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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 83

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 83
« on: December 26, 2020, 03:01:19 PM »
Our opening match is Julie who weighs in at 125 and is wearing a grey two piece. Her opponent is Katie who weighs in at 165 and is wearing a green one piece with a white dollar sign on the front. Katie has been on a roll ever since winning the battle royal. And her roll would continue as she would dominate Julie from the world go. First she would take Julie and drive her knees into Julie’s midsection repeatedly. Then Katie would attempt a suplex but Julie would slip out of it and nail Katie with several dropkicks. Julie would then use her speed to throw Katie off for a few moments. But it wouldn’t last long as Julie would try to hit a cross body block but Katie would catch Julie in midair and hit her with a back breaker. Now with her opponent on the mat Katie would quickly go in for the kill. As she slap on the silver stretch. Julie would begin to scream out in pain and then a few seconds later she would tap out. Katie would then strike a pose for the crowd. As Julie would clutch her ribs. Katie would then take a hundred dollar bill and as she traditionally does shoved it in Julie’s mouth. Your winner of the match is Katie.

Our next match is Dena who weighs in at 210 and is wearing a black one piece with purple trim. Her opponent is Kerri who weighs in at 145 and is wearing a green two piece with white stripes. Kerri would be game despite giving up a ton of size. As she would try to attack Dena from the beginning. First she would try to put Dena in a side headlock. But Dena would simply lift Kerri up and drop her with a side suplex. Then with Kerri on the mat Dena would go to work as she place her knee across Kerri’s throat. Dena would then pick Kerri up by the hair and place her on the ropes and land several big forearm blows to Kerri’s chest. Finally Dena would tell Kerri that the end was near as she scooped Kerri up and gave her a bodyslam. Dena would then climb to the second rope and come crashing down with the elbow to Kerri’s chest. Then with outcome in no doubt Dena would place her knee on Kerri’s stomach as the ref counted to three. After the match Dena would stand on the second rope and argue with the crowd. While Kerri would be attended by the ref who would have to help her to the back. As she was having difficulty trying to breath after taking the elbow. Your winner of the match is Kerri.

Before our main event it is announced that Gretchen has been suspended for two weeks after her actions last week. It is also announced that Hailey has agreed to a rematch with Gretchen and next week Hailey will be in action and she will announce the stipulation of the match.

Our main event is Becca who weighs in at 165 and is wearing a camouflage one piece. Her opponent is Kelsi who weighs in at 140 and is wearing a snake skinned two piece. A lockup would start the match. It would be won by Becca who would trap Kelsi in a arm bar. After a few minutes Kelsi would reverse it and put Becca in it. Then Kelsi would whip Becca in to the ropes and try hit a clothesline. But Becca would duck it and hit one of her own on Kelsi . Now it was Becca’s turn as she would sit Kelsi up and start to twist Kelsi’s neck. Kelsi would suffer for several minutes before she was able to get to her knees and land several elbows to Becca’s gut forcing her to break the hold. Kelsi would then drape Becca’s arm across the top rope and drive her elbow into trying to soften her up for the cross arm bar. Just when it looked like Kelsi would finish the match. Becca would grab a handful of hair and sling Kelsi into the corner. From there Becca would spend several minutes punching Kelsi in the stomach and choking her. Finally Becca would take Kelsi to the middle of the ring and put Kelsi in the full Nelson. Becca would clamp down as hard as she could but Kelsi would refuse to give up. Finally when it looked like Kelsi would give up she would find some strength and somehow break free when she was able to hit Becca with a jawbreaker. Then with Becca on her back Kelsi would take advantage and quickly trap Becca in the arm breaker. Becca would begin to yell out in pain but wouldn’t tap out. But when Kelsi starting to bend Becca’s fingers back it became too much and Becca would tap the mat. Kelsi would let go of the hold and take a knee in the middle of the ring for a moment as the match had took a lot out of her. Then Kelsi would stand up and raise her arm in victory as Becca would lay near the ropes and cry out that her fingers might be broken. Your winner of the match is Kelsi.

On the next episode of LPW we will see Hailey in action and she will make her announcement. And in the main event we will see Megan take Rachel