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God-fathers Funeral

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God-fathers Funeral
« on: November 02, 2020, 12:34:45 PM »
Please don't hate me after you read this story it is 100% real everything that happened was real and   if I had to do it again I would not change a single thing!, when I was growing up my god parents had a daughter named bertha we were closer then brother & sister & everybody called us cousins but we were not realy cousins we did everyting together from dancing to drinking to wrestling, Bertha was the very first girl I ever wrestled growing up and she fought harder then some guys I know, as we got older we wrestled more and more and eventully we both got married and the wrestling stopped. We kept in touch but that was about it , now my wife Crystal is very jealous and never liked Bertha much because she found out how we wrestled growing up.

About a year ago berth's dad my god-father passed away and I decided to attend the funeral my wife like I said did not like bertha so decided not to go, when I got there it was great to see bertha after all these years we both have changed quite a bit I was now 53 5'10 around 245 pounds and bertha was now 44 5'9 around 170 pounds and her hair was now long and blonde down to her ass. after the funeral we got together at berth's house as she told me about her divorce and she asked if I was still married I said yes she just smiled, We hada few drinks as she pulled out some old pictures of us growing up and she had a picutre of us wrestling that brought back memories ! , she asked if I wrestle with my wife I said no wife's too old fashion and not into wrestling and I asked if she stil wrestles she say's once in a while with girlfriends.

We had a few more drinks and she asked if I wanted to wrestle her I was caugh tby surprise when she asked and part of me wanted to say no and part said yes, not sure if it was the alcohol but we agreed to wrestle righ thtere at her house. I had not expected to wrestle so I was not dressed for it she just said you strip toyour underwear and i'l strip to my bra and panties t would be like bathing suits, I watched her strip down and checked out her body she was a big girl big belly & big tits and a big ass she had changed a lot and I never imagined I would be wrestling her again after all these years, I stripped to ym underwear very embarassed because she was like I said closer then the sister I never had.

She asked how rough you wanna get and I said what ever you like as we both agreed NOTHING sexual but we woud have an anything goes type match blows everywhere but the face, we both got up and grabbed hold of each other and the fight was on as we pushed back and forth as I fely her big body slam into mine as we laughed  .As the mach went on we got  rougher and rough as she pulled my hair and I pulled hers I kept stairing at her belly as I wanted so bad to punch that big belly but was scared to and I think she knew it, the fight changed when I grabbed for her hair and slammed a hard right deep into my stomachthe force of her punch catching my off guard  as I doubled up. She started to laugh asking me if I was getting soft I just smiled and again went after her as I grabbed her tits giving them a squeeze,

that got her mad as she rammed her knee up again into my stomach this blow dropped me to my knees it's been years since i'd been hit in my stomach as I knelt there breathing hard as she started to laugh, she said coem on we agred anything goes as I knoelt there looking up at her.Bertha grabbed my hair to pull me up as I sent my right fist up deep into her belly as her eyes and mouth opened wide doubling up i said I was sorry she smiled and said don't be sorry al part of the fight, from that point on we traded doby & belly blows each of us was felling a litle pain. Things were different from when we wrestled as kids  back then it was slaps and now it was hard body & belly blows and we were having a ball ! , this lasted about 45 minutes as we traded punches,knee's and slaps both our bodies were red especially the belly area.

We wrestled on for a while as we realized it was almost midnight as we did not fight for a win or lose rather just wrestled to have fun as we both realized we both were older punched harder. We agred 5 more minutes and in that last 5 minutes we went all out as the punches were harder the knees harder and I finished up with an uppercut to bertha's lover belly that dropped her to all fours as we agreed that's enough if not we'd be fighting all night.

We both had another drink  as we sat there laughing as we both agreed this was a night we'd never ever forget, she asked me if i'm gonna tell my wife we wrestled I said now way she's divorce me and she just said ok our little secret, she got up reached her hand down to help me up as she pulled be up she gave me one last punch to my lower belly just below my bellybutton. The punch was harder theneveyas I doubled up dropping to my knees as she smiled and said that's something to remember me by as shewas right that was something was not gonna forget. We both got dressed and she gave me a hugpushing her body into mine as I tried not to show how hard I was but she knew it and just laughed,

We shared a kiss and I left and headed back to my motel room as I had to heave the next morning, when I left I gave her a call thanking her for the memory as she laughed and said if yoru ever down this way we can make some more memories and I agreed yes we can. When I got home the wife asked how was the funeral I said it was sad as the wife asked what did you do after the funeral I said we all got together for a drink then I went to myhotel room & watched television, she smiled and we went to bed as I 'l never tell her what happened but i'l always remember this funeral for the rest of my life  :) :) :)


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Re: God-fathers Funeral
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2020, 11:18:48 PM »
now I have noticed a few thiings first off is your goint to a funeral but you wind up wrestling your so-called cousin
                                                    second you say she's liek your sister but your wrestling her in underwear

                                          care to explain

All you gotta know is "Sweet Home Alabama"


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Re: God-fathers Funeral
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2020, 10:42:00 AM »
like your story but a little concerned you go to a funeral your suposto feel sad but end up fighting? then you wind up in your underwear fighting your cousin , that sounds creapy !
This entire website is 'a bit creepy' to most people. It was a perfectly good story. Why don't you and tamara leave the guy alone?



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Re: God-fathers Funeral
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2020, 11:48:05 AM »
hey carl want to say thank you for the support, seems people on here alway seem to have ther emind in the gutter


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Re: God-fathers Funeral
« Reply #4 on: November 24, 2020, 12:33:02 PM »
hey carl want to say thank you for the support, seems people on here alway seem to have ther emind in the gutter

Well, with all due respect, I still can recall last year when some on social media decried 2019 to be the worst year ever based on celebrity deaths and vowed this year would be better. We all know why that is not the case, including the well reserved assumption that due to direct or indirect causes, members on this site could have very well been to at least one funeral. Caveat lector is advised here. I myself have a few raunchy stories that I personally have postponed by 3 years, so that what happens now becomes a distant memory.

We are not defined by our fetish, there are customs we respect differently and my personal opinion a writer needs to respect that, especially if they know going in that what they produce is a niche even in their own community.
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