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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 88

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 88
« on: January 16, 2021, 01:32:08 PM »
Our opening match is Kelly who weighs in at 120 and is wearing a pink and orange two piece. Her opponent is Becca who weighs in at 165 and is wearing a camouflage one piece. Kelly would do her best to throw Becca off her game. For nearly five minutes she would duck and dodge everything thrown at her. At one point Kelly would even have Becca on her knees and screaming after Kelly would trap her in a wrist lock. Eventually Becca would get back to her feet and when she did Kelly would pay for it. When Becca took her free arm and blasted her with an forearm to the face. Then with Kelly on the ropes Becca would take charge. As she would whip Kelly into the ropes and connect with a clothesline. Becca then told Kelly that it was time for the real fun as she locked on the Full Nelson. Kelly would grunt out in pain and for a brief moment would try to get free. But at the end of the day she just couldn’t get loose and had to scream out her submission. Becca would then simply drop Kelly to the mat. She would then strut around the ring and taunt the crowd while Kelly would lay face down and clutch her neck. Your winner of the match is Becca.

Before our main event we see footage from after the show last week. As Heaven and other officials would help Hailey to the back. Hailey was whimpering as the trainers checked on her back and all of the welts from being whipped with a belt by Gretchen. Heaven then look at the camera and deliver a message to Gretchen. She told her that it’s one thing to make somebody say I Quit. But what she did after the match was sorry as hell. And that if Gretchen wants to try something like that on her that all she has to do is meet her in the middle of the ring.

Our main event is Kristina who weighs in at 155 and is wearing a green tank top and black panties. Her opponent is Breann who weighs in 150 and is wearing a red two piece. A lockup would start which was quickly won by Breann. She would catch Kristina in side headlock for several minutes. Finally after finding no way to escape Kristina would resort to cheap tactics to get free. When she would reach up and rake Breann’s eyes. With her opponent blinded Kristina would take advantage and begin to work over her back. Then at the 15 minute mark Kristina would attempt to put Breann in the STF. Breann to her credit wouldn’t go out that easy. As when Kristina went in for the hold she would connect with a back elbow to Kristina’s head which left her laying on the mat. Breann would then get to her feet and begin to repeatedly kick Kristina’s knee. Then Breann would flip Kristina over on to her stomach and go for the ankle lock. Once it was locked on Kristina would begin to scream as Breann would demand that she give up. But Kristina would have a different idea as she was able to use her free leg and kick Breann so hard that it sent her into the turnbuckles. Kristina would then slowly get to her feet and pick Breann up and give her a suplex. With Breann down Kristina would go in for the STF again. This time she would be successful as Breann quickly began to squeal out in pain. After about thirty more seconds the pain was just too much as Breann began to tap out. Kristina would release the hold and she would limp around the ring with her arm raised in victory. While Breann would lay on her side and scream out in pain as the ref checked on her back. Your winner of the match is Kristina.

Next week on LPW we will see Kelsi, Mitzi and Dena all in action. Plus we will hear from Gretchen