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Auntie is best part 2 - A "Hard" fight - Polly vs Collin

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Auntie is best part 2 - A "Hard" fight - Polly vs Collin
« on: December 08, 2020, 07:06:59 PM »
It was more than weird but also very erotic to fight my aunt almost naked. I could not take my eyes off her sexy chubby body, my cock pointing straight towards her. My mind was racing: Would she give me low blows? Can I hit her face? For sure I wanted to pound her beautifully jiggling tits quite a bit, but she was faster. I saw her glove aiming for my head and it sailed right through my guard.
WHAM! My head snapped back and my eyes watered! “AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Fuck!” She simply smirked and while I took one or two steps back, a hook smashed into my 10 inch cock that was thick as a cucumber. The leather kissed my glans and smashed that veiny masterpiece of nature so hard, she made me groan in shock.
I bent over, shielding it with my left, happy that she did not hit my balls yet. But she targeted my face again, hitting home with precision and quite some force. Less than a man of course, but still enough to make my teeth rattle. None of us was wearing a mouth guard.
I was maybe a bit too sure about my skills. Being young and fit doesn`t mean you are a good boxer. She was smiling when she chased me through the room. I was still rock hard, but focused to protect my head. I was wide open and wise to tense my abs, because only seconds later a barrage of hooks and straights peppered my belly. I grunted, but my abs were strong and nothing but easy to break. A solid wall of muscle!
I was starting to build up a sweat, my back hitting a wardrobe, nowhere to go. WHAM! BATTT…BATTTT…SMATTTT….! My abs were taking uncounted shots when I saw that my aunt had gotten incautious. I aimed her head and made it fly back. I hit so hard that Polly was dropped to her big butt. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” She shook the cobwebs off and came back to her feet, still smiling at me. “I thought you were never…..uuuunnnngghhhhhh!” I had rammed my right into her navel so hard, that all air left her lungs. That sexy little pouch did nothing to take away the force of the blow. He belly fat folded around the leather, causing waves of pain to run through her sexy mature body.
She folded her arms over her tummy, and collapsed partly forward. I aimed for her left dangling breast, bringing my right home with an uppercut, which not only smashed her glands against the ribcage, but made her whole body fly backwards onto the big bed.
SMATTTTTTT….”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” When she landed her own tits hit her head and she-rebounded several times. Her sexy string lingerie did nothing to hide her curves and when she lay there, clutched her breast, moaning so sexily, my eyes were glued to her barely hidden pussy lips.
I kneed in front of her and pushed her legs open, and she let it happen. My tongue went over her still covered mound, but I could smell that she was more than excited. There was a wet spot already and she shuddered when she felt my tongue.
As I let go suddenly one of her legs shot upwards, smashed my balls and my cock against my belly. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She had time to rise while I was holding my manhood, stumbling backwards. BAM! BAM! My head flew left and right, her fists hitting my temples.
 “What`s up big boy? Can`t take a proper low blow?” She teased me, but I knew I`d pay her back. But for the moment she chased me through the room, knocked my head around, hammering my ribs and when I tried to get a good shot in myself, she simply used the opening of my guard to hit my lips full force.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”  The back of my head hit the wardrobe, causing me to sink down and get a short break. Auntie bashed her gloves together and teased me: She boxed her own boobs a bit, causing them to jump. “And I thought you`d knock my knockers a bit. Maybe I have to wait for a real man!”
She was leaning forward in front of me, boxing my head when I was down. Not hard, just enough to mock me further. I let out a growl of anger, boxing into her wet twat right in front of me. SMATTTTTT! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYKKKKKKKKKKKK!” She shrieked, and sank to her knees in front of me herself. We were now facing each other both on our knees, and I started to bash her beautiful DDDs in front of me.
SMATTTTT!!! SMATTTTTT! SMATTTTT! Her big sweaty areolas were good targets. I was driving her hard nipples deep into her breast tissue, compressing her beautiful udders and causing unknown amounts of pain. My biceps was strong and from the moans I caused, I assumed I did a good job. She wobbled but stayed upright. I decided to go for her breasts rather than her head. I didn`t want to hurt her seriously, because I could have knocked her out right there and then. It was strange: Polly tried to tense up her body, stay upright and receive the blows to her boobs as if she was lusting for them. She groaned so sexily, her titty meat shaking and reddening, that I almost came from this.
All my young life I learned that a woman`s breasts are sensitive and must be handled with care. But now my auntie invited me to bash her breasts and I was turned on! I was the hottest shit for me!
SMATTTTT….SMATTTTT….SMATTTTTT…her own glove rubbed over her pussy while I continued to knock her soft but heavy DDDs left and right. They smacked into each other, the outer curves turning first bright red and soon forming bruises.
SMATTTTTT! A double uppercut made her body collapse and fly backwards. Polly was looking at me with glassy eyes and only seconds later, she was still rubbing her pussy, she shuddered in a small orgasm. I left her there, taking a break and breathing heavily. It was a sudden silence and we both knew what happened.
She smiled at me, lifted her body and pulled me in for a kiss. My big hard cock slapped against her soft tummy and pressed into her pouch. “I want you deep inside me Collin!” She pushed me onto my back, pulled her thong down and literally jumped on my fuck rod. The huge tool rammed into her cxnt. “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Her eyes rolled in their sockets and she was spasming when she came a second time, only by getting the full length inserted. Her cxnt flooded….I don`t know if she was squirting, but I had trouble not to come straight away.
She was riding me in cowgirl position and my gloves mashed into her big tits. Her boob meat folded around the invading leather, causing additional pain to her bruised chest. Her hips gyrated, her big ass grinding on my lap. We built up a nice rhythm, both of us moaning with lust. Aunt and nephew…united…both sweaty and driven by their sexual needs.
She leaned back and thrust her bust out, still fucking me and enjoying the immense size of my dick. I was more than blessed with what god gave me to please women. I started to gently box her bouncing tits again. Not hard, just enough to make her moan and cause her tits to flop around a bit more.
It did only take two minutes until I couldn`t hold back anymore. I grabbed her hips and pounded so hard and deep into auntie’s cxnt, that I came. There were suddenly colors in my head and I nearly passed out from my orgasm….”AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH FFFFUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKINGG SLUT!”
“Yea call me slut Collin! I love that!”
I lifted my hips like a rodeo bull and threw her off. We both got back to our feet slowly.
“Good first round bitch! You nearly had me. Just wait until I will pay you back for the low blow!” She seemed to like the rough dirty talk and smiled.
“The big boy has licked blood right?” When she said that, my cum was running down her sweaty thigh, parts of it still getting trapped in her thick bush. Oh how I loved her mature looks! Big saggy tits, small belly, thick ass and her cxnt hair! I got dragged away by my horny thoughts when she suddenly hammered my face, my ribs and my cock in exactly that sequence!
My mouth hang open in shock and I was paralyzed: enough time for her to go low again. WHAM! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” My balls got uppercutted, my fat penis smacked my belly, now limp after the relaxing climax. My face was ashen with the inflicted pain, but I did not fall. What an idiot I was! She hammered my face again and again, my head jerked backwards. I tried a surprise punch and hit her head full force! BAMMMMMM! Sweat was flying and she stumbled backwards, clearly dazed. I had connected quite hard with her jaw, and I closed in: left….ahhhh….right…uhhhhhnnn….left….hhrrrrrrrrr….right…..mmmmpppffff….I landed blow after blow in her soft belly and she clinched. Her big tits mashed against my chest and she held onto me as tight as she could, avoiding any further effective punches. We both stood there for a moment and I got hard again, my cock growing and brushing her pussy.
Her breathing was heavy and my blows seemed to have driven the air out of her lungs. I loved the feeling of her sweaty body but pushed her away. She hit the wardrobe with authority, her jiggly slightly cellulite ass taking most of the impact. I aimed for her tits, hit the left one with a nice wet uppercut, smashing my glove into the tender underside. Her breast went flying and finally slapped back to her chest. She protected her face and I was free to attack her assets again and again.
I used them like punching bags and their color went from skin to angry red. I imagined the pain she must be in, their weight when they were sent flying, tearing at the base of each breast, stretching the skin and causing more stretch marks. After two dozen blows, I leaned in and sucked on her left nipple. The wounded teat was more than sensitive and responded to my tongue work by getting hard. Her whole areola wrinkled and formed a small mountain.
Polly moaned with lust and did nothing to stop me. The tip of my huge cock was perfectly aligned with her sweet pussy and I just had to push slightly forward to penetrate her. I moved in another inch, pushing my hips forward. My glans parted her pussy lips, slid against her clit and entered her tunnel. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHH!”
I fucked her so slowly, and worked on her other nipple that pretty much responded in the same way.
I pushed her arms above her head and pinned them against the wooden door of the wardrobe, sucked her tit so hard I lifted it only with my mouth. Slowly and carefully I parted her pussy lips and pushed my cock in and out. Her cxnt was still dripping with my previous cumshots mixing with her own juices. She was so much better than a girl my age.
We did this for a minute or so when I actually tasted a drop of milk on her teat. I let it go from my lips and looked at her questionably. “Ahhhh…was that milk auntie?”
“Maybe a little….I stopped having milk when my husband left…..” At this point I did not fully understand since she never had children, but I had also heard about induced lactation before. I did not ask, but enjoyed the sweet taste of it. It was not much, just a drop or two that had built up from my constant sucking.
I left her love tunnel, keeping her arms pinned over her head, while my right plowed into her lower tummy. “AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!” I had to keep her stable…since she wanted to bend forward. WHAM! Another one just above her pubes. “UUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” Her groans turned me on further and me lubricated cock brushed her thigh…
I kept pounding her sexy thick belly, working my way from her solar plexus over her navel down to her pussy. Maybe it was just an impression, but she opened her legs slightly, allowing my glove not to be stopped by her thick thighs. SMATTTTTTTTTT! I hit her dripping cxnt full force sending my jizz to splatter around. “OOOUUUUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!” She dropped to her knees, holding her belly and pussy.
I ordered her to get on all 4s and when she did I got right behind her, aligned my fuck rod to her cxnt lips and shoved it in. My lap connected to her thick juice ass every second and sent shockwaves through her ass meat, causing her to groan when my balls slapped against her clit the tip of my cock pushed against her cervix. I fucked her like a berserk now and her hurting tits were dangling and smacking together each time I pumped my veiny rod into her.
The wet slapping sounds caused by her tits were so hot! Sweat was flying when they rocked forward, slapped together and bounced back. I felt like being in a dream. How could my uncle cheat on such a perfect wife that was like the million dollar jackpot?
“God fuck me Collin! YEAAAAHHH…..goooooddd……deeper….deeper….! Fuck me apart!”
I felt like Thor himself right now with my hammer fucking my auntie senseless. She came again and again, her udders bruised and slapping together violently, my cock ramming so hard into her, that her brain fire endorphins in a way that her vision blurred and her arms collapsed.
She screamed and her body curled up, her face a mask of pain and pleasure. I took my glove off and threw them onto the bed, taking her hair harshly and guiding my penis towards her face. She opened her mouth wide while I jerked off and only seconds later my jizz plastered her face in five big eruptions, covering her mouth, nose and eyes completely.
The slut licked her lips and tried to have as much as possible. “HMMMMMMMMMMMM COLLIN BABE!”
“WHAT THE HELL! COLLIN! POLLY!” I turned around to find my mom stand in the doorway of the big bedroom…..


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Re: Auntie is best part 2 - A "Hard" fight - Polly vs Collin
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2020, 12:50:41 AM »
Shits about to get real now


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Re: Auntie is best part 2 - A "Hard" fight - Polly vs Collin
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2020, 01:39:30 AM »
Love how Polly and Colin went about it, great writing

Here comes mommy!!!!
me into wrestling, catfighting, erotic, tagteam, fun , rough tough, all at the same time if possible lol dont matter who win so long its good let me know if ur interested in chatting or more..5'7" 160

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Re: Auntie is best part 2 - A "Hard" fight - Polly vs Collin
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2020, 09:03:28 PM »
Damn that was hot! Wish I were Colin!
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