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4 SISTERS - - - Part 3 --- Anne vs. Victoria

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4 SISTERS - - - Part 3 --- Anne vs. Victoria
« on: October 08, 2020, 05:10:31 PM »
Those pictures of the fight and penalty session would for sure stay for long in our memories, and were filling my wife with fear. Her fight was coming closer and Victoria was anything but pleased of her husband’s behavior. Only half an hour ago he had gotten my wife`s dangling tits under the milking table, to be rewarded with her milk.
Victoria`s boobs were more than big and pretty, but she could not match Anne`s tits at the moment that were even bigger and heavier. They were still fully engorged and all veiny, dents showing were the glands were full to the max.
Suddenly I was not so sure anymore that the fight in this state would be a good idea. I hugged Anne and kissed her, just moments before she climbed into the ring. Victoria and she wore matching red high cut leotards, which left their massive tits free for all to see. Also their sexy big asses were on full display. Anne was basically warming up when Victoria came over to me, put my hands on her heavy tits and kissed me.
Her kiss was soft and sensual and she was grabbing my huge cock that got hard in her hands in seconds. “Oh Will! I want you after I have drained your wife…..” She moaned loud enough for all to hear. Anne was fuming now, leaning over the top rope, udders hanging down: “Get into the ring cxnt! Hands off my hubby!”
Victoria went over to the ring apron, latching her fingers onto Anne`s nipples and started pulling. My wife shrieked with her udders being pulled down. She had to grab the ropes not to be pulled out of the ring further, while Victoria was laughing evilly. She got rewarded by the first milk already, milking Anne`s teats. Her nipples elongated and squirted milk all over her sister.
The other couples followed more than interested, either cheering for one of the fighters. Suddenly it was Wilma that guided me to the milking table dominantly belly down. My huge cock was hanging down, more or less since I was rock hard, and Anne`s mom got under me, taking care of my cock with her hands and mouth.
“HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…..” I moaned while she worked my manhood over like an expert, while I watched my wife being pulled along the ropes by her nipples. The bottom side of her veiny udders chafed along the rubber until they reached a corner and Victoria let go of her. Her mammaries jumped back in shape but her left tit received a vicious haymaker before Victoria entered the ring as well.
Anne cradled her left tit that was stinging with pain. Victoria charged into her, eager to shoulder tackle her into the corner post. But my wife moved out of the way and Vicci impacted tits first. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Anne was fast to kick her boot onto that curvy ass of her sister, nearly kicking her out of the ring.
Victoria cursed, but leaning half out of the ring barely holding onto the middle ropes was a very unhappy position.
Anne got momentum and her tits bounced and slapped onto her belly until she jumped, driving her elbow into her sister`s lower back. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Victoria clutched her back sinking to her knees in that corner, tits resting on one of the padded turnbuckles.
Both warriors were so incredibly sexy that I had to tell Wilma to slow down her blow job or else I would blow my load in less than a minute. Meanwhile my wife climbed the middle rope, her sister underneath her spread legs. She held onto the top rope for balance and suddenly put her foot onto her sister`s right breast. The tit meat was oozing between her combat boot and the padding of the turnbuckle with the blonde bombshell screaming out in pain.
My wife snapped: “Who`s gonna be milked sister love?” More and more pressure was added to that tit as she shifted her body weight. Victoria grabbed her ankle, trying to unbalance her, but Anne stayed in place crushing the beautiful G-Cup as long as she wanted.
Victoria sobbed and suddenly saw no other option than to bite into her calve.
Anne screamed in shock, released that tit and kicked Victoria backwards. She landed in a heap, cradling her reddened orb while Anne was still on the middle ropes holding her calve with the nasty bite mark.
As Victoria grabbed the other ankle where basically all of her weight was resting on, I knew what was coming. She pulled harshly, taking away her footing. SMATTTTTT! Both of her mammoth engorged tits hit the top of the turnbuckle/rope, tearing at the base of her tits and releasing streams of milk.
Anne crashed unhealthy into that corner, partly holding onto the top rope to stop her fall.
Meanwhile Victoria was back on her feet, grabbing a good portion of Anne`s hair as well as one arm, flinging her into the opposing corner. She hit back first, all sexy curves shaking upon impact. WHAM!
She was coughing but had no time to recover as she was sent once again through the ring, impacting in the next corner. The weight of her heavy tits, rocking on her chest was enough to cause pain. Those huge globes were simply not made for running, but were a spectacular view for all witnessing couples.
Kelsey and Kevin as well as Rita and John were watching spellbound and turned on. Both men were hard and the women touching themselves as Anne was on the receiving end. I balled my fists not to cum since Welma was still giving me a blow- and handjob, hardly able to handle the 10 inch monster hanging down from the milking table.
Victoria got hold of the top ropes while placing her boot under Anne right udder, lifting it close to her face and putting immense pressure to the bottom. Milk erupted like from a geyser, spraying fountains that were nearly 4 feet high hitting her own face.
“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” I could not hold back anymore, filling my mother in laws throat with unknown amounts of sperm. While my wife`s tit was crushed and drained, my balls were drained as well.
Welma was beneath me with cum drooling out of her mouth, running down her own big mature tits. What a sight! She had a sitiesfied look on her face, running her fingers through her mature hairy cxnt.
Anne had gotten hold of that ankle of her sister, twisting it and causing her first to stumble and then to fall on her ass. Her big milk udder flopped down onto her belly with a slap. The pain that was showing on her face was a clear sign how hard the fight was fought.
But she did not let go, bent the leg back and WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Kicked Victoria`s thigh hard. Her sister rolled on the mat, holding her hurt leg. The two of them were not professional wrestlers so their actions were somehow weird, but effective. Anne grabbed both legs and with her older sister still on her belly, she started to drag her through the ring. Victoria had to go on her arms if she did not want her tits to take damage and get burns on the canvas.
She cursed at my wife, trying to follow her in reverse gear, but after some meters failed since her arms did not have enough power and crashed tits first into the canvas. The big G-Cups oozed to the sides and were dragged over the floor for another two meters until they reached the corner. “AAAAEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed and breathed heavily resting for a few moments. My wife hurried to use her state to slip out of the ring and get hold of her ankles again.
“No! Please!” Victoria`s eyes widened as she noticed that her sister was suddenly pulling harshly!
WHAM! She connected pussy first into the post of the ring when Anne pulled back!
WOAAAAAAAAAA! Such a brutality! I shuddered as I watched still from the milking table. Victoria could not scream! She was in shock and the impact of her labia and pubic bone froze her. Anne raised her fist, quite sure that move was the ending of a fast match. Her skin glistened with sweat and milk sexily as she re-entered the ring, eager to pick up Victoria by her hair and finish her.
She pulled her blonde mane, got her to her knees and WHAM! Received a pussy blow that basically smashed the fabric between her pussy lips. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” She let go and Victoria snarled: “You want a pussy war? You can get it!”
She managed to get to her feet, grabbed the red fabric of the Leotard in the front and thong area and ripped it upwards to give my wife a text book wedgie. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEE!” She howled in pain as the fabric tore her pussy lips apart and revealed her sweet kitty with her trimmed pubic hair. She got to her tip toes to relief some pressure, but Victoria`s biceps bulged with the effort that she put into that move.
My wife screamed, but her sister showed no mercy after the move she just had to endure on the corner post, even trying to pull the fabric through the moist lips pulling either in the front or in the back. She grabbed her wrists to unlock her hands, which only let Victoria grab her pussy directly in a claw hold in the front while maintaining the pulling of the thong part.
Anne moaned and screamed sexily as her pussy was clawed, the soft lips and clit crushed, sending waves of pain through her lower regions. She failed to remove the claw, deciding to sling her left arm around her sister’s neck instead. She pulled her into the top portion of her engorged breast and tried to cut off her air supply, but noticed after a few moments that this caused actually even more pain also to her tit. Victoria did not loosen the claw either, so Anne fell to her knees and was suddenly free.
Down on all 4s, tits hanging like two swollen cow udders leaking milk, Victoria simply grabbed the back of her Leo and pulled up harshly.
She lifted Anne from the floor 1 foot, causing a new wave of screams and the fabric to bite into her wet pussy. Suddenly the fabric slipped from her sweaty shoulders and she dropped to the floor onto her belly. WHAM! Tits and belly hit the canvas, ass shaking upon impact.
She rolled to the side holding her fanny, her fighting suit wedged deep into her. Victoria took a small rest, leaning over the ropes pointing at me. “Luckily you can have this when your wife`s cute cxnt is out of order!” Saying that, Victoria slipped the fabric from her pussy, showing me her sweaty sex. Shaved clean, inner lips hanging out. Damn that got me hard again!
Welma moaned with lust as the life returned to my member, eagerly taking care of it again. She had decades of experience in sucking cock and it felt so wonderful.
Victoria had put one leg on the middle robe, rubbing her kitty and giving me a perfect view when my wife attacked from behind. Hammering her closed fist from underneath with a SMATTTT made me wince and Victoria scream out.
The two of them got into the middle of the ring now and as if by silent agreement, started a little pussy kicking contest. They took turns stomping their fight boots into each other`s pussies several times. Screaming, trying to rub away the pain before the own kick followed.
“Wow! That`s sisterly love!”, Rita commented.
First to connect with the kick was Victoria. Her right boot smashed into Anne`s hairy pussy, lifting her to her tip toes. Her face a grimace of agony, she was able to answer the kick after about ten seconds.
SMATTTTTT! Victoria`s strong curvy body was sent backwards into the ropes by the force of the blow and she rubbed her sore kitty. She answered again with a vicious kick into my wife`s pussy, sending her down to her knees. Anne moaned out loud, holding her sweet spot. Victoria leaned over, grabbed her hair and whispered something into her ear, only to be rewarded with a MASSIVE slap to her hanging left tit, then to her face and as she stumbled backwards, another uppercut hit her pussy.
“GGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSH!” Whatever she said had revived my wife`s fighting spirit. Her fists were raining down onto Victoria`s sexy body, connecting with belly, tits and kidneys. I thought Anne might be a good boxer, but Victoria suddenly connected hard with an elbow strike into her engorged right tit. The glands under pressure, another stream of milk was released.
Anne howled in pain as her sensitive tits were for sure the biggest handicap. Victoria stormed forward, smacking her G-cups full force into Anne`s tits. She stumbled into the ropes, holding onto the top rope, only to receive a Chuck Norris kick into her left tit. “GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” This kick had ended the previous match between the other sister pair just an hour ago.
Her veiny breast SMACKED into the other tit with a tremendous force.
Welma, beneath me, changed tactics and now softly slapped my hard cock and balls instead of sucking and stroking it. That felt first weird and I wanted to protest, but I somehow liked it. In the ring suddenly Mark threw a whip into the ring. “Give her tits the rest honey!”
I wanted to protest for Mark`s interference, but Victoria had already grabbed for the whip and was slinging it around the base of the previously kicked breast. My wife`s engorged udder ballooned and a constant spray of milk erupted, drenching her sister completely.
Victoria latched her mouth onto her stiff nipple and started sucking. Supported by the force applied by the whip used as a bondage tool, the milk flow was more than she could handle.
The basement was filled by my wife`s sobbing and moaning, but she did nothing to stop her sister milking her constantly. Maybe she was even enjoying to have the pressure taken from her glands to some extent. We were all watching in awe and arousal when Victoria added another revolution of the whip to increase the pressure.
“AAAAAAAHHMMMM……YES……..Goooood….” Milk was running out of Victoria`s mouth. She had one hand on the whip handle and the other was pulling at the end of the whip, causing the sling to closer tighter and bite into the swollen orb and skin.
This went on for endless minutes and the room was filled with slurping noises.
Victoria drinking milk from my wife, Rita and Kelsey getting licked and my cock being slapped and jerked by my mother in law.
As Victoria finally let go, that sweaty breast was released and the blood flow returned. It was hanging a bit lower on her chest now since quite some milk had been drained. The whole ring was stained in milk as well as both fighters.
Anne and Victoria simply stared at each other as if they were not knowing how to go on. But after only seconds of this insecurity Victoria balled her fists and hammered down on the fuller boob. SMATTTTTT! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!” Anne fell to her knee, both udders hanging down. But not for long as she was picked up by her sister, lifted when being grabbed between her legs and neck and SLAMMED down over her outstretched knee in a backbreaker.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She growled as her tits faced the ceiling and Victoria bent her, adding force to her head by pushing under her chin and the other hand firmly attached in a pussy claw hold.
“Give up sister!” But Anne shook her head. “Naaaaah!”
Her wet cxnt was worked over again and after receiving several kicks there already I assumed it must be sore already. She screamed, spine bent and under pressure, kitty tormented.
Victoria smiled and watched me carefully. She wanted to see my reaction when working on Anne in this cruel way, but all I could do is moan when Welma was working on my cock, trying to drain every single bit of sperm from me on my way to my third orgasm.
Letting go of her pussy and chin, she balled her fists again, hammering it into my wife`s soft tummy. SMATTTTT! Anne jack knifed upwards, and then was dropped to the floor. She lay there breathing heavily holding her spine and pussy.
Victoria simply grabbed her legs and spread them wide, eager to destroy my wife physically and claim the Victory. Anne had fear in her eyes as she struggled to get free, but her sister already dropped her right knee into her open pussy with much of her body weight behind.
WHAM! The ring shook as she connected with her knee cap, battering my wife`s pubic bone, causing her massive milkers to bounce on her chest wall.
My wife`s lungs emptied with an endless scream, mixing with a suddenly screaming Rita. John had expertly worked her pussy until she climaxed hard, also turned on by the hot fight in the ring.
Anne lay there with Victoria`s knee cap still in her pussy and she was about to get her tits clawed. Victoria latched her hands on them, having trouble to get a good grip on those slippery monsters.
Anne, beside the pain in her groin had some fight left, suddenly lifted her thighs and closed them around Victoria`s neck. SMACK! They closed with authority, bringing moans from the superior fighter. Anne put all strength in a twist of her body to get her sister unbalanced and fall to her side. Maintaining the neck scissor with a grimace of effort on her face, Anne had suddenly back control.
Victoria`s face went bright red from a lack of air and she hurried to get her hands in between and open the hold slightly. Sweat and milk all over their bodies made it possible to escape. Maybe just seconds away from a surprising defeat.
She coughed and hurried to get some distance from my wife.
Both fighters were shiny with sweat and milk now…totally coated….their outfits barely useful hanging around their hips. Anne` s was torn in the groin and slipped from her shoulders and Victoria`s was riding high between her cxnt lips with one shoulder strap torn.
The fighting spirit of my wife really surprised me and whatever might happen at the end: nobody could say that she is an easy victim. Like a fury she attacked her sister, pounding her bare fists into those sweaty G-Cups of her. Driving her back into a corner she prepared a high kick like the one she received before.
But Victoria caught her ankle mid-air and kicked herself into the wide open cxnt of my wife.
“AAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!” Anne hopped on one leg, not able to do anything. My eyes open in shock she received a second kick to exactly the same spot before Victoria let go. She was still on her feet as her sister stormed out of the corner and floored her with a massive clothesline across her tits.
WHAM! She went down in a heap of sexy female curves, holding her pussy. It had received such a beating yet, that I feared I wouldn`t be able to have sex with my wife for a long time.
Victoria grabbed her hair and pulled her over to the ropes, putting her tits over the lowest one. The huge veiny globes were placed in a way, that her boob fold was exactly over the rubber rope and also the arms were hanging outside. Both nipples were slowly leaking. She was pretty much done but too proud to give up.
Victoria stepped on my wife`s shoulders now adding an immense pressure to her glands which exploded in milk. The rope was biting into the bottom fold of her tits, mashing them upwards and nearly into her face.
I simply had to stand up from the milking table, getting in front of Anne. She screamed and moaned while her tits sprayed fountains of tit milk onto my body. “Babe! Give up! Please!”
Pain and determination mixed in her face not to give up. Victoria was leaning over the top rope while still adding about 160lbs to my wife`s breasts. She licked her lips as she saw I was still hard, my 10 inch cock getting coated in milk as well.
“You are so sweet William. I also wish your beautiful wife would give up so I can have you, but she refuses….what a pity….”
Victoria was standing on her shoulder, all covered in sweat. Her glorious boobs looked even bigger from where I was standing. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Anne screamed all the time, her arms shaking with the effort to lift herself up and dislocate her sister. But her strength was by far not enough and she crashed back down. Sharp pain setting in as her tits slid over the rope with her throat suddenly getting crushed. “KKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEE….”
A strange noise escaped her mouth and Victoria hurried to get away and release her. “Fuck….what have I done?”
She bend down taking care of her. First Anne couldn`t breathe properly, but after 20 seconds or so, it got better. Victoria was leaning over her, cradling her head. It was suddenly such an expression of sisterly love, compared to the hard fought fight. She helped her up and hugged her softly, supporting her to get back to a secure stand.
She gave her two minutes to recover where she would allow her to get her breath back. Anne leaned in one corner, both tits sagging more now from all the milk that has been forced out of her, coating big parts of the ring and the floor.
“Damn Anne! How much more can you take?”
Her tits were reddened and showed bruises, her body all sweaty and wrecked with pain.
“I can take it Will. These babies can take it!” She said, cradling her massive tits and jiggling them for me. Even in defeat she was utterly sexy.
After the break was over her sister asked her again if she had enough, but she shook her head. So it was Victoria who charged at her again, kicking her right foot into her navel. Anne saw it coming and tensed her abs, but was still hurt as she bent over after the impact. Victoria chopped her chest hard, sending her tits quivering, leaking more white fluid.
Anne was done, but in one last attempt reached around Victoria` s waist, lifted her and SLAMMED her pussy first onto her outstretched knee. “AAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” The scream echoed through the basement giving us goose bumps. The faced each other nose to nose as her sister was sitting on her knee, arms limp.
“I am anything but done sis!” Anne went for Victoria’s tits and latched her fingers onto them, crushing with all her might. Handling G-Cups was anything but easy, but she got a good portion of gland tissue that she crushed. Victoria doing the same to her boobs got my wife screaming as well. More milk was forced out of her and the two warriors mangled their tits now as hard as they could.
Twisting areola and nipples, milk spraying, cursing….their boobs swelling more from the damage done. All red and covered in welts and bruises….after minutes of endless tit crushing.
They rested suddenly…shoulder to shoulder…breathing heavily. Neither could get and advantage so far. Anne shoved Victoria from her knee, causing her thick ass to impact on the ring floor. Both tried to rise, very slowly, holding their boobs.
“Milk cow!”
SMACK! A hard slap echoed as Victoria received a mighty slap that spun her head.
She stumbled backwards but as my wife wanted to bring another slap home, Victoria ducked and tackled her into the corner post. Smashing her midsection with her shoulders not once, but three times, folding her over and feeling the air rushing out of Anne`s lungs on her back, Victoria had control back.
Mark went over to me, asking if we should hand a weapon to each of the fighters to get a final decision. I raised my eyebrows, not sure what he meant. He pointed at a folding chair and before I could answer, he threw it below the ropes. Victoria understood, took the chair and lifted it over her head. She was about to slam it down onto my wife`s bust who opened her eyes in shock. I was more than unfair but it was too late: WHAM! The edge of the chair crashed into the tops of her big tits, casuing her to scream and sink to her knees, cradling her chest.
“So what do you chose?” Mark smirked at me but I simply went over to a table to pick up a box of thumbtacks. I wanted to hand it to my wife, but the chair was already crashing into her back, flooring her completely.
All of us were speelbound by the action in the ring, both fighters being close to total exhaustion. The fight had already passed the thirty minute mark.
“Anne! Take these!” I slid the box over to my wife and she was moaning and grabbing for it, but Victoria simply kicked it out of reach. She picked up my wife and I don`t know where she had the strength left, but she hung her upside down in one of the corners. Her tits wer hanging almost in her face, her pussy pointing at the ceiling on full display.
Victoria winded her further by delivering WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! A series of hard belly punches. Anne, afraid to crash neck first into the canvas, held onto the lowest rope to suppert her weight in addition to her legs which had beeing hooked over the top rope. She groaned with the impact of the fists, and did not even notice when Victoria emptied the box of thumbtacks in fronto her.
I tried to interfere, but Victoria was too fast as she unhooked Anne`slegs and WHAM! She landed tits and belly first in the puddle of thumbtacks! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
“Oh my gosh!” She laid there mouth open, tits mashing out to the side under her chest. Victoria stepped onto her back, adding 160lbs of weight crushing her boob meat into the spikes with even more cruelty.
Anne`s legs were frantically slapping the floor she was crying for mercy: STOP! Vic! I Give!”
Victoria let go of her instantly and Anne rolled onto her back. Her front, mostly her big soft milk tits, were covered in hundreds of thumbtacks that had pierced the skin. Blood was trickling out of uncountable cuts, my wife`s face a mask of pain.
Welma climbed the ring and raised Victoria`s arm: “And the winner by submission isssss.....Victoria!”
I was fuming, not able to do anything as Mark rushed in from behind and fixed my hands behind my back with handcuffs....