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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 84

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 84
« on: December 28, 2020, 04:09:44 AM »
Our opening match is Ashley who weighs in at 160 and is wearing a black one piece with green polka dots. Her opponent is Hailey who weighs in at 175 and is wearing a pink two piece. Both girls are good friends would meet in the middle of the ring and shake hands. Ashley would then make the comment that she hopes that her and Hailey will still be friends after Ashley beats her. Shocked by the comment Hailey would simply nod her head and tell Ashley that would be fine. Hailey would win the lockup and catch Ashley in a wrist lock. Then for the next five minutes Hailey would just school Ashley with different holds. Next Hailey would put Ashley in the corner and deliver several big chops to the chest. Hailey would then whip Ashley in the ropes and attempt a back body drop. But Ashley would think quick and give Hailey a swift kick to the stomach when she was bent down. Ashley would then sling Hailey down to the mat by her hair. From there Ashley would bounce off the ropes and come down with a knee straight to Hailey’s face. Ashley would then quickly go for a pinfall but she would only get a two count. Then Ashley would pick Hailey up and whip her into the corner. Ashley would then attempt a splash but Hailey would move out of the way. But Ashley was able to stop herself before she crashed into the turnbuckles. Ashley would then look at the crowd and point to her head as if she had outsmarted her opponent. Unfortunately for Ashley when she turned around Hailey was standing there and gave her a big kick to the gut. Hailey would then stick Ashley’s head between her legs and quickly spike her head into the mat with the piledriver. From there it was academic as Hailey would hook Ashley’s leg and pickup another victory. After the match Hailey would grab the microphone and tell Gretchen that her beating on some new girl doesn’t impress her much. Hailey then tells the crowd to look at Ashley who was laying unconscious on the mat. She tells the crowd that Ashley is one of friends. And if Hailey will do that to her imagine what she’ll do to Gretchen in the rematch. Because when they meet up again it’s going to be an I Quit match. Your winner of the match is Hailey.

Our main event is Megan who weighs in at 130 and is wearing a tiger striped two piece. Her opponent is Rachel who weighs in at 155 and is wearing a orange two piece. Rachel was coming off a tough loss. While Megan was coming into the match on a winning streak. These two would trade moves back and forth for nearly ten minutes. Then at the 15 minute mark it looked like Megan was going to extend her streak when she was able to trap Rachel in the crossface. Rachel fought like crazy and after nearly two minutes was somehow able to get a hand on the ropes. Megan reluctantly broke the hold. Then she would pick Rachel up and attempt to give her a suplex. But Rachel would reverse it and give Megan one instead. Then with her opponent down Rachel would quickly go to work and put Megan in position and land the bulldog. Rachel would then sit on Megan’s chest and hook both legs as the ref slapped the mat three times. After the match Megan would sit in the corner and try to get her wind back. Rachel would favor her shoulder but she would still offer to help Megan up. Once she was to her feet Megan would give Rachel a hug and tell her that she wants a rematch someday. Rachel simply nodded her head and told her that she would be ready anytime for it. Your winner of the match is Rachel.

Next time on LPW we will Mitzi in action and in the main event we will see Whitney taking on Stephanie