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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 87

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 87
« on: January 05, 2021, 04:29:13 AM »
Our opening match is Heaven who weighs in at 140 and is wearing a blue two piece. Her opponent is Brittany who weighs in at 160 and is wearing a red white two piece. Heaven came in to the match looking to rebound after a tough loss a few weeks ago. And for several minutes she would dominate Brittany. But to Brittany’s credit she was able to get some offense in when she was able to hit Heaven with several arm drags. Then she would whip Heaven into the ropes and attempt to hit Heaven with a backdrop. Unfortunately for Brittany it would backfire on her as Heaven would leapfrog over her and come running back and hit Brittany right in the face with rear view. Heaven would then quickly cover Brittany and pickup the three count. After the match Heaven would pose for the crowd while Brittany would stumble to the back after clearly being knocked out. Your winner of the match is Heaven.

Our main event is a I Quit match. First we have Gretchen who weighs in at 150 and is wearing a a yellow two piece. Her opponent is Hailey who weighs in at 175 and is wearing a pink two piece. This was the most brutal match in the history of LPW. For nearly thirty minutes both girls would just brutalize one another. For the first ten minutes they would both trade blows. Then at the ten minute mark Gretchen would hit Hailey with a back elbow which laid Hailey out. Gretchen would then remove Hailey’s bikini. From there she would get on her knees and bite done on Hailey’s nipple. The screaming from Hailey would echo throughout the arena but she would refuse to quit. Finally after a few minutes Hailey would fight through the pain and was able to punch her way out of the predicament. Hailey would then slowly get to her feet while Gretchen would sit in the corner trying to regroup herself. Then Hailey would grab Gretchen and stand her up in the corner. From there she would unload with her patented chops across Gretchen’s chest. Next Hailey would remove Gretchen’s bikini. Hailey would then give Gretchen a suplex. She then told Gretchen that she was going to enjoy this. As Hailey would drive her knee into Gretchen’s crotch while twisting her nipples. Gretchen would howl in pain but she too would refuse to quit. Hailey would eventually let go and tell Gretchen that she knew how to make her give up. With that comment Hailey would grab Gretchen by the hair and stick her head between her legs for the piledriver. But Gretchen was able to get free when she blocked it by giving Hailey a back body drop. Gretchen would then pick Hailey back up and give her a side suplex. Then with Hailey on the mat Gretchen would trap Hailey in the half crab. But instead of digging her nails into the thigh as she normally would. Gretchen would begin to finger Hailey instead. Hailey would cry out in pain as Gretchen was bending her leg and violating her at the same time. Gretchen would then scream at Hailey that if she didn’t say the magic words then would get really bad. Finally at the thirty five minute mark the pain would be too much and Hailey would scream out that she quit while she climaxed from being fingered at the same time. Gretchen would then let go and lay on the mat herself as she was completely exhausted. Once she finally got to her feet Gretchen would raise her hands in victory. Then she would tell Hailey who was laying on her stomach and crying that she wasn’t done just yet. As Gretchen would grab Hailey’s bikini bottoms and rub them into the jizz and sweat that Hailey had left on the mat. Gretchen would then shove them into Hailey’s mouth. The referee would then tell Gretchen that the match was over and she needed to leave. Gretchen told the ref that he can stick it and she hit him with a elbow which knocked him out. Then she would take the refs belt from him and begin to whip Hailey with it. Gretchen would get in several shots including ones right across Hailey’s bruised chest and crotch. Finally Heaven would charge into the ring and case Gretchen off. Heaven would then check on Hailey who was crying from everything that had happened. Your winner of the match is Gretchen

Next time on LPW we will see Becca in action along with Breann and Kristina.