked it slowly. I just grunted, not able to answer.
No need to say that only moments later I fucked the shit out of my wife. Our sex life had slowed down recently, but today`s events turned us on so much, that we stayed in the shower for a full hour, pleasuring ourselves.
We were both exhausted and happy after that marathon. I had cum three times while my wife had to endure multiple orgasms caused by my huge cock as well as my tongue. Her tits had started leaking under the hot water and I did my best to suck them and squeeze them until she was empty.
As we toweled off, I asked my wife why the milk was back.
“Will I have to admit I continued to pump at least once a day. I wanted to keep the milk since it makes my boobies firmer and bigger.”
I smiled, cupped her heavy mounds in my hands.
My phone made noises again and we checked the messages. Victoria had sent my pics of her tits and they looked awesome. My wife wanted to start an argument straight away but I put a finger across her lips to keep her silent, took a pic of her superb G-Cups with a milk drop on each tit and sent it back to her sister with the comment: “Guess who just milked me three times?”

There was silence for days until I returned from work on Friday and Anne was already waiting for me. She was in a strange mood when she told me Victoria called her today.
“William she told me how much she wanted your cock as a price after the fight. One word led to another and we decided that a tifight would not be enough to decide who will get you. So we agreed on boxing.”
“Damn Anne you are no boxer!”
We argued quite a bit in the next days, but things went worse. The sisters texted each other, sent pictures of our cocks and other dirty things.
One week later Anne started to hit the gym and told me, that Victoria and she met in a coffee bar. “She wanted to wrestle me. She wants no rules at all!”
I gulped. “Did you agree?”
She shook her head. “Not yet.”
“And what kind of fight will your other sisters have?”
I sighed. “Do whatever it needs to take her apart.” She smiled and hugged me, pressing her fat tits into my chest. I sucked them every day several times now and her milk flow had returned as if she was still nursing. She was getting bigger and bigger and when fully engorged, she was an H-Cup now.
“So it will be a boxing and NHB wrestling fight?”
Anne turned into a little slut during the time before the actual fight. She got her fat udders out, sat on my lap and guides them to my mouth where I should drink.
“And we also agreed to stakes for the looser….”
I was so hard……


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Re: 4 SISTERS - - - Part 1
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2020, 04:10:52 AM »
Love the story, awesome narration, rooting for Anne, cant wait for the next edition
me into wrestling, catfighting, erotic, tagteam, fun , rough tough, all at the same time if possible lol dont matter who win so long its good let me know if ur interested in chatting or more..5'7" 160

BTW it be nice if you can reply to messages


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Re: 4 SISTERS - - - Part 1
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2020, 08:55:31 PM »
Like to see Kelsey in her fight...She looks tough to me.  I'm going for her.


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Re: 4 SISTERS - - - Part 1
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2020, 12:30:11 PM »
We will part is hopefully coming today....