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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 86

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 86
« on: January 02, 2021, 02:47:50 PM »
Our opening match is Allie who weighs in at 160 and is wearing a lavender two piece. Her opponent is Kerri who weighs in at 140 and is wearing a white two piece with orange stripes. After an impressive debut against Heaven a few weeks ago Allie was looking to keep her streak going. Before the match Allie would tell Kerri that it would be better for her if she just laid down. Kerri would mull things over for a minute. Then she would respond with a slap to the face. Kerri would then spend the next few minutes frustrating Allie by trapping her in a headlock. Allie would eventually resort to cheap tactics to escape. When she would reach up and grab a handful of Kerri’s hair and throw her into the ropes. And she would connect with a clothesline to Kerri’s throat. Then with her opponent down Allie would start berating Kerri by screaming at her and slapping her face. Allie would then tell Kerri that she would regret agreeing to this. With that comment she would pick Kerri up and give her a suplex. Allie then put Kerri into position. She would then climb to the second rope and take flight. As she landed the leg drop right to Kerri’s chest and throat. It was all over but the shouting at that point. As Kerri would place her hands on Kerri’s chest while the referee counted to three. After the match Allie would tell the ref to raise her hand. She would then place her foot in Kerri’s stomach as Kerri would lay there completely knocked out. Your winner of the match is Allie.

Our main event is McKenzie who weighs in at 130 and is wearing a red white and blue two piece. Her opponent is Caroline who weighs in at 140 and is wearing a green and brown two piece. After defeating fellow rookie Kelly in her last match Caroline stepped up in competition against the veteran McKenzie. A lockup would start that would be won by McKenzie who would trap Caroline in a wrist lock. After a few minutes of trading holds Caroline would take over. Then she would whip McKenzie into the corner. From there she would begin to land several blows to the stomach. Then Caroline would go for a bodyslam but McKenzie would slip out of it. And she would hit one of her. McKenzie would then hit Caroline with a dropkick. Seeing an opening McKenzie would throw Caroline in the corner and set her up for the tornado ddt. Which she was able to land with perfection. Unfortunately for McKenzie when the ref went for the count Caroline was somehow able to get her foot on the bottom rope. A stunned McKenzie would then attempt that move again. But when McKenzie would get in position on the top rope. Caroline would gather the strength to deliver another big punch to the stomach. Caroline would then grab McKenzie by the hair and snapmare her off the top rope. Then Caroline wouldn’t waste any time. As she would quickly go behind and apply the dragon sleeper. McKenzie would begin to gasp for air as Caroline would scream at her just to tap. But McKenzie wouldn’t stop fighting. Finally Caroline was able to bend down and stick her knee into McKenzie’s back. That would prove to be too much for McKenzie as she began to tap out. Caroline would then just drop McKenzie to the mat. Then she would stand on the apron and argue with the crowd. While McKenzie would lay on the mat and cry out in pain. Your winner of the match is Caroline.

On the next episode of LPW we will see Heaven in action. Our main event is Hailey vs Gretchen in a I Quit match.