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Sluts Part 1 of 2

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Sluts Part 1 of 2
« on: August 19, 2010, 10:13:53 PM »

Tonya Harding's Slut Punishing Party   Part 1 of 2

Tonya, that aggressive blonde bitch decided to draft these five notorious women into two catfight teams as blonde/brunette who would  maul each other using dirty holds and vicious torturing, being the FILTHY SLUTS that many think they are.  Tonya, a dirty, kneecap smashing provacateur- slut, herself has picked Linda Tripp as a confidence-breaking slut, for reporting Monica Lewinsky's fling with 'Bill'.  Linda and Tonya's blonde hair placed them as blondes in this team-oriented dirty catfight that would provide them all with monstrous erotic stimulation from the very dirty catfighting and nasty
torturing Tonya was planning to promote for these  DIRTY SLUTS to do to each other for everyone's 'enjoyment' !   

 The very sexxy-looking Paula Jones was also on Tonya's list with a similar 'Bill' connection, although her earlier SLUTTY appearance had probably been her principal attraction to him as much as for Tonya !  The younger Amy Fisher was also on Tonya's slit list for shooting "Tony's"  wife so as to have him for herself ! Of course, Monica herself was on the list as a victim of  Linda's tattling !  With she and Linda being the only blondes, Tonya also enlisted Kathleen Willey, another of  Bill's activities, but the big blonde was to be late in arriving and would probably help to tip the balance for the already
fighting three-to-two brunette advantage - even more so while Tonya was into excited viewer mode watching the obvious three-on-one mauling of the victim, Linda Tripp, the bitch already being hated for her inolvement with Monica's oral 'executive' activities !

It happened by chance, but the vans bringing the four contestants to Tonya's home had them all on board at the same time. Monica immediately recognized Linda Tripp , as did the ultra bitchy Paula Jones and these two sat together as Monica filled in Paula as to the lies 'that snotty, lying bitch', her ex-friend Linda had spread about 'Bill' ! Paula's experience with 'Bill' had some similarity to Monica's and when Amy Fisher got in the same row with Paula and Monica these three SLUTTY BRUNETTE BITCHES' became a 'Let's-get-Linda' Committee that would fit nicely into Tonya's dirty catfighting plans,
Paula already knowing of Tonya's website details was as experienced as the blonde hostess although Tonya had some latent and painful ways about overcoming female opponents !
When the 'combatants' arrived, Tonya hosted them with plenty of liquor and delicious canapes plus many carefully selected catfight videos featuring the dirtiest, clawing, biting, hair-ripping battles that were ever produced and were very difficult to obtain due to the content. The blonde bitch wanted to spur her guests into NEARLY KILLING each other, no-rules and unfair combinations (2 on 1) encouraged and then Tonya would have the most gratifying, violent, jism-spurting, catfight orgasms ever  as she got to see in great detail what they all did to each others' sex parts (hair, faces, breasts, pussies) !

As hostess, Tonya had planned A VERY ACTIVE PARTY, the drug-spiked drinks bringing on aggressive traits and it was a relatvely short time before the blonde/brunette insulting began with "SLUT, BITCH, WHORE " assignments being delivered between Linda and the three brunettes, Tonya feigning concern and feebly trying to calm things down until a three-on-one started on the lone blonde, Linda. It started when Linda got up and slapped Monica's face for being called a "Fucking traitorous whore !" and receiving an ineffectual cxnt kick as retaliation. Monica was already nude, following Tonya's
advice on disrobing because of the heat that she had deliberately turned up!  But Linda was still partially clothed, her VERY attractive breasts inside a tight bra visible inside an expensive blouse, although she had already dropped her skirt and so presented an easy target for Monica's retaliating, dirty, but ineffective cxnt kick into her pantyless crotch !

Linda went for Monica's hair as the brunette screamed in pain and initiated Tonya's  expected three-on-one as Paula and Amy grabbed at Linda and the three of them went down atop the screaming Linda, Tonya nearly blastng into her first orgasm at the speed with which they overcame the shrieking blonde. Monica had tried another ineffectual cxnt kick, but Paula. grabbing Linda's long hair really got the blonde down on the floor. Monica and Amy dove in to pin Linda down as Paula, spurred by Tonya's videos had her foot slamming into Linda's crotch to really hurt the traitorous blonde bitch for a
quick win and then some delicious torturing as seen earlier in Tonya's banned videos !  Tonya, from her seat nearby,  screamed her approval of Linda's pussy being violently smashed as Linda shrieked wildly at the brunette bitch Paula's  repeated kicks as she lay  prone trying to hold back Paula's foot from driving up into her bare crotch and aching pussy a third and fourth time !

Dropping to her knees next to the gasping blonde who lay with both hands clamped in her blood-oozing crotch from Paula's dirty cxnt-kicking and rolling from side-to-side from the ache  Paula glanced down at Linda's torn-open blouse to check her breasts for serious mauling.  Because the blonde Linda had a pair of extremely attractive, firm, long, narrow and jutting breasts, (one of Tonya's shticks) revealling that she didn't ever need a bra to make those gorgeous tits stand out so far from her now-bared chest ! With that view of those gorgeous mammaries so near and vulnerable, Paula quickly
straddled Linda's thrashing body planning to do her best to those beautiful breast glands with her nails and fingers (teeth, too?) as Linda knowing what was coming, responded by clawing at Paula's breasts which were more spherical and tighter to her chest !

When Linda had gotten the bigger brunette's tight bra off her big, soft glands, her clawing fingers really dug in hard under each big breast, fingers pressed tight against Paula's ribs as Linda screamed her intentions of ripping them both off Paila's body ! while the brunette grabbed Linda's left gland with both hands for violent twisting, squeezing and hard pulling away from the blonde's heaving chest !  The first dirty tit-fight now just beginning for the excited, Amy, Monica and Tonya !

"YOU STUPID BITCH, YOU THOUGHT THESE FAT BLOBS WERE SO HOT !  THEY WON'T LOOK SO GOOD AFTER I'VE RIPPED THEM OFF YOUR UGLY BODY !" Linda quite obsessed with mauling her slutty-bitch brunette opponent  to a quick,screaming surrender even as the brunette was gazing wide-eyed at Linda's display of "bosom beauty"  Those narrow, jutting firm glands working on Paula's already excited mind  even as her own ample breasts were being badly mauled ! With Linda's blouse torn away, Monica and Amy tore off the rest of Linda's bra , their violent action twisting 
and mauling the firm, jutting mounds as Paula, screaming in pain from Linda's severe clawing of HER big, round breasts. shouted for them to really "Get those damn tits good on that blonde bitch, she's trying to wreck mine !"

Paula had fought this way before and suddenly bending down, her mouth gaping open wide to bite down hard onto Linda's projecting, narrow, left gland - intending to get a swift surrender from the screaming blonde. But Linda's own catfighting experience already had one hand reaching up into Paula's panty-less crotch and seeking out the upper end of her jism-drooling pussy for a tight grip that also contained Paula's swelling clitoris, that organ already visible partway through the excited brunette's thin inner and outer vulva ! The slutty brunette bitch Paula was already on the way to an orgasm over
having Linda's pretty breast captured in her biting mouth, but now this violent attack to her 'sacred' pussy had interrupted it and she became wildly angry , even though Linda's nails were doing her bidding on the swelling organ she had found poking out of Paula's vulva and the pain from that action was significant, Paula REALLY shrieking at Linda's terrible hold on that sensitive organ ! "TRYING TO RUIN MY PRETTY BREASTS, HUH YOU DIRTY WHORE ! HOW DOES THIS FEEL, HUH ?"  Linda was screaming from down under the shrieking Paula Jones - the brunette's swollen clitoris now
being brutally clawed by the blonde's sharp nails ! !

Paula's horified shriek got both Monica and Amy's attention and Monica giggled, "Looks like that dirty bitch ex-friend of mine is getting her stinking tits well-bitten  - I LOVE IT !" Then to punctuate her thrill at Linda's breast biting, she dove at Amy's soft, flabby, right breast with one hand, after tearing her bra open at the front, the idea of Linda's very attractive breast being bitten by the brunette bitch Paula wildly exciting her to proceed with her own breast biting of Amy's thrashing chest !.  Tonya's choices of dirty catfight videos was really effective and the blonde fight-hostess was as excited as her
hopped-up guests about so much breast mauling so early in these exciting catfights ! Tonya also realized how effective the aggressiveness drug she had spiked all the drinks served, including her own was being !

Amy was also screaming at Monica who was sucking hard at the younger brunette's soft, immature left breast ! "What are you doing to me ?" Amy squealed, "We're on the same team !" as Monica realized her action was the result of enhancing the orgasm she was having over Paula and Linda's attacks to each other's sex parts and released Amy's saliva-smeared breast from her mouth and gasped, "I'm sorry Amy, Paula biting that bitch's tit just got to me so fast - I'm sorry !" as her 'victim' inspected her soft gland, holding it in both hands and twisting it around to see if their were any teeth-marks from
Monica's tentative, light chewing !

But Paula's own excitement ended when Linda's clawing hand crushed her hardening clit and she gave up her breast-biting hold on Linda's beautiful gland to shriek her disapproval of the terrible clit mauling she was getting from the blonde Linda ! "OH GAWD, HELP !" she shrieked, "THIS DIRTY BLONDE BITCH IS RUINING MY cxnt ! SHE'S GOT MY CLIT OUT OF MY PUSSYAND IS CLAWING IT !  AAIIIIIIH, SHE'S KILLING ME !" Paula's diagnosis of Linda;s pussy attack was completely accurate, the blonde bitch had felt the hardening clit instantly and yanked it further out of Paula's
pussy for a vicious mauling with her sharp nails digging and scraping the nerve-laden, sensitive surface ! Linda's attack to Paula's cxnt was now the worst that the brunette had ever sufferred from and was wildly spiking up this dirty catfight in all of their oversexed minds !   

As the other blonde, Tonya was down  on her knees watching Paula's squirming groin from two feet away. Aghast at what her 'sister blonde' Linda was doing to Paula's tortured clitoris,  Tonya  sided with Linda's brutal mauling,   "THAT'S IT LINDA, YOU'VE GOT HER GOOD, REALLY RIP THAT DIRTY THING GOOD AND HARD, IT'S ALREADY BLEEDING - MAKE HER SHRIEK SOME MORE !"  the dirty bitch blonde Tonya wild with the fighting excitement and Paula's tender clitoris being terribly mauled by her 'sister' blonde ! Linda was getting back at the brunette bitch for the biting that
she had received minutes before and relished hearing Paula's anguished shrieks !

Off, several feet away, Amy was weeping at Monica's mild bites to both of her breasts, the dirty bitch no longer on top of her smaller team mate, both hands had been squeezing the prone Amy's two soft breasts together for a double-biting of Amy's tits, an effective way of  really winning a dirty catfight ! But Monica's apology finally satisfied Amy and they watched Linda doing her best to Paula's squirming crotch, But now they both heard Paula's shrieks about what Linda was doing to her cxnt and extended clitoris and Amy gasped at Monica, "Leave my tits alone, listen to what that blonde bitch is
doing to poor Paula!" Knowing Monica wanted to get at Linda anyway for her blabbing about she and Bill, Amy gasped crawling toward Linda "WE'VE GOT TO HELP HER WITH THAT BLONDE BITCH, LISTEN TO HER SHRIEKS OF PAIN !" as Monica gave up on Amy's soft breasts to glance at Linda getting Paula's sensitive, swollen clit, but good with her nails !

These two brunettes disentangled themselves and quickly crawled over to help Paula with Linda whose really terrible mauling of the brunette's clitoris was even getting to Tonya as she backed away as the two brunettes approached this dirty, cxnt-mauling blonde bitch and her shrieking  victim,  Paula Jones ! Amy DID complain to Monica that her bitchy tit biting hurt, but "Did turn her on a little, TOO !" Amy's face already red and excited about this wild sex !

Monica went right at Linda's hair and face, screaming, "NOW YOU DIRTY BITCH, THIS IS FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME AND  'BILL' !" as Tonya's face lit up at this nearly forgotten situation she had re-opened ! The blonde hostess momentarily forgot her 'blonde allegiance' to  Linda as she screamed, "THAT'S IT MONICA, CLAW UP THAT DIRTY SLUT'S FACE AND RIP OUT HER STINKING HAIR - REALLY GIVE IT TO HER GOOD !"  beet-red with this new/old twist to her instigated, dirty catfight between all these DIRTY SLUTS, particularly Monica and the traitorous bitch, Linda ! 

Then glancing at the open-mouthed brunette Amy Fisher who had followed the crusading Monica over to the other fighting couple, Tonya grabbed the slender little girl and pushed her down near Linda's thrashing crotch, after tearing Paula's hand away from the blonde's shrinking clitoris that showed some blood from Paula's clawing !

So wound up about this fight, Tonya screamed at Amy, "YOU STUPID LITTLE TWAT, GET AT LINDA'S cxnt AND FIND HER CLIT FOR SOME HARD BITING !"  now really crazy at all this dirty fighting ! But Amy Fisher was in the middle of her first catfight and following her mentor, Tonya's suggestion, dug her hand up into Linda's slimy vagina, not really knowing where Linda's clitoris was  located and began feeling around inside the blonde's vagina for this TARGET !  In actuality, Linda's clitoris was already extending out SEVERAL INCHES alongside of Amy's slender wrist, but the
inexperienced YOUNG 'TWAT' wasn't aware of it and was really worried that if she DID find this mysterious organ inside Linda's tight vagina, "Would she have to put her face into Linda's pussy to BITE IT? "  Considering the lezzy relationship she'd had some time ago with another girl, this didn't really sound so terrible - but now it was DIFFERENT, that dirty SLUT Linda had to be punished ! 

Amy had heard Paula's earlier screamed appraisal of the blonde's pussy not being exactly odor-free (what a surprise !) and was naturally reluctant to do anything close to Linda's except for  all this catfight sex going on,  this was due to her excitement over one of Tonya's prepping catfight videos that featured two catfighters who strongly resembled Linda Evans and Joan Collins. Amy was always a Linda Evans fan in the TV series DALLAS (who wasn't) and even though Linda Tripp looked nothing like the other Linda, the name association had an effect on Amy and she was comparatively GENTLE
with her search for Linda's HOLY GRAIL CLITORIS ! During the prepping video 'Linda Evans' had been 'badly beaten' when 'Joan Collins' had gotten both hands on the blonde's breasts from behind her and spent several very-detailed minutes squeezing and generally mauling the blonde actress' soft breasts, making "Linda's" milk squirt out from between "Joan's" crushing fingers to deliver a mixed effect on blonde lovers/haters who watched this ghastly tit-mauling, Linda's big, soft tits floppong up and down and in circles, being squeezed into grotesque shapes by Joan's clawing hands, Linda's creamy
milk flying in all directions - even into the video camera lenses !  The 'video Linda' had finally squirmed around and when Joan released one breast from her tight grip, Amy's heroine was able to get her face into Joan's pussy and get a few horrified shrieks from the brunette Joan Collins !   
Tonya, kneeling behind Amy and seeing that the younger girl didn't know about clits, yanked Amy's exploring hand out of Linda's vagina and pressed it down on top pf the blonde's shrinking sex organ! "THAT'S HER CLIT YOU DOPE, GRAB IT AND YANK IT HARD AND MAKE HER SCREAM !" our blonde hostess nearly into orgasm at all this! Linda's screaming got even louder when Amy got the slippery organ in her grip, and Tonya fell backwards onto the mats, her two hands doing a violent augmentation to the orgasm Linda's screaming had started, Amy stared down at the gasping Tonya,
realizing that she was into her wild pleasure of female orgasm, Tonya's jism spurting out from between her fingers and into the air above her thrusting, squirming pussy ! Tonya was getting off over her 'blonde-sister' getting clit-mauled - this might develop into another problem later ?

Really surprised at this demonstration of an orgiastic spasm, Amy let go of Linda's rock-hard, swollen clit and with great excitement got to her knees alongside her spasming hostess to help her with her violent pleasures by seizing both of Tonya's flopping breasts as she rolled back and forth, recalling how her own orgasms would continue for much longer whenever she squeezed her youthful tits as the bursts inside her lower belly semed to explode even harder ! Now the screaming blonde Tonya was learning the same lesson as Amy's tight, twisting, clawing grips brought on new, more-pleaureable
orgiastic blasts for the blonde hostess !