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Auntie is best part 4 - Colling vs Mommy & Auntie Tag Team Boxing

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Hi all...the final part of this series. Enjoy!

Following their fight was a night in hospital. The cuts in their foreheads had been too big to stay untreated. I had to almost carry them both due to their exhaustion and ruined bodies. After having the cuts glued, the doctor also checked the rest of their bodies.
It was an awkward scene to watch them both next to each other, both naked and wincing when the doctor, luckily a woman, felt up their bruised boobs and ribs.
“Nothing is broken. You are lucky. But you need to rest and the trauma you have caused to each other needs weeks to heal completely.”
“But we….” My mom tried to explain with a lie but was stopped by the doctor. “Mrs Miller. Don`t treat me like a fool. I know what it looks like when two women have been in a fight.” Mom and auntie nodded. They looked guilty, and when we left hospital they went arm in arm again.
“So what now?” I asked.
“May I offer you a bed for the night? And tomorrow we will discuss what`s next and how to deal with it right?” We were all too tired to resist and went back to Polly`s house for a sleepover.

After sleeping for almost twelve hours we all met at the pool area for a beautiful breakfast. After beating the shit, and almost their lives, out of each other`s bodies, my mom and aunt Polly were best friends again. They had decided to forget about what had happened in the past, all the cheating, their divorces and all the bad feelings.
For the next weeks it was my job to help them recover…and it wasn`t the worst. Ok the next two days were simply full of doing some shopping for them and taking care of the house, but on the third day I found them both tanning naked next to each other on sunbeds next to the Jacuzzi.
Especially mom`s body was still covered in small cuts, caused by the studded gloves and uncountable bruises. Her tits were still swollen, her belly had blue spots and her lower back and kidney area looked worst. Aunt Polly didn`t look much better either: her tits had taken so much damage, that they were covered in new stretchmarks were their weight and the impacting leather from two fights in a row had torn her tissue and brought it to its limits. The outer curves of her tit meat were basically blue and black with one huge bruise on each side.
“Can you give us a hand Collin babe?” Polly shook the bottle with sun oil at me while my mom was grinning at me seductively. “Ok, who`s first?” They were starting a playful argument until I separated both sunbeds and kneed down between them. I generously poured the coconut oil on their bellies and carefully spread it over their hot bodies simultaneously.
I rubbed their bellies and ribs and they winced slightly. Both were still in a challenge: Neither wanted to show how badly hurt she was. But they both failed! When I touched their tits, auntie`s big DDD`s and mom`s D-cups, they both sucked in air and were biting their lips to hide their pain. Nonetheless the nerves in their nipples reacted and caused a painful pleasure when they got stiff. I caressed their tits and rubbed the oil into the bruised skin and earned a constant moaning. When I finished both sets of mature tits, their sets flopped to the outer curves of their bodies.
“Am I wrong ladies or do your tits sag more than before?”
Auntie smiled at me: “Sure Collin. Think you are right. You and my lovely sister have beaten my breasts to pulp. See?” She took her left breast and lifted it, so I could see the big bruises and stretch marks. Without asking she grabbed my cock and pulled it out of my swim trunks while mom grabbed my balls from behind through my legs and played with them. Mom was biting my ass gently while circling my balls. I was extremely full after two days and really needed relief.
“Hmmmmm…..goooodddd…..” I breathed deeply while getting hard. I took more oil and lubed their bellies until I reached their pubic area. Polly`s pussy was covered in red marks from the clawing mom had given her and she winced as I carefully run my fingers through her slit and parted her pussy lips.
“Come here Collin love! My pussy is alright….” I moved over to mom who spread her legs and pulled me closer. We kissed slowly and my cock brushed against her vagina…slowly…parting her pussy lips….
“HHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM”….we moaned in unison as I slipped into her dripping wet sex without problems. I had to be really careful so I just gently pushed my cock in and out. Slurping sounds could be heard and we both moaned when I filled her up completely.
He slightly bouncing tits caused her pain and she had to hold them. “Yea Collin fuck mommy….hmmmm….” We were all horny and Polly suddenly dropped the bomb. She came over and whispered in my ear while I fucked my mom missionary: “Collin what would you say if we both boxed you in a handicap match. One month from now on. Are you man enough?”
Her words were driving me crazy and I started to fuck mom harder, not taking care of her damaged boobs anymore. Her swollen D-Cups slapped across her chest when I started to fuck her into pieces.
SMATTT…SMATTTT…SMATTT---my cock hammered into her, my balls hitting her ass. The sunbeds nearly collapsed under my thrusts and mommies eyes rolled in her sockets. “AAAAAAAHHHHHH…….UUUUUUUUUUH……OOOOUFFFFFFFFFF!”
“Me, not man enough? Of course I am! I will box you both and make you my slaves….”
Polly chuckled and her cxnt was dripping wet. My mom screamed and moaned and I emptied my balls into her…..”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”
When I got my breath back I said: “One month from now on. You better train or I will use both sets of tits as punching bags until they look worse than now!”

Four weeks later the time had arrived to make my promises real. I had a big mouth but I also trained hard and practiced some punching sequences, gaining more speed and power every day. “My girls” needed two more weeks of recovery before they could even think about putting on gloves. Mom and auntie often sparred together and when they returned from the gym with sweat soaked bodies, we often fucked for hours.
Polly had booked the ring for us and we all arrived late on a Saturday night. There was a tension between us and both of them did not have sex with me for two days to make sure I was really loaded on the day of the fight. At this time I was pretty confident: Although they were allowed to tag each other during the rounds and I would have basically two opponents at the same time, I was still the man. 18 years old, more than 6 feet high and equipped with an 11 inch cock.
We all entered the ring clad in crotchless thongs. My auntie had organized them. All made of white leather for the girls, their mature cxnt lips and pubic hair sticking out through the cut-outs, while I had a blue silk one. I was hard straight away and the girls smirked at me: “Collin babe you will get the beating of your lifetime….”
“You sure about that? I will knock your fat tits off and pummel your pussies until they are swollen.”
Auntie was biting her lips being turned on by the trash talking while mom was more competitive: “Collin! All my life I told you to behave! Don`t talk like that!” I chuckled: “Yes mam.” Knowing very well mommy was as crazy about my manhood as my aunt.
We decided for three minute rounds and it was Aunt Polly first who I touched gloves with. Her body had healed well as despite some more stretch marks and small folds in her sexy mature tits, she had fully recovered. Those imperfections and signs of hard fought battles made her even more desirable.
My mom instead was as flawless as ever: Although she was maybe lacking technique, her body was fitter and made for boxing. Lean strong arms, washboard abs and strong and flexible thighs and calves. For being 43 she really sported a killer body.
Ding Ding. The first round had started and auntie danced in front of me with bobbing tits. They swayed with each step and we started to circle and throw jabs at each other`s faces. This went on for a minute and my erection pointed straight at her. She was throwing a fast combo at my guard which I dodged and hammered a solid right into her belly, followed by a fast uppercut to her hanging big left tit. SMATTT…SMATTTT…..”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” She grinned at me and gained some space, rubbing her breast.
“Sore even after the first breast punch?”
“Yea…kind of. Lesley and I had some sparring with mighty boob blows.” I moaned from lust when I imagined both sparring. I was unfocussed and Polly hammered an uppercut into my balls, that made me sink to my knees in the first round. BAP…BAP…swingers to my jaw followed and I was fully down.
Damn! I had been an idiot. I was badly hurt straight away when Polly started to count me out. I managed to get back to my knees some seconds later, but my erection had gone and I rubbed my cock and hurting balls. Polly chased me through the ring and I had trouble to keep my guard up. I had to decide if I should protect my manhood or face, so many of her jabs hit home. My nose was stinging already when the round ended.
Auntie tagged in mom for the second round. My stunning mother bashed her gloves together, causing her solid D-Cups to shake. Her nipples where hard and she came closer while I was still on my stool. She leaned closer and guided one of her stiff nipples to my mouth, offering me to suck it. She was obviously turned on by the first round.
As she sat down on my right thigh her naked wet pussy lips opened through the slit in her thong and brushed against my skin. I licked and sucked her nipple gently and she put her gloves behind my head pulling it into her breast harder. “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH…..yes…..” Her hips gyrated and caused some nice friction between her pussy and my leg. My cock got incredibly hard and brushed her belly.
I needed to take advantage from her horniness so I increased my effort to turn her on and if women reacted the same way men did, her mind should be rather unfocussed and foggy after I was done with her.
After sucking her nips, alternating between both breasts and working her pussy over by friction, I suddenly pushed her off my leg when the second round was about to start. She stumbled not to fall and BAP….BAP…BAP….I aimed three heavy straights to her face, each making her head snap backwards. She was so shocked she did not even groan. She stumbled into the ropes where I aimed massive swingers into her tits. SMATTTT…SMATTTT…driving the tit meat to the inside and dragging it painfully across her chest. She hung in the ropes, down to one knee. Only her right arm was draped over the top rope when I still legally drove another left swing to her chin and caused her to collapse.
Polly started to count and cheer for her to get up, and mom managed to do so at the count of nine. She was shaking her head to get clear, but I kept on pushing straight away. I was so close to her she could not effectively punch me, but I managed to ram my gloves into her obliques. She winced and leaned to the left, trying to keep her guard in place. We danced and were throwing fierce jabs, but I kept her on distance, stopping her every time and fast rights slipped through her guard and hammered her face or one of her firm tits. I noticed she was heading towards Polly to tag her in, but it was me in between. I blocked her and made sure to keep her away from tagging distance.
We both worked up a sweat but no decisive punches happened and when the round ended I slumped down on her stool instead. “What the fuck Collin!” She complained but I simply smirked. I had swapped positions and she would have no chance to tag in her sister.
Polly and I kissed and she licked my sweaty nipples leaning inside the ring. This always made me crazy and my manhood jumped from excitement. I pushed my gloves into her breasts and smashed them together, earning lustful moans.
We made out for the whole time of the break until the 3rd round was started. Mom closed in rapidly and punched me like a fury. I kept my guard high and let her chase me. Her sexy body was tensed and her flexed biceps power quite heavy blows into my belly and gloves. I let her power out and after two minutes we both noticed that she had done a mistake: While I had saved my energy, she had wasted her`s.
I countered with a sudden right into her navel, followed up with two crisp hooks into her left breast. Her guard dropped and the follow up uppercut to her chin made her head snap back and forced her guard back into place. We were both sweaty by now and our heavy breathing filled the room. Polly was a silent spectator and had stopped her cheering. But I could hear soft moans from ringside and maybe she was brushing her pussy.
BAP…BAP….BAP….my fists were flying and I was pushing my attack towards the end of the round. I pummeled mom’s body but her abs were for sure not the weakest part of her body. Only seconds were left when I connected with a left, slitting her guard a following with a right. She tried to dodge but I hit her forehead hard, causing her to stumble, her arms grabbing for the ropes just long enough to hammer a right uppercut into her left breast that almost popped her glands. SMATTTTTT…..”OOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
I pistoned my glove very low into her abs, almost hitting her pubic mound. “UUUUMMMMMPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!” She collapsed but was saved from the bell.
But instead of celebrating my partial victory, I hooked her arms and helped her up. Our sweaty bodies met and mashed together and I could feel her firm boobs and erect nipples on mine. I kissed her and guided her over into her corner. Exhausted her ass fell down on the stool in her corner and I kneed in front of her, spread her legs over my shoulders and my lips met her cxnt.
My tongue parted her labia and I tasted the mixture of sweat and pussy juice causing her to moan. Besides the punches she had just received she was turned on and did nothing to stop me. I could hear moans from behind. Obviously Aunt Polly was masturbating while I took care of my mom sexual health. Her body tensed up and she pushed her cxnt towards my face. My tongue disappeared in her wetness and butterfly like I worked her clit until she came in a mighty climax.
Ding Ding! Her eyes opened in shock as the fourth round already had started and her legs were still wobbly from her orgasm. I helped her up, only to make use of her exhaustion. I gave her no chance to tag Polly in who slowly recognized my plan was working.
BAP…BAP…BAP….I chased mom through the ring and pushed her into a neutral corner, hammering her midsection with hard blows. She kind of curled up into my invading fists, taking blow after blow. The air was driven out of her lungs and when she tried to shield her belly, a fast uppercut hit her jaw and made her collapse to the corner. Her arms draped over the top ropes she was totally open.
I pushed the gloves into the outer curves of her natural tits and shook them sexily. “You know what’s coming mom?”
“Ahh…..fuck…..” There was resignation on her face and she accepted her fate. My fists were punching her tits as if they were punching bags, alternating left and right side as well as the attack. I switched between uppercuts, swingers and straight causing them to redden and bruise within minutes.
Her moans filled the ring and I heard Polly climax. My cock was so hard I basically begged for release. After two minutes of constant breast shots I was more than aroused, pushed my mom to her knees and ramming my cock into her mouth. I forced her into a blow job and she could do nothing to stop me.
She gulped and saliva ran out of her mouth while she tried to deal with 11 inches of my meat.
I came hard and filled her up with a huge cumshot. I groaned and closed my eyes and just when my penis popped out of her mouth my world exploded in agony. Her glove hit my orgasming balls and my face went ashen. I collapsed while she hurried to get up and tag in Aunt Polly.
Ding Ding…The round was over and I collapsed on the canvas, holding my manhood.
My mom Lesley needed a break and was more than lucky that Polly would take over for the next round. Although it was still break-time she strutted confidently over to me, her big sexy ass wrapped in that crotchless leather thong. She lowered her bum and brought her pussy closer to my face, her eyes full of erotic heat. The pain in my crotch slowly faded away and she forced her wet sex closer to my mouth: “You better please auntie or you will regret it in the next round!”
A smile came across her face when my warm breath hit her moist cxnt. My nose and mouth were pressed into her mature hairy pussy and she screamed! She screamed in pleasure!
But Polly was unprepared when I threw her off and her nearly naked body collapsed next to me. We both hurried to get up and my first attempt to hit her failed. My right sailed past her head while an uppercut hit my balls again. I froze in shock and seconds later a long moan escaped my throat. She pounded, fresh as she was, my face with multiple fast blows.
She smacked my lips and nose hard, my head flew back. BAP…BAP…precise leather kisses hit me every second. When I raised my guard she hit my ribs. I forced my elbows inwards and the only free area to strike was my manhood. I knew she would aim for it so I turned left and Polly was unstable. She stumbled past me and hit nothing but air.
I turned fast and hammered her liver with a shot that stopped her. Her whole body tensed up and the following blow hit her chin, turned her another 180 degrees and WHAM! She landed tits first on the canvas.
“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!” Lesley and Polly moaned at the same time. I flexed my biceps at mom and my cock came back to life. I counted and reached ten without Polly being able to stand on her own. I helped her up and brought her over to the ropes. “So sorry auntie…but I have to do this.” I trapped her arms and put them over the top ropes, pulled the middle rope higher and let it snap over her biceps. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” She struggled and her glorious fat tits swayed.
And then I turned towards my mom, pointing my gloves at her: “You are next!” With only seconds left in this round I turned my attention to Polly`s big brown areola and pummeled her udders against her ribcage.
Ding. It was breaktime but instead of recovering I put my 11 inch cock between her sweaty udders and pushed them together. Her tit meat felt warm and her sweat slick curves folded around my fuck pole when I pushed them together with my gloves.
Although they were DDDs they were not big enough to hide my cock completely. Polly struggled to get free, but could not stop me tit fucking her hard and forceful. SMATTT…SMATTTTT…SMATTTT…SMATTTTT….
Mom was furious and yelled at me to stop that or she will teach me a lesson.
At the beginning of the next round she entered, slightly recovered. She was the only part left of the former tag-team. Her leathered fists aimed for my face and cock with wild swings and I simply had to sidestep so her momentum would carry her into the corner. Her tits smacked into the padding and I simply waited for her to turn. I dazed her with two blows to her nose and eyes and followed with a right into her solar plexus.
WHOSSSSHHHH! The air left her lungs and the force brought her to her tip toes.
SMATTTT…SMATTTT….SMATTTT…my biceps bulged when I pummeled her wounded body from head to crotch. Her tits were flying under my punches, her belly trying to hold back my invading fists. Her whole front was covered in reddening bruises but she was still on her feet.
A swing to her chin was meant to put her down, but she dodged and hit home with a devastating one…two…combo to my cock. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”
I sunk to my knees but her crotch was directly in front of me. I fought against the pain and sickness in my belly and powered an uppercuts into her wet snatch that made her collapse in front of me. We were both down, kneeling in front of each other.
Polly was still trapped but cheered for her to knock me out. She punched my jaw and my head flew right, sweat spraying and my hair matted to my face. SMATTT…my head flew to the other side and my vision blurred. I raised my guard just in time to avoid the next punch, answering with a blind shot. I hit her tit which stunned her and gave me time to fell her like a tree. BAMMMMM!!!!! Her head flew backwards and I had burst her sexy lips. WHAM! She was down and I started to count.
I reached ten with her even trying to get up. I managed to get up first and tie her next to her sister and then stepped back to admire my work.
Both my mom and aunt were hanging there helplessly. Both beautiful bodies all sweaty and almost naked, big tits rising and falling under the ring lights.
I was fully erect by now and got back to Polly. Her eyes were full of lust and fear at the same time, but I simply continued the tit-fucking from before.
It felt so beautiful! My cock was engulfed by her heavenly soft and slick udders and I needed less then a minute. My lap and balls smacked against her belly while the tip of my cock pumped between the valley of cleavage.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I came loud and hard….my cock erupting like a geyser. The warm seed hit her chin and her whole chest was drenched in my warm white sauce.
“Well ladies….it seems you are trapped and all mine now. What should I do to you?”
Both of them turned their heads towards each other….their bodies were mine…and they knew it….


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Re: Auntie is best part 4 - Colling vs Mommy & Auntie Tag Team Boxing
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I would like to try something new:

Maybe somebody wants to write a sequel to this story. It is the perfect moment: Collin's busty Aunt and Mom are hanging in the ropes in front of him, sweaty, beaten and naked.
Their bodies are bruising, their tits swelling up, auntie full of cum...


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Re: Auntie is best part 4 - Colling vs Mommy & Auntie Tag Team Boxing
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This is an awesome series, thank you so much for writing them.  Great job!  I loved the mix of combat and sex. 


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Re: Auntie is best part 4 - Colling vs Mommy & Auntie Tag Team Boxing
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Great story! Sooooo arousing!
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