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Sluts Part2 of 2

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Sluts Part2 of 2
« on: August 19, 2010, 10:12:30 PM »

Tonya Harding's Slut Punishing Party   Part 2 of 2

Now Linda was only being mauled by Paula and Monica, Paula able to get back at the blonde's crotch when Amy went down to help Tonya have a more violent orgasm! And Monica had left off on Linda's face and hair and was clawing, twisting and yanking at Linda's breasts, while the screaming blonde was retaliating against Monica's soft, B-cupped, fatty mounds of breast gland for the brunette's actively messing-up of HER beautifully sculpted tits!

Paula was really at Linda's crotch area, not concentrating on Amy's earlier target, Linda's vagina, but busily tearing out tufts of her blonde pubic hair, Linda's screams mostly from that, not surprisingly because the roots were down around a well filled nerve center ! Amy, busy with Tonya's breasts, her own pussy getting wildly excited over Tonya's breasts,  looked up to see Linda's clit beginning to swell out again and  realized that Paula's mauling was increasing Linda's sex and turned her gaze down to Tonya's squirming crotch to release the  tit and dig into Tonya's slippery pussy, an action that was
interpreted by Tonya's libido as MORE SEX and increased the size of Tonya's extending and swelling clitoris !

A summary of this scenario would show Paula and Monica both near orgasms as they tortured their blonde victim Linda who was almost  enjoying all this sexual manipulation. Her one hand found one of Monica's breasts and she began working at getting loud shrieks from her ex-girlfriend, finding herself getting herself into hard orgiastic spasms when Monica's swollen nipples began spurting the milk from inside her big breasts  and actually lubricating Paula's hand as it grasped Linda's blonde pussy hair for ripping. Paula noticed this and also saw Linda's clit size increasing and screamed, "YOU
FUCKING BITCH, YOU LIKE THIS AND ARE GETTING OFF OVER IT !" and her own crazed mind shifted to getting Linda into a massive orgasm with her milk-slimed fist, plunging it in deep as Linda's shrieking brought on her own satisfying blasts !   

Nearby were Amy and Tonya, both also into violent orgasms when Tonya was able to get one shaking hand up into Amy's cxnt to bring on the brunette's pleasure blasting !  This loving action was taken the wrong way because Amy's lack of catfighting experience told her that Tonya was really ATTACKING HER PRECIOUS PUSSY, this now instigating a wild and dirty catfight between Amy and Tonya ! At the same time Paula and Monica were both working over the screaming Linda, the party was now boiling down to a 3 to 2 advantage for the brunettes as winners !

Not to last however, another woman entered into all this and being a redhead sided with the two blondes. Linda and Tonya. Kathleen Willey was another 'Bill' woman who had been invited by Tonya, but had indicated a late arrival and now she saw the two blondes being mauled by Amy, Paula and Monica and screamed that this wasn't  a 'fair fight', diving into the double teamed brunettes, Monica and Paula to help the shrieking Linda. Paula's brown hair was nearest and Kate dragged the angry brunette away from Linda's now completely nuded crotch. Linda's blonde pubic hair now in small tufts
next to her squirming, thrashing crotch, Paula went at this new blonde, with gusto and found her pubic hair, not blonde, but flaming red, "I CAN GIVE YOU A HAIRCUT JUST LIKE THIS BLONDE BITCH !" Paula screamed, but Kate was already into all this wild sex fighting and got in a vicious kick up into Paula's bare crotch that put the angry brunette flat on the floor, rolling back and forth, gasping from the brutal kick, both hands holding her aching crotch as Kate looked around for another brunette to finish off  and then help Tonya with the remaining bitch !

The nearest battle was still that of Monica and Linda, both of whom Kate recognized. Understanding why this particular fight was going on, Kate got to her knees to watch how Monica was making the exhausted Linda sorry about blabbing to the world  (and Ken Starr) about Bill, but also Kate was annoyed about what she had gotten from Bill, so her help went toward the nearly beaten and mauled Linda. Monica was not in as good a condition as Linda, but with Paula's help the chunky brunette had been really rough on Linda until Paula went down to the floor holding her aching pussy in both
hands from Kate's fast attack ! Now Monica would have two angry blondes as her opponents and was in for it from them both !

Yanking Monica off the blonde, Kate let Linda have the chunky brunette for several minutes of retaliation,  nodding assent when Linda got into Monica with some deep pussy clawing and finally when Monica fainted, Kate pulled the hopped-up, crazed blonde away and got up to help her hostess Tonya with Amy who was concentrating on a deep fisting
of the screaming, blonde, hostess-instigator's vagina, but with her fist open wide and twisting and thrusting violently, Tonya screaming from this terrible form of sexual gratification, but still into one eye-popping orgasm after another from the excited, wide-eyed Amy !

"Get your hand out of her lovely pussy!" Kate ordered, but Amy's "Fuck you, bitch" got the redhead angry, and between Kate and the empty-pussied Tonya, Amy was sorry she was at this wild catfight and screamed for mercy for the several minutes  it took for both blonde and redhead to really enjoy their torture-orgasms over having  Amy's small, soft breasts in their sucking, biting mouths!
Back to the excited Linda, she had crawled over to the beaten Paula, growling, "LET'S SEE HOW YOU LIKE TO HAVE SOMBODY BITING YOUR TITS, YOU SLUT !" dropping her face down on Paula's chest to carry out her 'tit-test'. Tonya, smiling as she glanced over to see Linda's retaliating on Paula's breasts for her own breast mauling by the bitchy brunette, and quietly watching this mauling finally tapped Linda on the shoulder saying, "C'MON LINDA, SHE JUST PASSED OUT, SAVE THOSE BIG TITS FOR LATER WHEN WE HAVE A BRUNETTE-SHRIEKING CONTEST TO SEE WHICH
 OF THEM CAN TAKE THAT EIGHTEEN INCH DILDO FULL-LENGTH !" Tonya having casually mentioned this during the short "catfight rules'' reading earlier !

Linda looked up and gritted, "I want that dirty bitch Monica next !" as Tonya smiled back, she's all yours, but please don't kill her, there are two more blondes who'd like to have her themselves !"  Kate, busy with the screaming Amy whom she had awakened to 'enjoy' some personal punishment, added, "You bet, I'd like some time with her too. Thought she was so hot giving blow-jobs like a common teenager !"