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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 85

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 85
« on: December 31, 2020, 01:44:42 PM »
Before we go to our first match. We see Stephanie in the back warming up for her main event. A reporter asks Stephanie how concerned she is going up against the larger Whitney. Stephanie looked at the reporter and said that she isn’t concerned at all. Because she has faced larger opponents before including in her last match against Laura. And that one ended with Laura tapping and screaming. Stephanie then finished the interview stating that the same thing will happen to Whitney tonight.

Our opening match is Tracy who weighs in at 130 and is wearing a white and pink two piece. Her opponent is Mitzi who weighs in at 165 and is wearing a yellow one piece with black trim. Unfortunately for Tracy she was dealt a match with Mitzi. Who is returning after suffering a loss in her last match. And for nearly five minutes Mitzi would gleefully make Tracy suffer. First she would take Tracy and give her a bodyslam. Mitzi would then grab Tracy’s hair and rub her face into the mat. Next she would bring Tracy to her feet and deliver a brutal neck breaker. Finally Mitzi would sit Tracy up and slap on the spike to the throat. Tracy began to violently shake from the spike as the referee called for the bell. Eventually Mitzi would let go she would then hold her thumb up in the air and stare at it and laugh hysterically. While Tracy would receive attention from the refs as her body was still twitching from the spike. Your winner of the match is Mitzi.

Our main event is Whitney who weighs in at 225 and is wearing a silver one piece. Her opponent is Stephanie who weighs in at 130 and is wearing a purple two piece. Whitney would look at Stephanie and begin to laugh. Stephanie told her that she might be laughing when she latches on the fish. At that point Whitney would lunge for Stephanie. But Stephanie would use her quickness to get away. From there Stephanie would throw a series of kicks and punches to Whitney’s body. Stephanie would then bounce off the ropes and try to hit a flying forearm. But Whitney would see it coming and would catch Stephanie in midair and give her a big power slam. Whitney would then stand over Stephanie who was just gasping for air. She would then pick Stephanie up and place her the corner. Whitney would then repeatedly drive her large ass right into Stephanie’s stomach. Then for the next few moments Whitney would strut around the ring and tell Stephanie that she was nothing but garbage. That comment would kind of wake Stephanie up. As when Whitney went back to the corner Stephanie was able to get her foot up and kick Whitney straight in the crotch. That shot would send Whitney straight to her knees. With her opponent in pain Stephanie would then try to finish things off. As she would go behind Whitney and lock on the fish hook. Whitney would begin to scream out in pain and flail her arms around trying to get out of it. Stephanie would crank on the hold as hard as she could. But after a few moments Whitney would get back to her feet while still in the fish hook. Whitney would then use her strength and drive Stephanie straight back into the turnbuckles. Then she would grab Stephanie by the hair and snapmare her halfway across the ring. Still hurting from the low blow. Whitney knew she had to quickly end the match. With her opponent on the mat Whitney would bounce off the ropes and land a huge elbow directly to Stephanie’s chest. Then Whitney would cover Stephanie as the ref would count to three. After the match Whitney would stay on her knees and nurse her sore crotch and mouth. While the referee would check on Stephanie who was clutching at her ribs. Your winner of the match is Whitney.

On the next episode of LPW we will see Caroline in action. And in the main event it’s Allie taking on McKenzie